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Live practice blog and Orton may still hear Miami's who

First things first: Please check out my column from the pages of the Miami Herald this morning. It discusses how ugly the Dolphins looked as a football team at their first training camp practice Friday and why. It also tells you why there is good news on the way.

It also tells you that there still could be great news on the way. And the great news is that, contrary to many reports, the Dolphins have not completely closed the door on Kyle Orton.

Once you get done with that, head back here to the comments section because I will be live blogging the Dolphins 11 a.m. practice -- as I did yesterday.

See you in the comments section.


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And one of the best cornerbacks in football told my Jets to drop dead while we were restructing contracts and losing Brad Smith. 44 years without a Superbowl, here we come

Ross is flying to Miss. to get Brett Farve


Not sure if you are still around. Why no talk of anyone pursuin Zach Miller? To me he is one of the prizes in FA. Any chance at all that the Dolphins could get involved with talks on this guy? I has heard that he was UFA. Do I have this wrong?

Also, where might the Dolphins go next? I'm not sold on Braylon Edwards but I do like Malcolm Floyd. I'm guessing it's a pipedream they would even get involved for this guy. Where might they look next? OL for depth? Any chance Bell might get chopped to free up some money?

You still on here?


Just went through this entire blog. Whay even have it if you are not gonna tell us anything about whtas going on on the field. No sense being there. Give us some play reports. Please.

Mando. Anyway we can trade back and get Amaya back??

Latest news in the NFL....great site....alot of new posts

LP, it's not a matter of just signing Orton, it's a matter that Denver wants a 2nd and Randy Starks for Orton.

Noooo way Denver gets a second and Starks. A conditional 4th that could turn into a third is the most they should get.

The new CBA is a hard dollar cap the Jets had to let go of Braylan Edwads, and Brad Smith to get under the cap to sign some of their free agents. You have to cut someone to be creative. They also cut several linemen.

According to NFLDRAFT update, dolphins possible landing spot for TE Zach Miller

koamisi, Amaya is a 4th string safety, why even talk about him. You can find a special teamer to replace him anywhere.

The Jets took a huge step back this free agency losing much of that team to free agency and cut backs looking forward to seeing them struggle this upcoming year.


latest in Free Agency

michael i was relying on the denver post article which says that trade hinges on years and guaranteed money for Orton.

you have to give Orton guarantees why else would anyone sign on with a team that has a lame duck coach and front office. Ross in a novice owner mistake last year through these guys under the bus. who would commit to a coach/gm that might not be there after a year?

Denver has no leverage.
Their hands are tied, they cant go out and sign anyone to improve their league worst defense until they clear up cap space.

Jets have had a much worse free agency than us
losing brad smith and braylon and cromartie, LT ain't getting any younger, their offense is abysmal, their defense will always be a rex ryan defense, but we can take them

Dear Ross and Ireland, please do not sign Kyle Orton, thank you.

Another great live blog, lol

...A second round pick, and a above average player is fair market value at this point for Orton. The only reason that I say this is because of the Kolb deal. Look at what the Cards gave away for a guy that has won 3 games in the NFL. It is a case of we got screwed because that trade went down before we could pull the trigger on Orton. You cannot blame Denver 1 bit. They must believe their guy is if nothing else a proven player. Kolb on the other hand has some things to prove.


LP you're wrong, on the 4th when the CBA goes into effect by the reclassification of the Union, all dead money goes off the books for every team. That means they can keep Orton. In addition they game him a 1.5 million roster bonus years day. They needed to trade him prior to giving him that 1,5 mill.

so how much cap room will denver have after the 4th?

Here you go LP Their cap situation will also improve markedly next Thursday, when the NFL's 2011 league year belatedly begins. Peter Ruocco, the league's senior vice president of labor relations, confirmed Thursday that all dead money — money amortized from the contracts of cut or traded players — will come off the salary caps of all NFL teams in the new league year. That will clear roughly $17 million off the Broncos' books and put them well under the $120 million cap.
This provision of the new collective bargaining agreement was first reported locally by the Mile High Report, a Broncos blog that quoted the relevant portion of the as-yet- unpublished CBA. It will ease salary cap pressure on a number of teams, but few more so than the Broncos because of their high player turnover in the past couple of years.
In effect, teams were permitted to dump all their dead money into the uncapped 2010 league year, when there were no rules governing the amortization of signing bonuses. Salary cap figures provided to player agents by the players' association presumed those cap rules would continue operating through the uncapped year, but Ruocco said they did not. Those rules resume with the new league year, but dead money from players cut after June 1 don't show up on team caps until 2012.

thanks mike. i wasn't aware.

Orton will be paid 4.4 million no matter what, according to the Denver Post. And as far as fair market value, just because Arizona is dumb and gave Kolb a ridiculous deal, doesn't mean the Dolphins should follow suit and give up a second and a decent player for Orton. Everyone will moan come next year how bad we need a 2 if we give it away. Keep the picks, give Henne a couple more weapons, we have plenty of cap space, and if it don't work, use are number one next year to draft a QB.

2 things are working against this trade, one, Denver really doesn't need to do it right now, and 2, their asking price is out of the question a 2 and Randy Starks.


Latest in Free Agency

What if we traded for Osi umenyiora? is Starks expendable then? or maybe trade Osi to Denver because he fits the 4-3 scheme better

All this hoopla over a QB who's never won a playoff game????

Guys careful. There are guys on here who take offence to you saying anything bad about the Jets and/or Patriots. It's deemed to be negative and bitter.

The fact of the matter is you are right one the money! You're just not allowed to talk about it on here.


It's a little unfair to say 'Orton's never won a playoff game'. He played for bad teams in Chicago and Denver. Tom Brady wouldn't have won a playoff game playing for those teams because they wouldn't have made the playoffs.

Why would we trade for Osi, why would Denver want him. Geeeeez

Craig your right. Osi is a 4/3 end. Both Denver and the Dolphins play 3/4 defense. He wouldn't fit in either defense.

Ireland better have an Ace in pocket.

Sorry Bobby that you think you know exactly when I started knowing about brees and aikman and so on but I've followed college and pro football for 35 years and I knew exactly who they were and saw them play on both levels so I'm not 100% wrong just because you disagree with me, but then again you've always acted like a 3 year old lunatic when anyone on here disagreed with you especially when you said Marshall would never come here remember

Hello, I am Mr. Tip Top and I certainly enjoy the festive gaiety of this site, especially the playful antics of Mr. ALOCO. So delightful!

I would like to take a scented bubblebath with many of you, but especially with Mr. ALOCO!


FREE AGENCY..........Latest NEWS

hops and barley, yep im sure you watched every single second of Drew Brees in his first 3 years. In fact your so amazing you probably have 16 TVs and take in every single game, every single second since you have such an enormous brain and ego to match. I remember people HATING Drew Brees and trying to run him out of town, but I'm sure I am wrong because YOU are just so amazing. Thanks for your great knowledge oh master-bater

BTW, Former Cleveland Browns scout Russ Lande, now with The Sporting News, said this summer that Moore is "perhaps the most intriguing QB available this off-season. If he gets back to his pre-injury form, he can develop into a very good starter in time."

Gusy I'm not sure what the argument is cause I haven't been following but bobby is in fact correct that Brees struggled his few years in the NFL. The team took it upon themselves to draft his replacement, Phillip Rivers 4th overall (yeah I know, they actually drafted Manning, but let's not get into that). They were very down on Brees and the fans wanted him gone. It wasn;t until I think his 4th season when Brees was in the fold that the light came on.

Bobby try decaf bud it's not the same as regular coffee but it may help you a little. Your welcome

I dont want to go after anymore qbs lets ride with what we got......Henne can be a great game manager,he has skills......lets build this team around him maybe miller or edwards to give him more weapons.....resign ricky........grab a lineman.......save our draft picks.....build for the future


Latest news

Isn't John Fox switching it to a 4-3? I'm just being bored and throwing random crap out there, I'm just saying Giants want to get rid of him anyways, I'm just thinking of situations where I would be okay with them trading away starks

I was a volunteer @ practice yesterday. And all I seen from Henne was check downs. And # 42 fumbled. Which means we need another running back. That was the knock on him.

for every one Drew Brees you have a thousand scrubs whose light never turns on.

Not a pass, not a run, not even a boo recorded in our live feed. I'm very sad about that mando

New team in Plax race chek it out

JCD do you know who 42 is, because Thomas did practice yesterday because he only sign his contract yesterday.

Dont care about Plax race Emilio take ur advertising elsewhere please.

Sorry Thomas did not practice yesterday. Is what I meant to say.

Everyone struggles in their first couple years, its how you look while you do it. Manning struggled as well but you always knew he would be a great qb. Brees never looked that awful in S.D. Henne looks awful and makes some of the most horrible decisions a qb could make at horrible times in games. So he doesn't have the look of an NFL qb. I think that is the problem everyone has with him, at least that's the problem I have with him. I guess if he had made progression in his second year I would feel better but he regressed horribly. So we need a significant upgrade that is not named Matt Moore.

hops and barley, try not changing (hiding) your name daily then I will know who not to speak to anymore. And I only drink Cuban Coffee so decaf is out of the question.

armando blows

i can carwe less takeafterme....site has news on fins and every rumor going on just informing...or u can be ignorant like the dolphins regime


The problem is that guys look at Moore and they look at the stats last year and they automatically say he is garbage. It's a completely uneducated comment. Look at the team he played on last year. The wee hopeless!! The coach was a dead man walking, they'd let some key FAs walk away, they'd drafted poorly and they hadn't added any FAs. On top of that they had injuries to guys like Williams and Smith and guys on both lines. What QB is going to do well on a team like that. It was like our team when we went 1-15. Many of the guys were mailing it in every week. What QB would do well in a situation like that?

Nobody is saying this guy is a starting QB in the NFL. I don't believe they brought him to be our sole answer as a backup. I believe there are other plans. But under the circumstances he's not a bad guy to have as one of our three options at QB. He's got good size and a decent arm. To look at his numbers and write him off as some guys have is ignorant.

Henne has had some pretty good games and has shown some bite as a pup. My main problem with him is his ability to lead a young team and have them actually believe in him. He is an awe shucks guy doesn't seem to have any passion for the game win or lose. Maybe im just used to Marino and longing to find another QB like him Manning and Brady. They all have fire and confidence. If Henne had that I think a lot of us would feel differently about him including myself.

Question ? I remember when Reggie Bush entered the league he wanted to wear #5 and he was told he could not because he was a RB. I would think the same would go for #8. He was wearing #8 today and also shows on the roster as #8. So A. Can he wear #8 ? and B. If not could this be a message to Orton of some sort ?

You mean an awe shucks guy like Eli Manning who lead the giants to the Supper Bowl. Or an awe shucks guy like Aaron Rodgers who did the same for GB.

When a guy makes a TD Henne runs down the field and congrats him. When Manning is in the same situation he just leaves the field and yet he is one of the best..Henne is a lot like the composure of Manning. Not suggesting he is an elite QB yet just saying after watching Henne in Michigan the guy plays hurt and does have a lot of passion!

WTF happened to Mando?????

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