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First round pick Pouncey's contract done

Mike Pouncey, the Dolphins first-round pick and the last draft pick without a contact, has agreed to his first NFL deal.

A league source tells me Pouncey has agreed to a four-year deal with an option that is worth around $9.3 million with all the maximum guarantees allowed by the new collective bargaining agreement.

Pouncey is expected to sign the deal by Sunday, perhaps in time to practice with the Dolphins when they take the field at 11 a.m. [Update: The Dolphins have announced the signing. Pouncey will be practicing Sunday.]

Pouncey needs to get to work. He missed the club's first two practices and days of training camp meetings.

The Dolphins are hoping he can win the starting center job and will give him a chance to do that, but I doubt they simply throw him into the first-team repetitions ahead of Joe Berger, who was the starter most of last year and is the starter so far this camp. 


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Good deal!

If there is one thing this new CBA has already done it's give teams back the ability to do rookie contracts quickly. Contract negotiations used to be harder to ink under the more haggle oriented business model.

Kudos to the NFL and players for making it happen.


Who cares. Pouncey = Bust. Stick with CheeseBurger.

Pouncey should be good in time, but he is going to get a severe lesson his first year in this division.

Pouncey rules and the fake dork fans above drool.

"...but I doubt they simply throw him into the first-team repetitions ahead of Joe Berger..."


He is a first round pick on a team that really needs a good center (and guard) and you don't think they'll just plug him in with the first team? how else will the coaching staff see what Pouncy brings to the table? Not playing against the second team thats for sure!

I just realized how much jets fans fear the dolphins, they're always here . Don't y'all have a blog of your own?







Good, glad it's done. Now he's got some learning to do. But against Wilfork and now Wilkerson for jets and Darius for bills he has a huge challenge in this division, better hold up or he'll go the same rout Satelle did.

Great!! Wait... Is Henne still the QB he'll be snapping to?

The momemt they replaced jake grove with berger the fins run game vanished. Put that 2nd stringer on the sidelines and get pouncey every snap!!! Please

The #15 pick BETTER take first team snaps.

they may start him on 2nd team than move him up as he gets the system down.

Wary Dolphins fans are not showing up at practice

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/07/30/2338395/wary-fans-are-not-showing-up-at.html#ixzz1TeJNEZWv

Read the article and unfortunately it is spot on

There is a glimmer of hope for us Dolfans but
We always hope

We really do have a lot of talented WR and NO LEADER

Yeah memorizing the playbook, having an open door coach like policy and moving in robotic rhythm and firing the football hard at times are amiable qualities but
Chad Henne does not have the "IT" factor
Fact is Chad Henne has NO IDEA what the it factor even is ? ? ?

After witnessing his performance in practices and games, there is simply is nothing more than a man (albeit astute) going thru the motions and doing his job to his best of ability

Same Chad Henne this year as last
Met & briefly talked w Henne again 1st day of Miami Dolphin Training Camp 2011
No dif, that is just hype
Vanilla Henne w a lil bit of confidence

My high school kid is also quite smart
Could spend 10 hours a day & memorize the playbook too, no problem
Could tell all the guys where to line up and which direction to go, who to block
and yell Ready, Set, Hut
He can throw tight spiral 35 YDs
Most throws are accurate
Some will be to high
Some to low but

Lets not start my kid and think he is going to win an NFL Super Bowl

He is just a nice kid
a smart kid
Who can memorize the playbook
Get an "A" in class
Show up and go thru the motions

That is what u get w Chad Henne
Shows up
Goes thru the motions

No special qualities
No aura around him
No "IT" factor
No reason to get excited

Sorry to say that is the HOME TRUE BLOOD TRUTH

Dolphins Whiffed Big AGAIN :(

Maybe he's not headed to canton, but hopefully he can provide solid quarterbacking. he's got weapons. and loosen the damn leash abit.

I like the moore pick up. he'll do more than compete for the job IMO.


Good Job Ireland....

Now....lets sign that QB....TE....and FS.....

6.5 (2) time Pro Bowler at the age of 28 w a record of 31-17 as an NFL starter was overlooked to compete for the starting QB job on the Dolphins

VY only problem was he got in a fight w Jeff Fisher
A fight cuz Young who tore a ligament in his thumb still wanted to stay in the game, but was pulled by his head coach

The competitive fire in the 31- 17 (2) time Pro Bowl QBs belly raged on

Vy got in a verbal fight w his coach, cuz he wanted to stay in the game

Somehow, the media has got u to think this is a bad thing and VY is a nut case

We could of signed VY for 4-5 million a season

Running & Throwing QB Vince Young is in excellent shape as seen w Eagles uniform on @ nfl.com

Funny Folks said the same thing bout Mike Vick as they said bout Vince Young

Last year Vick had the 2nd best QB rating in the NFL (only marginally under Tom Brady) as a pocket passer + a much better rushing record than Ronnie Brown in YDS per rush and TDS (Vick had 9 rushing TDs & almost 700 YDs rushing in 12 games)
Vick was NFL Comeback Player Of The Year

Seems Andy Reid is looking like a genius again this year (take a look at the 4 players the Eagles just signed in FA)

Vince Young as a back up on the cheap

So Vick has been to 4 Pro Bowls so far & back up VY to 2 Pro Bowls so far (not bad for a couple of discarded QBs) still playing at a high level w a few good years left ;)

Well the dolphins had their chance and did not sign Mike Vick or Vince Young
(although they did sign Marcus Vick. lol)

QB Henne, Brandstater and Moore ?
Anyone see any Pro Bowl QBs here ? ? ?

Anyone seeing any of these QBs leading their team to winning the AFC EAST this year ? ? ?

Home does not think so

Too much to read, please summarize

Yeah, lookin spot on.

If Vince Young is such a hypercompetitive guy then perhaps you can explain why he signed with a team where he has ZERO shot at being the starter barring injury. A guy hellbent on proving himself a starting NFL quarterback would not have made that decision,

Just read Barry Jackson's post (Herald) where he speculates that Crowder's headed to the Bills and Ronnie Brown's being shown some interest from the Rams. Rickey must be on a mountain somewhere meditating, I guess.

Moore and Wallace seem to be battling for the 5th WR position.

We really won't know what we've got where until probably next weekend, in my opinion. Once some of the dust settles down from Free Agency and they're allowed to practise. So, I'm going to try to not get excited either way; good or bad. I'm sure my cardiologist will be glad to hear that.


Dumb comment. The guy needed a second chance. If Vick goes down, he starts. If Vick does not go down, you can bet there will be some plays for him to get in the game. A top coach of a top team took him, so who knows more, Andy Reid or your jelly bean brain?


Expect fans to blame the lack of offense on a new system.

Expect fans to create a QB controversy by week 5.

Expect the season to be over by the half way mark.

Expect a new FO in 2012. Expect Ross to choose the wrong guy.

Expect 5 happy weekends, 11 not so happy weekends.

I traveled to the year 2157 today and the entire worlds population was required to have plastic surgery so that they resembled Charles Nelson Reilly. Also, all traditional religion had been replaced by cult worship of Telly Savalas. It was marvelous.

Vince Young has a better chance at getting e SB ring this year than 90% of the other players. Not such a bad decision.

Paul is the type of fan who will celebrate with bud light if we go 8-8 since its better than two years of 7-9. Wooohooo Paul. Don't forget the drive trhough at Taco Bell.

Ugandan Butterfly Stew Profile

White, late middle aged, divorced at least once, gay experiences at least twice, posts regularly on the blog with new incongrous names almost daily. A boring individual with no life. Has a fear of pretty women, usually goes for uglies, excessively masterbates.

Brandon Marshall told the South Florida Sun Sentinel that he has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Marshall said he received treatment in Boston during the offseason.


Yazzi, that is really old news. How about telling us the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor?

Sam, you're clearly a tad feeble-minded so I'll try to explain this in simple terms without the use of too many multisyllabic words or "big boy" terminology. If Vince Young genuinely desired to hit the restart button on his career as a starting NFL quarterback then Philadelphia would have been among the LAST places he would have opted for with Vick absolutely entrenched as the starter. If, however, Young desired the next stage of his career to be riding the pine and occasionally seeing action as a Wildcat-type option he made a marvelous choice.


You know nothing about reality. Zilch. I am guessing you are under 20 yo? I realize 32 may be a big number since you only have 10 fingers, but...there are only 32 teams in the league. There are not that many options. Many GM's are chicken sh!ts like you, afraid to risk for reward. So out of 32 teams, maybe 25% understand rolling the dice, like Belicheck, Ryan, and Reid. For VY, better to take a job with one of the best QB coaches alive, then sit out a season or play for a last place team. Philly is a golden opportunity. Only ignorant people like you can't see that and ridicule it for no valid reason other than maybe you are jealous VY makes 100 times more than you.

Print this out, if you know how, so you can study it again in the morning. Then go have your chocolate milk and get a good nights sleep. Mommy will make you breakfast in the morning.

I don't understand all these so called fans saying 4-12 or 5-11, really is this because HEnne is back cause the rest of the roster due to draft, free agency and players coming back from injury is improved from last year, and believe me Henne cannot play worse than last year and Daboll can't coach worse than Henning so the arrow is UP not DOWN.....say what u want about Ireland but outside of QB he has built a deep and talented roster in a short time

Go fins! G'nite mates.


fyi dabol was the only oc last year to coach worse than henning. if he can do it once, he can do it again. fans are skeptical after so much disappointment.

Side note Armando u don't break down training camps, u have admitted u don't know nada about draft players never seen you do a indepth scouting report on players or show any football knowledge outside of being a mouth piece for your "sources" (when google search is really your source), U don't even break stories Jeff does that...all u do is write a paragraph and say discuss..who did u sleep with at the herald

quinquan (@ 1:04 AM)

Those darn Japs....

The 'Shocking' part is that this guy will make 40 or 50 million dollars and still might someday end up barricading himself in a house and

If Henne it is this year (still hoping for Orton or Palmer) then I'll try to stay positive about our chances for success. He has had some quality wins thus far, he just has to be consistent and play this season with a chip on his shoulder. Play like he really wants to win and not like "I hope I don't mess up a shot at a FG..)

Give Matt Moore a chance. He is better than Henne. Truth.

Look at Moore's stats on a shitty team with no offensive line and no recievers. Plus no back to hand the fuggin ball to. Hell he was on his ass after every snap. He IS BETTER than HENNE. I still will take Orton everyday even if it costs a second round pick. Starks is a no go though.

I admit I hadn't seen much of Moore at all so I'll be checking him out.

I'd give up Merling and a fourth for Orton, with a chance to go up to a third or second based on performance or how far we get.

New Miami quarterback Matt Moore, who was on Dallas’ training camp roster in 2007 when Sparano and Jeff Ireland worked there, on Dolphins management: “Thankfully, they liked what they saw. The connection in Dallas definitely helped.”

Why am I not shocked over this?


My worry with Matt Moore:

Game 1 - 3rd snap of the game, gets hit, RE-INJURES his throwing shoulder.

Chad Henne is the starter for the rest of the year.

Sound familiar?

the saints had to cut bush because of cap space. we jumped and gave them our best young fs(amaya) and 2 draft picks. saints then grab sproles without giving up any players/picks. who got the best deal? we got zero for crowder and zero for thigpen. mcgahee also would have cost us no players/picks and half the salary. vince young for no picks/players. ireland has to go!

Just to recap:

- We pass on Orton, and pick up Matt Moore (who Sparano is REALLY happy with, lol). And guess where Sparano saw Matt Moore before? Yup, Dallas.

- Then we let Channing Crowder go, the intelligence of our defense. Ok, I can see that, he's injured all the time, doesn't make huge plays all over the field. And who do we pick up? Burnett right, formerly of what team? San Diego you say? Go a little further back in his history. There it is, he played for Dallas.

So, once again, this FO is simply picking up Dallas retreads. They've learned nothing. The ENTIRE league is laughing at our QB stable (Miami has now officially been titled the town of the mediocre QB). This year is shaping up to be a disaster.

Isn't Pouncey more of a natural guard than center.
Wouldn't he be able to pull a lot better than Incognito.
Incognito could be a brute at center as well.

Left side of the line and C would look very nice this way:
JL at LT
MP at LG
RI at C

Hey DC - you're wearing blue today.

greg z

What's your take on Reshad Jones?

$0.02, I'm not sure if I should be wearing aqua/orange or dark blue with a white/grey star. Is this the Miami Dolphins or Dallas Cowboys East? I can't quite figure it out.

When you see what NE has done in FA, the Eagles, Cardinals, etc, do you get a warm and fuzzy feeling over what Ireland's doing? We've gotten rid of good talent and replaced it with mediocre talent. That the new secret to success?

DC - good stuff - and you are right.

I was actually looking at your log in.
Never noticed that it was blue.

Have a great day my man!

Oh, yeah, only way I could post for some reason.

DC, this is the same MO they operated under last year with the O Line. We all know how that worked out. It seems that they cut guys(some deserved some not so much) and make lateral moves at best. This has been a terrible offseason for them. They needed so much. They've done so little. They've used less than half their Cap space and have not added one sure bet to the team. Yea, Bush is a big name, but is he a player that can carry the offense? Nope. Burnett, decent player, but they cut CC(which I agree with) and sign a guy that only slightly upgrades that position. Why not hit a HR? They need safety help, TE help, O Line help, QB help. There are plenty of options available and money to spend. Nope, more lateral or non moves and more non aggressiveness. Another 7-9 year or maybe worse. They play the Jets and Pats twice, both head and shoulders better. They always split with Bills. That's 5 loses possible just in the division alone. What is the best they will do outside the east, 5-5? They are on a track to nowhere fast. I can't believe Ireland is operating this way with his job on the line. Truly shows he and Sparano are way over their heads.



no giving up picks for journeyman orton! i think some of you are insane!! with this new rookie cap and a good crop of QB's in the draft next season the fins need to keep their picks!! if it were a bona fide franchise QB then maybe. but i'd rather make the broncos have a very hard choice on aug.. 4th. keep orton and take a 9mil cap hit or release him.

also i don't the the o'line is going to be a problem. then need to put this line together right now and keep it together. no musical chairs!!
i think this line can open holes and protect henne.

biggest hole is TE. fasano and a rookie who really isn''t a TE.

it would be nice to get a vet at safety but we have some young guys who deserve a shot.

as far as ragging dabol. yes the browns offense was bad. but the browns would have had a bad offense with martz and any of the top oc's!!!

Great! Todd Heap to the Jets.

Miami is full of stinking Jets fans. There are more Jet fans at Dolphin games than there are Dolphin fans. Shame on the Miami faithful.
If the Dolphin fan base was anything special, these jerk offs would keep their mouth shut.

These pigs are here to antagonize. There is not much you can do accept to support the Dolphins in any way you can.

True Dolphin fans are optimistic about our situation and those that are pessimistic are posers or NOT true fans! Either way we don't need the dregs of football commenting on this site - PERIOD!

Can anyone help me with a question I have about the NFL game ticket with Directv? Why can they offer the package for free to new customers, yet not come up with a way to sell just ONE team channel to keep existing customers?

The ONLY TEAM I care to watch is our Miami Dolphins! I don't care about the other 31 teams. What a way to lose business for as soon as my subscription is up, I am going to Dish Network.

PS: I am a disabled Veteran and live on a set budget...do the powers that be care? I am just looking for some answers...Thank you all and GO DOLPHINS!!!

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