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Dolphins agee to terms with Kevin Burnett

The Dolphins have replaced Channing Crowder.

The Miami Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting the Dolphins have agreed to terms on a four-year contract with unrestricted free agent Kevin Burnett.

Burnett, 28, was drafted in 2005 by the Dallas Cowboys. He spent the last two seasons with the Chargers, where he started all 16 games.

The deal for Burnett is for four years. Other terms are not yet available.


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is there any dolphins @mail to complain about what they are doing with this once glorious franchise... i´m just !"#$% ... and i just want them to know it... Moore really??, i´d prefer thigpen... pufff!!! this is another definition of fiasco

Gates birth certificate probably says Edmund, but all of his friends and aquaintances call him "Clyde".

Dolphins agreed to terms with QB Matt Moore to a two-year contract.
After bombing in preseason action with Carolina last year, Moore lost his starting job to rookie Jimmy Clausen two games in. Moore rejoined the lineup because Clausen was so bad, then tore the labrum in his right (throwing) shoulder. He's supposedly healthy, but the Dolphins' quarterback situation is now among the worst five in football. While we don't doubt that Moore has some talent, he's faced questions about his dedication to football and blew a golden opportunity with the Panthers. The Fins are now out of the mix for Kyle Orton, leaving Moore to battle Chad Henne for the starting job. This is going to be a game-losing offense again, and Reggie Bush won't be the savior. Jul 29, 12:36 PM

Source: John Clayton on Twitter

How do you like that Aloco?

Moore tore his labrum last year.

I wonder if the Dentist looked at his shoulder?

Who the hell can blame clayton

Once again, there are others names out there that can improve henne and this offense dramatically and at the very least help this team become more dangerous and yet miami sits on their @sseS and hope that their draft picks carry the load in only their first year....thats what teams that rebuild do, yet seeing the eagles improve dramatically with cromartie and nnamdi asomugha trades and signs shows where they want to be this year...Reggie bush and matt moore signings say more and more that ireland seriously needs help and this team is seriously not contending this year!!!!

It gonna be a long year

Congrats Henne

you get to keep your job intact for another year without actually having to earn it.

Matt Moore, What a Joke:( 5 million spent and wasted


No worries, Andrew luck next year and a new head coach.

At this point I'd be willing to give Bret Favre a shot.

Denver would be dumb not to get something for Orton before he leaves next year as an ufa. And the acquisition of Matt was actually a checkmate move by Ireland because he is someone they may covet as a back up.

Not me i like Andrew luck.

I'd love to have Luck too Best but that would mean having to suck big time this year.


i have been a fan since czsonka came and spoke to our high school football team. my patience with ireland has run out. he is not building a "team"; he is assembling a group of "acorns". looks like henne is annointed again without true competition just like last year. we gave away a young free safety in amaya and another draft pick for a part time player who is usually hurt. bills wanted to give us a 4th for thigpen last year. we got nothing for him this year as he became a FA.

Sign VY and give him a chance to compete. If he blows his cool during the season, you have Henne to back him up.

I would screw around waiting for Orton. Just because VY has a rep, doesn't mean he can't play ball.

If they are worried about head cases, name one player that isn't a head case. They are all paid to kick the crap out of each other for 16 Sundays every year and play hurt.


I wouldn't screw around waiting for Orton.

Kindry, Vince signed with Philly already.... next option?


Take a look at this with me. First, look at what the Eagles did. Look at what the Jets did (whom I can't stand by the way). And finally, look at what the Pats did. With all these free agents that were available, also for the fins to look at. Now I ask, who did the better job selecting free agents? I am as big a dolphin fan as anyone here, so you can understand my complete aggrevation about all this. Yeah, kimgsmith I'm afraid we are going to have a shot at Andrew Luck in next years draft. If I had to say who was going to be in the running, as painful as it is to say, it will be us or seattle. Just like this latest Burnett signing, there was Barnett from the Packers that was sitting there and probably didn't even get a call.

That's my take.

You know if we get Orton and trade Henne out - the team that gets Henne will end up turning him into a star.

That's just how it works for us.

I still would like to see Orton in a Miami uniform though.





NEWS OF THE HARTLINE...............


To Kevin Burnett: The Dolphins are looking for a beast at ILB, is that you? You better be.
Good Luck.
You could come to games stoned, drunk, or whatever and still be a better ILB then ole whats his name, Crowder.

The Dolphin Faithfull.

so long clam chowder! maybe the bungals will sign him next.

Dolphins looking at T.O. ??????????

Good riddance. Crowder was a black underweight version of Rex Ryan.
Looks like one good move so far.

You Know what I have noted on this site, is all the fuc**ing LOSER's that write on this Blog! People that probably aren't season ticket holder's! Fan;s that weren't at the games when we went 1-15 3 years ago. I was there, ebery game cause I don't hop on the bandwagon like 90% of the moron's who have no clue abouth player's on our Roster! Our defense is gonna be obe of the top 5 in the NFL! Burnett, is a huge upgrade from Crowder, who by the way was BELOW AVERAGE for a 3-4 defense. WE need a rcok in the middle, and this guy will be the man. Dobbins played better that Crowder, and he also played at the Charger's. Were gonna get Odick, and Edd;s back on defense, and we have the best Defensive coordiantor in the league in Mike Nolan! He is the reason Ireland and Sparano kept there job's! Yes, team's are winning via the pass, butdon;t tell me the Packer's and Steeler's do not have monster defense's! Henne deserves another year, where he doen't have to listed to an Incoherent offsive coordiantor such as Dan Henning, who by the way has no clue what he was doing towards the end of the year! This guy should have not been teaching Henne, such as David Lee. Im glad we did not give up MORE DRAFT PICK'S for Orton! I would have preferred Vince Young for nothing to compete for the Job! Go Phin's

Bell can be replaced with dudes on the roster. He is set to make almost 6mil. With that we could sign Harvey Dahl and safety depth. Jones, Clemons, and Culver can compete for the 2 safety spots. Losing Amaya hurts, but Bush will help our slow offense.


Best there is, Was, And ever will be

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