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For the Miami Dolphins I'd pick .... quarterback No. 1

Quarterback No. 1 threw 20 touchdown passes and nine interceptions last year, culminating two seasons in which he threw 41 touchdowns and 21 interceptions while collecting 7,455 passing yards.

Quarterback No. 2 threw 14 touchdowns and 15 interceptions last year and in the past two seasons has thrown 36 touchdowns and 25 interceptions while his spirals have covered a total of 6,930 yards.

QB No. 1 is 28 years old, which suggests he still might have more upside left. Quarterback No. 2 is 34 years old which suggests you've probably seen him at his best already.

Quarterback No. 1 has played in a system very similar to the one the Dolphins will run in 2011. In fact, he's been in that system for two years.

Quarterback No. 2 has never played in a system similar to the one the Dolphins will run in 2011. QB No. 2 has always played in a West Coast offense.

So quick, pick one.

QB No. 1, right?

You just selected Kyle Orton over Donovan McNabb.

And the more I think about it, as the Dolphins and the NFL barrel headlong into next week's free agency-slash-trade period, Orton is becoming more and more attractive to me as Miami's logical acquisition.

We know McNabb will be available. The Redskins have demoted him to the No. 3 QB slot after he fell out of favor with coach Mike Shanahan. Geez, if you're a QB and cannot excel under Shanahan that means something's up-- but that's another story for another time.

McNabb will be available relatively cheaply -- perhaps for a fourth or fifth-round draft selection.

Orton? The Denver Broncos haven't exactly put him on the trade block. But there are whispers that are growing in volume as the league's first day draws closer that Orton will indeed be available. The Broncos seem to want to measure what they have in Tim Tebow and then decide where to go from there. Orton is a veteran caretaker luxury they seem willing to part with.

The price, contrary to popular belief, likely will not be objectionable. Perhaps a fourth-round pick. No higher than a third, I'm guessing.

So the question: Why wouldn't the Dolphins make a run at Kyle Orton? It makes perfect sense to me.

Ah, yes, the angry gallery chimes in with various complaints and yeah-buts.

He's not a franchise QB. True, he is not a franchise QB. But considering his statistics, his experience and relative youth, he would become the AFC East's second best QB if the Dolphins get him. Yes, Jets fans, that means Orton has been better the last couple of years than Mark Sanchez and that isn't likely to change in 2011 unless Sanchez improves by leaps and bounds. Beyond that, think of what the Dolphins might have done with a QB that provided the stats Orton posted last year. He threw 20 TD passes after losing his best offensive threat when Brandon Marshall went to the Dolphins.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, scored a grand total of 25 offensive TDs with only 14 of those coming from their starting quarterbacks. (Henne threw a TD vs. Tennessee but did not start that game.)

Anyway ...

As someone following me on twitter argued Thursday afternooon, Orton isn't likely to be a franchise QB because, well, those type of QBs don't historically go from one team to another. Really? Steve Young, Matt Hasselbeck, Mark Brunell, Matt Schaub, Jim Plunkett, and Michael Vick all were discarded by teams and went on to become quality starters. Kurt Warner was discarded by a several teams both early and late in his career and he will eventually be in the Hall of Fame conversation. So much for that.

Well, someone else complained, the Dolphins should not add someone like Orton because they should solve their QB issues through the draft. The draft indeed would be the right way to do it, but there is no draft planned for next week that I know of. So that argument is simply childish.

The Dolphins feel the need to do everything they possibly can to improve as much as they possibly can as quickly as they possibly can. Kyle Orton is a better QB than Chad Henne. Adding him would be an improvement. So do it!

There were will a chorus of folks saying the Dolphins would be better served sticking with Henne. That groups says Henne is worthy of that confidence because he's about to blossom. A smaller portion of that group believe perhaps the Dolphins should simply try to stink so they can position themselves for a high draft pick and a nice college QB to draft in 2012.

All of those thoughts have holes.

If Henne indeed is on the verge of proving you can suddenly become fantastic after struggling for two years, why would that preclude a move for Orton? If Henne is about to get suddenly good, he'd simply have no problem winning the starting job over Orton. And the Dolphins would then have a star being born in Henne and a competent reserve in Orton. It's a win-win.

And to the folks thinking a tank is in order in 2011 to line up for college star, I assume your last name is not Sparano or Ireland or anyone associated with the Dolphins. These guys are in the game to win. They are not going to sit around and stink so a good QB will be available to the next coach or general manager. That idea has no basis in reality so stop having it.

There are undoubtedly reasons why trying to add Kyle Orton to the Dolphins roster might not be a grand idea for the Dolphins. His name isn't Dan Marino, so I guess that's one reason. But I cannot think of many others.

It cannot hurt to investigate and negotiate. Maybe it doesn't work out. Maybe it does. Doing the work costs nothing but sweat. Time to work in my opinion.

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Since there wont be any courting time for free agents whatsoever. You have to believe that the available fa's have already narrowed thier destination lists down to 1-2 teams.

Management may not be able to contact players during the lockout, but I do believe players ahve contacted other players for other teams whom are on thier short list. As soon as the lockout is lifted these players will hurredly contact management so they may quickly open negotiations.

However, any trade scenarios should proceed as normal.

This is my take and it is the only one that makes sense with such a short negotiating period and players forced to have such a short destination list. It will be a very short signing frenzy. Everyone's already prepared and those who arent will totally miss the party.


Toughest assignment for rookie rb's is learning the protection scheme. As far as a rb not having the anticipated stuff. He a guy has had it all of career(hs, college, and pro) or he doesnt. There are no grey areas when it comes to pure running talent for a rb.

Unless your coaching staff is just purely boneheaded incompetent, much depends on the execution by the players themselves. Still you dont wanna have a system each and every player must conform too. The coaching sytem used should also be flexible enough to conform to the talents of some of your key players.


I dont believe our coaches in Miami are just boneheaded incompetent. But I do believe there are coaches in the league whom are better. Availablility is always the key to bringing in great coaches. Sometimes you just have to go with the best that are "available at the time" because the very best are not always available. Still I dont rate us at having even close to the worst coaches in the league. So go figure

What will be really moronic is some of these greedy agents will have some of these rookie clients holding out past preseason. The lockout has also greatly affected the negotiation process normally used by the agents and rookie clients.

I hope all of our rookies can be signed and in camp by no later than the 2nd preseason game. Time will be of the essence to these rookies trying to learn and digest the pro game. They cannot afford to miss valuable time.





Teams just figured out Orton was chucking down all day to Marshall and they stopped it. If Orton is so good, why are they going with Tebow who nobody even knows if he will be any good? Because they know Orton isn't good enough.

Moneyman..I had season tickets in '66. Joe Auer, and all that.
Have always been a fan, but I calls it as I sees it.

Overall, this may be the worst coaching staff in the history of the Fins, including Cam himself.

Undoubtedly you, along with many here suffered while Don Shula refused to let his buddy Tom Olivadotti go, perhaps, other than the lack of a true 1000 yard RB Don's greatest error of judgement.

Tony is no Bellicheat, nor even a Rex Ryan. Our assistant coaching hires are puzzling, bordering on the bizarre.

How many games in the past 3 years have we lost, not just due to Henne's inconsistent play, but to Sparano's brain fahrts, and gutless coaching style?

I'd love to wax poetic here about our prospects for 2011, but the fact is we're the 3rd best team in our own division, and I don't believe 3 teams from the same division have ever made the playoffs. (could be wrong there)

Barring a cataclysmic occurrence, the Jests and Patsies will be there.

Next year, when our star-shtupping owner gets his head out of J-Lo's posterior and fires Tony and our GM, THAT'S when the Fins will begin the long hard climb back.

Unless he hires Marc Anthony as HC.

Last night, God told me that if the Fins sign T. Pryor, next year's HC will be none other than........

And then I woke up.

ALoco there's no way of knowing which ufa's the dolphins will sign. The term undrafted "free agent" should be your clue. They are "FREE" to sign with whomever offers them the best monetary deal.

Usually they sign with both whomever offers the most money and where they feel they may have the greatest opportunity to make a squad. UFa's usually dont get long looks once in camp. So it makes sense they try and sign where they feel they may be in greatest demand.


If given a choice I would much rather have the best players and worst coaching staff in the league. Than to have the best coaching staff and the worst players in they league.

IMO humble opinion you are way over embellishing that our coaches are the worst. Nothing was more nightmarish than Wannstadt and the Cam Mueller era. I actually rate this coaching staff pretty much the same as JJ or Nick Saban at present.

Seems you forget we've won a afc east title and we've still yet to have solid talent on both sides of the ball since theyve been here. You dont just magically dig your way out of 1-15 with much immediate sustained success no matter how great your coaching staff is.

JJ was only able to do it on the heels was the well known Hershel Walker for the entire house deal. Last I check Hershel Walker wasnt on the roster when this regime arrived.

If paying careful attention, we can see where our team is slowly getting to where it needs to be. Its just for most fans it isnt nearly quick enough.

This is year 4 for this staff, meaning its playoffs or bust this season. If we can some how make it to the 2nd rd of this year's playoffs. Then all of the bad thats been said about this regime can be put to rest.

As in most all things in life, sometimes things get a little worse before they become better. Its called growing pains guys.

PS.... Had Hershel Walker not been on the Cowboys prior to JJ's arrival. I highly doubt the closest JJ would have ever gotten to a SB ring was standing next to Don Shula.

Nearly the entire nucleus of the Cowboys SB teams were built on the heels of the Walker jip deal to the Vikes.

ALoco hit the nail on the head just make sure you throw in the coaching staff included with the players. Forget about the Wildcat it sucks. Playing QB can't be easy when the staff pulls him off the field to run 2 running plays then bring him back for 3rd and 8

Yea Vince Young had a verbal fight w coach Fisher and stormed out in anger

So u never had a fight w your boss or wife or family member and stormed out in anger?

Only to apolgize later and move forward?

Vince Young also had Seven 4th quarter comebacks In 2009 VY 4th Q game winning drive went for 99 YDs) and 12 game winning drives to date

Vince Young is a two time Pro Bowler (so far) and w the right coach & team could end up in the HOF

Vince Young does have and can develop further the "IT" factor (something the Dolphins offense does not have losing 7 of 8 games at Home last season and having extreme trouble scoring points w Chad Henne)

The Dolphins already passed on Mike Vick (although we did sign Marcus Vick. lol)
Yea Vick to Marshall, Bess, Gates & Hartline
or hand off or toss a screen to DeAngelo Williams

Almost sounds unfair , Huh?

Let's not miss out on this opportunity
Esp without having to give up a draft pick and get VY at a bargain basement price

6.5 running QB & pocket passer (over 90 rating last season) VY is EVERYTHING Pat White WAS NOT!

Signing Vince Young is a must for this Miami Dolphin team

Go Phins!

i think what bothered me about henne coming out of the game with the wildcat was the fact it didnt bother henne. it would be very hard to get most NFL qb's to come off the field so easily. henne almost welcomed it.

Orton's been my favorite pick out of all the QB's I've heard mentioned. I only cooled on him because I heard he was not available.

Vince Young is a two time Pro Bowler (so far) and w the right coach & team could end up in the HOF

Posted by: Home | July 24, 2011 at 07:47 AM

Right coach indeed, But Fisty aint it....

Give Sparano a chance w o Dan Henning

Sparano & Daboll will be much better

Go Dolphins!

Give Sparano a chance w o BP

Sparano now will be much better

Go Dolphins!


I do believe Henne was bothered about being yanked off the field both when Henning called a wildcat play, or benched outright.

If I remember correctly, he had a meltdown in the coaches office, when told Chad would be starting against the Titans. He certainly didn't welcome the slights...

Unfortunitly for this youngster, he was hobbled, berated, and couldn't muster the leadership attitude required to generate the full will of his team. He was literally humbled.

Many youngins suffer this fate, but in most cases, a year makes all the difference in a mans maturity level.

I hope it is this year that Henne (and VY for that matter) grow up, and stop crying...

young is garbage. sign someone smart like bulger or palmer. the ebst thing about all this qb talk is the fact that miami finally knows henne isnt the answer. he will never start another game here.

I wish people would stop talking about the coaches that have moved on from a QB or how bad a certain QB used to be. Most QB's take a few years to get up to speed, to adjust and get good. That's just a fact. They are not all like Brady, who by the way had an excellent supporting cast around him to help in his development and transition as a starter in the NFL.


There was a time when I thought that was true (Henne would never start another game for the FINS).....It was after the Cleveland game when after he threw his 3rd pick and we ran the WC for like 7 staight plays.....i wrote..."We have just witnessed the end of the Henne era".....

But with the lenghthy lock-out.....I feel that Henne is the odds on favorite to be the starter when/if the season begins......

The NFL Players Association and the league's owners have reached agreement on the remaining points needed in their 10-year labor deal, sources from both sides said.

Despite the fact the new agreement will require a majority vote from the players, that part of the deal between the two sides is considered a formality, according to sources.

The NFLPA is making plans for a major press conference Monday. But first the player reps' executive committee is scheduled to fly to Washington, D.C., on Sunday so they can vote Monday.

Just as the NFL would not have called a vote Thursday in Atlanta without knowing it would pass in the way it did -- 31-0 with one abstention -- the NFLPA would also not be going forward without that assurance.

Adam Schefer July 24

I have a strange feeling VY will become yet another future hof'er qb on the long list of qb's the Dolphins past over to grab a dud(Orton).

Orton supporters, should we grab him I can almost guarrantee you will be amongst the first to be disappointed after witnessing checkdown after checkdown passing. You will swear it was still Chad Henne only wearing a different jersey number.

This I can nearly guarrantee because this is all that Orton's done his entire nfl career.

Redemption is one of the greatest motivators known to mankind. Couple this with a player who undoubtedly has that "IT" auora about him and in 2011 he can become nearly unstoppable.

That qb I qualify to you my faithful fellow Dolfans. He is called Vince Young, AKA VY!!!!!!

ill guarantee u kris henne isnt the starter when season starts. young hof? yes black qb hof. come on fellas get real, young sucks. orton would be much better. but id go with bulger or palmer, someone smart to pick up offense real quick.

I have already come up with a nickname for Vince Young:

VY-DEEP, Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dusty bottoms,

If Ireland doesnt go after VY, the 2nd best option that would fit what we wanna do offensively is Bulger. Bulger has proven he can be an all pro calibre qb when given adequate time and weapons.

Bulger is everything Orton isnt. Bulger is a downfield passer. Orton is an older version of checkdown after checkdown passes Henne. Havent we seen enough of this already in Chad Henne?

Uhhhhh.....Waiter...... "Check Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dust....I would take that bet....

and for the record....Warren Moon...black QB....who is HOF.....1st ballott I believe.....

Breed...that is the worst nickname in blog history......

yes dying, why i said i want bulger or palmer. no way on young though. u found one kris!!! odds are good for young,lol

dusty bottoms,

Under Orton, Brandon Marshall had those 100 plus reception season but only averaged like 12-13yds per catch.

"How long does it take one to spell c-h-e-c-k-d-o-w-n a-r-t-i-s-t?"


Many thought the notion of nearly everyone owning a home personal computer was one of the worst ideas in human history.

But you're here right now sitting in front of one arent you?

VY-DEEP, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No comments on players agreeing to new CBA?

Dear Mr. Salguero

Welcome back (to both of us)...I guess the Miami Herald realized I was serious with my threats of violence and gave you your job back.....your welcome :)

I myself have had a run of bad luck.
I lost my court case in civil court and was evicted from my home of 5 years.

There was lots of crying from my old lady and to my suprise from my former landlord...though my friends tell me my landlords tears were tears of joy....I would like to think he was just sad to see me go because he always said I was a profesional Gromphadorhina portentosa.

Now I don't know what profesional Gromphadorhina portentosa means but I'm sure it means somthing nice...what can I say, I'm forever the optimist.

After hitting rockbottom I was then handed a shovel and found myself living in a seedy little motel surrounded by Jets and Pats fans..... now thats a bad part of town.

But now my luck is changing again but this time for the good, as I was able to procure a very nice large walk in closet for rent in a single wide 20 year old mobile home.

Things are a little cramped but me and the old lady are cozy and no longer in the foul elements.

My new landlady even has a new nickname for me...she calls me a Hirudo Medicinalis...I'm sure it means somthing nice.

Anywhoo thats all for now...will write soon

Soiled :)

VY will open the flood Gates(Edmunds) in Miami.

"VY-DEEP, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Your argument doesn't hold water......especially this stuff about VY going "deep"....while your relegate Orton to "check down Charlie"

when one ACTUALLY looks up the stats......you will find thay VY has never even thrown for 3,000 yards in a season.....his BEST year was a little over 2,500 yards.....

When we contrast this with Orton HE is at or above 3,000 yards 3 of his 5 years in the league.....2 of those 3 seasons he was over 3,600 yards....with his peak year (last year) throwning for over 3,800 yards.....

Every season he throws for nearly a 1.000 YARDS better than your coveted "VY DEEP".....who that stats show.....does not go deep....

Let me look to see how many catches CHRIS JOHNSON had last year....then we can truly see who the CHECK-DOWN ARTIST IS....


Now repeat after me:

"VY-DEEP, BABY!" The more you say it the better ring it begins to have. LOL........

anyone but garbage young. bulger is the perfect fit and a free agent


I think you're trying to make a little to much sense today. Just relax and have some fun. It's Sunday, take the day off from real world logic. Just like MILK, it does a body good! LOL....

The problem with most of us Dolfans is that we get a little to uptight at time. Let's just relax and have some fun today! LOL...

dying is one strange cat

After all, being uptight isnt going to make us a better team. A headache is a very bad investment for one to make. Why wack it when you can smack it! LOL..........

Chris Johnson has has been the reciepient of over 50 CHECK-DOWN passes in 2009....and 44 CHECK-DOWN passes in 2010.....

in 2009 he turned those 50 CHECK-DOWN passes in to ober 500 yards....and with him was the success of the TEN TITANS....

in 2010....he took his 44 CHECK-DOWN passes and recieved a paultry 245 yards....and with those meager yards were the fortunes of the TEN TITANS.....D-COORDINATORS....figured it out.....

but my point is made......VY was CHECKING DOWN.....

dusty bottoms,

Its the new boxer shorts I bought. The tighty whiteys were strangling my balls.

"Free at last... free at last... Thank God almighty Im free at last!"

Im out guys, going to church, need a little spirituality in my life. See guys later, and please, just have some fun. Life's too short! LOL...

BREED....I don't post this with any ill will or malice.....

but your multiple post of VY being a deep ball man and Orton being a check-down guy got me thinking....,

and while you write eloquently and convincingly....I had to do my own reseach.....and the facts are the facts....

Its still good my internet buddy.....

next I will look at the Brocos RB recieving......

Stupid argument.

Knowshon Moreno.....RB....Denver Broncos.....

2009- 37 catches for 317 yards

2010- 28 catches for 213 yards

the facts speak for themselves....and the facts have spoken.....

No matter how hard I or Breed or anybody else.......we can write 1,000 positive post in a row for the player we WANT MOST....

The numbers are the numbers...and the NUMBERS don't lie.....

VY is the true CHECK-DOWN CHARLIE when compared to Kyle Orton.....

Orton does not have a strong arm, he isn't going to stretch the field too often. Does anyone ask themselves why Denver would release him over Tebow? Tebow who has proven nothing? Why did Josh McDanial draft a QB in the first round if Orton was so good? Why is the new coach not even giving him a chance to compete? Elway knows SOMETHING about QB's and if he and Fox are ready to let him walk, I say red flag there.

Young has far more upside. Who do you think DC's are going to fear most, Young or Orton? No argument.

Anything can happen with the Carson Palmer situation. Talk is cheap on both ends. I say the fins have him locked up IF by chance he comes available.

Not an argument Kyle Orton....its called a debate.....

no reason to be bitter.....

I say the fins have him locked up IF by chance he comes available.

Posted by: Simon Says | July 24, 2011 at 10:44 AM

Simon....that is the key......Orton isn't a McNabb situation where he WILL be cut....it is highly probable he MAY NOT be cut.....

The Broncos would be foolish to release him when Tebow hasn't proven a thing yet....he would be one heck of an insurance policy....

kris, don't bother doing the research. I'll tell you matter-of-factly, Kyle Orton is light years better than Vince Young (in terms of passing). All around play, winning, that's a different story.

Personally, I think Orton vs. VY is a tough call. Both come with some up side and also risks. In my final analysis, Orton has less risks than VY, and since I don't believe either are the long-term answer here, I'd go this year with the guy who has less risk.

Let's be honest, this isn't a SB team, probably not even a Playoff team. Once again, this is a team trying to get better. While we need stability at this position, a FA (as we well know) isn't the right way to get that. So we try to win as many games as possible, while not doing serious damage to the rest of the team. Orton is proven to do exactly that. He's not winning you any SBs, but he's a proven caretaker (and can do some good things if the stars are aligned just right).

It sucks that's all we can hope for, but that's the position this front office has put itself (and us) in.

Palmer is the only one I can see being a legitimate starter that gives us playoff potential for the next few years. Otherwise, just run with Henne this year and pickup the cheapest vet for a backup.

Lets stop trying to make believe another teams castoff is going to be our hero. We've tried that for over a decade now with ZERO success.

I keep reading this "Orton arm is weak"......somebody please post some proof of this from a QB coach who has worked with him....a reciever....past or present....i'll even take a studio "expert" words in print.....

I'm not even saying its not true....so its not an attack.....my question is...where are tse of you posting this....getting this info from....

ill say it again, with all these rumors least it tells us henne is done being the starter. they will find someone to start

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