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Dolphins practice live blog here

I'm at the facility and expect to live blog practice so head on over to the comments section starting around 11:05 to check out what's going on.

I can say this early on:

I cannot believe what I've already heard this morning. No, not about the Kyle Orton trade or Reggie Bush or Mike Pouncey's contract status.

It's the words of owner Stephen Ross. This is what he said, in part, during his meeting with the media moments ago:

""There's a fine line between winning and losing. There's three games we could have won for sure and then there's Pittsburgh, which we all think we won and then look at what our record is. The Jets squeezed by and got a few lucky wins as well. The thing is winning and knowing how to win at the end of the game. That's what's important. Our record doesn't show that's what we do. But you can't say these are teams that are much better than we are and we're really a lagger to them ... You can't draw a fine line and say this team is that much better because they're not. There's a lot of parity in the NFL and we have a lot of great young players. Look how far we've come in a short period of time."

Um, note to Mr. Ross:

The Patriots were 14-2 last year.

The Jets went to the AFC championship game for the second year in a row.

And the Dolphins didn't lag behind?




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Of all the QB's taken so far, Miami selected the worst one.

Poizen....I laughed because it was funny....what I said is that you are a COMPANY MAN....not an insult....a true statement IMO.....

I am a fan...but I acknowledge the flaws....

You post as if every move this FO makes is seen thru rose colored glasses...and our QB is one ah-ha moment away from being good....

right now thats not true....

I speak out when when I disagree....and pat the FO on the back when I agree.....

lick the sack man.

sprano also said matt morre can throw a spiral. also said thomas is 5'6 sitting down, but he was actually standing.



agree carlito, matt moore is horrible,fact

Someone is now imersonating me on this blog, how flattering... to bad you cant be an adult.

lets give henne a chance
lets trade for john beck and give him a chance too
why not give cleo lemon another shot too
i think trent green could also benefit from the addition of Pouncy.

Craig, I hope you are right because this Qb scenario as is does not offer a lot of excitement or is it what the organization promised its' fans.


It's all cool bud.....on here if you have a difference opinion thatn everybody else it means you get ripped!! It's like it's you and I making these moves. The reality is...if the Dolphins had paid whatever the asking price was for Orton the FO would be ripped by just as many people on here. If they had gone out and signed Vince Young they would have been ripped by just about everybody on here. They were ripped yesterday for going out and trading for Reggie Bush, 'how can you give up picks?', when in reality it was a backup safety and a late pick. The FO just can't win. The fanbase has it in for them....regardless of the situation....that I'm afraid is a FACT. That's who our fans are...

Simon, I never trusted what I heard in the offseason (and I only heard he was stepping up and taking the lead, nothing about him passing with receivers and looking great).

But, this is day 1, as much as we use Henne as a punching bag, give the kid a break. He has lots of pressure now (which he probably knows). If he didn't know, Ross just defined it.

We have more than enough time to terrorize Henne, I say we all keep focus on what Ireland is doing, that's where all the issues lie right now.

Give Sparano a chance to Coach, Daboll a chance to put in his offense, Henne and the others a chance to learn and get the rust off.

Right now, Ireland should be the focus of our attention.

Kris, I know they can still get him. That isn't the point. The point is, this is now the fall back option. It's risky. All accounts now are that Denver can keep him & not have a cap problem. He is clearly the best Qb option in Denver. Teebow gets the nod because of the investment they made in him, not because he is a better player.

Orton is clearly more polished than Henne too. Would provide a good competition. A trade would ensure his arrival. Him going to FA does not.

Other teams like the Raiders, Browns, Seahawks might be interested & might bulk up his price. He is a proven NFL QB. That's exactly what this team needs. Just pay the price!

So many people talk about overpaying & don't over pay. Didn't they just do that with Matt Moore?

Moore better not have any guarenteed money he will be cut but the first game

lol hilarious lp, those are some of the qbs that some fans in here got excited about and ripped me for saying how bad they would be. i predicted a 8-8 season last august and fans in here went crazy on me saying how great this team would be

Kris, not a company guy at all, Don't like a lot of things, dont like our coach, dont like henning, hated the play calling. did not want Thigpen on the field.

I am more thinking we have talent, but we need the o-line to be solid, then things will come together.

Relax everyone! It's the first day of practice and FA isn't over. I think we're waiting for Denver to blink next week over the thought of having to cut Orton. Miami may get him for what they offered, probably a 4th rounder. If not, they can bring in Bulger or another veteran for "some" competition and then let Henne sink or swim. Still plenty of time to upgrade positions.

dusty bottoms, what are you talking about..welcome home brother?? Welcome to the thunder dome, brother.

Mark in Toronto,

For once we are on the same page. I'm all in on Orton but at the right price. If things don't go well with Henne this year I'm in favour of getting a first round pick in 2012. You would probably say I'm one year late on this but I like the '12 class of young QBs better than '11. If Henne flops I'll bite my tongue and agree it's time to move on.

Craig M....

Thats how every teams FAN BASE is.....The RAVENS...and FLACCO in particular get ripped after every loss....

We have had one winningh season in the last how many?????

You are the exception rather than the rule.....

"Orton trade should teak place this afternoon"

"The Dolphins will trade for Orton by the end of the day"

ALL these "Insiders" are full of crap ! The Patriots keep getting better, the freakin Jets, all they do is get better. And then there is the JOKE OF A FRANCHISE, Miami Dolphins !
You go and sign Matt Moore ? THIS is the QB competion for Henne ? MATT MOORE ? Only thing I can think of is they are shooting for Andrew Luck or, Ireland and Sparano are sabatoging this team ! Reggie "Oops, I hurt my toenail" Bush, DOES NOT make me happy !
IM TIRED OF BEING A DOLPHIN FAN ! This is a joke ! Strung along for Orton, not that he's the greatest QB, but he was DEFINATELY an upgrade ! And your answer is settle for Moore ?
MOORE IS LESS !! O(*&()*&(*&(*%*%^$^%%*

agree batman, just like they did mcown , cut him right after pennington was signed

Same here, I will admit I was wrong if Henne flops, and if he does there is a great QB crop coming out in 2011. Much better than this years group.

But no matter what this o-line needs to be a lot better.

kris, adding to Joe's 2:37 excellent post, Denver now knows they hold all the cards. Freeing up CAP space on a QB is not that hard, teams do it all the time. Now Denver knows if we're still interested in Orton, it's because without him we're one injury to Henne away from giving up the season. If they wouldn't budge before, you think our addition of Matt Moore is going to make them any more worried?

If I'm Denver, I now up the price for Orton (or ask Ireland, what are you still doing here, you have your 3 QBs). I ask for a definite 2nd rd pick + compensation.

This was an unwise move if you ask me. I would have waited until the 4th to get any QB in here if you still wanted Orton. To me, this means the Orton deal is dead.

Lets re-cap some of Ireland's brilliant moves: *-Daboll - Only OC with worse record than Henning
*-Bush - Ross forced this one for tickets!!
*-Matt Moore - Did he play for us in 07?? Oh, I'm sorry, he just had the same Sh!#%y record!
*-Who is going to block in the backfield???
*-Where is our other legitimate deep threat to open up Marshall??

Quit looking for acorns Ireland and build a real team!! We need Orton and another deep threat!! Get with it or move on!

stop imperonationg me azzwipe

Bloggers upset with the Matt Moore deal: 19,743

Bloggers cool with the Matt Moore deal: 1

YOU couldnt take a shot at VY ?
Oh, i get it, Matt Moore is such a better alternative than Vince Young. I am DISGUSTED with this team, their regime, their Alzheimer patient of an owner... THEY make me ill !

Matt Moore, really? 58.0 career QB rating

lol nice freedog i like u already

love that instant poll, hilarious

Dolphins might have the last laugh on this one yet. Joe's right, if Orton is cut next week we do run the risk of losing Orton to teams like Cleveland or the Redskins. Seattle is out because they have Whitehurt and Jackson and it'll be tough for the Raiders because they are ovr the cap right now and will want to keep Miller. It's a risk but we're not actually involved in the talks. Who knows what Denver is asking for and who knows what Orton wants. This song has sung yet....

i dont mean to be negative, but these people are trying to fool themselves into thinking that some light switch is gonna flip on for Henne. Lack of Time or protection wasn't Henne's problem. our line was pretty good in pass protection; we just couldnt run block.

Dude, if you got somethin to say to me then do it... Most people are not scared behind a keyboard... your even scared behind a keyboard!!! so you post under my name, wow, tough guy I see...

It's very exciting to hear CraigM and Poizen say if Henne doesn't work out, we should use our 1st-rd pick next year on a QB.

Fellas, that battle is now done. For anyone that remembers, CraigM was ADAMANT you didn't need to waste a 1st-rd pick on a QB (and that you can find talent at that position later in the draft).

Craig has now seen the light. Welcome to the team brother, I extend my hand in unity and solidarity. I hope this means EVERYONE is on board, Henne doesn't show signs of improvement, and Miami let's the world know it will draft a 1st-rd QB in 2012.

lets be honest this is so far gone its hilarious. the moore thing has to be a joke. i mean i understand we have the worst gm and coach in the nfl, but even they know if they sign moore they might as well quit now before they are fired week 8. i honestly had voicemail from friends laughing so hard they couldnt get out the fact that my team had signed matt garbage moore

I live in NC. Moore is a joke. He plays like I play golf. One or two good shots in a round, the rest is crap. We can only have this glimmer of hope that this is some kind of cat and mouse with Denver. I am going to give them the benefit of a doubt until August 4. But if this is for real, wow, we are in big trouble on offense. I don't care how many surrounding players you have, the qb is where it all starts. Unbelievable.....

Oh wait that's right you're a crappy writer who constantly misspells words and doesn't double check grammer mistakes. Do Miami a favor and take a long walk off a short pier.

grammar...just sayin'.

DC, I'm not getting your post at 2:43 pm. How does Denver now hold the cards? What am I missing? Ireland just called they're bluff. Denver has to something. How do you propose they get under the cap when Orton has said he wouldn't renegotiate with Denver?

lick the sack man.

Posted by: Poizen | July 29, 2011 at 02:33 PM

Man, this one made me laugh!!!

MANDO, are you allowed to tell me who is stealing my name, what their real screen name is?

DC Dolfin, your crazy with that logic. Denver doesn't hold Orton for that reason. They lose him after next season because they can't and won't sign him. They are the ones out of options. Fox wants Tebow but with Orton there Tebows grow is down becuae he has to share snaps. They are going to let him be the number one or not. denver is 8 million over the cap, Orton counts something like 8.9 towards the cap so moving him is a must.

Okay, I'm not here to say "Henne Sucks!" like so many of the whiners on here do, HOWEVER, let's at least be honest and say "Henne hasn't proven anything yet".

The fact is the kid needs competition. SERIOUSLY! Matt Moore.... NOT COMPETITION. The guy got benched and replaced by Jimmy Clausen... Seriously? This is who you consider to be Henne's competition? What does that say about Henne's ability?

Henne has raw talent and IF he can wrap his head around the guy (you can't go to your check down EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN DOWN), he could be good. I admit that. The latter part of last season, he looked bad, REAL BAD. Even at his best last season (probably the game they lost against the Jets) he wasn't all that impressive. Safe, yes, but not impressive.

Again, I'm not here to say that Henne is horrible, only that he isn't great either. He needs to prove himself. In order to do that he needs competition.

This move shows me that both Ireland and Ross have no idea how to run a football organization. I mean, why don't they just but a magic 8 ball and ask it what should be done.

Don't even get me started on the Brian Daboll debacle. The guy may work out, but his previous employer was one of the WORST offenses in the NFL last season...

I HATE THIS TEAM ! Its difficult being a Dolphin's fan. The front office is a joke, a Bill Parcells legacy of a joke. Atlanta brought in a Belichek guy and he has shined, NOT AFRAID to pull the trigger. Ireland is the joke of the league.

DC, I agree. I'm pretty sure Denver was 99.99% sure Miami was going to do that. I bet they laughed when they saw it on the news wire. If they wanted to threaten Denver & gain leverage, they would have signed Young.

Instead they went the cheaper route with Moore just trying to play the game. Denver knows Moore won't beat out Henne. They aren't stupid!

Denver KNOWS Moore doesn't achieve Miami's objective of true competition, Orton does.
If I'm Denver I do not lower my asking price.

As usual, Miami went the cheap & predictable route.

LOL....DC, I've seen the light. A little slow but I've seen the light. It was all about Henne getting time and having the resources available. We'll have a vrdict on Henne after this year. The jury will be in.

I'll say also, it was time for Ireland to move away from this thing. He's been talking to Denver since Tuesday. Enough...time to look at filling other holes. Let Denver figure it out. Kudo to Ireland for not caving and giving Denver whatever they want. I think some of you would say 'growing some balls'...

To all the VY post out there. Andy Reid makes a living picking up players, making them look good and trading them for picks. Matt Moore and Vince Young are a draw. Do you know any QB that could have played well for a team that hasn't spent ANY money over two seasons like the Carolina? Right, just like everyone blaming Henne for everything. Don't blame the 14 different combination we used on the OL. Why didn't R & R run so great last year? The OL, Henne had no time and when he did he second guessed because he was suprised to not be on his back already. We have the pieces and Henne will do fine with a very approved OL.

You guys have received wrong information. We actually signed Mary Tyler Moore and George Bush. (H. not W.) BTW, Stephen Ross looks like he is wearing a fake nose and glasses, except that is actually his real face.

Matt Moore for president

i agree craig, and ill reserve anymore judgement till aug 4. if they dont sign orton then, well this is the worst organization in the nfl

Craig, Denver can actually keep Orton at his salary if they wanted to. Based on the new cba exemptions, they can. I read it somewhere today. They can keep him at his salary, restructure his deal & keep him or trade him. In 2 of 3 scenarios, he does not become available.

Miami is playing chicken when they should be aggressive. It's almost like these guys want to lose their jobs. It's hilarious.

It would serve Denver right if somehow Orton gets hurt in practice between now and Aug 4th and they are stuck with him and can't do a thing with him. You guys want to rip Ireland and company but try reading some other boards....they are ripping Elway and company for being rookies and misplaying their hand. Arizona and othr teams are gone as options and the only team they were talking to is now sitting back and saying nothing....you guys would be ripping Ireland if this was how he's played his hand and you know it.

yes poizen i just looked it up, said guy named bobbyd was stealing ur name?

Lol at RexRyanSucks!

Jay, if you hate this team, hit the bricks you moron. You Fair Weathered Fan D-BAG!!

Don't mind me, I am coming down off a major crack addiction...plumbers crack. Love me some plumbers crack.

Craig/Brent, here's my thinking, Denver sees what they have in Tebow in practice next few days. They realize they're making a mistake relying on him. They then ask OTHER players, like many teams do (look at the Jets, Colts, etc.) to rework their contracts so they can sign Orton and still be under the cap.

If Miami shows interest during this time, they NOW know that it's because we're scared as all H*LL that Henne will get hurt, and we'll have to rely on Moore. So, they see a way to keep Orton (with some pain to some others on the team), and if they want to trade him, they now don't have a reason they MUST do it, and can wait to get the price they want.

This isn't a cut-and-dry 'Miami won the staredown' issue IMO. You have to look a little deeper and I think it'll show possibilities that we just shot ourselves in the foot.

I'm not on crack, I just love to lick crack.


The only way they restructure his deal is if he agrees to it. He's on record as saying he 'won't restructure' and he's 'not there to be a mentor to Tebow'. He wants to start. Denver's not even giving him a chance to compete. They want to see what Tebow can do. They are already over the cap and just signed McGahee today and aren't done yet. They have to be under the cap by next Thursday. Nine mil is a lot to play a backup.

Chad Henne's absolute worse trait is he locks on one receiver. He will never be a good NFL QB until he can master this. DB's drool when they see this. Get fired up Chad and show some personality out there and prove to us you are a leader of men. The job is yours this year as the promise of competition didn't materialize. If you are going to drive our boat this year, make us proud and don't watch things happen, make things happen. Make us proud of our captain.

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