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Dolphins agee to terms with Kevin Burnett

The Dolphins have replaced Channing Crowder.

The Miami Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting the Dolphins have agreed to terms on a four-year contract with unrestricted free agent Kevin Burnett.

Burnett, 28, was drafted in 2005 by the Dallas Cowboys. He spent the last two seasons with the Chargers, where he started all 16 games.

The deal for Burnett is for four years. Other terms are not yet available.


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We also got Pat Devlin.
Woo Hoo - not!

This has nothing to do with channing crowder. but is anyone else tired of Stephen Ross micro managing this team through the media?? I mean why is it necessary for him to repeatedly tell the media what his team is doing. Its like what jerry jones does. If stephan ross wants to run the team and make the decisions then he pays ireland and sparano for nothing. Why is everything we are doing making news? it takes away any leverage we may have!


I think you are right....I remember this conversation before....and I do believe that I did interperet that.....as opposed to you saying it....

Thanks for ownning up to the rest though......I respect that.....

no13dolfan, not really. But they fooled us again. They always trick you into thinking that they're on the right track, but they can't follow it up with another good move. Just when we thought we were on a roll with the pick up of Bush and the imminent trade for Orton... Matt Moore surfaced. Jeff Ireland is down right dumb.

FB-Could not have said it better!!!

sports gods are saving bill cowher and andrew luck for miami dolphins future dynasty. be patient, little ones, for you will soon smile.

Hey Ireland, I have an idea for you. Why don't you trade our 2012 1s rd pick for John Beck? He's got the goods you know... Maybe you and Shanahan can join the ranks of the unemployed next year!


No problem buddy! Also check out this link about Kevin Burnett. Chargers would have preferred to keep him. But theyve already spent $49 million on defense and Buernett was seeking $5 million a year. Havent seen any details what Burnett cost us.

Here's that link:


I'll Check it out now DB...Thanks...

Burnett was seeking $5 million a year from The Chargers in free agency. So I'm assuming Ireland has paid at least close to that to have his services in Miami.

I will bet my mortgage the Patriots will end up with either Ricky or Ronnie...And watch...Whoever ends up there will rush for over 1000 yards...Why? Cause New England understands a successfull running game requires a good o-line. We've got the same o-line as last year minus Pouncey. We still need upgrading at both guard positions. Garner is back but how much can we expect of the guy? Was decent before getting hurt...We still have Jerry and Incognito...What is Ireland waiting for? Carl Nicks and Leonard Davis are available...One is a Pro Bowler and the other is getting better every year...Let's go!!

I wonder if Crowder will now be headed to San Diego to replace Burnett. Wouldnt that be so ironic. They would be able to sign him cheap.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that former Chargers linebacker Kevin Burnett has agreed to terms with the Dolphins. Per Acee, it’s a five-year deal with $10 million in guaranteed money.

Montreal Leonard Davis is crap!

In 2010 Burnett was great at finding the qb on blitzes(5 sacks). He was great in coverage(2 ints, 5 pd's). Great against the run(95 tkls). Was a thumper(2 forced-fumbles).

Anyone who is hoping for Andrew Luck on this blog wins a-hole of the year

After reading the lonk pasted by DB.....

I gather that Burnett is very loyal...and also respects the games history.....

Those are 2 very good qualities to have....and he should be a sponge at Dansby's f

f = feet.....

I feel more comfortable with this pickup yes Crowder was middle of the Barrel but he played decently when they cut him without say a replacement I was crap, but now i feel better, Orton will count 8.9 toward the cap after aug 4, they wanted a third and a WR for Orton. They had to pay him a roster bonus of 1.8 mil if he was still a bronco at 4pm, Bulger is still out there, Devlin or Brandstator will be cut and one one Practice squad

DyingBreed, crap? He made the Pro Bowl last year. If he's crap, what is Jerry? Incognito? How about McQuistan? Murtha? C'mon man...

Also Orton wanted a big contract close to what Kolb got, that was the other issue, so we shall see what happens on cut down date. Now im hoping we pickup Marion Barber, and Z Miller, and resign Ricky

I have a feeling, with the acquisition of Moore, and if Ireland still bags Orton. Henne is headed for the trading block.

The two young qb's Brandstater and Devlin will be groomed for the 3rd string position. Only being under contract for 2011, IMO Henne's on the trading block as soon as Orton's reeled in.

But of course Ireland and Sparano will continue to sing Henne's praises until Orton's under contract. Also Orton and Henne have similar qb styles. We dont need two of them around. Think about it?

Montreal, I wasnt aware Leonard made pro bowl last season. Are you sure?

Because I was on a Cowboy site yesterday and Cowboy fans were trashing Leonard saying his play was declining every season.

No way Orton signs if there is ANY chance he will ride the bench. No way. Its Orton OR Henne.


Im now believing the Orton deal is still in the works. I believe Irelands signing him as soon as Elway has to let him go.

Its now making sense Moore was brought here to be a backup only. Orton's being brought in to be the new starter. Henne will be tradebait as soon as Orton signs the dotted line.

DyingBreed, when he first came into the NFL (with Arizona I believe it was) he was a tackle. He switched to guard when he signed a huge contract with the Cowboys and quickly became a dominant guard. Less space to cover obviously, didn't quite have the quickness to play tackle but his power never left no doubt. He's 6'8'' and well over 300lbs. He's a mountain of a man.

No More Crowder, I wonder who'll step in to be team Moron this season?


There's no chance Orton's riding the bench. Part of his deal will be a promise to be the starter.

I guarantee all of you guys if Orton is signed Henne becomes immediate tradebait. Henne doesnt have a 2012 contract and Matt Moore does. Moore is the new 2nd string qb. Orton will be annointed starter on the spot.


I am of the same opinion. They spoke to him directly. They probably already have an understanding, gentelmans agreement. Just the way the FO refers to Henne, it always has underlying tones to it, like he is our starter for now (not so much for later).


I dont know a whole lot about Davis, so I was guaging his worth by thier fans reaction to him being cut. Thier reaction seemed to be good riddance.

My Guess will be Mr. Hands of stone Sean Smith.

DyingBreed, you're analysis or the QB situation could be very accurate...I was posting something very similar today...Hard to imagine this FO rolling the dice on Henne and Moore...There again nothing surprises me anymore...

DyingBreed, the only reason Davis was cut is because the Cowboys, like any other offseason, have to cut so many guys because of their cap situation. They overpay for so many players and consequently they have to cut some heads the following offseason...Typical Jerry Jones...


Yeah, they refer he's our starter for now. The fo made us all look the other way with the signing of Moore. Im sure Henne thought his gig was safe too. Now its coming out the Orton deal really isnt a done deal.

As soon as Orton is signed Henne's on the trade block for whatever they can get. They have no plans of resigning him next season nor giving him an extension.

Remember last season when it was leaked Bill Parcells was "very disappointed" in Henne? That probably begin the playing of Henne's epitaph with this regime in Miami.

When Orton's signed they'll be giving Henne the 18 gun salute. "We would like to thank Chad for........ We wish him the best of luck with his new team."

defense ok still got hurt on long plays and short curls as long as fish have henne they will not win consistent should of gambled with qb vince young

If the Orton deal was REALLY off, you have to ask yourself this: Why wouldn't Miami of signed Bulger instead of Henne? Moore isn't competition for Henne, everyone knows that. Bulger would of been the best bet. To me, that shows you were Irelands thinking is at

This will have been one helluva offseason if it ends with no more Crowder nor Chad Henne.

This fo would have had us all thinking they were bringing in competition for Henne. When in reality they were looking to bring in his replacement. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!11

DB, What trade could we get for Fat-neck Henne?, Maybe a whistle or maybe a blocking sled?, Your thoughts?


Like I said, it looks like Henne will be getting the boot. As soon as Orton gets signed.

Henne will be shopped as tradebait, perhaps a 5th rd pick may get him. I say 5th because anything higher teams will just wait for us to cut him at the end of camp. Carrying him until next season means losing both Devlin and Brandstater.


I dont see getting anything higher than a 5th for Henne. Teams will simply wait until we cut him if we ask for anything higher.

DB, Wow, Wasnt he a second round pick?, And he's got 3 seasons under his belt.Amazing.He really does sux dosnt he?

Well Armandos new article out now is about two things.

1. How dismal the team looked in practice
2. The Orton deal is by far from over, still a real possibility.

Vince Young officially joined the Eagles. Took 10 hours for a team to grab him, and a days wait to legally sign him.

Here's one to honor our fallen announcer Jim Mandich...........AWWWWWW-RIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHTTTTTT MY-HAMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYY!

I think the team still set on henne very frustrating 27 games no improvement this is what he did in michigan

Crowder will have no big problems throughout the rest of his Life. With that bright Bulb and Personality, he can do whatever he wants.

They don't have to pay Orton the 1.5 million until after the league year starts on August 4th.

I meant 8 days after the league year starts on Aug 4th.

Agree Oscar, I hear he's gonna be the next spokesman for Nordic track Stationary bikes, I also hear that Giego will be reprising there "So easy, Even a caveman can do it" Commericals, Featuring Crowder Who'll wound'nt requirer any makeup, Thus saving there customers more money.

The 2010 season finale still ways heavily on my mind.

T. Brady 10/16 199
B. Hoyer 7/13 122

R. Gronkowski 6 102
B. Tate 2 82
J. Edelman 3 72
T. Price 3 41
A. Crumpler 1 10

B. Green-Ellis 20 80
F. Taylor 10 35
D. Woodhead 2 19
S. Morris 5 18
T. Clayton 6 17

This year's draft and offseason - are we headed in the right direction?

Darlington's last 2 Tweets:


Again, I don't want to get too deep into conspiracy theories. But my sources in organization are being very quiet about it. Just...weird.


I always try to avoid conspiracy theories -- focusing only on the facts -- but this whole Orton situation still has a very weird vibe to it.

Darlington states his inside dolphins sources are being "very quiet" and the Orton situation "has a very weird vibe to it".

The Matt Moore signing a top it all gives me strange feeling Orton will be signed and Henne's headed straight for the trading block.

Not to mention special teams.


sign orton, its a successful offseason. dont sign him and they are complete garbage with moore and awful henne

Two Cents, Lets not relive the 2nd half of last season, Getting ready to eat.


You are such a Henne hater. I'm not saying he's the best choice out there but to say how bad parctice was today...really. The first organized practice, after months of being away, and they didn't look good. I bet most of the teams had the same results and those arn't teams with a new OC trying to learn a new system. Give the guy a break. Everyone wants lightening in a bottle. Give the guy a chance. He had a below average O line and a below average OC. We need a TE. Miller would be nice.

Fins still have a below average OC., He was last in Offense last year with the Browns., The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Watching video of Matt Moore.He sets up very, veru quickly, so hard to bring down. Has a quick release but quirky when he has to put zip on the ball, so no big arm. Accuracy not much. Reading defenses he seems adequate. At this moment, much better than Henne was last year.



I wonder if Orton would have been successful with HENNING as OC??

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