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Dolphins to sign Delaware's Pat Devlin

He was on the radar after the draft and now a source close to Delaware's Pat Devlin has confirmed the quarterback is expected to land with the Dolphins.

Bad news for FAU's Jeff Van Camp.

Devlin, 6-4 and 222 pounds, was considered the most talented undrafted free agent quarterback available. (If he was so talented, I cannot help wondering why he didn't get drafted.)

[Update: Devlin's arm strength is apparently questionable. He played in a dink and dunk offense and wasn't a great workout warrior, either. Now you know.]

Anyhoo ...

Devlin followed in the footsteps of Joe Flacco at Delaware and has a similar history. Flacco went to the Fightin' Blue Hens after washing out at Pittsburgh. Devlin was originally at Penn State after setting a Pennsylvania high school career passing record with 8,162 yards. Devlin spent two years at Penn State.

Devlin was the first overall selection in the UFL draft after being passed by the NFL but he declined to sign a contract. Good call!

The Dolphins apparently beat out several other teams in trying to get Devlin, including the Indianapolis Colts.

this is bad for Van Camp whose agent was supposedly speaking to the Dolphins Monday. I doubt the club would bring both Van Camp and Devlin to camp so Devlin gets the nod. Obviously, we're talking practice squad or No. 3 QBs here, folks.

Interesting anyway.

[Noon Update: The Dolphins have come to terms with undrafted free agent kick return specialist Phillip Livas from Louisiana Tech. He's 5-7 and 179 pound and has run a 40-yard best of 4.37. He's on his way to South Florida today, I'm told.]

Follow me on twitter. I'm posting in real time over there and eventually get back over here. I reported at 8:40 this morning the Dolphins will be holding a practice open free to the public on Monday night at Sun Life Stadium. Mike Dee, who was on my radio show Armando and the Amigo, said the practice was meant to reward Dolphins fans and get them acquainted with their 2011 club.


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jamesthefinfan All reports say Devlin has a weak arm, can't make all the throws. Practice squad or #3 at best, just as Armando stated.

Fvck! Noel Devine is a Falcon. I so wanted to see him sign with us. Damnnnnn.............

I have two sons playing college football. One of them played against Delaware last year. Delvin has all the tools. He doesn't have a Marino arm but its still pretty strong. He made some good passes with lots of zip. I was secretly hoping the Fins would draft him late, I'm surprised everyone passed on him. Small school stigma.

Sparano ain't never gonna take no teeny weenie RB.

Tricky, Vince Young is not the answer for the Dolphins QB troubles.

Here's some numbers for VY:

-in 54 career games, VY has 42 TDs and 42 INTS
-52% completion percentage in the 2nd half of games he played in '10
-27% completion percentage in the final 2 minutes of half/end of game in '10
-27% completion percentage in 4th quarter when trailing by 7 points or less

And don't give me the argument that he's a running qb and that will offset his poor passing stats. VY rushed for a grand total of 125 yards for the 2010 season.

He is a head case and has the potential to split a locker room. I would be extremely disappointed if the Dolphins front office signed him.

Herzlich was a important guy to target. Too bad Ireland was busy signing a QB with no arm strength.

The Delvin signing is totally unimpressive. Actually it screws things up for signing VY and having a QB slot left for drafting Pryor.

My grand plan for seeing the Dolphins dramatically improve QB talent and add much needed excitement to the franchise, dashed by the conservative blundering of Ireland Sparano.

I'll take it. Warren Moon and kurt warner went undrafted too. plus I think identify these kinds of players is one of Ireland's strengths. More competition at QB anyway.


Love it how Armando states,

"The Dolphins apparently beat out several other teams in trying to get Devlin, including the Indianapolis Colts."

Its beghinning to sound more and more like we beat the Colts and other teams to the behind the warehouse dumpster. Anyhow, Im still hoping Devlin pulls out the miracle.

Guys, just being able to watch a "real" QB if they get Orton will be a treat. Henne is sickening to watch. I know not many of you think Orton is a big upgrade but I disagree. We make the playoffs last year with him instead of Henne. Think about the winnable games that slipped away because of Henne. Could have been at least 10-6 with just decent QB play. Put the QB thing aside, I just hope that Ireland makes a push for a couple of the better FA's. The depth, speed and overall talent level need to be improved. By Friday night, he can accomplish that with the 13 or so million he has to spend.


I'd cut C Crowder while he's at it and sign any one of a bunch of better ILBs available. Another non factor crowder is.


VY 2010: 10 td's, 3 int's, 98.6 passer rating and 5 yards a carry average. 30-18 career winning percentage.

Come on man. Dont let your hate make you try to play games with stats.

Ferg, all of the available qb's have serious flaws leading to thier availability. But if looking for most potential of upside VY may be the guy. No one's suggesting he's a prodigy right now.

However, he could possibly be a guy 2-3yrs down the road you'll kick yourself in the butt for not signing when the chance was available. When it comes to qb's, as dolfans, we've been doing this a lot over the past decade. When given a choice we always choose wrong.

A RUMOR................ FASANO WILL BE CUT .


Are you really suggesting Orton's a real qb? Pretty hilarious seeing that he finished 2010 as the 15th ranked passer. That my friend makes him a very average nfl starting qb. Henne couls easily be that this season after now having one full season as a starter underneath his belt.

Devlin doesn’t have the arm strength, accuracy and intangibles to make you think that he can be a franchise QB and he won’t be able to come in and start right away because he will need coaching up before he will be ready to take snaps from under center consistently.

There's no hate Oregon. I just see a guy who has zero leadership skills. He couldnt beat out Kerry Collins for most of his time in TN.

VY has won a total of 13 games in the last 3 seasons. That averages out to 4.3 games per season. C'mon don't be blinded by VY's college career. He's been in the league for 5 years and still does not know what it means to be a professional.


The only sense it makes to cut Fasano is if the team knows they have a deal in the works with Zach Miller. Why go into the season with a rookie h-back who's not big enough to be an effective blocker?

What if Clay sustained a season ending injury in camp?


DB, Choose wrong? It seems "we" don't choose wrong, the FO does. I went nuts when we didn't draft or then sign Brees. We also could have had Aaron Rodgers who got drafted in the 20's. One bad decision after another. However, I don't think Kolb, VY or McNabb are the answer here. I really like Orton but not for more than a 4th pick or conditional 3. He is head and shoulders above Henne. Again, I'd deal with Henne one more year if Ireland can pluck a few of the correct "acorns" for the need areas of the team.

I have 3 QB's, Orton, Tebow and Brady Quinn. I can't keep them all. I've decided to let Orton go. I like the other two better.

DB...... AGREE ........TO WORK .......

jrljr2, just got back from lunch. Simply a matter of opinion here. You think Orton is worth a draft pick, I don't. I will say that being a Miami Dolphins fan, I want them to win and I'm well aware that until the QB issue gets resolved, we're not going anywhere. We've had our chances (Matt Ryan, Michael Vick, Drew Brees, just to name a few) and failed everytime. 10 years of bad management has turned this once pround franchise into a very mediocre one. Sparano and Ireland are walking on very thin ici needless to say.

Guess there's not much reason to argue the downside to the available qb's. Serious flaws exist in each one of them. Being much younger and more physically gifted, it just seems VY would have the most upside of the entire lot.


Its all how you look at it man. half empty or half full.

I see a guy who needs a fresh start. Low risk high reward. He makes the Dolphins a better team and comes cheap.

The kid is 25 years old. Does he need to grow up some, sure. This is a parody league and talent wins games. Take a chance add talent.

VY is 30-18 as a pro. Winning matters.

Besides dont worry Ireland does not have the courage or vision to really increase the talent level at QB by signing VY and drafting Pryor.

DB, I disagree with you regarding VY. After 5 seasons, VY has yet to prove that he has the mental ability to be a top notch QB in the NFL. I honestly think he is emotionally weak. He has thin skin and cannot take constructive criticism. I hope and pray the the Fins do not make the mistake of bringing him in.

Cut Crowder!! There are a million cheaper and better options available. Also, I'd do cart wheels if we sign Miller.

I'd say Henne's chances of being an average QB are 50/50. By the way, that's not a compliment.

[Update: Devlin's arm strength is apparently questionable. He played in a dink and dunk offense and wasn't a great workout warrior, either. Now you know.]

The Colts got C kirkpatrick 6-3/305, TCU

Devlin seems good w the 10 -15 YD passes & dump off passes

Should compliment Brandon Marshall-possession receiver &
Simply The Bess-slot receiver

Devlin seems like an adequate #3 QB

G/T David Mims, 6-8/331, Virginia Union to the Chiefs

*** The Dynasty Be Fins! ***

We can all argue about who we like or dislike, but the fact remains that this team has many other flaws besides QB. We have plenty of money to take care of a couple of those spots. I say deal with Henne one more year and sign Bradshaw, Miller and a decent safety if possible. At that point, if they accomplish that, the QB is the final piece to the championship contending team. Imagine the offense with Braddhaw, Miller, Marshall, Bess, etc? It couldn't help but get better. Come on Ireland. He can do this and still be financially sound, cap wise.

any news on locke?????


Crowder aint getting dumped. His guarranteed money for 2011 is only $2.5 million. Here's his contract:

Channing Crowder

If you've read this site at all, you know what I think about Crowder. He's a good tackler and a solid player, but he's not a play-maker and he's not irreplaceable either. When it came to Crowder entering free agency, I wasn't against re-signing him but I didn't want him gone either. I just didn't way to overpay for him.

Well as it turns out, the Dolphins didn't over pay at all. Here are Crowder's base salaries over the next three seasons:

•2009: $1.5 million

•2010: $2.1 million

•2011: $2.5 million


$2.5 million for Crowder is very fair. I think the bulk of his money came in signing bonus at time.

Miami taking the acorn Devlin, undrafted QB, in hopes that

1. he is the next Tom Brady?
2. they like cheap players?
3. just to waste more time?

Vote here.

nevermind locke signed with the vikings..........we aint gonna make no moves guys..........we suck so tired of no excitement

*** The Dynasty Be Fins! ***

Derrick Locke signed with the Rams.

Thanks DB, I thought he was on TE books for much more. Still, I haven't seen him make a play in two years. I exaggerate I know but he doesn't compliment Dansby at all. Waste.

TE Weslye Saunders, 6-5/270, South Carolina- to the Steelers

Please keep in mind that it may not be a question of the individual player.

Personally, I fret that this coaching staff doesn't have the vision to get us to the promised land no matter who is under center or in the backfield or lined up at wideout.

Locke would have made some sense here, despite having both him and Thomas as rookies is risky. Nice little player.


As I said, serious flaws exist with all of the available qb's. This includes VY. However, no matter how you wanna chalk it up, VY has been selected to 2 pro bowls already. This we cannot deny.

my internet must be slow it told me the vikings..........but maybe ur right

Passed on Locke and Devine. I prefer RB's larger than my toe nail.

You could be correct #1, but if it isn't Orton, to me nobody else out there is worth it. Anyway, as I said, go with Henne again and supplement rest of roster.

Was hoping to see the Dolphins sign RB Noel Devine, 5-8/179, West Virginia, or Derrick Locke, RB Kentucky to add a speed RB.

Both are gone now.

Hopefully Nic Grigsby will become a good change of pace RB.

Jason Snelling could be a good move.


My info about Locke signing with the Rams came per twitter last night. Since that time some of these guys changed thier minds. So your info could be right if its based on what's happened as of sunrise today.

what about norwood?? that if we cant get bradshaw? keep ricky add norwood........sounds ok to me


I was really hoping to land Noel Devine too. Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

DB, I guess the bottom line is, if the Fins were to pick up VY and he were to succeed in Miami, I'd the be the first one cheering him on like a madman, to lead my team to victory.

I love the debates regarding these guys. But I just want the Dolphins to win.

where's the drew carey fan?,he should post to break up the hubbub.lol

Breed and Oregon,

for shitz and giggles this happens...we keep all draft picks pick up VY,Bradshaw,cut fasano cut crowder pick up Barnett or johnson...sign Heap to help out clay.....i say we would be a better team?

Of course, if it is true abot Devlin signing with the Dolphins, it isn't the answer either for our upcoming Football Season. I prefer Palmer(apparently unreachable) but Orton might do(if not too expensive).

current fo didnt pass on brees, ryan would have been flattened on our 1-15 team

its only 3 years since post 1-15 off season

the team has already come a long way

stop trashing 90% of what they do

i agree this fo has made mistakes in personel, schemes and gamemanagement but imo progess has been made we want to get back to competing for the big ones for a longtime

ireland is in a serious dogfight(pardon the pun, aerial battle analogy actually) right now and only time will tell how well he has done to this point and how well he does this week

i just hope ross doesnt let them trade away high picks for average players - thats basically reaching

add quality players which fit the way we play and improve positions, they've had 4 mths to plan for this!!

get it done

we're going to the po's

the jets are in decline as of now

I just have a sneaking suspicion that Ireland

Brackett sounds physically impressive as a prospect at TE.

Chisolm was a highly rated lineman until he blew his knee.

cornerback Jose Perez is small but has speed.

Until the Delvin signing, I like what Ireland has done.

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