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Dolphins snooping around for guards

Something is going on with John Jerry.

The former third-round draft pick is not exactly starting his second NFL season with a bang. Expected to compete for the starting right guard job, Jerry is not working at all with the starting unit. Instead the Dolphins have turned to Rey Feinga as their possible starting right guard.

Feinga, signed to the practice squad last November, caught the eye of coaches late last season, according to coach Tony Sparano. He was signed to the active roster December 8 and played the final three games in a reserve role.

And now Feinga is getting practically all if not all the first-team repetitions.

But the Dolphins are apparently hedging their bet on Feinga and Jerry and anyone else who might contend for the job.

The team has reached out to former Giants guards Rich Seubert to check on his availability. It is safe to assume the club also inquired about Shaun O'Hara. Nothing is happening with either right now. Miami promised nothing in terms of a free agent visits. But that the Dolphins are actively studying at least one available free agent guard suggests the club might allow the current players to prove themselves in the coming days.

[3:45 Update: O'Hara is in town and visiting with the Dolphins today and Monday. He has a history (don't they all?) with some folks in the Dolphins organization. The idea is for him to meet with everyone and see if there is both a comfort level and a financial fit. If O'Hara signs, it is possible he works at center, which moves rookie Mike Pouncey to guard, or the veteran tries to work at guard. Either way, the idea is to improve the guard spot.]

And if there is not sufficient proof that gives the club confidence?

Well, that's why the Dolphins are looking around.

Now, please do not misplace your news sense here. The news is not that the Dolphins are looking around to upgrade the offensive line. They have been doing that since, ahem, the current administration arrived in 2008.

The news, and it is troubling right now, is that a promising player that was picked relatively high in the draft -- Jerry -- is not at the point where he can be considered a viable starter.

Compare that to Pouncey, this year's first round pick, who signed on Saturday and took every first-team snap in practice at center on Sunday. That's what you want to hear. Not that the draft pick has been passed by a guy signed to last year's practice squad.

I realize Pouncey was slotted in the first round and Jerry in the third. But come on!


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Why are jet fans on here pretending to be Dolphin fans ? If these really are Dolphin fans, then the team should move to LA as Miami fans s.uck !!!


Selecting a og 3rd rd means you're not 100% sold. If you were you wouldnt select him no later than 2nd rd.

I would say they were about 80% sold. But the 20% they werent sold, that let him sit until the 3rd rd. Is a huge gap in level of play based on nfl standards for the position.

Thing is, he isnt a bad 3rd rd pick, its just that as a 3rd rd pick he wasnt ready to be an immediate starter. Maybe by year 3 he would. Its not his fault this is an backasswards organization.

unreal on pouncey nice scouting before hand this regime is the worst ever. get the f out


They are signing linemen now and soon
They will break the news to u
That Jake Long is on the PUP (Physically Unable to Preform) list

Home is telling u
Right Now

Jake Long needs knee surgery
He will be out at least 6 games and

U Heard It Here 1st on the Miami Herald!

Now Click Your Cleats Together 3 Times and Repeat:

There Is No One Like Home
There Is No One Like Home
There Is No One Like Home


Guys and gals, I believe there has been an intruding inexperienced Hand in the players selection process since 2007.

If Long's out 6 games that means we're back to Vernon Carey as starting LT. May the football gods be with us!

jerry was very bad last year. he couldnt run block or pass block. jerry and carey whiff on blocks alot! i wouldnt be suprised if both are waived. we don't even know what a pulling guard is. we drafted one(pouncey) but quickly pronounced him a center! geez!

O'Hara was limited to just six games as he dealt with injuries to both feet last season, but would be valuable insurance for rookie C Mike Pouncey if healthy.

No Jake Long + No QB = Miami Dolphins Offensive Disaster

have a HAARPy day :(

Perhaps not as much this Year.

what next????

thank God we are solid in our punting and kicking game!

I agree 5 wins at best unless we get a qb, but if this comes to pass as we think that Jeff and Tony should be gone next year and maybe we could get cowher

What talent are the Jets stockpiling, they are worse off today than last season. They lost Edwards, Smith and replace them with a slow 34 year old receiver that hasn't played in 2 years. Antonio Cromartie, Brodney Poole,Trevor Price,Kris Jenkins, are free agents.

Home: Your brilliant, an article came out about an hour ago that said they put him on the PUP list already.....

Also said that Sporano was not concerned with him not being ready for regular season, which to me means he's out.......

long played injured all last year so he wouldn't miss a game and you thin he's gonna miss the start of season? no way.

Home = Todd

Ohara most likely would be a back up center so we can rid ourselves of Berger. As long as Berger is on the team, the oline has issues.

the bills have a coach; we don't! the bills played very well last year for not having a talent laden team/payroll. they might have passed us for a 3rd place finish. fitzpatrick qb is very underrated,smart and mobile! thigpen who chan gailey loves is a good backup. brad smith and nick barnett are excellent guys we missed on.

for real? where u hearing long is out now?

On two occasions during the 1-on-1s against veteran nose tackle Paul Soliai he stood him up.

Soliai has gone against some of the toughest centers in the league, including Pouncey’s twin brother, Maurkice, last season when the Dolphins played the Pittsburgh Steelers. At 6-foot-5 and 303 pounds, Pouncey is physically imposing and left an impression on Soliai.

“He was pretty good. We both talked today about just giving each other a good luck and just coming out hard,” said Soliai, who was rewarded with the franchise tag after a strong finish to 2010. “There are a lot of days left so we’ll just see how he progresses.”

Sun-Sentinel is reporting that Jake Long hopes to be back by 9/12 opener.

Let's all get a grip.

First, I'm not happy right now either, we need to sign more talent

Second, it's the third day of FA, so hopefully we do that, and we need OG, WR and TE. I would be ok with Ohara C/G, Edwards TE, and a big push for Miller, with worst case being Scaife from TN

Were stuck with Henne guys, I really don't think we should mortgage draft picks to get him any more, cause he is going to cost bit $$'s. I would rather sign some talent and when/if Henne doesn't make it this year we draft a new QB in RD 1 next year, there is a lot of talent coming out

More Talent around Henne may light a fire under his ass

Just made my way back after Dolphin Camp and posted w what Home saw w his own eyes

Stopped at my buddies for pool & BBQ 1st

see no articles on Jake Long and his knee out for 6 games , quite possibly the season

Did not see even ONE post here on it

Sorry, I meant WR Edwards


Two players making an early mark on the field from this year’s draft class are wide receiver Clyde Gates, the fourth-round pick out of Abilene Christian, and safety Jimmy Wilson, the seventh-round pick out of Montana.

Wilson has intercepted two passes so far and been in the right place on pass defense most of the time. Gates, who has sprinter’s speed, has gotten behind the secondary and shown an ability to stretch the field.

“He’s got a lot of bounce in his legs and yesterday out here he had two reps where he got on top of people and he ran right by them,” Sparano said. “I like what I’ve seen with him handling kicks and punts right now. He handles it pretty easy, so my impressions have been that obviously from a fundamentals standpoint he has a long way to go and he’s got a lot to learn but a good group to learn from.”

During the early part of his college career, Wilson was viewed as a first or second-round talent. But then he missed three seasons due to a legal issue that eventually resolved itself and had a strong senior season. There are some things he still needs to get back to understanding, but what he has shown so far has been impressive.

“The ball finds him,” Sparano said. “The last two days he got his hands on two footballs. He caught them and the ball kind of finds him. With some of those guys back there, until you get into pads and in a game you’re going to have to worry abut contact and worry if he’s that kind of player With Jimmy I’m not really worried about.”

If long does not come off pup in time to play NE he will then be on the pup.And miss the next 5 or 6 weeks.

At what point does Ross's ownership hurt our ability to attract a top line coach such as Cower?

Home your the man.Only messing with you.Keep up the good work.

Hey who was the person arguing with me over Marshalls sideline antics? I seem to remember someone telling me that it was normal and if Henne couldn't take being yelled at then that was his problem correct? Ya called him a pansy or something like that. Did you hear the news? Marshall has BPD and also stated

"There were times we weren't on the same page." "The way I handled it was inappropriate".

So Marshall even admits that it was wrong. And I guess that just goes to show how little you actually know about football. Now go get your shine box.

That's What Home Is Saying, greg!

Sorry Guys, here it is, I look at this as a lesson learned, Sporanno is going to be safe this time with him.....


Our OL should be awesome, but I'm afraid our HC really might be clueless developing players.

Just Rechecked all articles, stories, blogs

Not one mention of Jake Long being out for the first 6 games and quiet possibly the season

Thought u might be interested!

i sick of following this team. i look forward every year and after last year i thought we would do something good to right the ship. matt moore, reggie bush while ok nothing great and a upgrade at ilb doesnt cut it. im getting old waiting for this team. GO BUCS and JAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sign up for the Sentinel text updates. That is where it broke first.

and of course Pouncey is starting, there is no way they would admit the screwed up.

Cognito should play C and pouncey guard, but I dont think they will do that, again it would be an admission the screwed up

Have not seen the 6 game crap either, but I did just post he is on the PUP list, which I'm fine with right now, get healthy and strong, he needs little reps or practice to be ready

Home: Your brilliant, an article came out about an hour ago that said they put him on the PUP list already.....

Also said that Sporano was not concerned with him not being ready for regular season, which to me means he's out.......

Posted by: Craig | July 31, 2011 at 06:33 PM


Long on PUP list, that's not good news

Posted by: bobbyd12 | July 31, 2011 at 03:45 PM

Uh someone beat Home to this.
Home is not a genius.

Home = Todd = Craig

Miami Herald & bloggers have nothing here on Jake Long being out for 6 games, possibly the season and maybe never the same w career stopping or ending injury

Thought u might be interested

if its true and longs gone then dont waste anymore money or picks on players, this team will be awful

Fake Gotcha at 6:39PM = Home.

bobby was talking about Long getting a puppy and fell for the Long will be ready to go in September


Great job, Home


Home = Narcissism.

The news about Long on PUP came out early this morning. It's mild guys, just easing him back in slowly rather than take chances. They don't want Long going all out right off the bat. His shoulder is fine, its the knee.

Notice how they are looking for guards and not tackles? Long will be starting game 1, bet on it.

What is this Long non story you guys are making up? Home if you were at practice today you would've witnessed Jake sitting and swinging a 25 lb medicine ball that was hanging on a rope. And he was impressive in doing so. I don't think they would allow him to do that if they were concerned with him missing games do you? Stop making things up. AND GREG. Take it down a notch with the Bills love. They came in last in the division and only started winning when they had nothing to lose. It's a whole different game when you are out of the equation after week 6. You play lose, y6ou don't care about mistakes, then things start bouncing your way because the other teams are playing for something, they're playing tight and making mental errors. F the Bills and for that matter f**k the Jets and especially all of their mouth breathing dumb a** fans.

Home = bobby =Gotcha!

I'm going with Home on the story.He was at practice and saw Jake Long in person.Mando and the Herald gave us nothing.

Home = Todd = Craig = Fake Gotcha! = Narcissism.


Good post.
Home is a loser.

Knee surgery on a player over 300 lbs is not mild

Neither is being on the PUP list

Dont buy into the BS

Long WILL NOT be playing against the Patriots or
the next 5 games

Henne sucks just like lat year
Makes one good pass blows the next two

Makes one good pass
Blows the next two

Dolphins offense headed for deep deep trouble

LouD. You got me on that one. No I was not at practice. I did not break the story. I should ban myself for being the jackass that I am.

And that's the story of my life - a day late and a dollar short.
Well, back to momma's basement I go.
I have a picture of Justin Bieber over my bed.


U simple stupid JackAZZ

U can sit and do shoulder workout to rehab your shoulder

The reason why he is sitting
IS cuz of his knee which needs to be surgically repaired

Why do u think he is sitting GENUIS!?

Lot easier to stand and swing a 25 lb ball and yes saw it all and already posted as such

Now Get Your Shine Box!

Jake Long is OUT! (knee)

Gonna miss the Pats game
5 more after that and
Prob the season

Looks like bobby is back to his old tricks

Thought after his dad past away :( he hopefully would change

Oh Well

Home the genius misspelled genius.
He spelled it GENUIS!!!


look on the bright side. Last year our offense got 3 and outs every series. So we can't really get any worse than that. Can only go up!

Just so everyone knows, the d is for d_ckhead

0.02 - Reggie Torbor is with the Buffalo Bills. Sorry, but you'll have to get through the long, lonely nights without him.

Yes - we can fumble and throw picks!

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