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Dolphins to sign Delaware's Pat Devlin

He was on the radar after the draft and now a source close to Delaware's Pat Devlin has confirmed the quarterback is expected to land with the Dolphins.

Bad news for FAU's Jeff Van Camp.

Devlin, 6-4 and 222 pounds, was considered the most talented undrafted free agent quarterback available. (If he was so talented, I cannot help wondering why he didn't get drafted.)

[Update: Devlin's arm strength is apparently questionable. He played in a dink and dunk offense and wasn't a great workout warrior, either. Now you know.]

Anyhoo ...

Devlin followed in the footsteps of Joe Flacco at Delaware and has a similar history. Flacco went to the Fightin' Blue Hens after washing out at Pittsburgh. Devlin was originally at Penn State after setting a Pennsylvania high school career passing record with 8,162 yards. Devlin spent two years at Penn State.

Devlin was the first overall selection in the UFL draft after being passed by the NFL but he declined to sign a contract. Good call!

The Dolphins apparently beat out several other teams in trying to get Devlin, including the Indianapolis Colts.

this is bad for Van Camp whose agent was supposedly speaking to the Dolphins Monday. I doubt the club would bring both Van Camp and Devlin to camp so Devlin gets the nod. Obviously, we're talking practice squad or No. 3 QBs here, folks.

Interesting anyway.

[Noon Update: The Dolphins have come to terms with undrafted free agent kick return specialist Phillip Livas from Louisiana Tech. He's 5-7 and 179 pound and has run a 40-yard best of 4.37. He's on his way to South Florida today, I'm told.]

Follow me on twitter. I'm posting in real time over there and eventually get back over here. I reported at 8:40 this morning the Dolphins will be holding a practice open free to the public on Monday night at Sun Life Stadium. Mike Dee, who was on my radio show Armando and the Amigo, said the practice was meant to reward Dolphins fans and get them acquainted with their 2011 club.


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Sparano is not going to let Fassano go. He loves him. I like Snelling RB Atlanta, over Bradshaw for being more versatile and comes cheaper.

Of course you have read me pushing for VY as the top priority, then draft Pryor.

Avoid signing Bush, Williams or Bradshaw.

Instead sign a FA G like Justin Blalock Atlanta or Davin Joseph Atlanta.

Looks like I'd love to see the Dolphins raid the Falcons FA's.

I am not familiar with the LB's. I am too focused on what can make the offense better.

Not that the D does not need focus. It is easy to overlook that that D is going to face a major challenge with the schedule this year and certainly needs to improve.

Oregon, I'd like the Dolphins to pick up Carl Nicks...

i just dont see atl letting either of those linemen walk away they have been with ryan since he got there and they are both studds......but im with you id love to have either or both......i do tend to lean toward bradshaw over snelling i like his speed and burst

Wolf, no, we can't give away draft picks (3rd or 4th round), where would we draft our new possible franchise QB if we did that? Since Miami is the only team left in the league that doesn't get that you have to draft a 1st-round QB if you're looking for long-term success.

I'd like to see them make a play for Dustin James or Evan Conners. Immediate impact players.

Sometimes, I'm amazed at the comments expressed in this Blog. One guy says about a 5'7", 179lbs KR.? Another says that if Pat Devlin shows something in training Camp he might be placed in the practice Squad.?? To my highly Logical mind, these People make no sense.

can;t trade anything more than a 4th maybe a 3rd for orton. Go get VY or bulger for competition, ride this year out and draft a QB next year under a new regime if henne doesn't work out

Nicks has impressed for the Saints. I bet he signs with them. The thing about Atlanta is they have 3 FA Olinemen. They will probably sign 2 or the three starting with Dahl.

I dont know, it's all guess work.

Just sign Young and draft Pryor please.

And I have been a consistently been in Henne's corner.

I simply see this moment as a huge opportunity to increase the talent level long term at the QB position.

Oscar, like I said earlier, it doesn't take much for some people here to get excited...LOL!

If Devlin isn't forced to step in right away, he's going to be a great pick-up. He's extremely inteligent and given time to learn the offense, he'll be more like the other Delaware QB great Rich Gannon, who peaked after years in the league. If the Colts or Saints signed him, he would be their heir apparent to Brees and Manning.

Dominate you are crazy. Devlin wasn't even drafted. The chances of him ever being a starter are less than tiny. Practice squad guy, maybe 3rd stringer.


of course we are excited WE LOVE THE DOLPHINS....its kinda like hockey up there.....we have gone months with nothing and now we get real news.....this is the greatest day of the year so far

Oscar, welcome to pre-preseason. This is the only time Dolphins fans can share all their hopes and dreams without getting laughed out of the room.

So, you hear things like, "Henne will be fine, last year was a blip..", or, "Ireland's done an AMAZING job, we're no longer 1-15...", or, "we're a couple players away and I think we can go far into the Playoffs."

Obviously, these are over-excited fans. As soon as the season starts, and we start losing games, and the warm feeling of mediocrity starts oozing over the team, people will stop dreaming and come back to reality.

My goal this year is to skip the dreamstate. I'm going straight to reality. So while I may be rather dark in my assessment, trust me I'm right on point for the product that's been on the field recently.

Just withhold judgment until we see what's what (my humble suggestion). Don't believe any of this hype we're hearing. Time will tell if things are improving or not. New England will be a good test since that's the last team we played (and we all know how that went). I'm just hoping Henne stays in the entire game this time. That would be a success to me.

Following the System in place with Patience will guide the selection, not as much the name.

HaHa!, Mr. Montreal.

About Devlin,

You have to be able to throw the ball down field to be a NFL QB.

I wonder if this ability is something that can develop or if it is something that you either have or not.

Choosing the right player is when at times you can or they are not available. Players as well sometimes make choices which may not be their real choice.

Oregon, by the end of your college career you either have a strong arm or you don't. With training you can only improve slightly from there (see Chad Pennington and others)

Watch Devlins tube videos he can sling the ball he just wasnt asked too much.......system is everything for a qb

captain "reality" DC

a calm, rational, logical approach - congrats!

i do applaud (sincerely)

but long live my unrealistic emotional state

but r u hinting there's been no progress?

or realistically should we have already been in a conference game or SB by now?

don't forget this fo started in 2008

you tube videos are not an accurate source. All scouting reports question his arm. He is so great nobody drafted him.

sign Shaun O’Hara. We'll be set at Center starter and backup. Trade Berger for a donut.

James, not a big hockey fan, I just watch the playoffs...And I hate the Montreal Canadiens...And I'm just as excited as you are about football returning...However, it will take me more than Pat Devlin and Phillip Livas to get overly excited...Some people here would get excited if our next head coach would be Rich Kotite...

if we go 8-8 or worse this season the sparano has to go, if henne does not turn the corner he has to go

fans r too quick to pull the trigger

9-7 imo is progress with our schedule an divison

what result would u think is needed by sparano to deserve to stay?

I've already got the next HC lined up. Sparano needs a playoff win to keep his job. Can't have the head coach that puts the team in a coma before the game starts.


No, there's been MUCH progress since '08. But there's been little progress since '09, that's what I'm saying. The good things the team did in '09 (run game, Henne looked like maybe he could be a long-term success) reverted last year (and the bad things, namely the defense, improved). So the only thing shown in the last 2 years was how inconsistent our team is.

However, I do have some hope in me. I think 2 years in Nolan's scheme will be great for our defense. They should not revert this year. Daboll provides us with hope (since we don't know what we'll get with him). Henne was crushed to nothing last season, if he has any skills or heart at all that should give him all the desire to show everybody what he's made of, so if he EVER will be an adequate QB, I'd say this is the year for him to prove that. Marshall hopefully gets used correctly this season (and with one year on the team goes back to his old self). Bess should cruise another season. Maybe our Draft picks pan out, that's a reason for hope. I'm hoping our pass game is actually better than our run game this year (that would make me very happy). Odrick could play an entire season (would be a first) without injury, that would be nice.

As far as where we "should've been", well, above .500, that's where we should be. Yes, we were 1-15, but the next year we were 11-5, so we shouldn't have slid back that much 2 years running. We should've won 9 games last year.

That's what gives me pause. We're not as bad as our record said we were, but we're not as good as to be able to overcome mistakes (in talent acquisition, in injuries, in coaching and strategy).

So that's why I say keep your powder dry. Don't buy tickets to the SB just yet. Don't annoint Henne to ANYTHING just yet. Let it play out and see what develops. Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised. Or maybe we'll be smacked with the same old meltdown we've witnessed two years running.

i hope we do get rid of sparano........I want CHUCKIE!!!!!!

mr ross u'll never have a winning franchise if u fire a guy who gets to the playoffs twice in 4 seasons after being 1-15, he and the team need to learn how to win in the regular season and then need to learn how to win in the postseason, u need a bit of luck as well as all the talent/coaching

try to build a dynasty by being patient, any decline in results from now on w/o significant success then consider changes


My other goal is to rid Miami of fans like you who are happy to wait and wait and wait while being happy with medicority. I didn't buy the team to be happy with losers.

all fans r having to wait and none of us r happy, its been a very long wait,

change and change and change from 99 had so much success didnt it?

your next dream hc might be a complete failure for all you know, maybe worse than ts

change can make things worse as well as better

u'll never stop me being an idiot who lives on fin victories

Enjoy your 7-9 celebration bud lite after the season.

7-9 and its time for a change

I'll be happy if we have an offense that doesn't look like it's from the 50's. I'll be happy if we win the close games this year. I'll be happy if we beat all our AFC foes at home. I'll be happy if Henne throws more TDs than INTs. I'll be happy if we have more TDs than FGs. I'll be happy if the same 5 starters on the oline in Week 1 are the same 5 starters Week 16. I'll be happy if we don't lose any game this year due to special teams, and even maybe win a game thanks to special teams. I'll be happy if Davone Bess doesn't have a breathtaking year, then is traded to the Patriots. I'll be happy if we get Orton, but Henne plays so well he's just a backup all year. I'll be happy if Daboll uses Marshall for more than being a decoy. I'll be happy if Fasano looks as good as he did in 2008. I'll be happy if our defense doesn't let teams creep back into games if we have a lead. I'll be happy if Solia continues to show why we should have had faith in him and signed him last year. I'll be happy is we're not talking about changing Head Coaches (because Sparano did a great job this season).

That's what will make me happy in 2011.


im with you fella i dont care if we dont win a game i get excited every sunday regardless.....just the fact that the fins are taking the field gets me excited cause i know even if we loose there is still gonna be at least one big play that i can celebrate.

its like when i play golf......i suck by the way....but every round i hit one glorious shot or make one amazing chip or putt.....

DC Dolfan,

Doesn't look like you will be happy for awhile. By the way, do you normally consider 1000+ yard receivers as only decoys?

james, in my more delirious staes of coma i also play golf badly but enjoy the good shots as opposed to the whole 18 holes

unfortunately watching the fins there have been precious few take home moments, and u lower your standards of what constitutes a good play year by year

i just hope the fins r heading towards pro standards so we find that we get picky as to how good a td is and that d int's should be going to the house or they're boring!

but either way just feed me some wins any style

darren clarke won the open, henne and the the fins can turn it round

henne is also from Ireland! [northern(jeff)]

carilito, I certainly consider a Top 5 WR who had his worst season since his rookie year (in receptions, in yardage, in TDs) because of coaching and QB play to have had a bad year (only partially due to his own fault).

If we were talking about Braylon Edwards or some other scrub, I'd be happy with 86 receptions for 1,000 yards. But we're not, this is an elite player. He needs at least 10 TDs, at least 1,300 yards, at least 120 receptions. That would be the Brandon Marshall who's not a decoy.


dc @2.33

solid reply

what kind of powder?


Progress in 08, but not in 09?

Usually it doesnt take to long for nfl dc's to diagnose your offense when you're one dimensional. By 2010, dc's found that we had a young qb who had yet to become proficient in the vertical passing game. Diagnosis:

"Place 7-8-9 in the run box during running situations. This blitz the young qb in obvious passing situations."

It only added to the misery in 2010 when Sparano/Ireland decided to cut tie with Grove/Smiley. Then play musical chairs with the olinemen to begin the season, developing very little cohesiveness as a unit. Not to mention the injury riddle oline debacle against the Bears.

Henne or whomever is our starter(most likely Henne) will have to do a better job in the vertical pass game and against blitzes. Or we'll see similar results as in 2010. Bank on it!

Hell, I didn't write those comments at 2:08 and 2:11. However, in their reading, they make a lot of sense. Like me. Go ahead with those type of comments, Impersonator.

I'd be real happy if we didn't win a game. That would mean the following was inevitable: 1. Sparano gone 2. Ireland gone 3. A certain Stanford QB would be coming to town. I would endure an 0-16 season if those were the results of it. Won't happen because they will sign just enough to be around .500 again. Well, maybe two out of three ain't so bad!!!

Ferg, quit living in the boring stat world and follow CHARLIE SHEEN'S WORLD.....WINNING, WHERE WINNING....VY only stat that counts IS WINNING. Did i mention WINNING. OH I ment WINNING. Henne will not get it done and Orten is a bust like Henne. as fas as beating collins out fisher had it out for VY all along. He did not want to draft him blame Bud Adams for that debocale. This is not VY fault. If you dont want to work for an organization would you work there??? NO YOU WOULD NOT!!!!

Funny thing is Jeff Fisher could be our next HC. Imagine if they sign or trade for VY and get Fisher. LOL

Saw Devlin in the DI FCS National Championship game. He is real accurate and cool under pressure. This guy could lead us to the promise land one day. He is the real deal!

I just watch YouTube video of Devlin. Arm strength very similar to Pennington but...he does two things better than Henne right off the bat

He looks off defenders and hits receivers in stride for tons of YAC. Could be sleeper down the road.

I have read some really bad info from Salguero, but this one has to be at the top his long list of reported non-sense.

Before Devlin can beat out Henne, he has to beat out Brandstater. He has a hill to climb to be the starting quarterback. That said, he chose the Dolphins because he knew Henne was under the microscope and Brandstater was on the practice squad. The Dolphins are his best chance to get a chance.

Rick, I said "could be" a sleeper down the road. He'd be lucky to be a practice squad guy this year.


I don't get this fascination of trading for a 38 year old QB in Kitna. You said 'hopefully he'll have a year like last year' when he had 16TDs and 12 INTs for 2300 yeards in ten games. Good numbers but not great numbers. But he also had SEVEN fumbles and the supporting cast in Dallas is a lot better than what we have in Miami.

Bottom line....I don't get people's reluctance to trade for Orton. 20 TDs, and 9 INTs last year for 3600 yards in THRTEEN games. He's 28 years old and has starting experience in the league. I don't understand where this idea comes from that he's a 'stop gap'. 28 isn't old guys and while he hasn't won any championships, he is a smart QB that knows how to lead. That was a BAD football team he played on last year in Denver and his numbers are pretty good.

I'm still a Henne guy as most of you know but the guy to give Henne competition is right there. Give up a 3rd or a 4th for him, renegotiate a three year deal and the winner gets to hang around while our first round pick develops next year. What's wrong with that plan? It's a better plan than trading for a 38 year old QB that's bounced around.

On top of all that, I haven't read anywhere that Dallas would even consider trading Kitna. Where has anyone read that. After the season that Romo just had, I would think that Dallas would like to keep Kitna around for insurance.

Tarvaris Jackson supposedly has signed a deal with the Seahawks. Talk is Hasselbeck won't be back. He's talking to Tennessee, Arizona, Minny and Miami....


I've been posting up Devlin's name here since draft day, including just last night. Well worth a shot. Arm strength isn't great but the kid is football smart and he can make a decision to throw and commit to it.

Just finished watching Pat Delvin on Sports Science. The kid is the most accurate of all rookie qb's.

Even after seeing Vince Young implode here in Nashville the last few years, I also saw him bomb out my beloved Fins in person here.
He can fling the long ball, is semi accurate short, which means Ireland will HAVE to add speed at receiver, or VY will whine like a baby.
However, he will have a better chance of surviving behind our C+ O-line than will Orton, who is onlhy microns more mobile than Henne-tree.

Signing VY would be Good for fans, who might finally see an NFL offense, circa 21st century.

RB MUST be addressed, as Young had the luxury of Chris Johnson.

Also agree with DB, adding that Young would come with no draft pick compensation. he's no Vick, but he does seem to find a way to win. Doesn't hurt to have a great RB, though.
Sorry for the semi re-dundant post.

Same old dolphins....

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