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Dolphins practice live blog here

I'm at the facility and expect to live blog practice so head on over to the comments section starting around 11:05 to check out what's going on.

I can say this early on:

I cannot believe what I've already heard this morning. No, not about the Kyle Orton trade or Reggie Bush or Mike Pouncey's contract status.

It's the words of owner Stephen Ross. This is what he said, in part, during his meeting with the media moments ago:

""There's a fine line between winning and losing. There's three games we could have won for sure and then there's Pittsburgh, which we all think we won and then look at what our record is. The Jets squeezed by and got a few lucky wins as well. The thing is winning and knowing how to win at the end of the game. That's what's important. Our record doesn't show that's what we do. But you can't say these are teams that are much better than we are and we're really a lagger to them ... You can't draw a fine line and say this team is that much better because they're not. There's a lot of parity in the NFL and we have a lot of great young players. Look how far we've come in a short period of time."

Um, note to Mr. Ross:

The Patriots were 14-2 last year.

The Jets went to the AFC championship game for the second year in a row.

And the Dolphins didn't lag behind?




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Hey Craig buddy,

You need some of your own advice. Take a pill and chill!!! Or whack it bro, do something.

Your genious prediction no doubt you got from the two or three sites suggesting that Miami would take a look at Matt Moore YESTERDAY. It was all over the place. Your idea? Ok. I suppose e = mc2 was your idea too?

Secondly. I can read. What I have seen for days now is that you bash EVERY SINGLE MOVE any other team makes, and suck bone dry in praise every decision the fins make. Get an ounce of perspective dude.

Your constant tune here is that you BELIEVE IN EVERYTHING this FO does and NOTHING anyone else does. You even said you hope the Jets sign Asomugha because that will choke off their cap space. Dude they are already a back to back Conferencance Championship game team. You are the only one on the planet that thinks getting him is a bad move.

Try that little blue pill, then go back and read your last 917 posts and show me one single positive comment you made about any decision made by another team.

My full name is DimWit

I am now heading back to the Sun Sentinel


Did you ALSO read how Denver is over the salary cap and Denver either needs to restructure or cut Orton on August 4th (date to get under cap)?

there are dozens of other scenarios that can play out in the Dolphins favor.

Posted by: Chopper Riding Fin Fan

Dude... PLEASE! Enlighten us with a few of these scenarios!


YOu'll be surprised I'm saying this, but the Eagles adding Vince Young as a backup on a one year deal is a good move. Low risk, potential for high reward. BUT....and it's a big but, it doesn't say anywhere that VY has been HANDED the backup job. I know for a fact that the Eagles like the guy who is backing up Vick. Let's see how it all plays out before we annoint VY again. He still has to beat the kid out, a kid who has worked hard since he's been in Philly and knows the play book. If VY can keep his mouth shut he'll be OK, if not he'll be third string or on to another organization. Watch!

Sorry Matt from CT...didn't see your post. I've been busy today and haven't been able to keep up. Good we're thinking along the same lines.

Omar just reported that Stephen Ross just told him that The Kyle Orton deal is DEAD.

Matt Moore is being brought in to compete for the starting job.

Ross's interview means nothing. ESPN stating the deal is dead means nothing because they got that from the Dolphin organization. It's called posturing. Nothing more, nothing less. The deal may never go through, but Ireland didn't spend all that time and effort just to settle for Moore. It isn't over until Denver's hand is forced by the cap or Orton accepts that his future is not in Denver. That's when a deal would need to get done.

Well Simon, I guess it's true....you REALLY CAN'T READ. If you go back ONE page, I just told DB I thought the Eagles signing of Young was a good move.

Have someone show you how to go back ONE page and have someone read it for you.

Have a good day Simon...I don't have time for your stupidity!

Matt from CT. Point taken BUT Denver has a very inexperienced front office and I will bet they will not let Tebow take the reins. Also after reading Ross's interview in which he said Orton is competition, not an upgrade, and he likes what Henne has done during the lockout, I seriously believe Henne is the guy. Of course I am a Henne supporter so my opinion is biased, but I look forward to Henne proving everybody WRONG this year


The Philly situation is great for VY. You brought up that Philly was a likly destination and I agreed with that.

The Eagles wanted him and went after him, unlike Ireland/Sparano.

Reid is a great HC, easily 100 times better than Mr. FG. Reid will rehab Young this year and Young will start somewhere next year. You watch.

The Bright Side:

With the addition of Matt Moore we are one early season, season ending Chad Henne injury away from making Andrew Luck our 2012 #1 pick.

However, knowing this regime they would trade that pick to Belichick and sell us the bridge on why it was such a great ides.



Moore of the same Crap!!


It's called posturing...let's see how it plays out before we right the whole Orton thing off.

CaymanFinfan, that's not calling you names, that was relating to you what you are by talking to people (me) the way you do. Let's stick to talking Football rather than attacking each other. We are all presumably Phin fans on this blog. The Phins in my opinion are ok right now. We have a bolstered OL which can protect which ever QB we play (Henne hopefully). All the Henne haters need to remember that he didn't have a very good OL last year which led to no time to pass. The QB is only as good as his OL. If he has an extra 2 seconds, with the rocket arm he has, I can only imagine the down field shots to Marshall we will see. I am excited myself. You can hate all you want on what I just said but we are not in as bad of shape as you are making us out to be.

Ohh Bbbboooooyyyy.....It sux being a fins fan with this leadership. Cleary Ross needs to pay the next GM/HC less money to create some performance incentive. Matt Freakin Moore; all this time and thats the best we get. Donkeys!

Craig, yeah man, AFTER I brought to your attention for 2 days now, you actually made a half positive comment.

I congratulate you. I really do. Good to see it.

How much is the Matt Moore contract for? 2 years and how much?



Time to take off the aqua colored glasses, mate. This front office has once again followed their normal pattern.

Matt Moore has ties to Dallas, so they grabbed him.

They have no stones, no sack, no nads.

This front office will never take a chance, never be bold, never be aggressive, never be GREAT.

Thomas signed! What's status of Pouncey? We signed Moore? Y no post!!! Mando needs to get back in football shape to keep us informed... Just sayn...


Denver Post seems to be saying that, while the Broncos are over the cap now, they'll be able to dump a ton of money from their cap (all teams will) because the new CBA allowed for money that was held against them from prior trades and cuts all get dumped into the 2010 uncapped season. Basically a fresh start. I may be misunderstanding it but they're making the argument that the Broncos may be able to keep Orton WITHOUT restructuring.

Mando hasn't posted on here for 90% of this blog. Not a "DimWit". Just sayin. If you name a blog "Practice Live Blog" youd expect some blogging about the practice......unless its actually just a practice blog, as in not a real one

(The real Dim)

i just dont understand.......how did we end up settling for matt moore.......matt moore.......i pray to god they have sumthn else brewing.....anything

The priority ought to be signing a quality FA Guard. I presume the team still has some cap room. How expensive could Matt Moore be?

How many pictures can the photog possibly take of Tom Brady just TALKING? (NFL Network)


You should know better by now in trying to ascertain this fo has a method to it's madness. Especially afyter 3 seasons of these moves and the final conclussions have proven its "just madness". Why consider the Orton situation any different?

Matt Moore, 2 years 5 million

I predicted there would be a full season. So did the majority. Our gut feeling...

I have repeatedly posted that Henne will throw for (3,951) 4,000 yards in 2011. This provided he wins the starting position and plays 16 games.

Henne is now essentially unchallenged. Moore was yet another dumb, costly blunder.

Additioning a multi-million $ bench-splinter is another, "bozo-the-clown-act" that is FREAKIN STUPID.

We could have spent that money on other delects, rather than an overpriced waterboy that will not contribute one positive minute to our season.

PS. Mando, why is this regime always licking at the bottom of the hog's slop trough?

I just heard from the NFL channel that the Orton deal is dead. Can't believe it, I quess our season is dead, Chad won't get the job done, can't score in the red zone, follows his prime receiver and the defenses know what to expect. The only good thing to come out of the up coming season is that it will be the last for Sparano and company and maybe we will be bad enough for a shot at the the first overall pick and we will use it for a quarterback.

Most of you negative people, really are overreacting

Pouncey=protection up the middle

ross is a complete moron. matt moore and henne are 2 horrible qbs. they could of had orton aug 4. this team will finish last, least it will FINALLY get rid of ireland and sprano. maybe we can even get luck

Resigning Thigpen was "moore" appealing than signing Matt Moore. At least Thigpen gives us something exciting for his many blunders. With Moore it'll just be many blunders.

Is this what is meant by the term "sometimes more can equal less?

Poizen, as usual. Bunch of whining, crying B/S.

james its a joke. this organization continues to be the joke of the nfl. saints got sproles for cheaper than we payed for reggie bust. this proud franchise has been destroyed


If you want to ride the henne train then go ahead. I was like you last year, excited thinking that Henne was our future. But he isn't! HE JUST ISN'T! And one rookie Center doesn't all of a sudden improve your O-line.

Now if you want to talk football, A running game is a QB's best friend and maybe if we had a GREAT running game then Henne would be mediocore (And BTW Reggie Bush is a slot WR not a RB) but the facts are that Henne was the problem last year. If henne put up the type of numbers that Orton did then we probably would be in the playoffs.

Listen Man, I get it... You want to be patient and you have amazing optimism. I envy that about you, I just consider myself more a Realist!

2 things:

DB, don't count your chickens. With this group, if Henne goes down this year, then they'll be yelling next year that we still haven't seen if he can be the guy, and we should give him another chance. So here's to Henne playing the ENTIRE SEASON! So we can once and for all be certain where his future lies.

Second, I'm starting to see Ireland's thinking. We pick-up Matt Moore, only to act as a smokescreen on the QB now on our radar, who nfl.com just said wants back in the NFL....DAUNTE CULPEPPER. Ireland wants to prove the Saban choice over Drew Brees wasn't a total disaster by bringing in Daunte to compete with Henne and Moore.

Second part of the Ireland strategy is to have trade bait lined up for the practice squad injuries that might arise. So if some team this year has a practice squad QB get injured, they'll have to come to Miami to get a replacement. NICE WORK IRELAND!!!

Omar is reporting that Chad Henne is performing the same as he usually does, still checking down and missing WRs.

Omar says that he has never seen a good practice from Chad Henne. He also said that he teammates question Hennes leadership.

Omar is on the Michael Irvin show right now 560 WQAM

"I'm Moore or less a quarterback, but nothing more"

-Matt Moore

Reported by Armando Salguero

Henne will be better than most of you think.

The key is what Daboll's offense looks like and how the line plays.

Protection 1st as obviously without it you just cant get anything done offensively.

Will Daboll allow something other than 5 step drops?

Will we see a screen play?

Will the Dolphins utilize some Sid Gillman concepts and move the pocket, stretch the field and make defenses cover space?

Will we see 3 wide, 4 wide sets?

Will Sparnao actually go for TD's rather than positioning for more FG's?

Holmgrens comments about Daboll are not encouraging but here's to hoping for the best.

Whaaaaa waaa waaaa!! Give Henne a chance with Additions of Pouncey, Bush, Thomas

very refreshing cayman, we need more reality in here to force something to get turned around


Just a few that come to mind:
-Orton gets released due to cap and fins sign him as a FA instead of giving up picks
-Henne improves under new OC and with added weapons around him
-Bengals relent and trade Palmer
-Dolphins stay healthy and dominate with D and efficient O
-Fins sign another QB, like Bulger for example, and he plays the Pennington role circa 2008
-Rookies and 2nd year players really step up and improve the overall team-lessening the importance/need of a superstar QB

I can go on, but I think you are missing my point. There hasn't been a game, a quarter, or even a snap of a pre-season game yet. There are a lot of things that can happen and will happen that will influence the season. Nothing is over because nothing has really begun. Don't take it personally-I used to have the same outlook every season as you do now. I have come to learn that a paper roster doesn't decide the outcome of a game-that is why they play the game. It is just my perspective and I don't expect everyone or anyone to agree with it, so take what I said for what it is worth. Any way you look at it, Go FINS!

Los Dolfins no sirven! Son una M*erda!

Is anybody confident at this point we will finish above Buffalo?

Who was it who said yesterday that Young woould be signed as soon as he's released? Was it DB? Guaranteed, right? OK bud.....the clock's ticking. Let's see where he ends up....

Posted by: Craig M | July 28, 2011 at 05:27 PM

no doubt, marhsall hates henne and now knows he will have another awful year. nobody on this team respect or thinks they can win with him. just hurry and get the season over so we can finally clean house

Guys that are criticizing the signing of Moore, what is it you would have liked this team to do? Give in to Denver? Give Orton what he wants? Sign Young? Give up a boatload for Kolb?

Come on guys....what's the plan? QBs are getting snapped up. It was time to get someone in the fold. I don't cae what anyone says, this doesn't take us out of the Orton talks. They have to do something with him by August 4th. I think they've misplayed their hand but let's see what happens. They are already over the cap and just signed McGahee. Orton won't renegotiate. What's their plan? They are being criticized in lots of places for misplaying this.

How many of you will say 'I was wrong' if Orton ends up here as a FA next week? Probably none, right?

Looks like "Moore" of the same old BS from this regime!

Best thing Ross said today:

Tony's a great Coach, the guys really love playing for him. But Tony's knows that he MUST have a winning record in order to remain Coach of this team.

Thank you Mr. Ross. Don't anybody cry if we're 8-8 this year and Sparano gets kicked to the curb.

Cayman.. Henning was the problem last yr. He'd make Manning and Brady look like bums.

I wouldn't give up on the Orton deal yet. This is a high stakes game of poker. Ross' statement part of the posturing. Matt Moore part of the posturing.

If we have to go with Henne- we should all hope he has a breakout season. Go FINS!


Just giving you a hard time DB....

But yes, the clock is ticking.....

Now if we're still having this conversation next week at this time there is a problem. As I said before, if the price for Orton becomes too steep and the contract unmanageable, I'd be fine with Young as the competing QB...but not before.

Posted by: Craig M | July 28, 2011 at 05:40 PM

Sign Ronnie and put him under center the whole game. It can't be any worse than any of our "QBs."

Craig, have you said you were wrong yet about VY?


Yeah i saw the sproles signing this morning and thought the same thing.......id rather have him than bush.......same exact role but more production and less injuries................Mybe we can still grab a nice lineman to sure up the line for the qb we land next year.......hey maybe pat devlin will beat everybody out for the job........never know......we should be firing sparano by mid november........im just so sad about this whole situation, our team deserves better than this leadership is giving......damn it i deserve better......i will still be lovn my dolphins on sundays but i have absolutely no hope for mthis year and that sucks and it aint fair

Cheers guys....signing off!! The negativity from the fanbase is just too much to take.

I'll check in next week when the roster is looking better. Don't anyone jump off a bridge....

Apparently part of what Stehen Ross talked about this morning is that the players did not have confidence in Chad Henne and he has worked on that this off-season, but he is still performing the same and he has a short time to gain that confidence, but he doesn't believe it will happen.
According to Omar

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