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For the Miami Dolphins I'd pick .... quarterback No. 1

Quarterback No. 1 threw 20 touchdown passes and nine interceptions last year, culminating two seasons in which he threw 41 touchdowns and 21 interceptions while collecting 7,455 passing yards.

Quarterback No. 2 threw 14 touchdowns and 15 interceptions last year and in the past two seasons has thrown 36 touchdowns and 25 interceptions while his spirals have covered a total of 6,930 yards.

QB No. 1 is 28 years old, which suggests he still might have more upside left. Quarterback No. 2 is 34 years old which suggests you've probably seen him at his best already.

Quarterback No. 1 has played in a system very similar to the one the Dolphins will run in 2011. In fact, he's been in that system for two years.

Quarterback No. 2 has never played in a system similar to the one the Dolphins will run in 2011. QB No. 2 has always played in a West Coast offense.

So quick, pick one.

QB No. 1, right?

You just selected Kyle Orton over Donovan McNabb.

And the more I think about it, as the Dolphins and the NFL barrel headlong into next week's free agency-slash-trade period, Orton is becoming more and more attractive to me as Miami's logical acquisition.

We know McNabb will be available. The Redskins have demoted him to the No. 3 QB slot after he fell out of favor with coach Mike Shanahan. Geez, if you're a QB and cannot excel under Shanahan that means something's up-- but that's another story for another time.

McNabb will be available relatively cheaply -- perhaps for a fourth or fifth-round draft selection.

Orton? The Denver Broncos haven't exactly put him on the trade block. But there are whispers that are growing in volume as the league's first day draws closer that Orton will indeed be available. The Broncos seem to want to measure what they have in Tim Tebow and then decide where to go from there. Orton is a veteran caretaker luxury they seem willing to part with.

The price, contrary to popular belief, likely will not be objectionable. Perhaps a fourth-round pick. No higher than a third, I'm guessing.

So the question: Why wouldn't the Dolphins make a run at Kyle Orton? It makes perfect sense to me.

Ah, yes, the angry gallery chimes in with various complaints and yeah-buts.

He's not a franchise QB. True, he is not a franchise QB. But considering his statistics, his experience and relative youth, he would become the AFC East's second best QB if the Dolphins get him. Yes, Jets fans, that means Orton has been better the last couple of years than Mark Sanchez and that isn't likely to change in 2011 unless Sanchez improves by leaps and bounds. Beyond that, think of what the Dolphins might have done with a QB that provided the stats Orton posted last year. He threw 20 TD passes after losing his best offensive threat when Brandon Marshall went to the Dolphins.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, scored a grand total of 25 offensive TDs with only 14 of those coming from their starting quarterbacks. (Henne threw a TD vs. Tennessee but did not start that game.)

Anyway ...

As someone following me on twitter argued Thursday afternooon, Orton isn't likely to be a franchise QB because, well, those type of QBs don't historically go from one team to another. Really? Steve Young, Matt Hasselbeck, Mark Brunell, Matt Schaub, Jim Plunkett, and Michael Vick all were discarded by teams and went on to become quality starters. Kurt Warner was discarded by a several teams both early and late in his career and he will eventually be in the Hall of Fame conversation. So much for that.

Well, someone else complained, the Dolphins should not add someone like Orton because they should solve their QB issues through the draft. The draft indeed would be the right way to do it, but there is no draft planned for next week that I know of. So that argument is simply childish.

The Dolphins feel the need to do everything they possibly can to improve as much as they possibly can as quickly as they possibly can. Kyle Orton is a better QB than Chad Henne. Adding him would be an improvement. So do it!

There were will a chorus of folks saying the Dolphins would be better served sticking with Henne. That groups says Henne is worthy of that confidence because he's about to blossom. A smaller portion of that group believe perhaps the Dolphins should simply try to stink so they can position themselves for a high draft pick and a nice college QB to draft in 2012.

All of those thoughts have holes.

If Henne indeed is on the verge of proving you can suddenly become fantastic after struggling for two years, why would that preclude a move for Orton? If Henne is about to get suddenly good, he'd simply have no problem winning the starting job over Orton. And the Dolphins would then have a star being born in Henne and a competent reserve in Orton. It's a win-win.

And to the folks thinking a tank is in order in 2011 to line up for college star, I assume your last name is not Sparano or Ireland or anyone associated with the Dolphins. These guys are in the game to win. They are not going to sit around and stink so a good QB will be available to the next coach or general manager. That idea has no basis in reality so stop having it.

There are undoubtedly reasons why trying to add Kyle Orton to the Dolphins roster might not be a grand idea for the Dolphins. His name isn't Dan Marino, so I guess that's one reason. But I cannot think of many others.

It cannot hurt to investigate and negotiate. Maybe it doesn't work out. Maybe it does. Doing the work costs nothing but sweat. Time to work in my opinion.

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DB.....I do agree.....we are in NFL purgatory.....

and because our FO refuses to address the NFL's #1 postition with abythin other than 2nd round after thoughts......we most likely will continue to stay there.....

Barring an anomally like SETTING THE RECORD for Lowest Turnovers in NFL History.....

Or Tom Brady being hurt on the 1st PLAY during the regular season....

combined with a 1sr RD WORTHY QB playing under center FOR US......its is highly probable we will be there again....

If you're a Dolphin fan who thoroughly enjoys 7-9 to 9-7 seasons. Then hell yeah, lets get Orton in here on the fastest thing smoking. The absolute max I ever see Orton ever leading any team to is 10-4.

Even if Orton leads us to 10-4, come on guys, would you really feel good even in the 1st rd of the playoffs with Orton as your starting qb?

Alright alright.
Don't listen to dem udder quobacks.
I be da answer to your prolems.
I gone deliver you from purgletory.

Well, me and my 15 psychologists.


VY is a former #3 overall pick. All will agree he isnt a bust though he has baggage. I believe he still has plenty of upside and we finally get a nfl top 3 drafted qb for literal pennies on the dollar.

VY may become the best bargain in nfl history if he goes on to become a hof calibre qb. The million dollar question is does our fo have the balls to pull the trigger on such great potential at only pennies on the dollar?

maybe j-lo could straighten vy out?


Love your optimism...and i'm trying to get on board.....I am already having small delusions of Henne becomming a top 12 QB who doesn't stare down his reciever and give away where he is throwing the ball .5 seconds in to the play...,

For a guy who tell the CB/FS/ and LB where he is going to throw the ball....he completes a remarkably high percentage of those passes in small windows.....

Thats a positive,,,,,

I want VY but will settle only for Bulger. Bulger has already fully proven he can put lots of points on the board when he has ample weapons and adequate protection.

Anything other than VY or Bulger and this regime will be signing thier own death certificates. Expect this much my faithful dolphin following friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only downside to Bulger is clearly being on the backend of his career he isnt a longterm solution. VY may be the best longterm solution and he's of top 3 overall drafted pedigree.

At only pennies on the dollar to acquire him this regime has to be hell bent on remaining at mediocrity not to pursuit him.

DB.....I got to be honest....I don't love VY mechanics....I hate his thrownig motion.....and if it wasn't for the BOWL game he would have been a fourth rd or later draft pick.....he is more a victim of opertunity...than a student of preperation.....

I know that since that game he has earned his way in the NFL....and its probably because Fisher thinks like I do that he never gave him a true chance....


I believe even Henne has far more upside than Orton. At least Henne has the arm to be great vertical passer. Orton doesnt.

What we now see in Orton is exactly what we get. There is absolutely no upside to Orton and that greatly disturbs me. But Armando seems to be happy with this.

I do remember bulger playing so well that he ran Kurt Warner out of town....but when is the last time he took a meaniful snap....i seriously don't remember....

J Fisher-
I don't believe VY will go mental if he's not the starter. He'll be on his best behavior to rehab his image (and speaking of rehab-farewell Amy Winehouse). With VY, before you sign him to a 1 year deal you explain to him-Henne's getting one last shot to start. You get a package of wildcat plays to start with, and if Henne doesn't work out, you get a chance to start. If Henne is successful, VY could seek a starters job somewhere else. Meantime, he behaves and contributes other ways. It's a win-win. He'd accept that scenario.


To a point I agree with you about VY. But he's still very young. Daboll is a qb coach. He did a fine job with his rookie qb in Cleveland last season. Had had the guy starting by mid season.

The combination of Daboll working closely with him to correct some of his flaws and a huge desire to prove everyone else wrong(redemption factor). I believe VY could end up becoming something in the middle of Michael Vick and Steve Young. He definitely has those physical tools in his athletic toolbox.

On this Im sure we should be able to agree.

The problem with Dabol is that his schemes are too rigid. Changing one little thing throws everything else out of whack. Also, he avoids going to his wideouts. I like to get the ball down field, he didn't, so I fired him.

It won't matter who the QB is as long as Dabol is your OC, you will be a dink and dunk, checkdown chum offense. But I wish you luck.

DB.....more than anything else...I want to see Henne Quarterback this team this year.....no excuses...no injuries.... no breathers......and no benchings.....if were up by 30 or down by 30.....i want it to be on his shoulders.....so we can put this QB debate to bed.......

ofcourse the next built in excuse will be....."its henne's 1st year in Daboll's offence....everyone knows QBs need 2 years in a nes system....

.......we (as an organization) would have been much smarter to either have kept Henning.......

Posted by: kris | July 23, 2011 at 03:07 PM

WTF? I never thought I'd see the day(notice how I edited your "qualifiers?")-ROTFLMAO(at myself, I'm so funny, don't you think Kris?).

When I read the article on him....i felt like i was reading a Dick Cheney Article.......just to set in his ways.....

Posted by: kris | July 23, 2011 at 03:07 PM

On a serious note Kris, this is some excellent insight on your part. I swear to God I couldn't agree more.

To counterpoint your comments on learning the new offense. With Henne and especially the younger guys playing such a big role on offense, I'm positive Daboll will have to scale back and simplify the playbook, at least initially.

What I'm hoping for is that the simplified offense and a strong defense equals some early success.

Sorta like addition by subtraction.

Ultimately, I don't care what anyone says about Daboll-PERIOD(LOL). We'll be immeadiately better, simply because Daboll is head and shoulders above where Henning and his diminishing skills were at when he was "re-retired"-AGAIN!

Henne's an unrestricted fa to begin 2012. This is exactly why a young qb(VY) with penty of upside makes even more sense to sign at pennies on the dollar finfans.

If Henne has another so-so seasons we are not shelling out big bucks to resign him. We will let him walk. Especially if there's a regime change after a poor season. A new regime would most likely show Orton the door to, or at least use him as the bridge to grooming thier next young qb to take over the starting helm.

Guys Im telling you, Orton is a 9-7 to 7-9 qb only. He insures our stay in NFL pergatory.

vy was run out of town by his coach AND his teammates, he might be able to conform for a while and he definitely has talent, my worry is that talent beats out henne but that once he has the starters role he'll go back to his old ways, people don't change that easy (m vick= jail, goodell parole, only 1 season of success since return), my impression was he wasn't trying hard to keep his last job and that probably paid better even though he knew he was close to this situation he's now in

still he might be worth the risk, i think all these qb moves are difficult to weed out, irelands got a lot of calls to make, and it depends who goes where, bottom line - we need someone to back up, henne likes to luxate his patella when playing well, if it has to be vy so be it but i'm a bulger, mcnabb man first over orton/kolb/vy

How about running backs? Bradshaw or DeAngelo?

I think I like Bradshaw better to go with young Daniel Thomas.


"The it's Henne's 1st yr in Daboll's system" excuse wont have any wings if Henne continues to miss wide open recievers deep with regularity. That isnt a systemic problem, that's a Henne isnt the answer problem.

If Henne's still staring down his recievers that isnt a "systemic problem" either. If these things continue to occur Henne needs to be out of here on the first train smoking.


i agree, if henne doesn't stat up this season it's over, daboll's system is henne's system, last chance saloon for henne, --- but he'll take it!!

DB...you're right. Henne has to be feeling the heat. It's now or never. He'll be a bench warmer if he doesn't make the most of this opportunity

Vince Young is our best option. It makes total sense.

Thats my take.


I surely hope Ireland has some pretty good reasons to pass on both VY and Bulger. Because if thier fleeting we will again be 9-7 to 7-9 and the entire Ireland/Sparano train itself may become derailed at season's end.

Based on my own knowledge of what Ive seen of the track record of all of these available qb's. VY or Bulger seems to be the absolute best direction to go. Any other direction I believe will cost Sparano or Ireland, or even both, thier jobs at season's end.

Still that equals continued pergatory as loyal Dolphin fans.


"The it's Henne's 1st yr in Daboll's system" excuse wont have any wings if Henne continues to miss wide open recievers deep with regularity. That isnt a systemic problem, that's a Henne isnt the answer problem.

If Henne's still staring down his recievers that isnt a "systemic problem" either. If these things continue to occur Henne needs to be out of here on the first train smoking.

Posted by: DyingBreed | July 23, 2011 at 03:47 PM


I'm going to you a solid "A" on this post.

Had you used the word Systematic, as opposed to Systemic, it's EASILY an "A++"!!!!

Odin......way to chop up my post.....do you work for the FOX news editing team....LOL

i keep getting a wiff of something from down the corridor in the hospital kitchen where chefs goodell and d smith r supposed to be busy , they'd better start dishing up soon as all those wiffs r making me very hungry as usual

(could be my own wolf/bull sh*t i suppose)

DB...you make a strong case for VY.....especially when you bring up the fact that Henne is in the final year of his contract.......to sign VY cheap would show some serious fore-thought on the part of this FO......since it usually appears they are in reactionary mode.....

I personnaly would rather have McNabb and the next BIG THING in next years draft.....

but after reading your thouhts on VY....I don't hate the Idea as much.....


Both are correct, just depends on how each word is used.

"systemic" means relating to a system

"systematic" means within the flow of a system.


The word on the street is Dangelo is the better back.....

and again....I go against the grain......I want Bush.......he is the ultimate compiment back.....with a feel for the prime time moments....


Tu-Mah-Toe - To-Mate-to,

We BOTH know what you meant-A+!!!!

The other back may have to carry a bigger load than bush is able. He's really a 3rd downer, but return skills would be nice too.

If DThomas hits that rookie wall mid season, we need more than a 3rd down back to compliment.


Fortunately and unfortunately we wont be terrible enough to land the next big thing qb-wise in 2012's draft. I'll also take Shanahan's word for it that McNabb's but a shell of his former self.

Shanahan's had the fortune to be around some pretty good qb's in his assistant and headcoaching career. So if he pretty much says a qb doesnt have much of anything left Im pretty willing to accept that.

So if Henne goes down to injury or is benched for poor play. Dont be shocked if McNabb takes over and isnt the upgrade many expected him to be. Mike Shanahan will be sitting somewhere with that cocky smile on his face saying to himself "I told them so."

give ireand and sparano time; they will run themselves out of town. remember when sparano sat cam wake all year to play joey porter? his excuse was wake couldnt play the run; like porter could???? too many misses on draft day and FA's for them to survive much longer.

I love Bush as a complimentary rb, but trouble is he hasnt even been able to stay healthy in a complimentary role. Reggieb Bush seems to be an injury waiting to happen whether as a starter or complimentary player.

I believe Sparano's buddy Sean Payton(Saints Coach) has fully warned him to steer clear of Bush. Because Payton and Sparano are buddies dont expect to see Reggie Bush in aqua and orange. I dont.


I agree....I envision Ronnie or Ricky Re-signing (preferably Ronnie....Less fumbles).....I know he had a down year last year.....

but with Ronnie and Thomas wearing down the defense...Reggie could have a great year and be that home run back that Ricky just can't be due to his age......


My one concern with McNabb was that Andy Reid, who I admire greatly, let him walk. Now I know why. I just have to cut my losses.

greg z,

Yeah that was pretty ironic they said they were sitting Wake because of run game issues. The Joey Porter does a complete no-show with zero tackles and zero sack against the Pats that year.

That was so funny I forgot to laugh!

reggie would be awfully exciting if healthy-anybody remember the last time "explosive" and "Dolphins offense" were used in the same sentence?


thats one way of looking at it

i think its way too early to judge ireland and his hits and misses

ts has not looked too clever the last 2 seasons, wake may have benefitted from sitting for all u know either motivationwise or learning or both

but imo he aint as bad as u imply, he is an analyser and will learn from his mistakes, give him this season and then judge


Greg Z,

Great point! This is the MAIN issue I have with SpOrano.

He's doing basically the same thing with Reshad Jones.

Factor in the "shuffling" in his supposed area of expertise, the O-line and I'm fit to be tied!


I feel like the riff between McNabb and Shannahan was more personal than proffesional....

I kind of liken it to the JJ/Marin feud at the end......

Shannahan liek JJ has a huge EGO.....and he had to blame somebody....sfter all in his mind it CAN'T be his system.....

Don't forget the Shannahan system is built on a dominat offensive line and a RB who get 4-5 yards per carry.......He didn't have that this year.....and he wasn't going to take the fall.....

Next year he will have nobody to blame but himself.....and he will retire,,,and hand the reins to his son...



Hands must be getting tired....normal typos' are getting more rampant......

Greg Z...great post @ 4:11.....the question then becomes....can Ross...or the people around Ross see this talent being wasted.....



Greg Z.....at 4:11....great post.....

Then question then becomes.....can Mr. Ross..or the people around Mr. Ross see the talented HE paid for being wasted......

Stupid double post....


I expect sometime after midseason Daniel Thomas will experience the effects of that perverbial "rookie wall" most rookies experience. I highly doubt Bradshaw chooses to come to Miami and after drafting Thomas 2nd rd it doesnt make sense they will throw huge dollars after DeAngelo Williams. especially seeing how He has problems staying healthy an entire season.

Bush has injury problems too, so if and when Thomas hits the "rookie wall" it possible D. Williams or Bush both would be out with injury at this time too. This would create quite a problem at our rb position.

Now, the Bush(Michael) who could come into play, because of the new cba. Originally the Raiders placed a 1st and 3rd rd tenure on him. Before the new cba he was a "restricted fa". He now has 4yrs in the league(this begins his 5th) so under the new cba he becomes unrestricted.

Michael Bush has both speed and power while not being as seriously injury prone as some of the other available rb's. If we could get him without breaking the bank he should be an excellent compliment to Daniel Thomas and likely available to take on more of a load should Thomas hit the "rookie wall."

You guys are almost laughable"Oh we need this player on offense" Or "we're just a couple players away" You clowns are so far out of 3RD place in the division I almost spit beer at my screen evertime I read your stupid posts., Keep up the great work down there, The Jets need 2 etra Bye weeks every year.

I'm available. If Pouncey can help open some really wide holes, I can hit them.

Jets Rule-
Go be ignorant somewhere else. What are you even doing here?


Just saying....

If we could get Michael Bush at a reasonable price. Then throw Kory Sheets into that rb rotation mix(5-8 cpg), even more carries if he proves to be a homerun hitter. This could be the best triple threat stable of rb's in Miami since the days of Czonka-Morris-Kiick.

jets rule.com

you r sooo last season

come back and laugh at the end of january

for now jets r 0-0 and haven't been to a sb for how long???????????????

say goodbye to your 2 greatest seasons for the nxt 20 yrs, only making it to the conference game

fins will get the next ring from our division!!

Finsfan.....that fool jets rule is just another of the many ALOCO Charater aliases.....he got no attention under his "usual" screen name....so he is switchin it up.....

Ignore him.....he will go away......He just wants somebody to acknowledge his miserable exsistence

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