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For the Miami Dolphins I'd pick .... quarterback No. 1

Quarterback No. 1 threw 20 touchdown passes and nine interceptions last year, culminating two seasons in which he threw 41 touchdowns and 21 interceptions while collecting 7,455 passing yards.

Quarterback No. 2 threw 14 touchdowns and 15 interceptions last year and in the past two seasons has thrown 36 touchdowns and 25 interceptions while his spirals have covered a total of 6,930 yards.

QB No. 1 is 28 years old, which suggests he still might have more upside left. Quarterback No. 2 is 34 years old which suggests you've probably seen him at his best already.

Quarterback No. 1 has played in a system very similar to the one the Dolphins will run in 2011. In fact, he's been in that system for two years.

Quarterback No. 2 has never played in a system similar to the one the Dolphins will run in 2011. QB No. 2 has always played in a West Coast offense.

So quick, pick one.

QB No. 1, right?

You just selected Kyle Orton over Donovan McNabb.

And the more I think about it, as the Dolphins and the NFL barrel headlong into next week's free agency-slash-trade period, Orton is becoming more and more attractive to me as Miami's logical acquisition.

We know McNabb will be available. The Redskins have demoted him to the No. 3 QB slot after he fell out of favor with coach Mike Shanahan. Geez, if you're a QB and cannot excel under Shanahan that means something's up-- but that's another story for another time.

McNabb will be available relatively cheaply -- perhaps for a fourth or fifth-round draft selection.

Orton? The Denver Broncos haven't exactly put him on the trade block. But there are whispers that are growing in volume as the league's first day draws closer that Orton will indeed be available. The Broncos seem to want to measure what they have in Tim Tebow and then decide where to go from there. Orton is a veteran caretaker luxury they seem willing to part with.

The price, contrary to popular belief, likely will not be objectionable. Perhaps a fourth-round pick. No higher than a third, I'm guessing.

So the question: Why wouldn't the Dolphins make a run at Kyle Orton? It makes perfect sense to me.

Ah, yes, the angry gallery chimes in with various complaints and yeah-buts.

He's not a franchise QB. True, he is not a franchise QB. But considering his statistics, his experience and relative youth, he would become the AFC East's second best QB if the Dolphins get him. Yes, Jets fans, that means Orton has been better the last couple of years than Mark Sanchez and that isn't likely to change in 2011 unless Sanchez improves by leaps and bounds. Beyond that, think of what the Dolphins might have done with a QB that provided the stats Orton posted last year. He threw 20 TD passes after losing his best offensive threat when Brandon Marshall went to the Dolphins.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, scored a grand total of 25 offensive TDs with only 14 of those coming from their starting quarterbacks. (Henne threw a TD vs. Tennessee but did not start that game.)

Anyway ...

As someone following me on twitter argued Thursday afternooon, Orton isn't likely to be a franchise QB because, well, those type of QBs don't historically go from one team to another. Really? Steve Young, Matt Hasselbeck, Mark Brunell, Matt Schaub, Jim Plunkett, and Michael Vick all were discarded by teams and went on to become quality starters. Kurt Warner was discarded by a several teams both early and late in his career and he will eventually be in the Hall of Fame conversation. So much for that.

Well, someone else complained, the Dolphins should not add someone like Orton because they should solve their QB issues through the draft. The draft indeed would be the right way to do it, but there is no draft planned for next week that I know of. So that argument is simply childish.

The Dolphins feel the need to do everything they possibly can to improve as much as they possibly can as quickly as they possibly can. Kyle Orton is a better QB than Chad Henne. Adding him would be an improvement. So do it!

There were will a chorus of folks saying the Dolphins would be better served sticking with Henne. That groups says Henne is worthy of that confidence because he's about to blossom. A smaller portion of that group believe perhaps the Dolphins should simply try to stink so they can position themselves for a high draft pick and a nice college QB to draft in 2012.

All of those thoughts have holes.

If Henne indeed is on the verge of proving you can suddenly become fantastic after struggling for two years, why would that preclude a move for Orton? If Henne is about to get suddenly good, he'd simply have no problem winning the starting job over Orton. And the Dolphins would then have a star being born in Henne and a competent reserve in Orton. It's a win-win.

And to the folks thinking a tank is in order in 2011 to line up for college star, I assume your last name is not Sparano or Ireland or anyone associated with the Dolphins. These guys are in the game to win. They are not going to sit around and stink so a good QB will be available to the next coach or general manager. That idea has no basis in reality so stop having it.

There are undoubtedly reasons why trying to add Kyle Orton to the Dolphins roster might not be a grand idea for the Dolphins. His name isn't Dan Marino, so I guess that's one reason. But I cannot think of many others.

It cannot hurt to investigate and negotiate. Maybe it doesn't work out. Maybe it does. Doing the work costs nothing but sweat. Time to work in my opinion.

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Simon @ 10:52 AM.....that we can agree on.....it should be Henne or the draft....lets groom our own....

Simon, there's a very good reason a new Coach would choose Tebow over Orton (and, by the way, who says that he does, I haven't heard Orton will DEFINITELY be available).

But, the reason is, ALL new coaches want THEIR guy at QB. That's why Beck had no chance when the Trifecta got here, that's why Baltimore put Flaccco in right away, that's what new coaches do.

So to say Denver choosing Tebow over Orton is some kind of signal that the guy is awful is just a misreading of NFL personnel issues. To me it says both Chicago and Denver didn't feel Orton was a franchise QB, and as soon as they acquired a QB they did think fit that role, they got rid of Orton.

The Miami Dolphins don't have anything CLOSE to a franchise QB, and by the way, don't even have an adequate backup. So, in THAT situation, Orton fits like a glove. He might not be a franchise QB, but he MIGHT be a whole lot better than Chad Henne, and that's the point.

DC....if the choice is between Orton or Young.....then I am on board with you....I think it should be Orton....for the reason's you stated.....but when I had that with actual....factual data.....he is hands down the best....choice.....I think what was lost in the VY Orton debat is this........the same thing we give give Henne a Pass for.....is the the one thing we haven't even considered when debating these 2 QBs.....


VY had the best RB in football....the dolphins don't.....they gave VY Randy MOSS.....we do have Brandon Marshall.....

Orton lost Brandon Marshall....and went on to have a carreer year....and Moreno....while he may be up and comming....he is NO CHRIS JOHNSON.....nobody is......

Orton clearly did more....with less


It would not be only the new coach letting Orton walk. The previous coach showed lack of faith in him by drafting Tebow and creating a QB controversy, and, Chicago didn't see him as good enough either so packaged him up in an up trade. Just look at how many times we tried to believe someone elses mediocre QB would be our star, time to give up on that approach. As a backup, fine as long as the price is right (reports say he will be expensive) and who knows if Orton will accept being a backup at what should be the prime of his career. I'd rather spend this season seeing if Henne can step it up than replacing him with a QB that is at best marginally better.


They gave VY Moss is not really a convincing argument. That same Moss was severely underperforming and kicked off two previous teams in the SAME season. BM of 2010 was far superior to Moss of 2010.

Someone forwarded me this from the bleacher report but after reading the full article, there are conflicting statements about his arm strength. So I withdraw my comment on that point.

The verdict

Kyle Orton doesn’t really have a long track record in the NFL but what there is suggests he is a decent quarterback that was on a poor offensive team. His poorest games came when he was pressured by the opposing team and that pressure was made worse by his ankle injury.

His arm is average by NFL standards with good accuracy when he is allowed time to throw. Given the targets he had in Chicago he had a reasonable career so far.

Orton is a good QB with several yrs left. Not to mention he's a leader on the field. IF the Dolphins can rangle him away from Denver for a 4th, by all means get him.

If i was running the dolphins I would give Henne 1 more season and if he cant get it done I would do whatever it took to trade players picks whatever to get Andrew luck mark my words he is the next NFL superstar QB. the dolphins are not poised or ready for a legitimate playoff run Andrew luck is the real deal look at his stats, and watch him play! would any of you trade all of your draft or even a star and a couple of picks to get your hands on a young Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, I would! Just saying give Henne another year and do whatever we can to get luck!

The season finally looks like it approaches!!! (if the players don't flop on doing their weekend homework)

The Orton vs VY vs Status Quo debate rages on.

I am personally in the grab VY camp. He simply is the youngest with most upside. Already has a snazzy 30-17 NFL winning percentage. Can do damage with his legs when plays break down or TSs less than stellar OL breaks down.

Like it or not we are the most successful and involved Wildcat team around. It started failing when teams new ahead of time we can't really throw out of the formation. From what I know RB Daniel can throw some and VY can throw on the run. I'm not saying the brass will even lean on the WC offense a great deal this year but some different plays could be sprung with VY n Daniel on the field. THE MAIN REASON VY SHOULD BE THE CHOICE IS SIMPLE... if Henne or VY are NOT stepping up to become the answer this year, then we have full draft picks a available to package n move to get a franchise type QB in 2012s draft.

Orton costs draft picks which is why he is my second choice. He is still young and seems to be a better game manager than Henne already. He has history with BM and stats with low Int vs TD ratios. I would want Orton for a 4rth or lower but I fear Denver is thinking 2-3 range.

We seemed fully handcuffed being without a 2 (for BM trade) in 2011s draft. I don't want that to be the case when I feel very strongly that it doesn't matter what scenario plays out this year, Ross will be looking for a franchise type gunslinger to help sell tix in 2012. New coaching staff or not.


PS. I didnt even dignify Status Quo( ie keeping Henne and Thiggy as twoain options) with a response. I think that is a ticket to failure and cause heads to roll.


I can almost guarrantee that with Orton we are still a 9-7 to 7-9 offensive team. I cant for the life of figure why Orton supporters cant see he's only an older version of Henne.

Like Henne, Orton's never been known for his deepball accuracy. If he were dont you think "ALL" of us would know about it by now? We know of Manning's, Brady's, Roger's, and Brees', deepball accuracy dont we.

Cant believe some of the same people who say this is now a high flying passing league are still trying to validate Orton. Orton's passing game is "low flying" at best. Low flying insects need duck for cover!

dying anyone is better than henne


2005 GP 15 CMP 190 ATT 368 CMP%51.6 YDS 1,869 TD 9 LNG 54 INT 13 FUM 6 QB RATING 59.7

2007 GP 3 CMP 43 ATT 80 CMP% 53.8 YDS 478 TD 3 LNG 55 INT 2 FUM 1 QB RATING 73.9

2008 GP 15 CMP 272 ATT 465 CMP% 58.5 YDS 2,972 TDS 18 LNG 65 INT 12 FUM 3 QB Rating 79.6


2009 GP 16 CMP 336 ATT 541 CMP% 62.1 YDS 3,802 TD 21 LNG 87 INT 12 FUM 3 QB Rating 86.8

2010 GP 13 CMP 293 ATT 498 CMP% 58.8 YDS 3,653 TD 20 LNG 71 INT 9 FUM 1 QB Rating 87.5

Career GP 62 CMP 1134 ATT 1,952 CMP% 58.1 YDS 12,774 TD 71 LNG 87 INT 48 FUM 14 QB Rating 79.6

Chad Henne:

2008 GP 3 CMP 7 ATT 12 CMP% 58.3 YDS TD 0 LNG 19 INT 0 FUM 0 QB Rating 74.0

2009 GP 14 CMP 274 ATT 451 CMP% 60.8 YDS 2,878 TD 12 LNG 67 INT 14 FUM 2 QB Rating 75.2

2010 GP 15 CMP 301 ATT 490 CMP% 61.4 YDS 3,301 TD 15 LNG 57 INT 19 FUM 1 QB Rating 75.4

Career GP 32 CMP 582 ATT 953 CMP% 61.1 YD 6,246 TD 27 LNG 67 INT 33 FUM 3 QB Rating 75.3

See for yourselves. Henne outperformed Orton in both 1st season as starters. Really blowing him away in CMP%.

Orton plays only 3 games his 2nd season. Still both Henne and Orton's numbers are comparatively close in both thier 3rd full season as starters in every area except INT.

This is my prove that Henne and Orton are very comparatively the exact same qb's except for the INT #'s. But I expect Henne to improve in the INT dept as his career grows longer. So why the hell do we need Orton when we already have the younger version in Chad Henne already on our roster?

Been trying to tell you guys Orton is basically an older the Henne now I have posted the facts.

Henne even threw for far more yardage than Orton in both first 2 full seasons as starters. Seems to me even Henne has more upside than Orton.

It would be silly not to explore the option of getting VY, we will be needing two QBs. Thig will not be here so If we can get Palmer, VY, and Henne I think we would be safe. RB - A Bradshaw or D Williams, TE: Z miller or K boss, WR: S Smith (NY) or Santonio. QB and RB will cost. VY will be a steal

dont care about stats. anyone that has seen both play know orton is much better, and that isnt sayin much. henne is horrible

Orton may be one of the league's better qb's but I have serious doubts he'll ever be mistaken for an "upper-echelon" qb. We can virtually assure ourselves of remaining "average" at our qb position just by keeping Henne alone.

Guys, we dont need two just "average" qb's on our team. This is all I see happening by adding Orton. Henne cleans up his INT ratio and we have nearly the exact two same qb's. Only Henne may have slightly better upside to Orton.

Dusty Bottoms I guess you dont care much for championship trophy either. The number of Lombardis a team wins is a "STAT" too.

Numbers dont lie my dolfan friend. I know we're all a little frustrated and just wanna see our team win again.

I agree with DB, I just don't see any Qb minus Palmer, Hasselback and maybe Ncnabb (i like Bulger but he is another Pennington)that would outright take the #1 Qb from Henne, VY has that potential and fits the scheme that Miami runs, without breaking the bank. Orton has had several teams to prove it and he just has not nailed it down. I hate to say it but were not going to get Luck, there are team that are in worst shape than the Phins, so we should really try to get the best QB available which is Palmer.

bulger best fit for fins

Orton is no more than an average QB at best. No better than Gus Ferotte. If he was a FA he might be worth a shot....Definitely worth a draft choice...McNabb is going downhill fast...He will not be happy unless is the starter...Neither QB is worth it...Dolphins should stick with Henne and find a reliable backup with potential to start (Bulger?) not an outright replacement....It really cracks me up how some folks clamor for desperate moves. If you want those kinds of moves then let's bsck Wannstedt and Spielman,

henne will never start another game for us


Damn Mando you've already changed your mind! What happened to Palmer as your pick?

armando you are flat out wrong on orton... if ireland wants to add a qb that requires a trade there are only two names to consider. if the bengals will not come back to earth with dealing carson palmer than the dolphins should send a draft pick to the cowboys for jon kitna. kitna would cost much less than orton and he has an equal if not better skill set....NO ORTON!!!

Armando Salguero, I agree with you this time because I feel that Kyle Orton definitely is the best option available to Miami at this time and I have no doubt that Henne would not be the opening day starter if that where to occur! In fact, it also wold mean that Henne's days at Miami would be numbered too! Wow, I'd love to try Orton at quarterback because I'm tired of losing too! Go Miami!

Armando has come to his senses and realizes Ireland aint spending a 1st rd pick for Palmer and pay the high price dollars wise too. Palmer's had decent offensive talent in Cincy and still has failed to lead them beyond the 1st rd of the playoffs.

Theres noway I can feel good about calling a qb an upper-echelon qb when he has at least 2 4-12 season or even one. Peyton Manning or Tom Brady would never go 4-12 even if they had to play with the sanitation crew on offense.

Where Armando gets his far out ideas if beyond me. Checking facts and stats before writing some of this crap is just too time consuming for him. He rather revert to youtube highlights and try to sell us a bridge.

If I werent such a loyal and diehard finfan I would wish all of the Orton supporters got thier wish. Once they get to see how just plain ordinary Orton is to watch over an entire course of a season, then they'll regret.

You guys watch other players on other teams highlights on espn then automatically think they're the best thing since sliced bread. I only wish you could watch these same players over an entire course of a season just like you watch your own.

Then you would realize some of these guys are no better, some even a little worse than your own. You guys live in such small bubbles of isolated fame when it comes to other team players.

VY is the QB the Fins should pick to have an open comp with Henne. That way you have a fire built in competiton AND don't have to drop draft picks to pick the QB up.

If ANY QB FA or traded for didn't have warts, they would not be available.

Vince Young is young.

Vince Young is cheap.

Vince Young is a proven NFL winner. 30-17.

Vince Young has the talent to pressure or pass Henne in a QB race.

Vince Young has had episodes and outbursts with his management. Some are similar to BMs antics before arriving in Miami.

Peole talk about how VY can't be a back up, if he can't outshine Henne then he needs to check his ego and play second fiddle. He doesn't like it, Sparano can hit the eject button if VY starts becoming a negative.

Each and every one of the other QBs are either too old, coat too much, are too similar to Henne or are not the right fit in Miami.

DB, I like some of your arguments about Orton but the one thing I can't get past is "Orton is just like Henne but with lower Ints". The flip side way to say it would be Henne could be like Orton IF he could stop throwing Ints. Those that believe in Hennes upside say with all these new OFF draft picks plus what FA brings, he will produce better numbers. As a NON Henne believer I say, rotsa ruck hot lod. Henne is and will be journeyman type. He will always make just enough mistakes, errant throws, Ints, non reads, etc to keep Miami middle of the road. DB, that's just my take. Orton is better than Henne. How much will remain a mystery unless he comes to Miami in my humble opinion.

I am one of the most positive people you will ever find but, thine eyes do not deceive me...even with a whole draft going to fetch Henne help, if he is QB, we don't make the playoffs. It's not about hating on Henne.

When the season comes I hope we can win 'em all is what my heart says. The realist in me thinks it will be a long, steep hill for the Bifecta and our beloved Fins.



Nobody gets the big picture here. These QBs that are out there all have just as many reasons to doubt them as Henne does. It's like buying used tires for the car. We tried Culpepper, AJ Feeley, Gus Frerotte, Thigpen, Pennington and more as band-aids on a bullet wound - it doesn't work. Stay with Henne and give him this year to turn the corner. Then buy a college football preview magazine- there is a bumper crop of quality QBs entering the draft next year- Barkley, Moore, Griffin, Wheeden, Keenum or mabye better with a little Luck? Still prefer Orton? Rex Ryan hopes so.

#1 NEED DeAngelo Williams then #2 get Matt Hasselback!!!

No it does mean anything if mcnabb hasn't gotten along under Shanny offense. Listen this guy won the bowl because of Terrell Davis Period. Elway would still be winless if it wasn't for TD rushing. Shanny been living off those bowls for years now. You can't sit there at tell me that Grossman and Beck were better than him.

The main problem with VY is his leadership skills, which he completely lacks. Even if he were top talent, he would get depressed and cry after his first interception..

I still believe Bulger makes the best option, and still has 2-3 good years left. Besides he made a great job helping develop Flacco at Baltimore, speeding up his release and decision making

I still believe Bulger makes the best option, and still has 2-3 good years left. Besides he made a great job helping develop Flacco at Baltimore, speeding up his release...

Though not an Orton fan, & I still beleive in Henne. I took teh tiem to evaluate him & stats since CHicago days. With varied WR's he has been a productive accurate QB, kinda Jay Fielder like with a bit more size. Out of teh Free agent QB crop thsi year . I'm sold

I will take Orton. He is a gun slinger.We will never win with Henne.

agree 100 percent carlos. bulger should be the guy

I like the idea of Orton. He has not been flashy in his career, but has been steady. He actually did a fairly decent job at Chicago (I believe his rookie year) when he took over sometime during the season. Again not flashy, but steady. I actually would not mind seeing it happen.

Sign Justin blaylock from Atlanta and bradshaw from giants. Sign Lockette and Locke as UDFAs. Try to trade John Jerry for 6th round pick and use that pick on pryor. Henne gets his one more year to start and see if he is future. Coaching staff gets a year to look at Pryor to see if Barkley, jones, or luck is a need in 1st round next year.

Rob in OC, I'm back and I agree! Orton is my 2nd choice....

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