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Dolphins snooping around for guards

Something is going on with John Jerry.

The former third-round draft pick is not exactly starting his second NFL season with a bang. Expected to compete for the starting right guard job, Jerry is not working at all with the starting unit. Instead the Dolphins have turned to Rey Feinga as their possible starting right guard.

Feinga, signed to the practice squad last November, caught the eye of coaches late last season, according to coach Tony Sparano. He was signed to the active roster December 8 and played the final three games in a reserve role.

And now Feinga is getting practically all if not all the first-team repetitions.

But the Dolphins are apparently hedging their bet on Feinga and Jerry and anyone else who might contend for the job.

The team has reached out to former Giants guards Rich Seubert to check on his availability. It is safe to assume the club also inquired about Shaun O'Hara. Nothing is happening with either right now. Miami promised nothing in terms of a free agent visits. But that the Dolphins are actively studying at least one available free agent guard suggests the club might allow the current players to prove themselves in the coming days.

[3:45 Update: O'Hara is in town and visiting with the Dolphins today and Monday. He has a history (don't they all?) with some folks in the Dolphins organization. The idea is for him to meet with everyone and see if there is both a comfort level and a financial fit. If O'Hara signs, it is possible he works at center, which moves rookie Mike Pouncey to guard, or the veteran tries to work at guard. Either way, the idea is to improve the guard spot.]

And if there is not sufficient proof that gives the club confidence?

Well, that's why the Dolphins are looking around.

Now, please do not misplace your news sense here. The news is not that the Dolphins are looking around to upgrade the offensive line. They have been doing that since, ahem, the current administration arrived in 2008.

The news, and it is troubling right now, is that a promising player that was picked relatively high in the draft -- Jerry -- is not at the point where he can be considered a viable starter.

Compare that to Pouncey, this year's first round pick, who signed on Saturday and took every first-team snap in practice at center on Sunday. That's what you want to hear. Not that the draft pick has been passed by a guy signed to last year's practice squad.

I realize Pouncey was slotted in the first round and Jerry in the third. But come on!


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This Ross, Tony, Ireland thing really needs to go...

Agree Killa, Agree...........

Just face it, Sporano and the boys screwed up when they picked Jerry so high. Don't blam Jerry for being a bad pick, blame the administration for picking the bum in the 3rd round.

Many other picks lower than him has out performed him, so the onus is on Sporano and the others in charge1

Look guys the front office isn't stupid, don't u think they know everthing u guys are saying on here?? They have a reason they're doing what they're doing, and let's day we do get orton, sure we hve a better chance of making THe playoffs but superbowl? I love my dolphins but they're not ready for that, they are however making little steps each year to hooefully soon contend for one. Brady is only getting older and the jets luck is gonna run out soon. It's our time coming, just watch!

Look guys, it's not the coach, it's not the GM, it's the owner of this team! He didn't do the right thing and fire this coach (and GM for that matter), when he made it seem like that's what he was trying to do this past year. I really can't see it being quality pro football, until the worst owner in pro football sells our team to an owner who will do all the aggressive moves that will make his team a winner.

Oh and another thing, I love the signing of Reggie bush. U know why he has that no other plyer on the dolphins roster has? A SB Ring!! He knows what it takes to get there and he let the team feed off of his knowledge. He's definetly gonna be a huge spark to our offense. As for henne, I believe it's his last year starter or not, he hasn't proved anything that Fiedler, feeley, beck, and all THe other so called next marinos, we need a goof solid vetern or draft a great wb next year

Sanford Hall,

3rd rd isnt too high for an olineman of Jerry's calibre. The thing that was too high was Sparano's expectation that a 3rd rd'er would come in an immediately play like a pro bowler.

Any personel expert would tell you the expectations for a 3rd rd'er to become an impact player is 3yrs down the road. Very few come in and immediately "buck" this rule. Clearly Jerry hasnt, not as of yet anyway.

Agree with you Jose, How true.......

Thks jose

If Sparano or Ireland expected instant impact at the og position. Then they should have spent 2010's 1st rd pick on Mike Iupati, not Odrick.

Another season of crossing my fingers every time Henne throws a pass up there.

The strike saved Morano's butt..or we would have had a new coach..Mike Nolan will probaly be coaching in the middle of the year...At least Tony hired his son to get a NFL paycheck!

I hate to say this….. but this NONSENSE about some disorder is actually a really clever way for Marshall to pre-exempt himself from some future unfortunate incident that might require prison time.

Having stated that…..I hope the guy catches 120 passes this year...........Go Dolphins!!


How could Ireland pass up on another DE coming of an injury?? im surprised we didnt draft another DE this year.


What really doesnt make sense is that Ireland went into the 2010 draft knowing they planned on dumping Smiley/Grove and didnt choose an olineman until 3rd rd. They had to know this going into the 2010 draft.

Even without ODrick we were one of the better d-lines in the league. Still they waltzed right into the 2010 season with a thin and inexperienced oline and very little speed on offense. Geesh, I tell you!


Im sure reggie Bush is still thanking Drew Brees for that SB ring. Damn the fact Bush brings a SB ring. We needed him to bring Drew Brees with him. LOL...

They know ..they made a mistake not drafting Pouncey last year .And getting Odrick..So now they drafted his brother who wasn't rated so high..SHEESH!

I wish that I could get diagnosed as being "crazy." First thing I would do is go out and gank all of my enemies.

I would only get a couple years at the funny farm for it. WOW, what a great swap!!!

At what point, if you are the owner, do you look at and fire everyone that has anything to do with the draft...which is the FO that is currently in place.

Something I read in the Palm Beach Post:

Unfortunately for fans, Ireland doesn't manage his roster like a fantasy football team. Owner Stephen Ross praised Ireland for the "discipline" he showed last week in avoiding many of the big, splashy deals that could hurt the long-term prospects of the team and upset the delicate balance inside the locker room.

"I just believe that we have the nucleus of a great winning team," Ross said. "The proof is always in the pudding, but I definitely think the ingredients are there."

We've spent #1 draft picks on Long and Pouncey. If we do this for the next 3 seasons we'll have a real offensive line.

We just wont have a real qb to throw behind it!

Oh ya...you tried to get rid of them but failed. We are screwed from top to bottom.

Even the freaking Cardinals are going out and getting what they need. They signed Heap. Unbelievable incompetence in Miami.

"I just believe that we have the nucleus of a great winning team," Ross said. "The proof is always in the pudding, but I definitely think the ingredients are there."

Posted by: muzakguy911 | July 31, 2011 at 09:37 PM

This comes from an owner who sells off the team to the "paparazzi" and it clueless in the proceedure of firing a HC. Im so impressed.

I wonder what Ross what snorting with that nose of his. To say " We have the nucleus of a great winning team" seem he is looking through rose colored glasses or using some good dope.


You are so welcome.
Have a good night all.

Dear Mr. Ross:

We have a beautiful car down here in Miami. But have you checked underneath the hood lately?

The entire fvcking engine is missing!!!

Listen, for Ross not to be upset about the FA signings or lack there of, there has to be an edict to not spend to the cap and save money. I'm beginning to feel like Ireland is just following orders. Has to be. Can't be that pathetic. Especially in the AFC east with all the dazzling wheeling and dealing going on. Ross doesn't sound too upset. Sounds almost as if Ireland is carrying out the edict.

I think Ross wants to spend the money on pregame and halftime shows only..and screw who plays on the team. Would rather have stars in the clubhouse rather than on the field.

Jake Long, pup list? Isnt that how 2010 began for Garner? Garner eventually went to IR and missed the entire season.

If Long's knee is bad enough to be placed on the pup, then I see noway he's available for game 1. If he's still on the pup list at preseason's end, then he automatically has to remain there through 5 games.

Not looking good for Long dolfans.

I'm really starting to see it's Ross. Has to be. If he really wanted to improve the talent level it would be improved.

DB, another Sparano douchebag move.

DyingBreed (@ 9:35)

There's actually a story about some guy who did that in England...

At age 17 he beat up a homeless man and used the insanity defense...

The problem was that, once he was sent away, the doctors determined that his repeated insistence that he "wasn't crazy" was just a further indication that he was...

After a few years the physicians in the asylum agreed that this guy was probably not crazy....BUT then they also concluded that the mere fact he chose to fake craziness.....meant that he was 'borderline' disturbed...

He ended up staying in one of the UK's largest mental ward for over NINE YEARS....

The mandatory sentence for assault (for regular criminals) was only about seven months.

True story.


Looks like a 90% chance Vernon Carey will be our starting LT for the first 5 games. Now looks like we need a rigth guard, and a right tackle. Not to mention going into the season with an unproven center.

Its possible we're going into 2011 in worse shape at the oline position than we were in 2010. We're definitely failing forward first.


I guess that proves this guy really was crazy. He ended up doing 9yrs on what would have normally only been a "7mth sentence." LOL....

Does all this REALLY go back to Jake Long hurting himself in that preseason game last year???

I knew that I could get at least one LOL of you!!!

"I don't think there is really anybody that you'd say is much better than Chad to upgrade that position to start with," Ross said

Ireland and his staff have been building his roster for four years, and they are just tweaking the finished product instead of retooling the entire thing. It is possible that to reach the salary-cap floor of $119 million, the Dolphins will offer a contract extension to a deserving veteran (such as Kendall Langford, Paul Soliai or Cameron Wake) instead of spending it on an expensive free agent

Go Figure...

Jake Long is more than an all pro LT for us. When he goes down he takes nearly our entire oline down with him. We drafted Long because we werent happy with the job Carey was doing.

Looks like we're back to 2007 as far as our oline is concerned.

Im calling the bs card on this being ross's doing, the only thing hes guilty of is being a clueless owner..hell, the guy is hardly at any of the games and when he is , he usually leaves in the middle....Ross's biggest problem is that he has no idea how to run a good organization and he leaves it to ireland to make sure the moves are being made...in our case NOT being made....NO, i'm afraid ross is only guilty as far as being out of touch on what it takes to build a winner here in miami!!!!


from what Im hearing Long never fully recovered from that 2010 game 4 preseason injury. No one could believe Sparano was playing Jake in that game.

Long toughed it out the entire 2010 season. Possibly doing more damage than good.

i wish dan marino would come out of retirement, and pull a george foreman...

THIS IS AWESOME. Wonder why noone is coming to he practicies? 5-11 is wishful thinking. Oh my gash, the sky is falling and we are going to be third or forth in our division. Insanity...Doing the same thing over and over agian. Football insanity has set in.

"I'm comfortable with the people (we have) because we've added dimensions of speed and athleticism," Sparano said, "key elements that were brought into this whole thing right now. And I think that's what I'm excited to watch."

Yeah watching you butt being booted out of Miami with Ireland!!!


Even George Foreman couldnt have pulled a George
Foreman he had to put on fooball pads and run up and down a football field for about 30 football minutes a game.

Heck, he wouldnt have even passed a football physical. Did you see how bloated he was when he cameback?

DB (@ 10:03 PM)

So one freak accident may have shortened the career of the Team's FRANCHISE TACKLE...


what TS shouldve said "" Thank u Mr. Ross for the opportunity this year. Honestly if i was fired i really probably would've been done with footballl and to get another chance this year at fail....er...uh...at a division crown is something every fan and player should be excited about"


Dolfans will be hating life if Long's out for the first 5 games(PUP). I hope our defense is good enough to win games by a score of 6-3. If not we'll be looking at a more significant number. 0-5!

Without a really good oline, injury prone "REGGIE BUSH" should be on IR no later than gm 3. The rookie Thomas may make gm 5 before he lands on IR too.

yea, good luck holding NE to 3-9 pts on defense in the opener miami....only way that happens is if NFL shortens game length to 2 minutes per qtr and even that is a reach...*lol*

Our playoff chances may already over if Long's out the first 5 games. Because we wont win 9 games out of 10 even with Long.

Besides, most the team's offensive player maybe on IR by the time he gets back. If he makes it back. He could be this year's Garner situation.


If Long's out, the Pats score a one td they'll win.

Henne's play is very sketchy with a good oline. God help us if he has to play behind one worse than 2010's.

The more I read about what Ross thinks of this team, that we have a winning team.

He probably bought the team for a tax write off, and drive it to the ground, to claim it as a loss!!!

Playoffs??....is that a joke DB.....we need to work hard just to have a 500 record right now, U KNOW since we havent been over 500 for the last 2 yrs....Playoff??PLAYOFFS??!!!

We may actually have to go into 2011 expecting st's to help score points. Dont bet on it!

Im out guys, my brains about to blow up. Its my BPD disorder! LOL...

I am pretty confident that Henne will not be the QB throwing the ball during the Season.

One last thing and Im out:

"Does borderline personality disorder mean Brandon Marshall is ALMOST crazy"?

If so, How can one be "almost crazy"?

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