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Dolphins snooping around for guards

Something is going on with John Jerry.

The former third-round draft pick is not exactly starting his second NFL season with a bang. Expected to compete for the starting right guard job, Jerry is not working at all with the starting unit. Instead the Dolphins have turned to Rey Feinga as their possible starting right guard.

Feinga, signed to the practice squad last November, caught the eye of coaches late last season, according to coach Tony Sparano. He was signed to the active roster December 8 and played the final three games in a reserve role.

And now Feinga is getting practically all if not all the first-team repetitions.

But the Dolphins are apparently hedging their bet on Feinga and Jerry and anyone else who might contend for the job.

The team has reached out to former Giants guards Rich Seubert to check on his availability. It is safe to assume the club also inquired about Shaun O'Hara. Nothing is happening with either right now. Miami promised nothing in terms of a free agent visits. But that the Dolphins are actively studying at least one available free agent guard suggests the club might allow the current players to prove themselves in the coming days.

[3:45 Update: O'Hara is in town and visiting with the Dolphins today and Monday. He has a history (don't they all?) with some folks in the Dolphins organization. The idea is for him to meet with everyone and see if there is both a comfort level and a financial fit. If O'Hara signs, it is possible he works at center, which moves rookie Mike Pouncey to guard, or the veteran tries to work at guard. Either way, the idea is to improve the guard spot.]

And if there is not sufficient proof that gives the club confidence?

Well, that's why the Dolphins are looking around.

Now, please do not misplace your news sense here. The news is not that the Dolphins are looking around to upgrade the offensive line. They have been doing that since, ahem, the current administration arrived in 2008.

The news, and it is troubling right now, is that a promising player that was picked relatively high in the draft -- Jerry -- is not at the point where he can be considered a viable starter.

Compare that to Pouncey, this year's first round pick, who signed on Saturday and took every first-team snap in practice at center on Sunday. That's what you want to hear. Not that the draft pick has been passed by a guy signed to last year's practice squad.

I realize Pouncey was slotted in the first round and Jerry in the third. But come on!


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4-12 here we come!

What's most problematic about the Jerry pick was that Sparano was coaching the Senior Bowl & spent more personal time with Jerry than anyone ekse. That to me is the biggest indicator that Sparano is in over his head.

Daniel Thomas looks like Cam Wake after about six months of smoking crystal meth...

Really, you wait until August 4th just in case we can sign him?, they already paid him $1.5M and will owe him another $2.5M if they cut him.....sounds damn stupid too me.

We can sign 2 or 3 players now that would help us and take away the "what if". I'm tired of "what if".

So "what if" they keep him, and everyone is signed by then, which is a really possibility

By the way he will want $10-$12M to come here and guarantee he is the starter, I didn't think that is what the FO wanted, if it was, he would be here already

Yeah, let's wait until August 4th when nobody is around to sign....makes total sense for the current FO, and I'm pretty sure that is what they will do, cause Orton take us to the playoffs?, NO

I agree with all of those moves except YB, only because he's the vet in a young secondary and probably the best tackler. He has lost a step or three and we could do better athletically and for less but we'd miss the leadership.

Every team in the NFL juggles their OL in camp to see how certain guys interact with others. There are 31 other teams doing the same right now. If you don't think so, you haven't been paying attention.

I appreciate Armando trying to find pertinent items, but in Day 3 of camp still in July, this isn't really noteworthy. I guarantee you there will be other "starters" over the next couple of weeks as well. It's foolish to read much into it right now.

we Would miss the leadership wit YB, and it would be the toughest Cut, but i think

We are going to need that 4 mill for flexabilty to fill some needs and Sign Orton---

If Orton isnt a dolphin YB will be back 4 sure--
And we will be in a bad spot---I personally just think Orton is a natural passer that isnt afraid to challenge any player or defense in this league while throwing to young recievers and no run game in Denver.

Who knew brandon Lloyd be4 last seasonn----and Bay bay demaryius thomas is a rookie---Orton is just an ascending passer to me

I like the O'hara move the more i think about it---pouncey would have less responsibilty playing gaurd then center--and o'Hara could start right away--Sebuert is going to be hurt for a while

Is ALoco in jail? Not one post from him toady. LOL...........

Hey fake dork fans, when was Miami supposed to better themselves other then the draft ? There was a lockout ? So that's why you are now looking at people, because 2 days ago was the 1st time you were allowed to bring people in...DUH !!!! John Jerry had no offseason to get better, so why is it surprising he needs work still ? Was he supposed to get better just by sitting at home ? Coaching and workout matter !!!

I got an alert that says the Dolphins signed a FA!!!! A DT from.....Denver!!!!!!!! LMAO

Mwanwhile, we have scrubs playing Guard, QB & TE.

Maybe this is to deal a Dlineman at some point?

All I can say is, "God, pray for Dolphins fans as this Coach & Front Office finish up their last letdown season"

Gee, sure are lots of teams chasing hard after Ricky and Ronnie. We don't need another RB right now, there will be plenty of the R&R quality level just waiting for a team to call if one of ours goes down.

Dolphins front office.....here is a list of folks you can get that will help us:

Zach Miller
Brandon Lloyd
Sean O'Hara
Ahmad Bradshaw
Kevin Boss
Braylon Edwards

Kyle Orton would have been nice but us fans know you are playing for Andrew Luck next year! Oh, damn, you will not be able to enjoy that pick because you will probably be unemployed.

Oh yeah, bring back Ricky Williams...we know he would come back for a minimal contract!

Hmm...what do all these players have in common...they are all offensive players and if you are not going to give us a quaterback, at least throw us a playmaker or two to try and help Henne, Moore or Devlin!

No wonder Marshall has a BPD....he is employed by a schizophrenic football team!

If bringing Orton in ment purging YB I'd be for it as well. We are in the same camp on Orton. He's the perfect fit.. Age, experience, hungry, and can sling it around to multiple weapons. What he did with Denver is nothing compared to what can be accomplished on this team. It's a tailor made situation and they don't need to drop the ball. We've got no shot with what we've got now. Ross is a businessman and he should realize there has to be some optimism for the upcoming season in order to sell tickets. Bringing back Henne as the predicted starter won't create that optimism.

I really don't know what to say anymore. Another year and even less hope than the last. Guess the worst is seeing other teams get better while we do (almost) nothing. Talking about fiddling while Rome burned.


I hear that DT has a pretty good arm and can play QB in a pinch. He is a multiple position guy, DT, QB, and he has some experience choreographing the cheerleaders.

Once proud,

Bradshaw rejected Miami's contract offer. Brandon Llyod is not a FA.
No need for Zach Miller because Ireland & Morono are in love with Mickey Shuler & Dedrick Epps.
O'Hara is in for a visit

When Ross tried to dump Sparano, people & players around the NFl noticed! No big name players want to come play here. It's a lame duck coach & GM. Maybe next year, with new coaches & management, top tier FA's consider Miami a great playing destination again.

Until then, enjoy what you have. Think about it this way, they can't even lure people to come watch FREE practices! How many empty seats you expect come Sundays? Not a whole lot, every other teams fans will come in & swoop them up & make every home game feel like an away game! LOL

Sparano is a perfect example of make as many friends in a business as possible because it's looking like he only got this job cause he's a good guy and he's been buddies with the right people it's appearent he's in way over his head and he should be a high school or small college type coach

It's fun to read a bunch of biatchers throwing in the towel and we have not seen the whole team together yet, FA is not over, trades are not over, an offense is not in, and know nothing of injuries. Y'all are just the opposite of Van Gundy when he said the heat mint not loose a game with the big three. That lasted did it not??

guys , i agree that all the info we're getting doesn't look good


we haven't played any games yet

we haven't sucked yet

this article is about one gut not getting first team reps

take a chill pill

armando's mantra is not to report positive stuff

just the negative

We all knew last year that Jerry was a reach in the third round. I forget now who was available but I remember flipping out when they made the pick because there were guys on the board I had targeted( who am I anyway, right?) at that spot. He is big, I'll give him that but out of shape and can't pass block. These are the worst bunch of talent evaluators I've seen at this level.
Mr. Ross, you complain about the value of your franchise is dipping, well as a business man you should recognize that any company is only as good as the employees of that company. You don't need acute football acumen to see that. You blame your lack of FB knowledge for some of the mistakes you've made. Well the organization is still making those same mistakes. I have a news flash for you Mr. Ross, there has been only one constant beside yourself. You know that coach and GM you gave extensions to? Those are the problem. Still freaking tinkering with the Oline after three years of mediocrity. Maybe these guys can't pick the groceries as Mr. Parcells used to stay. He also had a saying about players that you may want to apply to the FO and coach: if they don't bite when they are pups, they usually don't bite when they grow up. They've had their chance, made TE same mistakes over and over, even with their livelihoods on the line!!! It ain't getting any better.


After wk 1 of practice we can definitely be sure of one thing. "We cant place all of our eggs into one basket based on wk 1 of practice."

However, 2 consitent 2010 inconsistencies are still following suit. the #1 qb position and #1 rg position.

Other than that there really isnt anything else to feel overly pessimistic about. Its just that those are 2 very critical areas and they are both on offense.

Bro, is Incognito playing LG? He is going to have a very hard time with all those great RDE's we have.

Newman, I've been saying that for 3 years. Well said.

Dyingbreed. Not a week of practise maybe two days

In 09 the D couldn't stop anyone from scoring but the O put up much better #s than last yr. Last yr when they cut Grove , Smiley and Thomas there was no depth on the OL. Garner would have been a very good center but he didn't even make it to the season opener. Berger was over matched at that position and R&R were healthy but the run game wasn't even close to 09. For the Fins to have any chance of competing the OL will have to perform to the level of 08 &09. I am 54 , have been a fan since the first game in 66 and hope the OL can help carry the load.

Joe....I though Lloyd was a free agent....bradshaw is learning that the market for running backs is weak at best and as far as zach miller goes, eh, your right.

Remember last year where our stellar defense got burned week after week by the one of the other team's tight ends....I guess I had a moment of weakness thinking that we could learn something from that and use check down Chad more effectively.

Look, I am no football expert but I guess the owner and coaching staff know better...they are not getting players to stretch the field but ones who will be there for that 7 yard pass from Henne....

A guy could dream...can't he???


3 practices to be exact but its still wk 1. Tomorrow basically begins wk 2. Week 1 was very short because camp didnt officially open until Thursday.

Personally, I see more reasons to be optimistic than pessimistic. Just a shame the shortlist of reasons to be pessimistic are the most critical areas on offense. Right now I see those positions as qb and rg. But there's still time for those players to get it turned around, hopefully.

Of course, not the same if Incognito was alongside JL.Just for the loss of JL, 9-7.


[3:45 Update: O'Hara is in town and visiting with the Dolphins today and Monday. He has a history (don't they all?) with some folks in the Dolphins organization. The idea is for him to meet with everyone and see if there is both a comfort level and a financial fit. If O'Hara signs, it is possible he works at center, which moves rookie Mike Pouncey to guard, or the veteran tries to work at guard. Either way, the idea is to improve the guard spot.]

Fins sign Ronald Fields....a true household name....

Unfortunately, he is not Zach Miller, Braylon Edwards or Ahmad Bradshaw!

Toilet Bowl, I mean Super Bowl, here we come!

Seems the very thing we feared could happen may happen. Oline juggling.

The 3:45PM Update says Pouncey could "possibly be moved to guard. Geesh, Tony you promised no more oline tinkering.

wow i cant believe all the jets fans in here talking about 4-12 and 5-11. maybe they should just forefit 2011 and wait till nevxt years draft. NOT!!!!!! how about letting them play and go from there... sheesh i would hate to see how bad your relationships are with all this negativity. grow up you bunch of arm chair quarterbacks and let them play.

Seems Sean Ohara will be sign as c/g. I once again can see oline tinkering in the fold.

The LAST thing we need is to be mixing and matching and moving rookie Pouncey around!! Last year the starting line was moved all over and was never set going into the regular season.

It's kind of obvious that the Pups that are biting are Devlin, Odrick, perhaps Jimmy Wilson.

Former Giant Sean OHara's in the building as we speak. Good money says he'll become our next signee at c/og.

This coaching staff changes direction quicker than a compass on a crack addict chasing his rock. When pouncy was drafted they all said " we drafted him as a center". That was their mantra during the draft. They've change his position, possibly 3 days in. Amazing!!! It's amazing how aimless and incompetent this organization has become.


SS reported Odrick completely destroyed Incognito on one running play today.

At this point, you've all heard it here first. Pat Devlin will be the starting QB by week three if not sooner.

This coaching staff changes direction quicker than a compass on a crack addict chasing his rock. When pouncy was drafted they all said " we drafted him as a center". That was their mantra during the draft. They've change his position, possibly 3 days in. Amazing!!! It's amazing how aimless and incompetent this organization has become.

Posted by: jrljr2 | July 31, 2011 at 06:05 PM

This is exactly why fans are not coming out to support the Dolphins even in "free" practice. This clueless regime cant even believe what they say out of thier own mopuths sometimes. So why should the fanbase follow along.

1st off ThanX Todd

Nice to see someone is paying attention

and yes Mike Iupati was a BEAST @ guard his rookie year and will only get better

The TriFlunKa went with Broken O'Drick who broke apart and did not play a single down

Then drafted John "Ben & Jerrys a fat lardass waste of NFL space

Now Sparano can chew on this:

Last season Sparano chose to start already recognized Pro Bowler Jake Long into the 4th preseason game
All coaches & astute fans know the 4th preseason game is the scrub fest, basically players of last resort trying to earn a position, even if it is only Special Teams

For some God Forsaken Reason
Tony Sparano started Jake Long
Did he need another looksee?


Low & Behold
Our very best & most expensive player
Jake Long blows his knee out
Now the knee is looking like a potential career ending injury
Jake Long has been toughing it out so far

Now Jake Long is rumored to be going on the Phucking PUP list

That means Jake Long

Nice phucken job Sparano! :(

Bobby, last year they went thru a whole training camp and then waived what, 2 or 3 linemen and signed 2 or 3 before week one. Nothing surprise me anymore with this regime.

Jake Long = OUT (knee)

U Get That, Huh ?

have a HAARPy day :(


If Long turns out to have a career ender based on what you posted at 6:09 PM. Sparano/Ireland will not ever be able to get a job in an nfl stadium, even selling peanuts.

Todd = Home

DB, the ineptness is epic. That's all I can say. If I ever ran my business as helper smelter as this team is run, I'd be out of business in a month. Businesses need consistent decision making. That's this regimes weak point.

Helter Skelter

This is strangely reminiscent of the bizarre case of Donald Thomas.

If Long's knee is a career ender Sparano wont be able to get a job in a nfl stadium refilling tampo dispensers in the ladies restrooms.

He can go on the PUP list, but if he doesnt not start week 1 he is then out for 5 games. My Guess is they are resting him and he will be ready

Wow, are we really going to sign a C, I thought Pouncey was our C, man, 1 day in camp and he is already being moved...these guys are morons

I love this team so much that this regime makes it hurt.

Jon Jerry is a bust.
The sooner we cut him the sooner we find someone to play that position.

Oh wait - my bad - Coach Sparano is on duty.

Jake Long has been rehabbing his shoulder while NOT practicing

Even his shoulder work is done while sitting down (that is how bad Longs knee is screwed up)

Long has been swinging a large weighted rope using his shoulders and arms while sitting

His knee is ruined due to Sparano playing Long in the 4th preseason scrubfest 2010

Now Jake Long needs knee surgery

Great Job Sparano

have a HAARPy day :(

As I posted earlier, you dont draft olinemen 3rd rd and lower then having great expectations of having them become starters right away. So its even greater foolishness to expect them to start rightaway and have a great impact to boot.

Smart front offices, when drafting olinemen 3rd rd and farther, do it to develop those guys for a couple seasons to groom them to become starters. Our fo seem to take the backwards approach to this. First with Thomas(5th rd)then with Jerry(3rd rd).

Lets keep wasting the picks boys!

I agree Armando, what has happened to John Jerry? I don't understand how the Miami staff at the Senior Bowl fell in love with this guy for them to select him in the 3rd rd and now it seems he just can't cut it. Is he just not mentally ready for the rigors of the position?

What is happening with Ahmad Bradshaw? I find it confusing as to why he has not re-signed with the Giants by now, when all indications were pointing to that since early last week.

Todd = Home

After one practice Pouncey may now be moved to guard pending the signing of Sean OHara. A #15 pick at guard, Pouncey better be a beast right away!

So now Jerry is a bust, Henne is a bust, pat white, bust, Odrick?, pouncey already move off of center, d Thomas is the RB savior without ever playing a down in NFL. This regime is scary bad talent evaluation wise. Just think of how bad they were by years end last year. Now think about how they drafted and what they've signed. Other than pat time R Bush, did they add any speed and playmaking ability they so desperately lack? On either side of ball? NOT

I want to give props to the Bills for signing Brad Smith and Nick Barnett. I hate the Bills but those are 2 good moves....

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