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Dolphins practice live blog here

I'm at the facility and expect to live blog practice so head on over to the comments section starting around 11:05 to check out what's going on.

I can say this early on:

I cannot believe what I've already heard this morning. No, not about the Kyle Orton trade or Reggie Bush or Mike Pouncey's contract status.

It's the words of owner Stephen Ross. This is what he said, in part, during his meeting with the media moments ago:

""There's a fine line between winning and losing. There's three games we could have won for sure and then there's Pittsburgh, which we all think we won and then look at what our record is. The Jets squeezed by and got a few lucky wins as well. The thing is winning and knowing how to win at the end of the game. That's what's important. Our record doesn't show that's what we do. But you can't say these are teams that are much better than we are and we're really a lagger to them ... You can't draw a fine line and say this team is that much better because they're not. There's a lot of parity in the NFL and we have a lot of great young players. Look how far we've come in a short period of time."

Um, note to Mr. Ross:

The Patriots were 14-2 last year.

The Jets went to the AFC championship game for the second year in a row.

And the Dolphins didn't lag behind?




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craig the moore signing was awful. and they could have orton aug 4, but ireland is much to dumb to know that. bills made a great signing in b.smith. no way we finish ahead of bills. which is good, least we know we are gonna be really bad,like 3-13 bad, instead of another wasted 8-8 or 7-9 season

Matt Moore? Great. Status Quo...7-9, maybe 8-8 if we catch some breaks. I hope they reinstate the lockout.

Ross is speaking in terms of talent

Hey Simon....smart guy....what are the moves YOU like from the other teams so far. Let's get you on record, mr positive...

they should sign orton aug 4. and if they do then why waste the time on garbage moore? id start devlin over moore and henne

dusty bottoms,

Where does the Moore signing say that they can't add Orton on August 4th. Would you rather they would have waited until August 4th and done nothing and have had everyone else snapped up. It was IMPERATIVE that they add a QB now. They've done that. You might not like the guy....that's fine.


I never wanted Orton. To me he is barely an upgrade over Henne.

I have been saying it for months, go get VY. Go for the talent upgrade and give him a chance to rehab his career.

On top of that, once the T Pryor situation blew up I've been saying to draft Pryor.

The Dolphins need to increase that talent level. VY and Pryor were opportunities to do that on the cheap.

But you have to have a QB oriented HC, which the Dolphins dont have and you have to have a GM willing to think long term and take some chances which also the Dolphins clearly do not have.

Rookie running back blocking + Checkdown Chad = Disaster....hopefully so much so that we'll go 1-15 and get a good coach and GM and Andrew Luck with the first overall pick.

lol yes craig i would, not that any other team would ever ever sign moore. moore is basically one of the worst qbs in the nfl

Craig, you ask others to admit when they are wrong. Do you do the same? Have not heard you admit you were dead wrong yet.

See below:

Who was it who said yesterday that Young woould be signed as soon as he's released? Was it DB? Guaranteed, right? OK bud.....the clock's ticking. Let's see where he ends up....

Posted by: Craig M | July 28, 2011 at 05:27 PM

vy? pryor? loooooooooooooooooooooooool unreal


You STILL haven't gone on record with what good moves you think other teams have made. Do you know anything about football or do you just continue to throw stones?

Omar Kelly is criticizing Henne for missing throws 1 hour into the first practice!!!! Geeze A Mighty!

I'm L'osfer words right now. I have never gone into a season this unexcited. I mean, there is NOTHING for me to get excited about. Reggie Bush? Matt Moore? Sorry, I'm not getting goosebumps!

Make no mistake about it, the Dolphins are the laughing stock of the AFC East & possibly the NFL. Even the Browns & Lions have more potential.

Ireland & Sparano are dead in the water & at this point, they have to know it. I don't even feel sorry for them. This team failed to address their biggest need, a QB.

I doubt Sparano makes it to mid season. My guess, 6-10....

matt moore?!?**, what? youre kidding, right?... i just had a ted ginn draft day flashback!!! time to cancel my directv and then sign back up so i can the directv sunday ticket for free!!! did you see that commercial? yeah, kick all the fans who have been paying for it with an annual increase every year to the curb and give the new customers the sunday ticket for free! isn't that what the players were fighting for! rookies don't deserve the same benefits that guys with "time-in" deserve.

good robby. henne is horrible

Craig M,

I do like the two NE moves. I think they will put Haynesworth in the right role and he will contribute. Just the same with Ocho. Now if they don't, they were smart to get them at reasonable prices so it is not a disaster if either should fail.

Low Risk, High Reward. Moves like that I LIKE!

Craig, you don't understand. At the moment Thigpen was let go, Miami made a decision to UPGRADE THE QB POSITION!!! Who goes out a trades in an old, beat up used car for an older, more beat up used car. Does that make sense to you? And, this was Miami's own doing to itself. Everyone knew LAST YEAR something needed to be done this year at QB.

So, you either retain Thigpen and say that's the best we can do. OR, if you let Thigpen walk, then YES, you no longer have the upper hand, if Denver wants more, you gotta give it to them because now you have no other hand to play. This is a sick game of chicken if that's what they're playing.

IF things remain as is, you now have a WORSE stable of QBs then you had last year. How's that an upgrade? How's that help the team? If you're a Dolphins fan, how is that good in any way?

Sure, Henne could get better and we won't need Moore's services. But do you understand that's no guarantee, and now that's the ONLY path to a successful season? Do you not get that? If Henne stumbles, THEN WHAT?

Now, if we get Orton, and this isn't our stable of QBs, yes, I myself will apologize for doubting Ireland and to everyone here for being worried.

But, if this these ARE our QBs, and Henne falters in the first half of the season, please tell me what we should think about those on here now almost GUARANTEEING Henne is going to be fine this year?

It's amazing how many people take what espn and NFL network say as gospel, don't you know by now both networks support and praise everything the patriots or jets do no matter what it is, If the patriots signed Charles Manson today both networks would be gushing about what a great pickup it is

Dusty, just go away for a while, your posts are friggen unsupported by facts except for the view you see throu your popp stained glasses, just go away.


Simon Says, see my 1:58PM and 2:00PM posts...

Craig M

I did post. But I have repeatedly ask you to admit that you were wrong and each time you evade the question with a different question. You can't ask others to admit when they are wrong if you can't even to it yourself.

Me? I'm wrong so often I have to admit that I am wrong frequently. Its easy, doesn't even hurt.

Anyone who hates all of this, you have posted over 3 times, thank you for your opinion.

I hope you all go support another team when Henne comes out ang guides this team to a great season. IT CAN HAPPEN, and might happen.

I hope the O-line has a few upgrades coming. We are not better than the PATS, but no QB would be better than Brady, but we can be better than the JETS.

Hopefully we take one from the pats and even that playing field.

I'm not worried that Henne is missing throws on the first day of practice. I don't care how he looks today, tomorrow or in the next month. I care how he'll look Week 1 against NE. That's when I'll start hammering Henne, since he's the only real QB we have on the team.

here is an idea you POS writer. Try exciting your readers instead of inciting them to be angry all the time. Oh wait that's right you're a crappy writer who constantly misspells words and doesn't double check grammer mistakes. Do Miami a favor and take a long walk off a short pier.

i prefer signing matt moore to giving up draft picks for another journeyman QB in orton. with the rookie cap i'd prefer they keep all of their picks and if henna/moore/devlin don''t get it done move up and get a top 3 guy in the draft. now that it's cheaper to build through the draft we need to keep our picks!! i would have rather they taken a chance on v. young but i'm glad we kept our draft picks!! why didn't they go after brad smith?? he's so versatile and knows all the jets plays. seemed like a no brainer for a team that invented the wildcat at the pro level.

Sparano interview on miamidolphins.com right now.

DC, I am willing to talk to you about this further.

poizen is either legally retarded or irelands nephew, u choose

Chad Henne will be the starting Quarterback again. We should all get behind him b/c 90% of his problem is CONFIDENCE. How can you expect him to excel when he was handcuffed by Henning all year last year, and no one supports him? He still won 6 of 8 ROAD GAMES.. He just needs to bring the same grit and determination home to Miami, and he is an extremely viable option.

According to Jason LaCanfora of NFL.com, the Dolphins still want Orton. He thinks it will still happen. I wasn't kidding before...Henne will have to battle for a backup role if Orton comes to Miami...

Breakout news......Betty Farve in Miami

DC, fair point...however..wasn't Henne practicing with the recievers in the off season and 'looking great'? Thats what we heard anyway.


DC @ 2:11, SPOT ON! This teams #1 goal was to upgrade the QB position. If you have to over pay, you over pay. It's that simple. You don't hope & pray the right set of circumstances falls in your lap like Pennington.

That 1 fluke season has diluted the fans minds who are hopelessly brainwashed to convince them these guys can turn things around.

You don't just say the price is too high & move on. They have an open check book & their jobs are on the line. Yet, they were too cheap to pony up.

This regime deserves every thing that's headed their way. God, it's hard being a phin's fan. Honestly!

ALL of you losers make me sick. Go cheer for the stinkin Jets. So many NFL GM's on this site. Everyone isn't even signed and at practice yet. I hear they are giving away FREE ROPE at all LOWES stores. Do us real fans a favor and go get some free rope and USE IT TONIGHT.

LOL @ Dust Bottoms....

He is Poizen is definetly a COMPANY GUY.....

Craig, what did you want the FO to do? Hmmm, look at all the other QBs that went, Dolphins got by far the worst. This provides absolutely ZERO competition for Henne. If Henne doesn't step up then the three most important football players to Dolphins fans will be Andrew Luck, Landry Jones, and "Gnarles" Barkley.

I can't bear to watch - this QB situation feels like watching a highwire act without a net.

wow frank great post, what insight into the great moves of bush and moore

Wasn't Matt Moore the lead singer of the boy band Brother Beyond?


Sorry man...I'd typed out a long answer but it didn't go through. Condensed version....they aren't done yet. Moore signing makes sense. Thigpen had no intention of returning. We didn't see him as a starter anyways.


Joe Schmoe and DC....

They can still get Orton....it might just take some time....

dusty, Poizen is now absolutely right about 1 thing (maybe more, but definitely 1 thing), our new priority is the oline and KEEPING HENNE HEALTHY. Poizen is more optimistic than I am on how Henne will fare, but if he's hurt, I think we ALL AGREE that's the worst thing that can happen in the world. So, this morning I said we needed TE to help Henne, now that we have Moore as our backup I'm saying we need to create a brick wall between Henne and any defender. The oline needs to be told today, under NO circumstances can Henne even get lightly brushed. His jersey needs to remain clean ALL game, EVERY game. That's just how it is now.

dusty bottoms, exactly where is it you get your info from? Are you close personal friends with Marshall? Henne led the player led practices during the lockout and from everything I have heard, Henne is viewed as their leader with confidence from the players. You really shouldn't say things that are your opinions and state them as fact. That's how rumors get started. Henne will be better this year with a better OL and new coordinator. He has a couple years under his belt now and has more confidence because of it. If Henne doesn't produce this year, he's gone. Until then, let's give him some respect and benefit of the doubt. He will Marshall and Bush to throw to and Thomas could be the running game we have been missing. From all accounts, Thomas is a stud. Go Phins!

Sparano say Marshall's in "excellent, excellent shape!"

Also SS reports Clay looked great in practice!

Pat Devlin completed a very nice 20yd throw. Downside was he wont get 7 seconds to complte a throw in the nfl.

Mark in Toronto,

Despite what is being said I don't believe the Orton thing is dead yet. If you are Denver how do you play this? Do nothing and have Orton backup for $9 mil a season? They are over the cap as is and just signed McGahee today. Where is the money coming from? How will they get under the cap by Aug 4th? Do you think Orton's going to be happy sitting on the bench and watching Tebow play. Sorry but I think they've misplayed their hand. And I'll say again, as a depth QB, Matt Moore isn't that bad. Would guys rather have had Tarvaris Jackson or Thigpen? We've seen that act...he didn't do it. Matt Moore played for a 1-15 team last year with ZERO hope. He's not as bad as his stats look and he'd be a good number 3.

i abandon the dolphins front office conpletly. cant wait until next season

You all want to start throwing insult??

Kris, I expected a bit more from you...

Dusty, you don't know me at all, so you might want to reconsider throwin jabs.

thigpen would of brought us a 5th rd pick with potential to be a 4th last year from bills. but miami turned it down. idiots. id rather have poizon at qb over moore

If an ugly girl hangs out with REALLY ugly girls she will appear prettier...if you hang with really fat guys you will appear thinner...we got Matt Moore for Henne.

Sparano say Marshall's in "excellent, excellent shape!"

Also SS reports Clay looked great in practice!

Pat Devlin completed a very nice 20yd throw. Downside was he wont get 7 seconds to complte a throw in the nfl.

Also udfa Phillip Livas looked great returning kicks today.

There you have it fellow disgruntled dolfans, a bit of positive news.

And the other part of this guys...we don't know what kind of money Orton wants. Maybe he wants starter money but what does that mean exactly? Do you just give it to him, despite the fact you aren't just handing him the starters job? The guys set to make $8 mil this year. Maybe he's calling Denver's bluff and saying, 'great, cut me then....'.

Matt Moore? C'mon man!

Poisen are you a switch hitter?

Stinky butt wipes.

i love you poizon, u make me smile. freedog welcome home brother

stop it.

Im leaving on a positive note. Have a great day guys!

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