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Dolphins practice live blog here

I'm at the facility and expect to live blog practice so head on over to the comments section starting around 11:05 to check out what's going on.

I can say this early on:

I cannot believe what I've already heard this morning. No, not about the Kyle Orton trade or Reggie Bush or Mike Pouncey's contract status.

It's the words of owner Stephen Ross. This is what he said, in part, during his meeting with the media moments ago:

""There's a fine line between winning and losing. There's three games we could have won for sure and then there's Pittsburgh, which we all think we won and then look at what our record is. The Jets squeezed by and got a few lucky wins as well. The thing is winning and knowing how to win at the end of the game. That's what's important. Our record doesn't show that's what we do. But you can't say these are teams that are much better than we are and we're really a lagger to them ... You can't draw a fine line and say this team is that much better because they're not. There's a lot of parity in the NFL and we have a lot of great young players. Look how far we've come in a short period of time."

Um, note to Mr. Ross:

The Patriots were 14-2 last year.

The Jets went to the AFC championship game for the second year in a row.

And the Dolphins didn't lag behind?




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Reports are the Dolphins are done looking for QB's. Plus are they going to pay a third string guy 5 million over two years?????

Dolphins are 3rd or 4th this year.

And the RIDICULOUS CLOWNS will be fired next year.


Why don't you shut up!? The Pats were 14-2, The Jets have been to back to back AFC championship games while the dolphins have suffered back to back 7-9 seasons. And to answer this massive gap we sign a slot receiver in reggie bush and Matt Moore..

So explain to me why I should be patient and have confidence!?!? F@&K off FreeDog!

i wonder if kellen clemens of jets fame is available? did he get traded to the redskins? he wasnt that bad and knows the division;has been a career backup but beat out chad penne before favre claimed the starters role.

mando - who on the staff thinks moore will actually push for the starting job????

is there something we are missing?

Check the hospital. I am sure Armondo had a heart attack after hearing we are signing Moore.

Everybody shut up! Al I wanna see is mandos posts on the practice. All that other stuff is guesswork... None of you know what's going on. Mando.... More posts from you plz

Kellen Clemens signed with Redskins

Guess that's it boys. Reggie Bush and a whole lot of nothing again. Bush is a great addition if you add other good players also. Him alone is good but isnt going to get them over the hump. If you can't get Orton or won't sign VY and add Matt Moore, why not augment the roster at other spots? They have the cap space, especially by not getting Orton. Another average Vanilla team. Bush will suffer the same fate BMarsh did. Get frustrated by the coaching and lack of Good QB play. Hey what is one of Henne's perceived shortcomings? Those little short touch passes to backs out of backfield. This should again be very frustrating to watch. From Sparano killing an eighty yard 10 play drive on 4th and an inch with his fist pump FGs to Ireland stopping at Reggie Bush, they all seem scared to do too much while our rivals sure up even their strengths.
Why not sign a Z Miller or a safety like M Huff? Or anyone else that could help this team? Unreal with the lack of a game plan. Or so it seems. I mean Jeff, it's not even your money. Spend it for Christs sake!!!!!

This Dolphin team is an abortion. I can not believe this QB move. I now know what it's like to be a CUBS fan...

Yesterday Chade Henne felt like Tony Sparano in January.

Today, Chad Henne feels like Tony Sparano in February.

What a difference a day makes.

WOW CaymanFinfan, you are one angry dude! Hahaha!! You are just a fly on the ass of Phin Nation. Buzzing around, freaking out about every little move. It's the FIRST day bro, RELAX. Let's see what moves they continue to make and maybe...just maybe watch a couple pre season games. Don't be such a D-BAG. LOL. You are a funny guy though.

freedog why dont u suck my d@@$ i dint come here to listen to ur sorry ass i came here to get some info from mando and he's not delivering so fock off

Dolphin fan since 1970, come on, you have to spend money to make money. Pay for great talent now, and when draft day is here, all you have to worry about is the future.

The only way Mando and this fan base would have been happy is if Ross came out and said:

The Pats are awesome and Tom Brady gives me a Woody.

The wets will probably win it all this, but ah, yeah, we still suck and we're all looking to continue sucking for the forseeable future.

I take that back, Mando and this fanbase would have jumped all over that too.


He is your report;

Half the players are practicing.
Several rookies haven't signed.
Another Injury ridden premadonna RB on the roster.
And we are getting ready to sign a BAD QB to compete with Henne.


Free dog. We've been waiting for that "sleeve" card for 2 years now. It doesn't freaking exist!!!!!

I don't think that is the "More" Orton was talking about when negotiating a contract with the fins...

assume mando is scrambling to confirm Matt Moore deal. agree with the guys who are comfortable having him at #3. 5 mil., if true, would be very scary, because that isn't a #3 paycheck.

i like pleassure spiked with pain and music is my aereoplane.... he he

lol I'm convinced these guys just don't know how to evaluate QB's. I mean wtf are their critical factors for the position?

Critical factor #1: Melt down in the 4th qtr. and throw picks that get housed.

Critical factor #2: Stupid, dejected look and demeanor when things aren't going well.

Critical factor #3: Inacurrate, erratic passing skills.

Critical factor #4: Speak about learning the new playbook before NFL rules allow you to.

Considering its highly possible Reggie Bush could be done for the season by game 4, all we really have to show for free agency will be Matt Moore? Big Splash? Matt Moore?

Are you kidding us Mr. Ireland?

Bozo enters, stage left...

Good thing the bills suck or we'd be the bottom of the barrel, so far I'm not thrilled nor convinced with these FA moves which consist of poor play and/or injuries. Brad smith would have been a better QB/wildcat/WR/PR than Matt Moore

How can any true Dolphin fan be happy with the organization's move at this point?

Seriously, we blew it hard in trades and FA. Some people say wait...
Wait for what? Most of the talent is gone off the board.

Face it. We lost out and now the fans are going to be let down yet again.

Hate to tell you but Mando isn't delivering any ground breaking updates. The fans on here are actually doing a beter job at that than he is. All he is telling us so far is who is on the field and who isn't...WOW that's good stuff. Jorge, you and your pal CaymanFinfan are fair weathered fans and as such should just go away and let the real fans talk.

If the Moore deal is done, he costs us nothing from a pick persepctive and provides depth if nothing else. His signing does not preclude us from still pursuing Orton (which I am in favor of at a reasonable cost). Holy crap some of you folks are just going over the top with your drama and a large number of the suggestion here show something seriously true, most of us don't know wtf we are talking about (which I suppose is why we aren't working in football). How many think someone is going to come in and beat out the incumbent with a new offense being installed in a shortened pre-season? One that Henne has been leading practices with all off-season. I don't love Henne, but I'm not selling on him yet. Orton may come in and beat him out, but probably nobody else the Dolphins could pick up at this stage is going to do it. Name one available QB? Palmer is retired; at least for this season.

Hey FreeDog, What Jeff and Tony have up their sleeves, is a handful of shitty watches and are trying to sell to dummies, like you, wait and see NOTHING, these BOZOS will be gone in a flash, all we can hope for is a real coach and staff like Bill Cowher. This regime has failed miserably. I like Tony, and Jeff, but, trying to get a " good starting " quarterback takes risk, If you don't take a chance, you never will be able to lure great players here. I hate the JETS, but, like REX RYAN because he has brass balls and guys want to play for him, PERIOD. As long and Ross is the owner, we are doomed, it's another high priced toy, unless he has a real coach and GM willing to take a risk. Vince Young or Kyle Orton would have shown the FAN BASE, they are at least trying to improve, but, IRELAND, thought he could land Carson Palmer. Maybe, in a fantasy world, but, all the fake GM's on here know that Bengals owner Mike Brown is a buffoon and a cheap one at that, ie: failing frnachise for 20 years, WE are not far behind.


Don't worry about Moore, we have a safety net:

Devlin! Devlin! Devlin! Dev.............

Awwwww Geeeeeezzzzzzz............

Looks like Ireland wasted too much time on Orton and missed out on other opportunities.

Other teams wasted 30 seconds on the Orton deal. Ireland wasted 30 hours.

Can't see the logic of paying too much for Moore in an attempt to save the pick to Denver? Which is what it looks like.

hey mando... Ross does have a point. of last years superbowl match up, we beat the winner at home and got cheated out of beating pitt. we don't seem terribly far behind. Apart from getting stomped by NE a couple times.

NE really worries me now.

another 7-9 record will be a miracle!!!!! no leadership except mike nolan who should be the head coach!

John Clayton is reporting that the Dolphins have one of the 5 worst QB situations in Football. He also reports that there's a perception in the NFL that Moore is not dedicated to Football. At least he can play Doral in the sunny weather!

What a terrible move. We just fell behind Buffalo with that one.I think I gonna throw up.

Mr. Ross, fine line between winning and losing?

That fine can be as wide as the 2-3yrs, at least, we lag behind the Pats and Jets. What's worse is your "thinking" on this matter may lag even further than our team's chances of unseating the Jets or Pats.

Armando what's the status of our top 3 draft choices? Haven't heard a peep if they're close to being signed. Other teams grab FA's and sign their draft picks; we do neither.

Whatever wood I had when I woke up this morning is now gone...Matt Moore, NO F***ING Way!


Thanks for all these informative live updates from camp. You reported on 3 bad throws from Branderspinkle and nothing about Henne, Lex, or whoever is out there. Thanks for nothing,

For those of you who think that Matt Moore is a ploy let's crunch some numbers.

They are 16 million under the cap

Tony McDaniels - 3 mil
Reggie Bush - 4 Mil
Matt Moore - 2 mil

They would have to sign their draft picks and they would have to pay Orton 6 - 7 mil.
What would they use to sign any other players?

I'll bet VY looks mighty good to the haters right now:


Mando....put down the hot dog and start reporting....do u get paid for this or what?

Man the Herald is constantly getting beat on the scoop by the Sun...what the hell...matt moore to sign with the Phins...

Guys that could help this team are signing all over the place. I could see if they were just a decent QB away from contending but there are some big holes on this team. Safety, a TE that can stretch seem, needless to say, a QB, speed at most skill positions, at least one Guard and arguably depth O linemen. Unreal, he signs M Moore. UNfuckingbelievable!!!!!!!!!!! Nb

You people are amazing...if we traded for Orton, I guarantee most of you would say we gave up too much. If we don't, then we are not trying to improve the team. Remember...the Broncos know exactly what we know and they have a darn good insurance policy in place once Tebow fizzles...which is likely to happen. So they aren't just gonna give him away for a 7th rounder and a roll of tape, its gonna cost something...and probably a good amount. Look what Kolb got...and he has basically ZERO history. And if you you mention the words Vince and Young... anything you say beyond that is just noise and absolutely worthless...so don't waste my time. Seriously though, you people are so unrealistic its mind boggling. Unless you can see Pro-Bowl QB's just sitting around waiting for the Dolphins to grab for free.

They can still trade Moore away if Orton comes down to earth, no?

John Clayton from ESPN just slammed the fins on TV about aquiring Moore!


How we do something productive and fire Ireland on his @ss!

Last time I checked CARSON PALMER is still RETIRED, OH, WAIT, we signed Matt Moore, he must be the next Tom Brady ?

Has anyone used an AED on Armando or at least dialed 911 ???

this regime hijacked my dolphins. i want them back.

Nick, not sure why you are attacking me but let's just say I put you in the same pile now as the rest of the panicked, sky is falling, meltdown crowd. Seriously people, it's not over, it's the FIRST day, chill out! It's like playing with my brother's kids or something. You should all re read Rick's post. He is one of the only people on here with any brains in his head. CALM DOWN and take a breath!


Who is left on the board?????????

I don't have much faith in Henne unless our O-line all of a sudden blocks like the cowboys of the early 90s..

ESPN is dogging the Dolphins. Reporter just said we are one of the top 5 teams with the crapiest qb's...

Super News.

Listen Freedog you are really starting to piss me off! I was a dolfan while you were still swimming in your fathers nuts@ck!

Any fan that is NOT concerned right now truly is a joke! How can anyone who follows this team regularly not be concerned with what they see!? Armando is so shocked about what he sees that he isn't even reporting anything on his 'live' blog anymore.

If you want to sit and be happy about another mediocore team then by all means go ahead. But I'm sick of this. If we get Kyle Orton then I will be patient

Henne has a new OC.....new running backs, some new targets to throw to....an new beast on the offensive line....Henne has one of the strongest arms in the NFL! Lets give him another year to break free and do his thing....we have an average back up for him now....support your team or find another...but stop of your whinnnnnnning......

Oh darn, the cryptkeeper slammed the dolphins on ESPN. Now my day is ruined. LMFAO!!!

FA Tally so far

Reggie Bush - expected 10 - 15 plays per game.
Matt Moore - expected to never take the field.


Jeff Ireland sure knows how to make Rex and Belichek happy fellows.

1st off good luck to Vince Young. He is in a great situation with a HC at least 100 times better than Mr. FG. In one year Reid will rehab him and Young will be a starter somewhere.

Turning their nose up at Young and getting Moore is who this franchise is. Too stubborn, too conservative, too scared to take a chance and relegated to mediocrity because of it.
Now the inmates are running the asylum. Little boy crony and Mr. FG have convinced Ross that the team is just as good as the cheatriots and the wets. Unfortunately that is far from the case.

Mando is right about RB spots. The Dolphins grabbed the oft injured R Bush , paid twice as much for him as Sproles and that’s that. When R Bush gets injured the Dolphins will overpay for someone else mid season.

It’s time, again to back Henne and go and get him a good FA G like Justin Blalock G Atlanta or Davin Joseph G Tampa, or Nicks N.O. Wake could use help rushing the passer too but I suppose most of those guys are gone. I think the Eagles grabbed the best FA pass rusher.
Wow, the Eagles are sure a better franchise.

We have lived it int he past with this team. Bone head mistakes. Giving up crazy picks for borderline or useless players (especially qb's). So to waste that money on a third rate qb, when we could have sured up the ol or grabbed another LB is stupid. I would take bilger at minimum salary to hold a clip board. If we sign him and orton at 6-7 per year it is a stupid mistake.

and if Henne doesn't show us that he can be that franchise QB this year....then sell the flippen kitchen sink and trade picks and players and draft Andrew Luck!!!!

D, I agree with you completely.

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