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For the Miami Dolphins I'd pick .... quarterback No. 1

Quarterback No. 1 threw 20 touchdown passes and nine interceptions last year, culminating two seasons in which he threw 41 touchdowns and 21 interceptions while collecting 7,455 passing yards.

Quarterback No. 2 threw 14 touchdowns and 15 interceptions last year and in the past two seasons has thrown 36 touchdowns and 25 interceptions while his spirals have covered a total of 6,930 yards.

QB No. 1 is 28 years old, which suggests he still might have more upside left. Quarterback No. 2 is 34 years old which suggests you've probably seen him at his best already.

Quarterback No. 1 has played in a system very similar to the one the Dolphins will run in 2011. In fact, he's been in that system for two years.

Quarterback No. 2 has never played in a system similar to the one the Dolphins will run in 2011. QB No. 2 has always played in a West Coast offense.

So quick, pick one.

QB No. 1, right?

You just selected Kyle Orton over Donovan McNabb.

And the more I think about it, as the Dolphins and the NFL barrel headlong into next week's free agency-slash-trade period, Orton is becoming more and more attractive to me as Miami's logical acquisition.

We know McNabb will be available. The Redskins have demoted him to the No. 3 QB slot after he fell out of favor with coach Mike Shanahan. Geez, if you're a QB and cannot excel under Shanahan that means something's up-- but that's another story for another time.

McNabb will be available relatively cheaply -- perhaps for a fourth or fifth-round draft selection.

Orton? The Denver Broncos haven't exactly put him on the trade block. But there are whispers that are growing in volume as the league's first day draws closer that Orton will indeed be available. The Broncos seem to want to measure what they have in Tim Tebow and then decide where to go from there. Orton is a veteran caretaker luxury they seem willing to part with.

The price, contrary to popular belief, likely will not be objectionable. Perhaps a fourth-round pick. No higher than a third, I'm guessing.

So the question: Why wouldn't the Dolphins make a run at Kyle Orton? It makes perfect sense to me.

Ah, yes, the angry gallery chimes in with various complaints and yeah-buts.

He's not a franchise QB. True, he is not a franchise QB. But considering his statistics, his experience and relative youth, he would become the AFC East's second best QB if the Dolphins get him. Yes, Jets fans, that means Orton has been better the last couple of years than Mark Sanchez and that isn't likely to change in 2011 unless Sanchez improves by leaps and bounds. Beyond that, think of what the Dolphins might have done with a QB that provided the stats Orton posted last year. He threw 20 TD passes after losing his best offensive threat when Brandon Marshall went to the Dolphins.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, scored a grand total of 25 offensive TDs with only 14 of those coming from their starting quarterbacks. (Henne threw a TD vs. Tennessee but did not start that game.)

Anyway ...

As someone following me on twitter argued Thursday afternooon, Orton isn't likely to be a franchise QB because, well, those type of QBs don't historically go from one team to another. Really? Steve Young, Matt Hasselbeck, Mark Brunell, Matt Schaub, Jim Plunkett, and Michael Vick all were discarded by teams and went on to become quality starters. Kurt Warner was discarded by a several teams both early and late in his career and he will eventually be in the Hall of Fame conversation. So much for that.

Well, someone else complained, the Dolphins should not add someone like Orton because they should solve their QB issues through the draft. The draft indeed would be the right way to do it, but there is no draft planned for next week that I know of. So that argument is simply childish.

The Dolphins feel the need to do everything they possibly can to improve as much as they possibly can as quickly as they possibly can. Kyle Orton is a better QB than Chad Henne. Adding him would be an improvement. So do it!

There were will a chorus of folks saying the Dolphins would be better served sticking with Henne. That groups says Henne is worthy of that confidence because he's about to blossom. A smaller portion of that group believe perhaps the Dolphins should simply try to stink so they can position themselves for a high draft pick and a nice college QB to draft in 2012.

All of those thoughts have holes.

If Henne indeed is on the verge of proving you can suddenly become fantastic after struggling for two years, why would that preclude a move for Orton? If Henne is about to get suddenly good, he'd simply have no problem winning the starting job over Orton. And the Dolphins would then have a star being born in Henne and a competent reserve in Orton. It's a win-win.

And to the folks thinking a tank is in order in 2011 to line up for college star, I assume your last name is not Sparano or Ireland or anyone associated with the Dolphins. These guys are in the game to win. They are not going to sit around and stink so a good QB will be available to the next coach or general manager. That idea has no basis in reality so stop having it.

There are undoubtedly reasons why trying to add Kyle Orton to the Dolphins roster might not be a grand idea for the Dolphins. His name isn't Dan Marino, so I guess that's one reason. But I cannot think of many others.

It cannot hurt to investigate and negotiate. Maybe it doesn't work out. Maybe it does. Doing the work costs nothing but sweat. Time to work in my opinion.

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orton won't happen because of his 9 million salary next year and we have to give up draft picks. My pick would be vince young. He's still young and can be good for our wildcat. Face it. This year we're stuck with henne. Don't give up draft picks for a QB. Draft one next year.

Nice try Armando, but Jeff doesn't want to upset Henne's Mom. She'll stop baking cookies for him and Tony.

Good grief mando, exactly how many low draft picks are you willing to give up for Orton?

Lets keep in mind that several coaches have moved on from Orton. Why do you suppose that is?

Meanwhile V Young who you personally do not like contributed 10 td's 3 int's, 98.6 passer rating and a 5 yards a carry average 2010.

All the while for a coach who similar to you does not like him.
Also Young plays the run first style and has more career prime years but he is not a good fit in your opinion.

Orton is not Marino, but you cant think of other reasons why he might be too expensive like low picks perhaps?

I say your viewpoint is clearly slanted Mando.

I'm in. I'd take Orton over Young and McNabb and Kolb in the blink of an eye.

As I told you on Twitter. Anyone with brains would prefer Jay Fiedler right now over any other QB we've had since then. Just think about this: Do you remember how Fiedler always threw the interception to lose the AFC divisional game in the final seconds? Well... surprise, since he's gone we've always been two games away from reaching the divisional game.

And Orton is way better than Jay Fiedler. So, I tend to agree, Mando.

Just thi

Keys to success in 2011:

1.Trade every pick in next year's draft for Orton. He'll put the Fins over the top so they can make it to 2nd to last place in the AFC East.

2. Re-sign Ronnie Brown.

3. Have Ricky Williams killed.

4. Cut Brown's head off and graft onto Williams body. Now we have the ultimate two headed backfield.

5. Have Jeff Ireland address the teams before each game with the question: "Was your momma a hooker?". The team rage should carry over to the field.

6. Hire Sexy Rexy Ryan's wife to give pregame foot massages.

7. Trade Kyle Orton to wherever Dave Wannstedt is currently coaching for a bevy of picks.

8. Sign Brandon Marshall's wife to man the much needed free safety spot.

9. I'm running out of ideas.

10. That's it. I'm done.

If the Dolphins could do a trade for Kyle Orton for a 4th on Wednesday I'd do it in a heartbeat and I'm one of the few still in Henne's corner. It won't happen....

First of all I'm not convinced that the Broncos will move Orton. He's their insurance policy should Tebow not look good, not pan or get hurt. To trade him now would be foolish. they will wait and see how Tebow does in the preseason before doing anything. It could be that Orton comes available before the season or during the season but you can wait that long to make a move on him. The team needs QBs NOW and if the Dolphins go to the Broncos on Wednesday and get the expected 'no', then you have to find your solution elsewhere.

I would have no problem with Orton coming in and competing for the job but I honestly don't think he's going to be available. Let's see...

Orton and Young are both solid players who would be good additions to the team. Both will push Henne and both will serve as solid back-up players should Henne win it out. I like the upside of both players. I tend to side with Orton for two reasons; 1) he has a more stable track record (we all know Young is a flake) and 2) he played with the Beast and had some success with him. If the Broncos let him go for a reasonable price the Fins should jump on him. If not, go get Young and see if he can hold it together.

Orton sounds fine for a 4th round pick, but that's it. he no Kurt Warner or Steve Young.

Henne IMO is still the starter. His first season wasn't so bad, and he'll be better with an improved running game and better play calling. Hopefully we've upgrade our OC.

I would love to see Orton lead the Fins. I remember him at Purdue and he was very tough in the big 10. I remember another Purdue QB that won us a couple Super Bowls and another guy that we let get away twice!!

I have not studied the going expected rate for Orton, however I doubt he will be traded for anything less than a 2nd round pick.
The Eagles want a 1st for Kolb? If so Denver will want as much or more for Orton.

Orton is already better than Henne and Kolb .

You would not bring in Kyle Orton to compete with Henne.IF you trade for Orton then sign him to a nice 4 year deal and you move on.


With both Orton and Tebow expected to make big dollars regardless of who starts this season someone is gonna get traded or cut. My guess its Orton and we can then pick him up for no picks and simply sign him to a nice deal.


All the "what we should do's" aside, I have to agree.

There's a shortage of proven veteren Quarterbacks available, yet Orton's going to fall into our laps for a 4th?

The Kolb reference is right on the money. It just does not add up.

Just for the record: I'd jump all over Orton for a 4th and consider the QB question settled until the first round of next years draft.

You honestly think that Denver is going to turn to an unproven QB option and get rid of Orton for a 3rd or 4th round pick? Especially when you look at the amount of teams that will be looking for a QB once the league year starts.

Everyone points to Arizona as the destination of Kevin Kolb, but they could very well go after Orton is Philly's asking price is too high.

Orton would be an upgrade over Jason Campbell in Oakland. How about Buffalo? What about if San Francisco decides to move on from Alex Smith? What about Minnesota or Tennessee? They drafted 1st round QBs, but are they ready to start immediately? What about Cincinnati if they decide to move Carson Palmer? Is Andy Dalton ready?

And speaking of McNabb, think about this. Whether they trade him or release him, that will leave them with Rex Grossman or John Beck as their QB. Not exactly a good situation. They, too, could be looking to land Orton.

I don't understand at all why anyone would believe that Kyle Orton would be available for such a low price of a 3rd or 4th round pick.

Enough of the Kyle Orton and Donovan McNabb! You have been chewing on these two tired bones for months, in print and on the radio! Kyle Orton isn't going anywhere, and McNabb is worse than Henne, by far. You trash the idea of Vince Young whenever you have the opportunity, but get ready for his acquisition. When he does join the team, and he does impress, please eat a large plate of crow audibly on the radio, and chronicle you flavor burst in print... Kyle Orton, Donovan McNabb, geesh - tired!

Why wouldn't you take Orton over every other QB available? He's put up excellent numbers in Denver, and mind you Denver has been pretty terrible as of late. It's not fair to say 2 teams have giving up on him either. Chicago traded him for Cutler and Denver has a new regime and a young, unproven QB who needs playing time. Give up a 3rd, maybe even a conditional 2nd if you have to. Do you really want a QB in his late 30's or a QB that is emotionally unstable? Come on people!

admittedly I am not overly familiar with the 2012 draft QB's I know Luck looks good and will in all likelihood go #1.

I think we have to put him aside as the Dolphins probably will not hold the 1st pick.

As much as we all lament the state of the Dolphins the D is good and the team will win some games despite the pathetic offensive philosophy and clown HC.

That said, I like the upside of T Pryor better than any 2012 draft QB, Luck aside.

The kid is a beast at 6'5, 240, with a strong arm and elusive with his legs. I'd give it a 50/50 chance he makes an excellent pro 3-4 years from now.

3rd round picks turn out half the time anyway. Sign Young, draft Pryor.


Terrell Pryor should have gone to the CFL for a year or two.

Hang out in Saskatchewan. Stay out of Trouble. Work on his mechanics. Come into the NFL actually ready to play QB.

In the NFL today he needs at least two seasons on someone's practice squad. I doubt he has the humility to eat that kind of humbe pie.

Chicago unloaded Orton to Denver.

McDanials was so thrilled with him he drafted Tebow.

Now if the new coach wants to unload Orton, is it that hard to read the tea leaves on him? Orton is ok, but every coach that has him doesn't like him enough and goes with someone else.

Getting Orton for a 3rd pick would be a good trade. He's the guy I've wanted most for a while. he's good enough now to help the Dolphins change their losing attitude and will be an excellent mentor and place holder for 2 years for a young QB.

Then come the draft, mortgage the rest of the draft to trade up to get one of the tope qbs a la the NYJ a couple of years back.

Let's face it, the Dolphins have adequate talent at almost every position except QB. And they will never get over the hump until they get the one position sorted out for the long term.

Armando may be back, but the season is still on hold.....

NFL Players Association representatives told players in a letter Friday to "stay put" this weekend while it reviews the owners' proposed settlement and that the reps would meet Monday to discuss their options.

If a deal with a recertified union isn't in place by Wednesday, the first week of the NFL's preseason would be in jeopardy. Both sides agreed on a mandatory 15-day reporting date before the first preseason games, according to documents, and that provision hasn't been changed.

If the Dolphins ever let Henne go, my bet would be that New England would snatch him up.

Mark in Toronto -- define 'adequate talent'?

By my count the Dolphins are rock solid at WR and DL.

Their second best OLB is an unproven second round player.

Their second best OT is Vernon Carey

Their second best OG is...Jon Jerry? (second to Richie Incognito?)

Their second best MLB is Channing Crowder

Their second best afety is Chris Clemmons (whom I actually am bullish on, but hasn't accomplished anything).

Their second best RB does not exist.

The Dolphins have individual intriguing top line talent (dansby, Long, wake etc) -- but nowhere outside of the DL and WR positions is there sufficient depth to call the fins adequate.

I twill take more than Kyle Orton to get this team to the promised land.

I can't argue with the logic, if it plays out like you say.

I was thinking of Marc Bulger, and drafting another quarterback next year.

Giving up no more then a third round pic is the key, though.

Craven -- of course New England would snatch Henne up, if for no other reason but to interrograte him on the Dolphins playbook.

Of course if form holds

1) the year after Henne got picked up Brady woudl get hurt -- forcing Henne to play.

2) Henne would light it up throughing 29 TD to only 11 INT.

3) 10 of Henne's TDs would go to fellow former Dolphiin Wes Welker -- including an awe inspring 3 TD catch day in a week 7 42-10 rout of the Dolphins.

4) All of the current Henne-haters on these boards would get collective amnesia and begin ridiculing Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano for dropping the 'great' Henne into Bill Belicek's lap.

5) The Dolphins would fire Sparano and Ireland continuin their trend in favour of the team Carl Peterson and Jim Fassel.

6) And the Dolphins would use their 2nd and 4th round picks to trade up into the second round to grab a 6'5" QB from Mississippi who despite an underwhelming and work-ethic issues possesses 'intriguing' size and arm strength for the Dolphins next QB of the future.

Of course -- nobody can tell the future -- but every bullet I listed above is plausible -- and that should make Dolphins fans weep.

I'd honestly prefer vince young, but orton is the safe choice but is expensive. Both have a big chance to unseat henne.

A couple of backups/pushers would be troy smith, decent year last year in SF can extend plays and Tavaris Jackson, both cheap with something to prove

3rd string development would be UDFA Pat devlin accurate but lacks confidence. Reminds me of Marc Bulger, cant carry a team but with the right supporting cast can look good

NE has Brady and Mallet, why would they need Henne? The playbook? Belichek beat us silly last year without the playbook, not needed.

None of the above is plausible. I could see Ricky or Ronnie ending up in NE and making the winning TD's against us.

Mcnabb is the next Culpepper and Kolb is the next AJ Feeley. Please don't get those. Orton is OK, nothing more, nothing less. I'll save what I have and take Henne than use a 3/4 round pick for someone of similar production

Agree with the Mcnabb Culpepper comparison

Agreed Armanso -

I've liked the Orton option for a while now.


The safest thing to do would be to trade for Orton. However, with his salary next year, he'd almost have to be our starter. That would mean that we've given up on Henne. For a team that I honestly believe thinks Henne still has a chance to be very good, that'd be a huge risk. I am an Orton fan. I've liked him in Denver, and I think he has good chemistry with Brandon Marshall, but at this point in time, I don't see this as the most logical of choices. In a perfect world, where Vince Young would be content with sitting for a year, I'd go after him. He has as much upside as any QB that's going to be available, and he costs nothing.

For once please stop sending draft picks away!
that's part of the reason the Pats owned the division last decade.
QB- VY or Bulger (anyway henne will the starter)
RM- Bradshaw
OL- Robert Gallery & depth
That's our needs right there

...I would be all in on a deal for Orton. The problem is do we have the cards to make this call? If you think about it a second round pick for a quarterback of his quality is not a bad trade. What is the likelyhood we will find a guy in the second round that plays his position that can have the immediate impact orton would? Remember all of the quotes by those who wanted to draft a first round qb, and how they cited that the chances of success goes down by each round passed. So with that logic, Orton for a second round pick would be a good pickup.

If, and this is a big IF we decide to do this(lots of variables, such as will Denver be in the mood for a trade, or will another team have more to offer)will come into play. Remember, we aren't the only team that is in search of quarterback help. So to assume we will be the only player in a possible Orton sweepstakes is false. If he comes available, and the only offer is a third round pick. I would bet there are other teams that may have more to ante up for his services.So those who want an upgrade on the cheap should probably scratch Orton off the wish list.

Back to Orton. If the Phins decide he is the guy we need this would mean curtains for Henne as our starter. I think(and I have stated this before) that Henne is still our best option. Surround him with some more playmakers, and see what gives. These playmakers will be around weather Henne improves or does not. I know this is a win now league, and talking about another year down the road seems like a defeatest attitude. It isn't. My point is that if Henne can't get it done. The person brought in to be his replacement will be coming into a kitchen that is fully stocked, and loaded. If it is just quarterback that we concentrate on. We are back at square one as far as help for him.

Y'all are fools. Vince Young by far is the best qb out then Orrin and everyone else is a henne and this shi t about emotionally unstable is bull his stats last year crush all available qbs period

So everyone impatiently waited for Armando to come back only so they could come here and rehash the same topics already discussed a thousand times before the lockout.

It's like it never happened. Twilight Zone.

OK. Orton is now covered, lets move on to Carson Palmer now, I have that debate memorized.

Competetion between Henne and Orton? LMAO. Henne doesn't have it and never will. Orton may not be a 'franchise' QB but he's light years better than Henne.

Capt Obvious says until this team acquires a bonafide Franchise QB they will be marred in mediocrity. End of story. If I'm Ross I fire Sparano and Ireland for anything less than 10-6 to force the issue of taking one.

This problem will persist every year until the problem is rectified. A moral hazard

Funny how Mando used a "blind test", QB1 and QB2 to compare Orton and McNabb. If QB3 were Vince Young, everyone would pick QB3, even the haters who can't stand him. He's a winner. Try him, you'll like him....

Hmm...it took the owners 130+ days to come up with a proposal that 31 (1 abstaining) could agree on, yet they expect 1900 players to read it and agree to it in 3 days! This whole thing is the owners fault to begin with, in my opinion.

Orten's gonna be expensive! Besides a 3rd (or 2nd) round pick, he's going to want about $10 million to sign. So, look for Vince Young, McNabb, or maybe Tavares Jackson to be the one brought in. Whomever is the cheaper choice. Same for Running back. Bush is too expensive and D. Williams will probably cost too much too. Bradshaw may come a little cheaper.

Face it, we're going to cheap out a little in FA because they've got other needs to fill.

If we can't trade down, at 15 I think we should look at Castonzo, Ingram or Pouncey, unless Julio Jones drops to us.

Getting Pennington was a great move. He can take the reins for a year or two while tutoring Henne until he is ready to take over.

It looks like they finally got the right coach to turn this team around. Looking forward to Saban's arrival.

Would LOVE to see Orton come to Miami!!!!

And no you Henne morons tha does not mean the team has given up on Henne.

If Henne indeed is on the verge of proving you can suddenly become fantastic after struggling for two years, why would that preclude a move for Orton? If Henne is about to get suddenly good, he'd simply have no problem winning the starting job over Orton. And the Dolphins would then have a star being born in Henne and a competent reserve in Orton. It's a win-win.

Learn 2 Read!!! OK!!!!

What's wrong with having TWO competent QB's?? Though I wouldn't call Henne competent atm.


Learn to think, fool. Do you think Orton is going to accept anything other than a stater position? You think he wants to come to Miami to sit on the bench? Crazy.

He is an instant upgrade over Henne you troll Moron.

FIrst you say the team hasn't given up on Henne, now you say Orton is an instant upgrade. You have no idea what you think. It's past your bedtime...drink your warm milk and go to bed now.

Did anybody look at Orton's numbers his last year in Chicago?

After being there for 4 years he was run out of Chicago. Did he all of a sudden become good? Or did he land on a better offensive team?

Kyle Orton? Really!!!!


3 coaches have shown Orton the door. Only Miami fans who love being mediocre are begging for Orton.

Miami for years now is forever believing another teams garbage will become a star. Orton is so great Denver wants to go with Tebow.

My Guess is there gonna do what they've done the last 3 years, Who's getting released from Dallas?????????

Fist Pump City Baby...., Yeah......

AVENTURA — Could Jason Taylor take a third spin with the Miami Dolphins?

When I asked him about that in March, the greatest defensive player in franchise history said he thought “that ship has sailed” and added if he played anywhere in 2011 it would be with the New York Jets.

Friday morning, however, with the NFL lockout seemingly about the end, the veteran linebacker and South Florida resident seemed to crack open the door once more for a return to Miami.

“I appreciate the interest and the concern if there is any,” Taylor said


I'd pass on Kyle Orton. Henne has not been given enough time as the QB and these impatient fans seem to don't get it...

In fact let's look at Kyle Orton and the trade between Chicago and Denver that sent Jay Cutler to Chicago....

Jay Cutler after 3 years in Denver was one of the best Young QB's in the game. After being traded he's bee just OK and is getting better.

Did Cutler all of a sudden become a bad QB going to Chicago and Kyle Orton becomes a Good QB after getting to Denver? Or would common sense tell you it's more about the talent on the various teams?

Look at the talent Henne's had in his two years of starting in Miami....Put Kyle Orton or any QB on the team last year and I would say they might do just a little better IMO. It's not just the QB it's also the talent surrounding him.

Give Henne Michael Turner, R. White, M Jenkins, T Gonzalez and Give Matt Ryan Ricky, Ronnie, B Marshall, B Hartline, A Fasano and you all would be saying what a bust Matt Ryan is especially with the poor running game Henne was strapped with along with some really bizarre play calling.

Aloco, Are you now halucanating about talking to Mandos Boy JT?????



Posted by: ALoco | July 22, 2011 at 09:35 PM

LMAOROTF............ OOOPPPPPS I Just "Sharted"......


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