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Dolphins snooping around for guards

Something is going on with John Jerry.

The former third-round draft pick is not exactly starting his second NFL season with a bang. Expected to compete for the starting right guard job, Jerry is not working at all with the starting unit. Instead the Dolphins have turned to Rey Feinga as their possible starting right guard.

Feinga, signed to the practice squad last November, caught the eye of coaches late last season, according to coach Tony Sparano. He was signed to the active roster December 8 and played the final three games in a reserve role.

And now Feinga is getting practically all if not all the first-team repetitions.

But the Dolphins are apparently hedging their bet on Feinga and Jerry and anyone else who might contend for the job.

The team has reached out to former Giants guards Rich Seubert to check on his availability. It is safe to assume the club also inquired about Shaun O'Hara. Nothing is happening with either right now. Miami promised nothing in terms of a free agent visits. But that the Dolphins are actively studying at least one available free agent guard suggests the club might allow the current players to prove themselves in the coming days.

[3:45 Update: O'Hara is in town and visiting with the Dolphins today and Monday. He has a history (don't they all?) with some folks in the Dolphins organization. The idea is for him to meet with everyone and see if there is both a comfort level and a financial fit. If O'Hara signs, it is possible he works at center, which moves rookie Mike Pouncey to guard, or the veteran tries to work at guard. Either way, the idea is to improve the guard spot.]

And if there is not sufficient proof that gives the club confidence?

Well, that's why the Dolphins are looking around.

Now, please do not misplace your news sense here. The news is not that the Dolphins are looking around to upgrade the offensive line. They have been doing that since, ahem, the current administration arrived in 2008.

The news, and it is troubling right now, is that a promising player that was picked relatively high in the draft -- Jerry -- is not at the point where he can be considered a viable starter.

Compare that to Pouncey, this year's first round pick, who signed on Saturday and took every first-team snap in practice at center on Sunday. That's what you want to hear. Not that the draft pick has been passed by a guy signed to last year's practice squad.

I realize Pouncey was slotted in the first round and Jerry in the third. But come on!


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how about brian waters

Since we can't get it together on offense, let's go ahead and load up on the defense side of the ball.
Let's make it the #1 defense.
Let's make the rest of the NFL hate having to play the Dolphins because of our #1 defense.

Just a thought.

Well hopefully Tony can settle on his line this year remember last year with all the switching back and forth, it is going to be hard enough without a QB, tough year!

Modified definition of the promised land:

Third place in the AFC EAST and NOT the cellar.

little too late for that...Im afraid the eagles are already doing that...just sayin!!!

Jerry looks more like a tackle to me - his butt is up too high in his stance to be a guard. Move him to RT and Carey to RG.

Where in DE?? Lower slower or higher??

Here we go again with the great offensive line shuffling which doomed the running game last year. Make a friggin decision and stick with it already

Forgot to add, he was very weak last year for a guard but perhaps off season conditioning got him up to snuff.

heap to zona. now jets looking into miller and boss while miami does nothing as usual

Buffalo signs Nick Barnett.
This is an upgrade for them.

Let's counter that move with another Cowboy's reject.

Shuffling the line already ?


Leonard davis is a name that i think would fit if he isnt lookn for more then 2-3 mill

Buffalo signs Nick Barnett.
This is an upgrade for them.

Let's counter that move with another Cowboy's reject.

Posted by: $0.02 | July 31, 2011 at 04:05 PM


Better yet, let's just re-sign Reggie Torbor.

develope Jerry, but sign on more ex Cowboy Leonard Davis to place RG and be done with this OL talk. Maybe sign Rich Seubert to push Incognito. 2yrs ago we had a top five line and why we dicked around with a strenght is still mind boggling. Donald Thomas was better then Jerry and Jake was the best center we had in years. For this to be our HC strenght he has not done to good of a job.

This FO has a HORRIBLE track record on drafting linemen. They are batting 2 for 10 at best now.


so hard to understand how ireland sprano can be this dumb to just sit back, this is there last and final chance. sprano no shot at ever being a head coach again.

Once again , the dam wets go out and add more pieces to their weak link which is mark snanchise by adding plax and now could be looking at adding boss or miller on other side of keller.............IS THIS FRANCHISE THAT STUPID AND BLIND on what other teams in this division are doing to make them better???!!!!

We suck, just sitting here with our $$ and not signing anyone, if we are sitting here waiting for Orton we are screwed, there is good talent out there we should sign that would make us better

Especially at WR, TE and OG

Guard? Really? The Jets and Pats are stockpiling REAL talent and the Dolphins are signing Matt Moore and chasing guards to compete. This team, management, and ownership make me want to vomit. We can't even go out and get a halfway decent QB like Orton. What the hell is going on??? I seriously hate everything that is going on with the Dolphins right now. We are a damn joke. Don't believe me? See how this year pans out if we don't make anymore big moves. We will get stomped. Every year there's alwas this BS confidence surrounding the fins and every year we put a pile of garbage out there on the field. This year is no different. Yay Henne (VOMIT!)

we r so f#c&ed if wets sign Miller....cuz i dont care how good our defense is ...no way in hell do we have linebackers on this roster capable of stopping both dustin keller and zach miller from torching this secondary....

How do we have so much trouble getting the OL together? I don't get it. Our HC is an OL coach! The offense will NEVER succeed without a solid OL. Can't run, can't pass with a weak OL. It's critical, and should be our strength. Oh boy!

boycott the fish until they do something to get better...dont show up at the practices to show our dissatisfaction until they get the message!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahmad Bradshaw is still on the market.
Please! Please! Please! Please!

Yeah I know- ain't gonna happen.

Im not going to crucify anyone here for being pessimistic "doubting Thomases". Its well warranted after over a decade of disappointment.

My only hope is our team's on the field 2011 play does something to turn us all around. After 10yrs of consistent disappointment, "only seeing is believing".

its pathetic superphin, miami does nothing

correction.. boycott the minnows they not even worth calling fish anymore... im done with em

They just realized they need guard this year now??

With all the draft picks and FA's we've brought in,we should be 2 deep at every OL position just like the DL.

we r so f#c&ed if wets sign Miller....cuz i dont care how good our defense is ...no way in hell do we have linebackers on this roster capable of stopping both dustin keller and zach miller from torching this secondary....

Posted by: superPHIN | July 31, 2011 at 04:21 PM


True that!
Good thing the Patriots don't have any good Tight Ends in Hernandez and Gronkowksi.

Dont worry marshall....after this year you'll be able to help out most dolfans with their personality disorders over this organizations inability to build a winning team....

Okay.. The d-line is our strongest area on the team and we sign another one. All while it's looking like we have a hole to fill at G.

The odds of drafting a 3rd rd olineman(Jerry) and having him come in and have immediate success is very slim. There were better things we could have doen with a 3rd rd pick, if we were not going to spend a 1st or 2nd rd'er on a olineman.

With olinemen its draft high or stay at home usually.

ireland and sparano have ruined a once proud franchise



Another Ireland f up in the draft and oline.

LMFAO. This franchise is a colossal JOKE.

Scratch and sniff Bush all the way baby. ROTFL.

Some positions you have to draft top of food chain if expecting immediate success. Oline is one of those. Drafting olinemen 3rd rd and further is called "looking to develop" a guy.

Whats bumming me out today is we are starting this season with the same two big question marks we left off with last season, QB, OC. (I could even add HC)

reland and sparano have ruined a once proud franchise

Posted by: dusty bottoms | July 31, 2011 at 04:32 PM


They took lessons from Dave Waansdshyt.

they found the cause of marshall's borderline personality disorder: its chad henne!

Being that Sparano was a former OL coach, he really sucks at evaluating OL talent, Murphy, jerry,that C from Oak.

Carl Nicks...?

starting to think sparano only carried the title of OL coach in dallas and not the responsibility that goes with it....just sayin.

we could always resign pat white. after all he was jeff's 2nd round pick.

Starting to think Parcells still had some love for NE and/or NYJ when he came to town.

Subtle sabotage.

Ireland needs to do what he has to do and bring Orton in asap. This team is put together and primed for the next two maybe three years. Orton is ready to step in and win now where as a rookie next year would take time to get there thus wasting what's been built for now. As Orton steers the ship we can be waiting to select the right QB in the draft and allow him to sit like Aaron Rogers did.

Devlin out playing Henne? Already?
Jerry not looking like a starter?
Long on PUP?
Marshall now has built in excuse for acting up?
Moore the best QB they could get?

I may have to change my name to 4-12.


Been meaning to ask you which four will we win?

I remember last year when "HOME" said we should pick Mike Iupati at guard with the first pick.
Iupati is tearing it up on San Francisco, not only blocking the defensive linemen,but then pancaking linebackers.Iupati will definitely be going to the Pro Bowl many times.Odrick is a brittle boned average player. Iupati next to Jake Long would have been the best. Kudos to "Home" for his insight on Iupati instead of fat, lazy, worthless, John Jerry

I like the idea of Orton now, with a 1st rounder to develop for a year or two. Although we may have a gem in Pat Devlin.

Either way, gotta fix the OL!

wonder if sparanos contract extension was only on the incentive of getting miami to the playoffs....in that case i would be jumping down irelands throat right now and yelling all kinds of conspiracy theories to ross......SABOTAGE!!!

Todd are you Home in disguise?
Maybe a relative?

The only thing left to do now is to bring back Dave Wannstedt to finish running this franchise into the ground.

lol! No $0.02, I do remember "Home's" pick an you know the way he keeps pounding the table and reposting if he has mind set on something. I am from the Bay area, so i follow San Fran.


Well okay.
Sorry you got stuck with the Ted Ginn Jr. family.

All week long, dedicated Phins fans have been making comments, providing their wisdom and even, their pleas for a variety of signings.

Friends, there is one comment thread on each and every comment....Ross, Ireland and Sparano are not listening and do not care, what we, the true fans of the Dolphins think!

Unfortunately, our long run of mediocre performance will continue and if Stephen Ross is an honest man and really does care about winning, then he will do something now. Having a pocket full of cash when there are still a number of proven performers out there does not demonstarte to me that his priorities are in the right place. Maybe, Mr. Ross you can do us true fans a favor, sell the team...please.....maybe someone like Dan Marino or Jimmy Johnson could take us out of this funk.

I never thought that we would be viewed in the same way that consistent bottom feeders like the Browns, Bengals and Raiders are seen.

Please....Mr. Ross....sell the team and let me and my fellow Dolfans go back to enjoying football season!


What the hell?
I wanna know what four games we're going to win!

Dave Wannstedt coaching LB for Bills now?

What happened at Pitt?

First off--Aug 4th is the date and then we know about the Orton situation---

We need Orton or we will not compete in this division.

Now i think we are sitting in that 5-7 million cap room---

Some cuts

Matt moore--2 mill
Give Soliai a deal that maybe saves us 2-4 mill in cap

Meaning we can easily have another 8-10 million in cap room w/o restructuring any large contracts---Long, Marshall, Dansby

Other then Orton areas I would Address-

OLB---Manny Lawson, if he is wants more then 4.5, i look to a Brandon Johnson from Bengals--might be able to get him a 2-3 Million --6"5 240 very good athlete hasnt got the playing time he deserves--they are both same age 27-28

Safety--Is an issue but i dont like what is out there after HUFF got locked up---no pure ball hawk---i think we move around Will Allen to FS---Clemons,Culver, Reshad can hold down safety for a year

TE- Kevin Boss or Zach miller---Not the biggest need but wuld be a huge upgrade--I think Clay will help us---anything more then 5 mill a year is reach for me

Veteran O-linemen-- Rich Seubert, Leonard Davis---just so we have some insurance--the price tage should be around or less then 2 mill a year

At this point to me we could have 5-17 mill cap depending on cuts and restructured deals

1. Orton is a must and you dont make any move that would handicapp your abilty to pay him
2. Veteran OlineMan--for cheap money a must
3. OLB or TE--if we want to make 1 more splash Manny lawson---or play it safe with Johnson---

Im hearing Zach is staying with raiders and Boss is staying with Giants

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L Houston Texans
W Cleveland Browns
L San Diego Chargers
L New York Jets
L Denver Broncos
L New York Giants
W Kansas City Chiefs
W Washington Redskins
W Buffalo Bills
L Dallas Cowboys
W Oakland Raiders
L Philadelphia Eagles
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L New England Patriots (if NE still needs the W)
L New York Jets (if NY still needs the W)

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