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Live practice blog and Orton may still hear Miami's who

First things first: Please check out my column from the pages of the Miami Herald this morning. It discusses how ugly the Dolphins looked as a football team at their first training camp practice Friday and why. It also tells you why there is good news on the way.

It also tells you that there still could be great news on the way. And the great news is that, contrary to many reports, the Dolphins have not completely closed the door on Kyle Orton.

Once you get done with that, head back here to the comments section because I will be live blogging the Dolphins 11 a.m. practice -- as I did yesterday.

See you in the comments section.


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Well, now you see why i mis-read it, you tend to lean toward insulting people who dont agree with you Kris....

just sayin.

Tee, last 3 years yard per attempt for Orton were 6.4, 7.0, and 7.3. Looks like better than Henne don't you think.


Thanks for staying with us. You are very respectful on this blog. And respected. Good stuff pal.

I still feel, even when orton gets here, or If", Henne ha a good chance of beating him for the job.

After further review, Orton has never appeared in a playoff game. Is that what many of you really want to give up at least a second round for?

Thanks Best... I will stick around, most of you are good to talk and debate with.

how come everytime ireland makes a move the team gets weaker????? no real qb competition again???? gave away our fs amaya for a part time player who misses alot of games???? reggie bush is the celeb ross wanted to sell seats.

What time does practice start?

Jake Delhomme has appeared in several playoff games, would you rather have him. As I said football is an ultimate team game without a defense you're not going to appear in the playoff's. And Denver's defense has been terrible.


You say the deal for Orton isn't dead but doesn't the $1.5 million roster bonus he received complicate things even further?

I am not so sure that YB is over the hill. You have to slow those very fast TE's at the line and Misi did a poor job of that last year.

If I had to take a guess, I would say probably mist of the teams looked twrrible in their first practice yesterday after a lengthy lockout. Plus the Jets got screwed yesterday, so it WAS a good day!!

11:am, Did we sign Gates yet ?

Michael, you have a great point, The same point should be given when reviewing Henne's resume of work, especially last year.

And we were close in many games, refs took the Pitt game from us.

Just sayin, Henne NEEDS to get better, but last year the o-line and coaching are a distant 1 and 2 of our problems.

they indeed do look better but lets consider for a moment the last 3 years were Ortons 4th, 5th and 6th year in the league and Hennes first three. Did not play the first, wasn't intended to play the 2nd and I mean really we were just bad all around last year on the offensive side of the ball.
Again, I am NOT opposed to bringing in Orton but to acually think he is our franchise QB for the next 5 years is laughable, almost as laughable as what we would possibly have to give up to get him.


the pats - an organisation i and many others respect and teams aspire to emulate

bb regarded as one of the finest hc's of all , his coaches and attitude held in high esteem

tom brady always voted top 5 qb at the very least


sustained success,

also the pats ability to turn has beens into their former selves

will this last forever


The pats r not improving -they r not winning sb's they're struggling in the postseason


whilst there is every likelihood that those 2 naughty children he has taken under his wing will behave like angels it is just POSSIBLE that the magic will start to run out

he's taking bigger risks than usual , bordering on reaching because of their postseason failures

talk is cheap, this time of the year its easy


if we and other teams can get to the qb and imp the d just a little,IMO this is the season that the pats do not go 14-2 but only 10-6 and begin their return to the chamber of mediocraty

so sayeth the wolf

If you watch tape on Matt Moore you will realize that he is much beter than Henne was last year(goes very well through his progressions, quick set up and release, etc.). No Orton, I believe.

Brian Brohm would have better choice than Matt Moore. That just tells you how bad that choice was. Of all people why Matt Moore ?


Any news on signing Pouncy? I thought the new CBA had an rookie salery cap. How hard could it be to sign your first rounder when there is a limit to what they get!


Tee the Dolphin defense allowed 20 points per game last year. A full 10 points per game better than Denver. The defense kept the Dolphins in games last year. Henne was TERRIBLE in the last 2 minutes last year.

Mando what do you think the posibility of going after Miller or a big wide out like Malcolm Flloyd or Randy are? Think i m in the severe minority ok with the QBs Henne has this season to prove it and if not what ever no one out there has the skill set to pass the Jets or Pats if Chad cannt. Then get Landry Jones or nick Foles and off to the races with our stud. The 6th QB next season will be better than the top 5 this yr combined



Micahael, you are right about henne in the last 2 minutes.

But what your not acknowledging is that Ortons o-coord let his qb play naturally.

It was b marshall, d bess and even ricky that said coaching tried to control all that henne did and did not let him play naturally, wouldt that indicate in the last 2 minutes they even tightened the muse on him?

Not saying that IS the case, but really could be....

I'm not opposed to starting Henne, and I think going out and getting another impact receiver would help Henne. I'm not a big Edward fan, but he, or Floyd would really help him. And I'm a Hartline fan, his speed is underrated, he's a 4.45 40 guy, that's not slow by any means. In fact that's really pretty good speed.

Dude I don't dispute Hennes problems last year, the entire offensive unit was a joke last year. Everyone knows that, we built this team to be a rushing beast and we couldn't even run the freaking ball! We ran the DUMBEST plays I can ever remember seeing anyone run. How many 2nd and 10s to go did I end up seeing become 3rd and 12s because we bust out a wildcat play? Then put Henne in a crap spot to try and get us out of it but dont actually call a play that goes over 10 yards. Sure Henne struggled and he looked lost at times. Short of P MANNING there isnt another QB in this league that would have flourished in our offense last year.

I think we are straight on the reciever front, I like our WRs. A big play TE would be nice.

can someone tell me how henne looked yesterday? did he miss many passes? Mando what kind of blogging is this that you don't give us details about the practices

Matt, I heard the Dolphins sent S Jonathan Amaya to New Orleans PLUS undisclosed multiple draft picks. I heard to sixths, one in 2012 and another in 2013 but that is not confirmed.

Why don't the Dolphins announce it?

IDK. Pretty dumb.


Pretty Dumb?

Oh Geez, here we go again................

What's the deal with Malcolm Floyd any chance we might go after him????


Henne was average. Nothing more. I give him a break because he doesn't have his full compliment of weapons.

He's also not fully versed in the offense.

Asomugha to the Eagles (instead of the Jets) was the best trade we could get yesterday afternoon. Let's wait and see if the Broncos can afford Orton, since Mike Brown won't deal Palmer. If nothing gets done, we could get Andrew Luck next year with the first overall pick...

WOW, one of our best special teams players and two 6's?

and we could of had sproles for loosing no picks?

I like the Bush move, but far less now if that is true.

Thanks for the update on Henne, Mando

Even if henne was sub-par at best. That doesn't excuses his emotionless, robotic play... We need a clear leader that has a voice at the very least.

the rooks all have a base pay level but the guaranteed money and bonus can be negotiated within a slot of sorts. still not too much room to haggle and he should be signed real soon - i bet pouncy will practice today or tomorrow.

The Dolphins are on the field.

ugh, robotic play is a rsult of a player not playing naturally and trying to play like someone is telling you to.

His leadership skills have improved dramatically according to others at the voluntary workouts.

Jake Long will not be practicing again today.

Let's put things in perspective, most 6th rounder don't make the team, and Amaya wasn't going to beat out any of our safeties. How many 6th rounders the the Dolphins picked are still with the team.

Wow indeed!

It's our second day of training camp and people keep on babbling about Andrew Luck.

We'll have all off season for that, GEEZ!

Get in the GAME PEOPLE!!!!

Henne has the physical tools to be a great qb. Seems to me Henne's greatest problem is between the ears. Doesnt seem he really believes he can be a great qb.

Until he truly believes in his own abilities henne may always be a qb with great tools and of average abilities and perfomances. Even totally stinking up a joint at times.

Does this remind you of a guy we already know?

Nate Garner, Kory Sheets, Lydon Murtha are present but cannot practice for CBA reasons.

Hey guys, some of ya'll have compared Henne to Brees their first 3 years. Here's something to think about. Compare Orton's first 3 years to Henne's and see who was better. All I'm saying, Orton like most QB's, the light does not come on until their 4th year. Therefore, I say give Henne a chance.

Lex Hilliard is also here but cannot practice.

Db, you make a great point, but we have no clue if he believes it yet, he had two seasons and lst year in a failed system.

That is why he does not deserve the bashing YET. This year if he poops the bed, let him have it.

Now, give him chance... good post db.

If we manage to grab Miller and Huff with the aquisitions we already got with Burnett and Bush I would have considered this an amazing FA for us


You gave us very little practice news then bailed on us early yesterday. Will today be a repeat performance from you?

Mando, any other QBs on the radar? Flynn?

Is their truth to us trading hilliard? If so we need to sign Brown, I think we need Brown now... :)

Forget Luck, first if the Dolphins tank the season it a slap to the face of anyone who bought a ticket, and the reputation of the team. Second there are too many teams that are just worse than the phins that have a better chance for the number 1 pick, how would you like to be a Denver, Buffalo, Jacksonville, Carolina, Seattle, Cincinnati, or Oakland fans.

Agreed Poizen. When healthy, me likey Ronnie B

Dishpan please no more unproven qb's. Im still having AJ Feeley nightmares!

Clyde Gates is not on the field.

thank you mando. I bet the offense will look better next week.

Lol, DB. So you're saying don't bring in Beck for another go?


Trade Hilliard? what would we get for him, a jar of butterflies?


Please no Beck. Shanahan's talking him up for trade value. I wont believe Beck can become a nfl star qb until I see it with my own eyes. LOL...

I must say Brandon Marshall looks trim.

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