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Dolphins snooping around for guards

Something is going on with John Jerry.

The former third-round draft pick is not exactly starting his second NFL season with a bang. Expected to compete for the starting right guard job, Jerry is not working at all with the starting unit. Instead the Dolphins have turned to Rey Feinga as their possible starting right guard.

Feinga, signed to the practice squad last November, caught the eye of coaches late last season, according to coach Tony Sparano. He was signed to the active roster December 8 and played the final three games in a reserve role.

And now Feinga is getting practically all if not all the first-team repetitions.

But the Dolphins are apparently hedging their bet on Feinga and Jerry and anyone else who might contend for the job.

The team has reached out to former Giants guards Rich Seubert to check on his availability. It is safe to assume the club also inquired about Shaun O'Hara. Nothing is happening with either right now. Miami promised nothing in terms of a free agent visits. But that the Dolphins are actively studying at least one available free agent guard suggests the club might allow the current players to prove themselves in the coming days.

[3:45 Update: O'Hara is in town and visiting with the Dolphins today and Monday. He has a history (don't they all?) with some folks in the Dolphins organization. The idea is for him to meet with everyone and see if there is both a comfort level and a financial fit. If O'Hara signs, it is possible he works at center, which moves rookie Mike Pouncey to guard, or the veteran tries to work at guard. Either way, the idea is to improve the guard spot.]

And if there is not sufficient proof that gives the club confidence?

Well, that's why the Dolphins are looking around.

Now, please do not misplace your news sense here. The news is not that the Dolphins are looking around to upgrade the offensive line. They have been doing that since, ahem, the current administration arrived in 2008.

The news, and it is troubling right now, is that a promising player that was picked relatively high in the draft -- Jerry -- is not at the point where he can be considered a viable starter.

Compare that to Pouncey, this year's first round pick, who signed on Saturday and took every first-team snap in practice at center on Sunday. That's what you want to hear. Not that the draft pick has been passed by a guy signed to last year's practice squad.

I realize Pouncey was slotted in the first round and Jerry in the third. But come on!


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Armando - wuddupp?

What did you have for dinner Armando?

Yes, and and we did. Remember, the picks against the lions, browns, bills, and that's how we lost all those winnable games. So like I said, the offense this year can't get any worse than 2010.

Armando - settle the "Long on PUP" thing for us.

Armando say hey to ALoco for us.

Armando who is your guest tomorrow?

Instead Armando...tell us the Fins got Miller, Orton and God almighty to help us out of this jam!

Armando who do you like on 09/12/2011.


I know you're there Armando


Home, I don't know what ur talking about. My last post was at 3:45 saying Long was on the PUP list. I passed along info that was tweeted by Omar at that time. I have had no time today to be doing anything but work. I dont know what ur accusing me of, but let me assure you, it hasn't been me.

Guys, come on Armando only works between 11am and 2 pm, why we all troll his blog is for fun only, he never tells us anything good

He is the most negative writer on the Dolphins there is, and his picture from like 10 years ago....

Armando you want hits - you got 'em.

In fact, I haven't given you a hard time at all since last November, you need to stay straight.

Patriots will shut out the Dolphins in week 1.

Patriots 30
Dolphins 0

Sean Smith will have the best year of his career in 2011.

Maybe the kid is just hurt and the coaches are bringing him on slowly from the injury? Who knows? But you so called dolphin fans need to just chill out and see what happens. I hear alot of people write about how Ireland is messing this "once proud franchise over"....really? I didnt know going 1-15 four years ago is something to be proud of. Lets bring back Wansdett or Saban....no, better yet, lets start a "WE WANT CAM" CAMPAING.

I hereby designate Sean Smith as:

Sean "Sam Madison" Smith.

Switchin topics to QB's, pasted below is an article from denverpost.com:

"Kyle Orton was never the most attractive quarterback option on the NFL market, thus no bidding war would commence for his services. He doesn't represent a huge upgrade over Miami incumbent Chad Henne, nor does Orton put the Dolphins in the Super Bowl discussion. The posturing by Broncos coach John Fox, executive John Elway and general manager Brian Xanders notwithstanding, Miami has no reason to deal for Orton under any terms but its own. This is what QB instability looks like."

If y'all would look before you biatch. On ESPN there is an article from the Orlando Sentinal on Day #3 summary. It's very informative. Read it and then start blogging some more. We need to let this play out for awhile.

PS. Shame that the herald is outreported by the sentinel. Get with it Armando.

I must say that I do miss Gebril Wilson.
He was da man.

Yo Bobby

Yea, let's not do this BS again, eh?
We can do much better than that

For the record reported to other blog about an hour into Dolphin camp today, bout Jake Long being out ans sitting down working cuz of obv knee problems

did not see anything and def anything in depth when I looked here after Camp which is about 2:30 PM

So when Home got back to the house thought Would be a good Idea to shoot u Dolfans & bloggers some hot news

Saw NO topics on Jake Long esp, missing the first 6 games or the entire season here

Most are receptive and happy to get the info

But the u get the morons

U guys dont want Dolphin info from someone local and at Camp

@Itcdolphin: can you give us a link to that website please?

Oh yeah Houston beats down Miami for the 6th time.

It's my iPhone app for espn favorite teams top stories. If you don't have that it's got to be on their web site. The article is a report on day 3 from dolphin camp by two reporters one with the first name of Adam.

Another year of unknows strong defense no offense 5-11

Look guys we going into the four year with tony as head coach and he is still fumbling with the OL!! Are you kidding me! And another thing this regime and the owner think we the fans are stupid! If they think Matt Moore is going to push Henne for a starting spot than we are in big trouble again this year, I been watching football for 40 years and I think I can tell if a player is going to be good or not, Matt Moore is not challenge for Henna, and I don't think these two QB are going to be Good QB in this league! Who are they kidding here!!!!! I would understand Orton pushing Henna fir a starting spot but Moore!! That is scary knowing that they think so, that's crazy we in big trouble again this year!!!

Hey ray read what they say in Denver about orten, then tell us orten is the answer


We know where to find information if we need it.
You are not critical to this blog nor are you special.

Only kidding, Gotcha Home!
You know i love your work.

Guys our defense is going to keep us in games.

If we are not going to address the QB position, we need a reliable every down back. I thought we would make a run at barber considering we seem to take everyone of Dallas's scrap.

Still out there:

I would love it if we could pry Benjarvus Green-ellis out of N.E.

@Itcdolphin: what is the app called..? i want it for my iphone.

Espn scorecenter. Good app and you can tailor it as you want, plus lots of alerts.

good looking out dawg..

Wow, Gone 4 days and it's all doom and gloom, I told you 3 and 13 was gonna be the out look this year.....Sorry IMHO..

I just want to quick say. Look at the teams that are really good and compete every year and look back at how successful they were early on. Bill Cowher took a couple years and I believe it was the same for Andy Reid, Bill bellichek. What has killed us over the years is that we switch like every other year new hc, new OC, new dc, how is anyone suppose to pick up on that. Just believe in what we have. GO PHINS

Leave Home alone!

Your my boy, Home!
Your my boy!

I told ya last year john jerry sucks..him and his brother peria don't have the heart for the nfl...they like playing college ball more.

tell them to pick up Zach Miller while they are at it

Can we please go get Manny Lawson B4 sum1 else does??? He the fastest and most underrated OLB on the market he would be a big difference maker especialy in our defencive Scheme.
MANNY LAWSON please!!!
An Jason Taylor could help mentor Him just like he did with Cameron Wake and since Nick Burnett didnt have on the 99 jersey ill take it that JT will be back
Let's Go Dolphins!!!

How about snooping around for a QB and REAL head coach??? We need guards true but we need a QB, a REAL MODERN coach first in my opinion to be competitive!!! Hate to be the doom and gloomer but this has gotten out of hand!

So far free agency has been unimpressive...Pick up Reggie Bush who has never had a 1000 yard season? At least ronnie is still around..Ricky is better now than Reggie will ever be! THey lost on picking up Orton, who could have at least been more accurate than Henne's wayward throws.

Then, there is the offensive line..So much for Sparano being a offensive line coach when they change players on the line every 3 games...

Cant blame the fans for showing up, Ross promised fireworks and instead we got duds!

Can't wait to see Ireland and Co. fired next season, and us pick up the #1 pick Luck..

Hey the Seahawks just cut a lb. Let's go get him.

Like i said last year signing former cowboy players is a sign that Ireland is learning on the job..but why is he learning on our expense?

Agree With "Shadow, This has gotton out of control, Mando, Word on the street is there gonna stop selling Jets jerseys at the stadium and start selling Bags.... Is this true???, And if it is, how much will it set me back??

I can see it now..next year when Ireland gets fired...armando is gonna make a list of all his bad moves and his love for former crappy cowboy playerss...i hope not!

Hey the Seahawks just cut a lb. Let's go get him.

Posted by: ltcdolphin | July 31, 2011 at 08:31 PM

Did he play for the Cowboys??????

Whats with these nonstop calls for Ronnie or Ricky? Has it occured to anyone that not one single team in the NFL has shown any interest in them yet? Not one. ONly you guys think they are still game changers.

Look at the Orlando sentinel for what's really going on at camp.

Home, I agree, and I guarantee there will be no B/S coming from me. I here to talk and support my Dolphins. And believe me, I still appreciate what u said last year. Our hatchet is buried

No but he could fly through Dallas to get to Miami.

Chris chambers is available tooo. Need sign him tonight.

go get Green-Ellis if just to stick it to the patriots. The guy doesnt fumble

Isnt the O-line suppose to be Sparano's bread and butter?

Isnt the O-line suppose to be Sparano's bread and butter?

Posted by: LP | July 31, 2011 at 09:00 PM

The Bread is burnt and there's only Margerine....Just Saying


Sorry to here the lose of your father. Stay strong pal. Like you i lost my father to. Go fins i"m with you.

We need a QB, we need a QB, we need a QB...oh yeah and some offense too...

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