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Live practice blog and Orton may still hear Miami's who

First things first: Please check out my column from the pages of the Miami Herald this morning. It discusses how ugly the Dolphins looked as a football team at their first training camp practice Friday and why. It also tells you why there is good news on the way.

It also tells you that there still could be great news on the way. And the great news is that, contrary to many reports, the Dolphins have not completely closed the door on Kyle Orton.

Once you get done with that, head back here to the comments section because I will be live blogging the Dolphins 11 a.m. practice -- as I did yesterday.

See you in the comments section.


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braylon never scared me when we played them, although he beat us a bunch.. he also drops way too many passes




Mando, if FA ended today for the Fins, wouldnt you say it wasn't successful? How significantly have they upgraded themselves as opposed to to the Jets and Pats?

Just an option DyingBreed, but at this point they need to bring in anyone who can excite the fans. I try to make it to at least one game a year, even from where i live but if Henne starts, i will sit this year out. Tired of getting my heart broken ...

You cannot compare henne's stats to brees Bradshaw aikman etc in their first couple years, those quarterbacks Bobby mentioned at least looked like they had potential and threw downfield without fear even with the their mistakes, Henne looks like nothing more than a backup who detests throwing downfield and only has comparable stats to those quarterbacks because he checks down 90% of the time

VA FIn Fan " He has no expectations will feel no disappointments " :)

No that is what Hyde report as being what he had heard. The hypothetical was weather hyde would do the deal. Which he said he wouldn't, something I agree with with.

Im out guys. Armando's 2nd consecutive same lame practice coverage in 2 days. Have a great day!

Mando get your arse off NFL Network and update us Jeez

Just seems like this team has enough talent to be competitive, just need a real QB at the healm to lead it. Same daggone deal we've been dealt for the past ten years.

id do that boone

Just got off the phone with Jeff Ireland and he stated to me that Orton deal is as dead as cold mackerl. ORton wants Kevin Kolb money when Kolb isnt worth Kevin Kolb money. The Broncos as of this morning have already given Orton his roster money 1.5 mill and will get an additional 2.5 mil Friday next. So this deal is over. Speculation, speculation, speculation. This is the word from on high. :-) just say'en.

Armando training camp reports suck, football knowledge similiar to a doorknob, just good for a entertaining rumor or two, I see him as the reporter version of that hot chick with no brain or substance, iam out

LMFAO at this team. Epic offseason fail. I guess they still havent learned the post 1999 lesson. Was last Dec vs Buf, Det, and NE that easy to forget. So they add Moore to compete with your robot qb??? WTF How could anyone support this joke of a cfl team?

Oh yeah I forgot now they have a guy who was good in college but has never eclipsed 600yards in one of the best NFL offended. Good luck.

Omar Kelly is updating practice plays via twitter Looks like every few minutes.




Maybe the fishes should relocate to Canada where they would have a reasonable shot at winning a playoff game.

In Mores defense he has never had chance to play full season and was also playing for Carolina , come on cut the kid some slack

Ouch, teddy. Daaaaaaaannnnnng


Have you ever seen Henne wearing handcuffs? The bloggers have been stating Henne had handcuffs on in Hennings offense. Henning had said Henne has always had downfield options.

Can you settle this "Henne had handcuffs" rumor, speculation, conjecture for once and for all?

did denver ask for starks?

Tourtured!!!! Welcome back lol!!!

moore threw for 300 yds against the bucs and vikings.......with 6 tds and 2 oicks.......before he got a concussion......sounds pretty good



Enjoy getting pumped by the Pats and Jets. Maybe sexy Rexy will suck on your toes if you are nice to him.

Come on Tony give the players a big old fist pump and get that 5-11 season going. LMFAO.

Ummm according to the Denver blogs yes they did ask for Starks and a 2nd

not true james. he only had 5 tds and 10 ints last year. guy is awful

Teddy...When you see Armando reporting you think about Hot Chicks?

What happens to you when you look at Jeff Darlington?

I'm worried.

Lobo, fo reals player???????

hops and barley, 100% wrong. The fans wanted Drew Bree's head on a platter. You only say that because you didn't follow these QBs early on. Just like every fan I am sure you follow your team and ignore teams that are not doing well. The fans absoulutley HATED Brees his first actual 3 years. HATED HIM with a passion. You only started paying attention when he finally started to do something. And again, most Football people, not some dude on a blog, agree that a QB needs the 48 starts to show if he is the man or not.

2009 Carolina 7 98.5 85 138 61.6 1053 150.4 7.6 8 2

Matt Moore stats for 2009

My bad, I had heard it on the radio show bout 30 mins ago and thought that was what he was referencing.

either way, its too much, send them a 3rd and merling.

ireland is doing his job, not overpaying. there is no rush on this, even if orton comes in now he wont be able to practice till the fourth

Orton will be a Dolfan, when the deal HAS to get done.

errr, dolphin.

donpaizon I say a 4th and Merling , no more than that

Maybe I should relocate to San Francisco or NY so I can now get married legally

Sorry I heard the entire interview, Hyde did say that they DID ask for Starks. And you may see it in a Hyde column tomorrow.

well no way on starks. let them release kyle and then sign him


Wish I shared your optimism, but I saw all i need to see of Henne last year when he was benched for Thigpen. I remeber the camera panning to him standing all by himself on the sideline, and I knew he was done.

That was the hypo, donpaizon I say a 4th and Merling , no more than that.... That's what O Kelly asked. My bad on the hypo.

I agree, 3rd or 4th.

Ireland is having a damn good offseason.

Brought in the speed we needed with bush, without having to overpay in a bidding scenario had he hit FA.

Upgraded with Burnett over Crowder. Resigned McDaniel.

And he will get Orton at what should be a good price.

The Kolb trade didnt help, but he will get it done.

all these free agents signing, and all the dolphins got to show for this so far is an injury-prone running back(ala ronnie brown)- a third string quarterback and a 1 round pick that hasnt been sign, drafted 15 in a YEAR WHEN SALARIES have been reduced 100 percent and he is still not signed-this team is becoming a joke

dusty it is true im referring to the year before when he had his full complement of weapon ala a healthy steve smith and 2 rb

This guy has to be the worst, most clueless, whiny ass, sports reporter on Florida. At least the guys at Palm Beach Post arent a bunch of sky is falling chicken littles, and can be objective, along with having some knowledge about the sport. Anybody who watched Miami last year, and thinks the QB was primarily to blame for the offenses problems, simply isnt capable of grasping the bigger picture. No run game, porous line, no speed threat, superstar receiver throwing tantrums in between dropped passes etc. along with game planning and play calling much more suited to Pop Warner than the NFL, and yet all Armando and his minions can do is blame the QB. Clueless.

Sorry again, lol, the hypo was Merling and a 2nd. Typing too fast.

Best website for nfl rumors

I really don't understand why everyone is saying the defense is set now. How do you figure? Our secondary scares the living crap out of me. Vontae is starting to get it but Smith is ridiculously inconsistent and it never fails that he will give up the big play. Even if we do get Will Allen back on the field who will be our nickel. We need another solid corner to protect the other half of the field. Now to safety. Not yet sold on Clemons as he tends to give up the big play and sometimes takes the wrong angles when in pursuit of making a tackle or going into coverage. Hes got great height and speed and I hope this is his year but not ready to say the defense is lights out with him back there yet. Now on to YB. I love YB his ability to go in and stop the run have superbly helped the Dolphins D these last few years but he has unfortunately lost way to much in the speed category. He was given responsibility of covering TEs last year and just could not keep up. They had to make changes to their cover schemes to protect Yb from having to cover a TE because he just could do it. So I'm afraid he will have to lose his starting job in order for this d to really be the beast everyone has been saying it is now because of a cut and a pu. Maybe Reshard is ready and Clemons is too. Then we have no problem at both safety spots. Maybe Smith is going to become a shut down play making corner. With all the young players on the D it's hard to make a call on how good they will be this season. These young guys all have great potential and if they all pan out it will be fun to watch for quite sometime to come I'm just not ready to crown them at the top of the class yet.

"Dolphins’ return to football I witnessed included too many check-down passes, a handful of mishandled snaps, and not enough eye-popping plays to suggest good days are ahead."

Exactly. Same team as last year with no upgrade a qb. Unproven rookie at RB. Lame duck coach. New oc with zero OTAs. Your season is already over.

Does Mando actually get paid by the Herald?
"live blogging" my a**
He's probably in a corner somewhere rubbing one out to a picture of Carson Palmer.

Latest rumors all over the NFL including FINS

Those of us with opinions about Henne as our #1 QB won't have to wait long to confirm them.

just go give Orton guaranteed money. for petes sakes you paid Gibril Wilson, Berger, and the other scrubs that didnt pan out. and make a run for Z. Miller. Fasano cant catch or block hes a scrub

does anyone know of a blogger who is actually at practice an dgiving constant updates and analysis? i dont care if its a newspaper or professional journalist or not - just somebody that is actually there who is real time live blogging!?

The NFL Players have recertified as a Union.

Don't think we can afford Orton AND Z.Miller

what's this I hear about Jon Kitna coming to Miami?

Andrew Carter from Sun Sentinel is there twittering as well

Orton will be a dolphin, it has to work out my comment is whats this rumor i hear about Zach Miller becoming a Dolphin..... If that could work with Orton that would be magical.


I think the signing of matt Moore was a diversion because the contract couldn't have been a lot and I'm sure they wouldn't mind to pay whatever it is they guaranteed Moore, just to get orton. Smart move if it is what they're trying to do.

Your right we probably cant afford those two. But this front office has to be creative with how we structure deals. The jets make miracles happen when it comes to cap space. our front office must be horrendous.

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