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Dolphins to sign Delaware's Pat Devlin

He was on the radar after the draft and now a source close to Delaware's Pat Devlin has confirmed the quarterback is expected to land with the Dolphins.

Bad news for FAU's Jeff Van Camp.

Devlin, 6-4 and 222 pounds, was considered the most talented undrafted free agent quarterback available. (If he was so talented, I cannot help wondering why he didn't get drafted.)

[Update: Devlin's arm strength is apparently questionable. He played in a dink and dunk offense and wasn't a great workout warrior, either. Now you know.]

Anyhoo ...

Devlin followed in the footsteps of Joe Flacco at Delaware and has a similar history. Flacco went to the Fightin' Blue Hens after washing out at Pittsburgh. Devlin was originally at Penn State after setting a Pennsylvania high school career passing record with 8,162 yards. Devlin spent two years at Penn State.

Devlin was the first overall selection in the UFL draft after being passed by the NFL but he declined to sign a contract. Good call!

The Dolphins apparently beat out several other teams in trying to get Devlin, including the Indianapolis Colts.

this is bad for Van Camp whose agent was supposedly speaking to the Dolphins Monday. I doubt the club would bring both Van Camp and Devlin to camp so Devlin gets the nod. Obviously, we're talking practice squad or No. 3 QBs here, folks.

Interesting anyway.

[Noon Update: The Dolphins have come to terms with undrafted free agent kick return specialist Phillip Livas from Louisiana Tech. He's 5-7 and 179 pound and has run a 40-yard best of 4.37. He's on his way to South Florida today, I'm told.]

Follow me on twitter. I'm posting in real time over there and eventually get back over here. I reported at 8:40 this morning the Dolphins will be holding a practice open free to the public on Monday night at Sun Life Stadium. Mike Dee, who was on my radio show Armando and the Amigo, said the practice was meant to reward Dolphins fans and get them acquainted with their 2011 club.


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Yeah I suppose this was a natural. Probably means that Devlin sits on the practice squad for the year but given our situation right now another QB can't hurt.

I dont think Devlin will be stuck on the practice squad. If he shows anything at all in preseason, some other team would scoop him off the PS.

10 bucks says Devlin gets boo'd by the end of the preseason.


What about Mario Fannin? The guy is 231 lbs and ran a 4.38 40! Could be a steal...

Delaware Alumn here! WOOOT! GO BLUEHENS!

watched fannin his whole career at auburn....he is a fumble machine ur right great speed but crappy hands

That can be corrected. What about AP and Barber? I thinks it worth the gamble and stash him on the PS for cheap.

Players cannot be "stashed" on the practice squad. Any team can take a player off another teams practice squad, but that player must then by on his new team's active roster for the remainder of the season. Placing players on the PS puts them at risk.

ok ok ok truth be told im a tide fan and i hate mario fannin and dont want him to be a dolphin cause then id have to love him like i did ronnie brown



Who knows why Devlin was not drafted. Why was Tom Brady drafted in 6th round? Let's see what he can do. Now we need to bring in Marc Bulger or Hasselback as veteran. Do not trade ANY more picks.



Totally agree with BC, don't give away draft picks!!!!!!
Bulger, VY etc.......

I like the move, but it looks like Tyler Thigpen may be gone.

I like Bulger as the backup or challenge to Henne, as well.

Now we need another running back, and a DE or OLB

BC, there is nothing wrong with trading picks. They traded two 2nd rounders for Marshall and pretty much got them back. I think it is fine to trade picks. As long as they are getting value for those picks. Look at the Jets, they improved their team a lot trading their picks. They can do what NE does, get all of these picks and have them not amount to squat, they have not won a SB since 2004, and got away with cheating to win their SBs. I dont want to be like NE, or the Steelers or any other team. I want to see Miami be active and get players needed to get over the hump..And that does not mean getting old stop gap QBs.

Fannin signed with the Broncos.

Ferg, what makes you think Devlin will get snapped up? No team drafted him and we were the team to sign him. What is he going to show in the next 7 weeks to make you think some time will want him on their active roster?

Right now I highly doubt he'll beat out our third stringer.

lets sign mark herzlich


Pat Devlin will be in the Pro Bowl within 1 year.

I think Devlin takes Tyler Thigpens spot. Thigpen is good enough to generate trade value, possibly, but will never start for the Dolphins and has shown little since he has been here...

And... I know I'm probably crazy and the only one who thinks, Vince Young would be better than Kyle Orton for our team, but I do think he would be better and hope the front office signs him

Nice piece on Devlin here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOBxUdi3glQ

In controlled environment, he is extremely accurate.

Always been a fan of Thigpen...please give him a legit shot in all this.

Just sayin...

reposted from last blog just in case u missed it julie

orton is not a franchise qb or even a proven one,IMO, which is what the fins need sooner or later, so he would be a stopgap also

the only possible franchise qb's (IMO)r vy (big risk ATTITUDE)

and k kolb( totally unproven and too expensive in picks)

kitna would b fine by me but only for 4th rounder combined with trade

most qb's coming to compete with henne will be some kind of stopgap (hopefully) till the FO find a franchise from drafting qb's in the first round as a habit until they have one

and not trading 1st round picks for guys that haven't shone whenever they've been under centre

besides u'd have to give such a drafted player a good 4 yrs to develop on the field unless they were CLEARLY awful

(same reason give henne this year and then decide , he's shown upside and downside)

We shouldn't be like New England or Pittsburgh? LOL!! Yeah, let's stay at 7 or 8 wins a year. The Dolphins should learn how those teams do business. They average at least 10 wins a year every year. Not counting the Super Bowl wins. I guess they're doing something right...

Craig, My post was saying that if Devlin "shows anything" in the preseason and we try to put him on the PS, we would be taking a chance that another team, in need of a developmental QB could put snatch him.


Let's see how it plays out. He's going to have to go some to make the active roster. He won;t make the team just because the team fers they will lose him. He's a project right now and nothing more.

I think it's funny (and Ferg this is NOT directed at you) but guys want to criticize Henne and all but on the other hand say the Devlin pickup is a 'nice pickup'. Most of the guys commenting that way don't even realize that Devlin is a dink and dunk QB, who arm isn't even close to Henne's. So the very thing they are criticizing Henne for is the very thing Devlin is, with a weaker arm....funny!!

there is something wrong with trading picks

i don't mind the marshall trade but imo there isnt a qb as good/proven in that position, as marshall was as a wr available for such a price, marshall was actually sl low price for 2 seconds because of the bad blood between him and hc

we had to drop down both years and may well have drafted better players if not, this year we may have been able to draft a guy like kaepernic in the 2nd round, we need to be able to draft a first round qb if henne doesn't pan out, and possibly even if he does

none of the qb's are proven enough to be worth trading 3rd,2nd,1sts, some maybe for 4th and player

all will be stopgaps and may not beat out henne, if they don't then what will they be worth?


ok couldnt drop down this year but had to trade up in second instead


If you can get a 28 year old Kyle Orton, who has starting experience, is smart and a good leader, for a 4th or a 3rd, you do it. I'm not a fan of trading picks either but the Broncos are trying to get something for this guy before he walks. He's probably no better than a slightly above average QB but if Henne doesn't pan out, Orton starts next year, while a rookie develops. It's that simple. We wanted competition for Henne and this it. In one of your earlier posts you had said trade a 4th for Kitna. HUH??? This would be a much-better add.

I wish for Dolphins to make the Championship Bowl. They are favorite team for me and I like to see Pat Devlin be start QB for team in game. Coach Tony is good man, he has good heart, I wish for him to be coach for next 20 years and win 14 Championship Bowls.

Devlin Could be a good signing for future. Not this year. They should sign RB Bradshaw, TE Miller and get to camp. Those two signings change the complexion of this team immensely. Get it done Jeff!!!!!!!!

Orton is a rung below a franchise QB but is a very good one. He is head and shoulders better than Henne. They still need playmakers. Like I said, Bradshaw or D Williams and TE Zachary Miller are all playmakers and fill major needs for Fins. Fasano will be their second TE in those 2 TE sets which they run a lot, but Miller can stretch the seam. Would love to seem him in Miami.

Pat Devkin signed with the cardinals

Kitna was set to become a FA before this mess of a lockout started...Unless things have changed, he's still a free agent. I don't care about age, I look at productivity. Low risk, high reward if Henne can't beat him out. Better keep your draft picks, Miami is still a few years away from being a real contender. Matt Moore would also be a better option than Orton. The Dolphins should try to ADD draft picks, not trade them...They still need to add talent on the o-line, TE, RB, LB and S positions. Who knows what happens at the QB position. I could of easily added it to the list. If any of you think they can solve all those issues in free agency, you're smoking some good stuff...

Devlin has a noodle for an arm, is a poor athlete, and played in a boring "3-yards and a check-down" offense at Delaware...

He's PERFECT for us!

#1 Fan, you are correct, that are still a year or two away. That said, I'd like to see Henne with more weapons so we can completely rule him out as a player or can validate himself once they add weapons. After all this time they still have glaring holes as far as team speed and playmakers are concerned. Not only on offense either. They need a S and special teams speed as well as offensive help. No they can't fix all that in FA but they can supplement their future drafts with a couple of good signings.

jrljr2, the reason I don't want to trade a draft pick for Orton is I'm not convinced he would be an upgrade over Henne. As you probably know, I'm not a fan of Henne and I don't believe he's got what it takes to be a good starting QB in the NFL. Having said that, Orton is OK but to trade a draft pick for someone that's just "OK"? We already have that. I'd rather take a chance on a young guy like Matt Moore or a veteran like Kitna. I know Kitna is 38 but what if he gives the Dolphins a year like he had last year? Maybe him and Marshall click together...I mean, you think Marshall will give 100% effort every game if he knows Henne is still our QB? He told everyone how he feels about Henne...Which is very similar to the way I feel about him.

You guys are talking like Devlin will start, He is a practice squad player, he didnt even get drafted.

dolfdan13, it doesn't take much to get people excited here. LOL!

Hmm...the only knock on Devlin is that his first name is Pat. The last Pat that we tried at QB turned out to be a Patty!

Craig, I agree with you regarding the Henne haters. I have spewed venom about Henne, but for the most part believed that he could become our franchise qb. I am not sure I believe it anymore, Henne will have to play a lot better this season to have any hope of sticking around Miami for the long term.

That being said, Devlin obviously is a project and you're right, there are long odds to even make the club, let alone the active roster, but its not like no one wanted to sign him today. He obviously has some skills and is a pretty accurate passer... not sure about arem strength though (I've heard conflicting reports). Henne can throw the ball through a brick wall, but I haven't seen a more inaccurate deep thrower starting in the NFL in a long time.

I hope Henne improves and becomes "the guy" but I would not be oppsed to trading a 3rd rounder for Orton.

You guys may not be nervous about this signing, but it makes me VERY nervous. If we kept Thigpen, and had as our QBs Henne, Thigpen and Devlin, we'd be in deep doo-doo if Henne doesn't add up. DEEP DOO-DOO.

Here's hoping Ireland isn't trying to get Sparano out of here mid-season. I need Thigpen to walk and Orton to get signed, ON FRIDAY!!!

One site has the Phins signing both Devlin and Van Camp.

#1, the only thing we disagree about is Orton. I feel he would be a significant upgrade over Henne and has proven chemistry with Marshall( who I also detest). I just think that Orton is very underrated. Look at his numbers and they are pretty impressive on just average teams. However, I would deal with Henne for one more year if they went out and signed a RB like Bradshaw, TE like Miller and or a S like Huff or Weddle. I don't know if they have the space but they are in desperate need of playmakers all over the roster. Shore up the team depth and talent level this year and then draft or sign a QB next off season. Even sell their whole draft if they could as long as they take care of the other holes, team speed and playmakers this year. I can't stand Henne and think he has well below average instincts and Football IQ, but we ain't gonna win it this year anyway.

Orten is average at best. If denver releases him we should look into but not make a hasty decision. He does not fit our scheme and could potentionly do nothing here in Miami. VY would be a better fit do to he is a better running qb to go with the wildcrap offense we will continue to run. I believe VY and DABOCALE (NEW OC) will bring the OPTION play out of collage and into the NFL again. Now with that said i do no that no team runs the option in the NFL because the DE are too fast but you have a qb with running abiliy (which VY has and orton not so much) it can be pulled off. Just sayin this is an opinion that i feel is worth looking into.....

JRYCRL, would make absolute sense to me if you know Ireland's "acorn" methods and the Dolphins stupidity concerning QB personnel. Miami can't even find decent talent at QB in the 2nd round, so makes sense they'd reach all the way to undrafted players to try and find a needle in a haystack. God forbid don't draft a QB 1st-round (where practically ALL franchise QBs are found), that would be too easy.

But this all might be to boost our squad to 90 players. Just pick-up anyone off the street and see if they have the goods.

Guys the qb's that are available right now are all available for a reason and it mostly aint good. Remember that.

If Henne didnt have this last season left on his contract he would be available right now too.

Any word on Nick Barnett?

Tricky, if this regime thinks Henne could be a franchise QB then Orton is a perfect fit for Miami. He is a much better player than Henne. We put up with crappy QB play for what 13 years now? Shore up the rest of the roster and most importantly RB, TE and S where there are impact players available and worry about QB next off season. This team is too slow and they need to supplement that right now!!!

DB, exactly. As I've tried to say, these guys are only good as a stopgap for us. We need to draft our own QB next season if we want a franchise QB (if Henne doesn't amaze us all this season).

so it comes down to which camp you're in

if u think orton is way better than henne then u think he's worth a 3rd round pick

if u think he's not much better than henne the its a waste of a pick

if u think
henne+new offense (ol,gates,clay,scheme,calls, rb's(if we get some) = 7-9

and orton+ new offense = 10-6 or better

then he would be worth 3rd round pick

IMO henne+new offense = 9-7 plus

orton+new offense = 9-7 plus

but with cheaper back-up/comp for henne we still have next years third round pick

so don't trade away picks for no significant benefit, get a qb who is cheaper but could still compete with henne



Pack informed Barnett he will be released Thurs. Until he's officially released(Thurs.) there will be no negotiations.

Mark Herzlich signed with the Giants. As a udfa this guy prove to be the ultra steal of steals.

i agree with breed herzlich is gonna be a beast.....what a player he is gonna be for the gmen and their fans will get behind him....good for him bad for us


Glad to see they came to their senses after passing on Devlin twice in the 7th round.

Word DB on available qb's I agree with you on that.

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