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Dolphins practice live blog here

I'm at the facility and expect to live blog practice so head on over to the comments section starting around 11:05 to check out what's going on.

I can say this early on:

I cannot believe what I've already heard this morning. No, not about the Kyle Orton trade or Reggie Bush or Mike Pouncey's contract status.

It's the words of owner Stephen Ross. This is what he said, in part, during his meeting with the media moments ago:

""There's a fine line between winning and losing. There's three games we could have won for sure and then there's Pittsburgh, which we all think we won and then look at what our record is. The Jets squeezed by and got a few lucky wins as well. The thing is winning and knowing how to win at the end of the game. That's what's important. Our record doesn't show that's what we do. But you can't say these are teams that are much better than we are and we're really a lagger to them ... You can't draw a fine line and say this team is that much better because they're not. There's a lot of parity in the NFL and we have a lot of great young players. Look how far we've come in a short period of time."

Um, note to Mr. Ross:

The Patriots were 14-2 last year.

The Jets went to the AFC championship game for the second year in a row.

And the Dolphins didn't lag behind?




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Ok, this Henne debate is bringing us nowhere (and it's pointless right now anyway).

So, hypothetical:
Henne doesn't improve enough for anyone to believe he's the future. But Pat Devlin shows signs that he may have what it takes.

What do you do next year? Do you still look for a franchise QB round 1, or do you go with Devlin, try to get another backup (or keep Henne as a backup), and fill other holes?

I still get a 1st-rd QB, that's my answer. Curious to see what others think.

BTW--stop spouting Moore stats. Stats are for fantasy geeks. It's a team sport. Nobody would have looked good playing for the Panthers. Every pass was a desperation throw, and about half the defense could cover Smith while most of the other half prison-raped the kid.

Posted by: ncfinfan70 | July 29, 2011 at 03:29 PM


You should never say that...Only Henne has those ptoblems....and Only Henne has a bad line and a questionable coaching staff that STUNTS his growth...

Every other TEAM in the league is perfect except ours...and thier QBs all had all the time in the world to make plays....

Oly Henne was rushed...

Only Henne....


Yes I think Bulger would be a better backup than Moore. That's what makes me believe they are holding the spot open for Orton. We'll see. My take is if they can't get Orton on Aug 4th they will sign a guy like Edwards or Bulger.

That is awesome, a Jets fan that can type letters. Now go back and let the nurse give you your quiet medicine!

Kris? What is that all about?

You really think our o-line and coaching was as good as the Colts, Pats, Saints, Packers, ect?

Seriously, I'm asking

JETS, you MORON, how'd you do against us last year? You idiots made it all the way to the Championship game, and couldn't even beat a 7-9 team ONCE!!!

You seriously feel good about yourselves for that. If I were you I'd shut your mouth and go ask your Coach if he'll EVER beat Miami during his tenure in NY. That's what I'd like to know!

Jets: you must be smokin some of that plumber's crack again. Are u the fake Poizen?

Brent, they say laughter is the best medicine and that is the only medicine I will be taking after watching us demolish you fools. Hahaha!!!

Hey a Jets fan that can type. Go back and let the nurse give you your quiet medicine!

I'd like us to turn our attention to another back. I said this morning I have concerns that a rookie and Bush can get it done. Go sign another vert back to help us out. Get it done now....while there is still guys out there.

JETS! Still dont have a home to call your own, Come her talk smack, and you guys still can't even get your own stadium... LOL LOL LOL!!!


Sanchez sucks dude, you should be over on the Jets site talking about how to replace him!

DC Dolfan, are you SERIOUS? Are you saying that we have not beaten you in the last couple years? Looks like someone needs his memory pills. LOL! You losers crack me up.

Who the heck thinks Ray Bulger would be a better option than Moore, Cam Cammoron?? He would be Trent Green all over again. How did that work out? He was great in the Wizard of OZ as the tin man, but nfl qb? Don't think so. Oh, and the Jets suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poizen, you're an idiot. Where have you been? We have our own stadium now...HAHAHA!!! You dumb dumb.


My point is simple....players make plays....

coaches look brilliant due to great players...that why every wants Namdi....and thats why coaches want GOOD TO GREAT PLAYERS....

This coaching staff wants a GOOD QB...so than can look good too...

and thats why they were so deep in the ORTON talks...

Our coaches want players...so they can keep their jobs....

they MADE thier choice....and regardless of what ever way you and Craig M want to spin it....HENNE WASN'T IT...

Now they may be stuck with him...and that may or may not work out for everybody....

The Jets are losers. Enough said. Let's move on.

I said it before and I'll keep repeating until I am proven wrong.

We wont be competitive until we purge the trifecta, ROSS, Ireland and Soprano.. And take his kid with him.

Purge ALL the diaper staff of coordinators and coaches and assistants, ALL OF THEM except the D Man in charge.

Bring in a WINNING philosophy HC and GM and his name is COWHER.

At best this season 6 wins.

Once we purge all the losers who were rewarded by ROSS for losing seasons back to back, COWHER will take over and rebuild what's left. Dolphins in 2016 will be competitive and perhaps win a SB.

If I remember correctly JETS you guys lost to us on December 4th 10-6?

Sorry it was December 12th!


They aren't even close. Let's look at both players, the last 2 years for a fair comparison.

In the same 2 year span it's hard to argue Orton DID play with inferior talent to Henne & still outproduced him. Yes, Miami's line was woeful last year, but Denvers was just as poor. In fact, Orton took 7 more sacks in 98 more drop backs.

Orton is CLEARLY the better player TODAY. And make no mistakes, Orton would win the job & that is their primary objective. Have someone compete but ultimately unseat Chad.

Chad - 61.1% 6179 yds. 27 TD 33 int
Orton - 60.5% 7455 yds. 41 TD's 21 int's

Notice the one category Chad has him in is completion %. Factor in the check downs for Henne & the deepr throws by Orton and he still wins that debate.

As die hard as a fan as we all are, you have to have some objectivity. Just because you may feel they are almost equal, they are really not. Their stats prove that. It's time we accept that we need to upgrade & do whatever we have to do to accomplish that goal.

The jets are not sharing a stadium?? really, where is yours located JETS?

Oh, I apologize Jets, you've won ONE game in the last 5 meetings! That TOTALLY makes your point, huh? We're terrified of a team that's beaten us once in 3 years.

We signed Matt Moore so he can give Henne a rest when we play you. See, we could be the Jets with a damned practice squad QB!!!

Yes, we did beat the Wets 10-6 on a grand slam in the 12th inning. Sanchez was brilliant that game. If Mary Lou Henne could have had a clue in the first game when we had the ball with less than a minute left inside their 10 yd line, we would have swept the pathetic losers.

Yes but you said "go ask your Coach if he'll EVER beat Miami during his tenure in NY". YOU MORON! We have beat you during his tenure. You dumb dumb! LOL!!


Under your hypothetical, I draft a qb in rd 1, if there is a "franchise" one where we pick.

JETS... explain it PLEASE... where is your stadium, is it the same address as Giants stadium? didn't the GIANTS sell out their season tickets? Oh, wait, The JETS have sold a whopping 45% of theor season tickets @ 1/3 of the price of Giants tickets.

Wow!!! Again, What is the address of this exclusive JETS stadium???

Miami is becoming what seattle already is

The Future Of Backup QB stints in football
If we released Henne today....not one team in football would sign him with the intent of making him a starting QB....it is what it is....just like beck,lucas,fiedler,feeley,thigpen, and now moore!!!!


You really not gonna say anything about this Matt Moore signing????

Why isn't Mando blogging about Matt Moore?? Where is Mando when NFL news is breaking?? What's the deal Armando other than another 7-9 season? Reggie Bush seems eager to get going come 8/4 so we'll see what happens!

Joe, you look at just the QB and you are wrong about the lines. Denvers line was and still is built to run and their stats over the Dolphins there are huge. Orton took a lot of sacks not because of th eline but because he wanted to. sounds crazy but Orton will take a sack before throwing a stupid pick. The absence of a run game in Miami lead to teams putting 7 in the box because they were not scared of the run game. With Denver they at least had to respect the run and left 8 in the box meaning single coverage which Henne never had.

the jest are good.

what team wouldn't be good if they had their head coach personally taping each players ankles with nothing but his mouth and the sweet musical stylings of barry white in the background.

I would simply say that any team that doesn't play in the same state of their namesake is pathetic.

Those agry with the FANS for wanting an upgrade at QB....

Maybe you should first question the FO and OWNERSHIP....that just spent the last few days trying to get that UPGRADE.....

SO when Craig and others call us not true fans....I ask you this....

Who's thinking is more in-line with the Miami Dolphins Organization....

Poizen....that was for you as well...

if the jets had Mat Moore they would win the super bowl

These guys are going to screw this up for sure, how can that say there are many QBS better then Henne don't they watch the film from last year, Orton is 10 times better then henne ,whatever it takes they should do it or it is 6 and 10 or worse

I happen to agree with Mr. Ross. The Dolphins COULD have been 10-6. But reality is they were not. Are they an awful team? No. I agree with the way the team is being built. My God! Did we all forget the Wanstadt era where we would over spend and trade draft picks for garbage.Or Saban giving up the farm for Culpeper or the Cam camaron/Randy Mueller fiasco? Patience!!!

The stadium was bought by the Jets organization and is licensed under the Jets organization. The G-Men actually share the JETS stadium.

I just saw on ESPN that the Dolphins traded Mando and Henne to Washington for John Beck... true story...

sorry mano, I luv ya, but you'e totally dropped the ball on your live blog today.

Kris, you're right. But it's not about he said/she said type stuff.

Fact is, Miami is looking to upgrade now but it's a year too late. That's the real point, Ireland ? Sporano can't see more than 1 foot in fron of their face. They wait for something to implode before implementing changes. Like the O rebuild. The D rebuild, the Qb situation etc.

We are nowhere close to competing for a division title, let alone a wildcard. The Pats/Jets, Ravens/Steelers are light years ahead of us. Until the NFL goes to 8 playoff teams, don't expect Miami to see a playoff appearance.

no, if the jets had matt moore they would battle us for the #5 pick in the draft....I think even the FO has determined that this isnt the year to get aggressive in the free market and are preparing for another status quo year in miami...nothing they've done thus far leads me to believe any different!!!

Kris, Your going to far with this,

No one is mad fans want an upgrade, I want one to, but a guarenteed one at a good price does not exist at the momoent in some of our eyes.

Look if Brady, Peyton, Rivers, alike are available we would all sign in for that over Henne,

But I will say, I still think we would not make the playoffs with last years philosophy and o-line with them either.

Jets, it's ok, we can harp on my being mistaken, your Coach was able to squeak out 1 win against us. Plus, that conveniently hides the fact that in the same span, he's lost FOUR games.

I understand, it's ok. You don't want to talk about the record of your Coach against my team. I wouldn't either. So let's keep talking about my tiny error. Let's not broaden things out to point out the fact that your Coach has lost FOUR out of FIVE games against this team.

And loss 5 and 6 are coming, so please come back so we can discuss those games then. I'd love to you swan dive off the GW Bridge once you guys get crushed by us again.

Or, better yet, I'll be on the Major Deegan in a couple weeks. Why don't you join me and see if you can keep up? Wait, you're a New Yorker, you don't have a car, what am I thinking. Too bad loser, go hit the Subway with the other slime.

Crowder just cut per ESPN

give it a rest with the patients BS albert....too many fans have been patient enough with all the mistakes and problems this team has faced over the years...sometimes its time to say enough is enough....ITS time to see some results!!!

Fact is, the Jets are consistently better than the Dolphins regardless of our match up and win/loss percentage over the last 4 years. Over all games won/lost has the Jets ahead of the Dolphins. Every dog has their day but bottom line is that the Jets are a post season team and the Dolphins are a dung pile team. GAME OVER. GOOD NIGHT. BYE BYE LOSERS!

JETS, your dilusional. The JETS piece of that stadium have not been paid, they still owe almost all they were to put into that stadium because they couldnt sell tickets!!! LOL!!!

To be honest I would rather lose to the jets twice and make the playoffs than beat them and not. I'm kind of tired of looking for a win ove rthe Patriots or Jets just to salvage some morale.

Jets, have fun going home with the rats on the Subway. Oh, and congrats. Gay marriage is legal in your state now, you can finally get hitched. I'm happy for you my man!

Well said Steve. No truer words spoken by a loser. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

is Benjarvus Green-Ellis an unrestricted free gent?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm sorry, did you make the playoffs last year. How many times have you made the playoffs in the last 10 years? LOSERS!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok paper tiger.... keep puffing yourself up comparing yourself to our recent history. Let me know when your team wins anything of merit.

Crowder - CUT

Steve, making the Playoffs is meaningless if you don't win the SuperBowl. Quick, name the teams who made the Playoffs last year? Right, forgotten. Who won the SuperBowl? Right, Green Bay.

Hmmm, So memory only goes back 10 years to try and make you feel good... So when the JETS choke this year (kinda like your coach does on toes), and finish befind the phins, we should only look back 1 year...

I get it now...

Wait Steve, "RECENT" History?? Remind me again how great you guys have been in the last 12 years since Marino left. Even at the end of his reign, the team was pretty bad.

DC Dolfan, that is just LOSER talk! You're telling me it would mean nothing to you to have the Dolphins make the playoffs??? You are full of BS if you say that would be meaningless, you big dumb dumb!

The Jets reside where they belong, in NEW JERSEY!!! THE GARDEN STATE, LMFAO!

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