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Live practice blog and Orton may still hear Miami's who

First things first: Please check out my column from the pages of the Miami Herald this morning. It discusses how ugly the Dolphins looked as a football team at their first training camp practice Friday and why. It also tells you why there is good news on the way.

It also tells you that there still could be great news on the way. And the great news is that, contrary to many reports, the Dolphins have not completely closed the door on Kyle Orton.

Once you get done with that, head back here to the comments section because I will be live blogging the Dolphins 11 a.m. practice -- as I did yesterday.

See you in the comments section.


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Not talking about Eli, but his big Bro


whats ur sportsmonster.blogspot.com/ saying about braylon edwards

Henne for 2011!!

Mando bailed on us again!! lmao!

sportsmonser.blogspot = not good

Manning is an awe shucks but he is a Manning and his defense was a solid group of veterans when he won his superbowl that could lead the team for him we on the other hand have zero leadership to get the guys going. Rodgers on the other hand is no awe shucks he down right gets pissed when something goes wrong he does have passion Henne has zero none zilch.

Armando is checking out the NE Patriots websites.
That is his favorite team.
He's also available up there on "Twitta."

Braylong going to Vikes most likely....need to replace Sydney Rice......Dolphins arent in the running

The reason why so many QB's have made deals is because they are not as good as Orton. None were any good.

It doesn't matter who our starter is, I will support him. I will never admit they are not good enough. I will slurp him dry with pleasure.

Really no leadership from Jake long, or Carlos Dansby, or Randy Starks, or Y Bell. you should tell them that. Just like Eli, the defense can lead the team here. There are lots of QB's in the NFL that have Henne's demeanor.

Right no leadership on Henne's part....how about this.

Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel reports that offensive tackle Jake Long and quarterback Chad Henne have set up the workouts at Nova Southeastern University’s athletic facilities in Davie, Florida.

Kelly reports that Henne and Long aren’t expecting the participation level to be high. But some people think the participation level to be zero.

http://www.blogger.com/stats2.g?blogID=4325886764733576408 Kevin Burnett is a very athletic linebacker with good straight-line speed and above-average agility, body control and foot quickness. He has to work to keep his pad level down to leverage blocks and can get swallowed up when trying to step up into the hole. He tends to give ground rather than squeeze the play down and could use additional upper body strength. He gets good depth in his pass drops but looks a little tentative in route recognition or is not great when it comes to reading the quarterback's eyes.

Yep thats right michael no leadership from any of them the are veterans but I dont see them pumping up the team to get back in the game. Maybe they do it behind the scenes when we cant see it but I sure as havent seen it at any games or on the tv.

Sure Henne has no passion for those folks who only look at his mistakes and the things he does. Watched Henne for 4 yrs every game he played in and what saw was a combination of a composed, confident QB with a lot of passion. Henne gets knocked around a lot by the fans. However he has all the records at Michigan, that includes Brady, etc. Give the guy a little support he may surprise with this new system!

Question ? I remember when Reggie Bush entered the league he wanted to wear #5 and he was told he could not because he was a RB. I would think the same would go for #8. He was wearing #8 today and also shows on the roster as #8. So A. Can he wear #8 ? and B. If not could this be a message to Orton of some sort ?

The only passion Henne has is a Passion fruit iced tea from starbucks.

You know LP you are so wrong most of the time. Unbelieveable. You're not even funny.


man this is the worst training camp coverage I've seen in years from both herald and sentinnal. Miami dolphins.com usually has the videos of the interviews with players and the coaches but not this year. This sucks

takeafterme, Henne is not there to pump you up when you watch TV. He's there to be a professional.

The only passion Henne has is a Passion fruit iced tea from starbucks.

Posted by: LP | July 30, 2011 at 03:09 PM

Oh, what a delightful treat that is! I think of sitting on the veranda on a sultry Summer evening with that "special person" and sipping it slowly through a straw.

Thank you, Mr. LP for mentioning this heavenly nectar.


Since you are right all of the time, why are you wasting your time on this blog? Go find a GM job somewhere.

p.s. that joke was lame, but jeez i don't understand this love affair with Henne. last year the excuse was he had no receiver, so they went out and traded for Marshall, Henne is still ineffective, the O-line wasnt that bad in pass protection. we stunk it up because they cant run block.

Have to agree with Craig-

Whoever ends up as our QB, Henne, Orton or anyone else- I will support him and cheer him on and hope for the best.

Anyone who doesn't can go root for the stinkin' JETS!

Been a fan for 40 years and not gonna stop now...

Question ? I remember when Reggie Bush entered the league he wanted to wear #5 and he was told he could not because he was a RB. I would think the same would go for #8. He was wearing #8 today and also shows on the roster as #8. So A. Can he wear #8 ? and B. If not could this be a message to Orton of some sort ?

Posted by: texstyles | July 30, 2011 at 03:08 PM



LP I'm just here to correct you when you're wrong..............so it's a full time job.

Espn reporting Broncos have cap problems-can't sign FA's because the deal for Orton is stalled. Good news!


yea im glad i was able to help your unemployment.











That was my impression too, but i stand corrected by the all knowing Michael.

Why can't we all just get along??

We're all fins fans, right? Some of you guys need to try a positive outlook. All that negativity is not healthy!

The future will prove the best move Miami will make this summer will be the one they didn't make. Henne will be the starter and the team will ride into the playoffs, and Henne will secure his spot as the Franchise quarterback. I know this because im f*ckin smart. The Jests will regress and Sanchez will fail miserably after loosing Braylon and Brad Smith. They will try to perform patchwork by signing a big name like Moss or T.O., and it will blow up in thier face. Oh, and one more thing, to all the "geniuses" that say the Patriots are winning this offseason.. Come on, man. Chad is not even close to the player Moss was when traded last year. He is, how can I say this, very coverable. Thats why Carson Palmer put up his best numbers when 85 was out of the game. and don't get me started on Haynesworth. When in shape (he's not) and motivated (???) the best you get is a run stuffing guy who occasionally gets into the backfield. His contract year was a fluke. Just look at Tennesee's D that year! The Redskins paid him like he did it all by himself, which he clearly didn't. New England is no better today than they were last year. I expect a train wreck is more likely than success from those two knuckleheads. Belicheat should go ahead and sign Cedric Benson and make it a hat trick. at least we can see the circus twice a year.

armando is to busy on facebook or ordering fritas! the guy is useless in this blog!!!

Donny, what you are experiencing is called Total Denial.

If you had to wager a large chunk of your money on who would win the division no way would you lay it on the fish. No sane, thinking person would.

FEAR the FIN in 2011!

I was at camp today; Mando, one thing that threw me off is that Clyde Gates was listed as #83 on the roster handouts, but he was wearing #10. Having said that, did you see that bomb he caught from Brandstater? That looked like a Warner to Holt back in the day...He beat the corner by at least 3 yards.

Gates showed some good promise today, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. I'm hoping he's Tedd Ginn Jr with heart.

finfan72............. all the negative PEOPLE SHARE FEW THINKS AMONG THEMSELVES ;;;;;;;;



Again here's the Denver cap situation,

Their cap situation will also improve markedly next Thursday, when the NFL's 2011 league year belatedly begins. Peter Ruocco, the league's senior vice president of labor relations, confirmed Thursday that all dead money — money amortized from the contracts of cut or traded players — will come off the salary caps of all NFL teams in the new league year. That will clear roughly $17 million off the Broncos' books and put them well under the $120 million cap.
This provision of the new collective bargaining agreement was first reported locally by the Mile High Report, a Broncos blog that quoted the relevant portion of the as-yet- unpublished CBA. It will ease salary cap pressure on a number of teams, but few more so than the Broncos because of their high player turnover in the past couple of years.
In effect, teams were permitted to dump all their dead money into the uncapped 2010 league year, when there were no rules governing the amortization of signing bonuses. Salary cap figures provided to player agents by the players' association presumed those cap rules would continue operating through the uncapped year, but Ruocco said they did not. Those rules resume with the new league year, but dead money from players cut after June 1 don't show up on team caps until 2012.



2 major moves left for the team.
- Yeramiah must restructure or be cut. 6 million is too much to pay a guy who is a liability in coverage. Besides, Rashad Jones will force Nolan to move Clemons to SS.
- Sign Harvey Dahl with the money saved on Bell. This guy has a rep as being tough as nails and downright mean. Those traits would only rub off on Pouncey who will be working between 2 of the meanest in the business: Dahl and Incognito.

Watching tape of Kyle Orton, he is a much superior QB than any we have on the Dolphins.

What have the fins done to improve their awful special teams so far? Nothing.

What have the fins done to improve their QB situation? Nothing yet.

What have the fins done to improve a terrible oline? Added one lineman.

What have the fins done to improve their coaching staff? Hired the worst OC in the league and added rookie QB coach.

Someone please tell my why we should be optimistic?

There semms to be some kinf of Wall where they prefer sink to swim. Well, we don't.

Here what the Dolphins have done.
Signed Reggie Bush to return punts and KO's, singed Jason Trusnick, and have a new specal team coordinator, kicking and punting were fine. Plus Edmund Gates for returns.

The line has a health Nate Garner back, added Mike Pouncey, have a healthy John Jerry, and a health Jake Long back. That should help.

That OC is very well respected aroung the league and comes from NE Pats coaching tree.

I am a fan of Matt Moore. I have been watching him since high school and one hung he is, is a winner. He wins wherever he goes. If you watch game film of him, he has all the attributes it takes to be a starter in the NFL. He impressed Panther brass enough late in 09 to earn the starting nod for 2010. 3 problems last year with the Panthers. He had no protection and no running game due to injuries and had 2 rookie receivers to throw to. Oh, I forgot to mention they drafted Jimmy "Jesus" Clausen that their front office, not John Fox, thought was going to be their savior. So the leash on Matt was very short. Matt was benched after 7 quarters. And wasn't playing that bad under the circumstances. The pressure to play Clausen was too much to overcome. Big mistake because is absolutely horrible and I promise will not he in the NFL much longer. So give Matt a shot. He has never lost a QB competition when heading into a camp on level ground. He will raise some eyebrows and hopefully change the minds of a lot of negative opinions. I am certainly looking forward to seeing him in a Dolphin uniform and I wish the team well, regardless of who is starting at QB.

So the Broncos cap situation will improve on the 4th, but by then the best FA's will be gone. According to ESPN, they can't sign guys right now because of the cap. They reached agreement with McGahee, but can't finalize the deal.

Sounds like an advantage for us in the Orton drama, no?

Mike you are correct and it's a shame some only want to complain and not know what's really going on.
We need help at qb desperately. Henne does not cut it yet and it's debatable if he ever will. Let's see what else is done.

Armando you best not be messing with us,why keep saying we might get Orton when the dumbshits upstairs keep saying henne is as good as any other Qb, Ross said in your article it would be hard to find somebody better then Henne these guys must be doing some kind of drugs, why play games just tell it like it is. No Orton equals no playoffs we the fans know that, and these guys do this for a living it just shows you ain't got to be that bright you just have to be given the chance.

you're obviously a glass HALF EMPTY kind of guy. I see a lot of improvement, with more to come. Give this all a chance to play out, man. Right off the bat, Henning is gone. That's got be an improvement. His play calling was horrible. A new Thunder and Lightning backfield instead of loveable, but OLD R&R Show. Speed at RB and WR...

Hope you are right about Moore BJ. That's new information

Scott. Where in DE??

Kick returns have been negated by the new rules.

Reggie hasn't lasted one full season since his rookie year.

Garner is like a 6th round pick back up guy. Not a difference maker.

Dabol has not earned one single ounce of respect in this league. He failed in Cleveland. In NE, he was low on the totem pole, not the guy any of the receivers dealt with.

Just sayin.

No one's guaranteeing the SB for us, but there are reasons to be optimistic if you look and are open to the possibility of big improvement. Like it or not, luck has some say in all this, too. After last year we're due for some good luck this year.


The Kolb trade messed up our negotiations with Denver for Orton. Plus, Orton looks better than Tebow right now running the first string. I'd feel better about the trade if Tebow wasn't running the 2nd stringers. It's a wait and see thing. Which I don't blame the Broncos for. Why hand the keys to Tebow if he's not ready and they can win more with Orton.

So, Miami signs Matt Moore as insurance against the Orton trade not going through. They've got to have a QB on the roster and they know Moore from when he was drafted by Dallas. If Orton comes to Miami, Moore becomes the #3 QB or they release/trade him. Otherwise, Moore becomes your #2 back-up for Henne if the Denver deal goes sour.

Ireland is busy looking for other players to add into the mix and has put the Orton-trade on the backburner for now, but he's left the door open, especially if they release Orton. Then, Jeff looks like a geniusm

Come August the 4th, there'll be a signing frenzy for a lot of teams. Players will be cut and bargains to be had. So, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater cause Miami's just getting started.

Don't expect eye-popping plays for the first couple of weeks of camp. They're doing the install on the new offence and they're allowing the public in. The good stuff comes later in camp after all the rust is knocked off, things start to click, and they close things off to the public. Right now, they're just trying to evaluate where everone's at coming in from the off-season.

Orton was horrible in chicago, then denver sought tebow to replace him. While 'henna's benching ' is fun to talk about, Orton only delivered three wins before being benched last year. Henne will be fine with the talent and o-line around him. Or ton will look much like Joey Harrington, Gus ferott, ray lucas, or any other donkey brought in to be the guy......Henne has skills, worked through the NFL sophomore troubles and the team will be fine.....let's talk about Bess, marshal, Thomas, and bush and how good they will be.

any info on Paul Solia?what kind of shape is he in and did he make his weight? the entire defensive success relies on this guy.

Don't worry Randy, one guy does not make a defense.

TD Garner started 8 games 2 years ago and was dominant. He was slated to start last year and got hurt. No matter how you spin it he is an improvement. And improvement will come from healthy players.

Two years ago Reggie returned 3 kicks for TD's, and has 4 in his career. He adds speed an elusiveness to to special teams. As does Edmond Gates.
There is is help for the coverage teams as well.

For a good offense you have to have playmekers, Clevelend had none. You have to respect Deboll's previous coaching experience. With NE. The Browns had a worse QB situation than Miami.

So is there improvement......Yes you can't say no.

Tracy you can agree to deals now for free agents, but they can't be finalized until the 4th. On the 4th Denver will have all the cap relief they need to finalize deals on deals that have been agreed to now.

Ok, now that Denver has paid Orton's $1.5 mill roster bonus, he would only cost us $7.3 for the rest of the season. It should only take a 4th or 5th rounder to get him from Denver if he is unwilling to sign a reasonable extension with the trade. Denver needs the cap space and now that his cap number is reduced, we should make the deal for him.

Even if he won't sign an extension and we would only have him for 1 year guaranteed until he hits free agency in 2012, it's a better option than either Henne or Matt Moore. He will only cost us $7.3 million for 2011 which is pretty reasonable for a starting NFL QB.

I seriously doubt that Ireland and Sparano want their job security resting on the back of Chad Henne for another season. If Ireland doesn't figure out how to get this deal done, he will be looking for a new job next season. I'd rather have Reggie and Daniel Thomas taking direct snaps from center the whole year than have to endure another season of Henne as QB.

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