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Dolphins practice live blog here

I'm at the facility and expect to live blog practice so head on over to the comments section starting around 11:05 to check out what's going on.

I can say this early on:

I cannot believe what I've already heard this morning. No, not about the Kyle Orton trade or Reggie Bush or Mike Pouncey's contract status.

It's the words of owner Stephen Ross. This is what he said, in part, during his meeting with the media moments ago:

""There's a fine line between winning and losing. There's three games we could have won for sure and then there's Pittsburgh, which we all think we won and then look at what our record is. The Jets squeezed by and got a few lucky wins as well. The thing is winning and knowing how to win at the end of the game. That's what's important. Our record doesn't show that's what we do. But you can't say these are teams that are much better than we are and we're really a lagger to them ... You can't draw a fine line and say this team is that much better because they're not. There's a lot of parity in the NFL and we have a lot of great young players. Look how far we've come in a short period of time."

Um, note to Mr. Ross:

The Patriots were 14-2 last year.

The Jets went to the AFC championship game for the second year in a row.

And the Dolphins didn't lag behind?




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Poizen, you're an idiot. I can look back a decade and see how bad you have been. HAHAHAH!!!

Hey DC,

I'm not saying the playoffs is the be-all, end-all, I'm just saying I would like to see us getting closer to the prize and having a shot. When the season is done I would like to know we were good enough on a consistent basis to get close than good enough on a give night to beat the hated enemy. Too many seasons like taht and we start becoming our own hated enemy. I guess I was spoiled grwoing up during the golden years and I'd just like for us to be relevant again. Not too much to ask, right?

Whatever helps you losers sleep at night, JDF! HAHAHA!! Losers!

Steve is making some very good points here. You Dolphins fans should listen to your head loser. You need to become RELEVANT again! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Het J-E-T-S... since you asked ove rthe last 12 seasons the Jets have a record of 99-93 and the Dolphins have a record of 95-97... so we suck and you are 4 wins removed from sucking? I'm not sure I'd be bragging if I were you.

Hey loser, that's a winning record the last time I checked. Damn, you dumb for posting that. Thanks for proving my point. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Dumb Dumb!

And Steve, I see you are bad at math too...SHOCKING!

Hey, whoever just posted that last remark as me about Steve being bad at math...funny. But that actually just proves that your fans are bad at math.

4 games over .500 in 12 years makes you proud? Hey more power to you. You can call me dumb and loser as mucha s you like for being honest about my team's recent troubles if that makes you happy. I'm just glad I have longtime friends who are Jets fans who know what sportsmanship and respect are so that I don't have to think that you're a reflection of what passes for class among Jets believers.

Hope you have a fun season, seriously, and I hope we do too. Since I don't actually suit up and play that's all I care about.

Yeah yeah I walked into that one... 6 games over .500 was just thinking about the 4 games better than us.

I'm equally impressed with your grammar skills "you dumb for posting that" but hey, you have nothing better to do. I guess if I'm bad at math for one mistake then I guess you're just illiterate... are we done yet?

Making fun of your teams troubles makes me very happy. And your "friends" that are Jets fans talk trash behind your back, I promise you. You are very naive and being a Dolphins fan, that's not hard to believe. Good luck your team, you'll need it. I am outta here to enjoy a beer and to look at all the great pickups we got this season. Waaahhooooo!! See ya, LOSERS!

Well actually I am illiterate, thank you for noticing!

Damn, I was hoping no one would find out what a dumbass I am. I barely add 5+5. Oh well, I don't have to be that smart to be a Dolphins fan...Duuuuuhhhh..

Steve, no, Playoffs are good, I'm just saying they are not the end-all-be-all. I'd like to make the Playoffs too. But honestly, if you ask me what I liked better in '08, beating the Jets twice or making it to round 1 of the Playoffs, beating the Jets twice was much sweeter to me.

But, I get you, my goal first is to win the division (which usually means you beat your foes), then making the Playoffs, then getting to the SB, then winning it all!

As bad as my day has been because of the qb fiasco, it has been brightened by the news of channing crowder getting released. finally!

Damn, Crowder is gone?? That is a BIG loss for us. I am not happy.


IM not even mad anymore about MATT MOORE, cause once they see cam play in carolina they will want to trade back for him....hahahahah.......ROLL TIDE

The Dolphins cut Channing Crowder and just signed Carol Channing.

Carol Channing...Hilarious! But seriously. Cutting Channing may have been the worst move for our defense. He was the leader of our defense. Bad move.

Armando: Please, don't offer anymore practice blogs if you are not going to stay here and control these posters.

Samdolphin, who is going to control you? Don't act all high and mighty like you're so smart and we're a bunch of dumbass's.

Samdolphin, oh yea, you are stupid and poopoo your pants.

Freedog: A leader? Just because he had a big mouth?

It's morons like superPHINS that can't distinguish reality from fiction that creare all this nonesense. First of all look at the roster this administration inherited. It was worse than an expansion team. Yet MORONS like you expect this to be solved in 2-3 years and be a Super Bowl contender. Well IDIOT, if it was this simple don't you think 31 other teams would not be doing it? Please eat some brain food this weekend!!

No One Eyed Jack, he was known as the leader of the defense by the Dolphins defense. This isn't me making this up. He controlled the defense on the field. The coaches made him the leader and passed calls to the defense through him on the field. He had the headset in his helmet.

WHOA Albert...why so angry brother? Calm down. No need for anger on here. Let's all get our point across without calling names. It just makes you look ignorant when you do so.

Look on the bright side people...at least Henne has not had to have shoulder surgery!

Practice! We talking about practice? Its practice. Its not a game. Its not a game. Its practice.

Those words by the almighty Allen Iverson should ring true. I will never be happy with this management/team until they at least play in the AFC championship game. Every year we get excited and every year by mid season we are getting unexcited.

If this team wins 10 games straight then it would be time to celebrate. Until then, I'm preparing myself to be unexcited by mid season.

The script is written. Fake like you're looking for a legit QB to challenge Henne then let the deal fall apart all of a sudden like.

They are never REALLY serious about bringing anyone in to challenge Henne. Its all smoke and mirrors. Henne is their boy! That is who they will live OR die with at our expense.

Yea Los Lobos, they went through all that hassle to fake everyone out...are you serious???? Come on man.

Actually yes Freedog. Same stunt they pulled with Jim Harbaugh.

Cheer and support the Dolphins! Quit bitching about what you think is the best for the Dolphins, when all you haters have no qualifications to be a GM. Big names don't equal wins. Go Dolphins!

LMAO... been telling you guys and Mando too for the last 3 years, Puss gut (Parcells) and his boys need to go. Until then, expect 'safe' choices. Bold teams make bold choices. They live and die with them but most times they're the ones who make the playoffs.

The choices I've seen reflect the 'play it safe', kick field goals, conservative mindset and damn it all we're tired of it.

Hey , you think Henne will be playing in pre-season more than usual? i would hope so because he needs all the live reps he can handle. No time to ease into anything, it is time to face the fire, take the heat, and show what he can do, if anything. I think this year's preseason games will tell more than those in previous years. We shall see.

I might be the only one who thinks the Matt Moore signing is very savvy. There is no QB who would have played well for the 2010 Carolina Panthers. That was a team with a coach who quit on them and an owner that took a mulligan on the season to get ready to throw money around after the lockout.

Look at Matt Moore's stats in 2009. That was an 8-8 team that went 4-1 with him as a starter. He went 2-1 as a starter in 2007 for a 7-9 Panthers team. By no means am I calling the guy a savior but Matt Moore can be a decent starter in this league. And that's all that Kyle Orton is... a decent starter. You get Matt Moore as a similar player at a huge discount.

Seriously, I have been stuck watching Carolina Panther games for the last 10 years while living in Charlotte. Matt Moore throws a nice deep ball and has a live arm... not a great arm but a pretty good one. In fact, let's look at the stats...

Moore: 7-6 record, 57.9% comp, 6.7 y/a, 73.9 rating while playing on teams that were a combined 17-31

Orton: 32-29 record, 58.1% comp, 6.5 y/a, 79.6 rating while playing on teams that were a combined 39-41

Either you guys severely overrate Kyle Orton or you severely underrate Matt Moore. It's a smart move for what they paid.

Ross and the rest of the front office are a joke! They haven't a clue about football and are making the Matt Millen Lions look like geniuses. They wasted picks and money on Bush to sell tickets. New Orleans was glad to get rid of him to sign the better Sprolls for longer and cheaper. Matt Moore couldn't beat out a rookie for 2nd string, and we are interested in Orton? We have numerous superstar owners to help promote a horrible product. Ross, pardon the pun, Are dressing the team for less and it shows!

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