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Live practice blog and Orton may still hear Miami's who

First things first: Please check out my column from the pages of the Miami Herald this morning. It discusses how ugly the Dolphins looked as a football team at their first training camp practice Friday and why. It also tells you why there is good news on the way.

It also tells you that there still could be great news on the way. And the great news is that, contrary to many reports, the Dolphins have not completely closed the door on Kyle Orton.

Once you get done with that, head back here to the comments section because I will be live blogging the Dolphins 11 a.m. practice -- as I did yesterday.

See you in the comments section.


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Per Dave Hyde on WQAM Denver is holding tight to wanting a 2nd and Randy Starks. That's just too much.

FA's were free to sign this Fri at 6pm. The 4th is the start of the new league year. Players on new teams have to wait til then to start practicing - like Reggie Bush for us.

Pretty confusing this year, right?

The Dolphins are smart! I dont think they signed this Moore guy so we can keep him. They are using it as a leverage to Trade him to Denver and get Orton! If this was the case we should of just kept Tyler thigpen. Anyway, Dont be surprised if we see Carson Palmer in a Fins uniform too.
Watch! A big name is coming to Miami! We just have to sit back and wait!

Confusing is how he's aloud to be on the side line learning the play but he can't run. Silly rule..

look,ross is a businessman first. he keeps mentioning how much he paid for the team(buyers remorse). the billionaire cut the employees pay during the lock-out. he's lost;just trying to sell tickets. thats why we gave away a young free safety(amaya) and 2 draft picks for an injury prone 3rd down celebrity back. he wanted to fire his coach but instead gave him a raise and extension. after a full year we still dont have a qb in a qb-driven league. henne still has no legit competition. we lack veteran leadership and pundits are picking us to get a top 5 draft pick next year.

When pondering orton, remember one thing. In 2009, when he had b marsh, he threw 17 tds and 1 int in the red zone.

In case anyone was wondering, Denver had the number 6 ranked Passing Offense in the NFL last year. They also had the number 32 ranked defense in the NFl last year. Denver didn't suck because last year because of Orton. On the contrary, he was the only thing they had going for them. Denver sucked because they couldn't stop anyone giving up 29 points a game. The broncos were kind enough to send us Mike Nolan, let's pray they are stupid enough to give us Orton also.

It's not what he did, greg z, is what he's going to do. People learn, you know, specially smart Billionaires.

The Denver Broncos still have an interest in St. Louis tight end Daniel Fells and Dallas defensive tackle Jason Hatcher, but they are tight against the salary cap and it might stall the team’s attempt to sign them, according to an NFL source close to the situation.

The Broncos wanted to sign both players on their visits Friday, but didn’t have the cap room to do it. The Broncos have other priorities and want to make sure they can sign those players first. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Friday that Denver agreed to terms with running back Willis McGahee. But that deal is not final because of Denver’s cap situation.

The Broncos have been handcuffed because a proposed trade of quarterback Kyle Orton to Miami didn’t happen. The Broncos still hope to trade Orton to clear cap room.

I wonder if the Broncos rue the decision of former coach Josh McDaniels to extend Orton’s contract another year last summer? Had McDaniels -- who made many questionable managerial decisions in his 23 months in Denver -- not extended Orton, Denver would have the necessary cap room to sign players and it would have the clarity at the quarterback position it currently doesn’t enjoy.



Why is getting Kyle Orton GREAT NEWS?

The only great news will be when this team loses enough that Sparano is fired and a real coach comes in, dumps Henne, and realizes that the future of the QB situation in Miami will come from the draft, not from someone elses journeyman QB.

what comments section, I hope your not talking about tweets.

Sometimes(rather many times) I'm amazed at the mentality of "Fans" expressed in the comments written here. I guess they have not realized yet that every Team is NOT the same in their philosophy and approach to the game. For instance, a "journeyman" QB(ask B. Marshall if he is) like Orton might come into Miami and set the league on fire. Conversely,"Stars" in one Team don't necessarily perform well for other Teams. Uff..

Some People might tell me, Oscar, you are too hard on Fans, they are only interested in having a good Time. Well, F-ck the Fans, there is a medium now(Internet) where they can learn more about their particular interests in order to enjoy them more. I know, I know, but I have always been a Teacher and I can't help but to Teach.

Internet will always be for the Educated.

i wish ira winderman was a dolphins writer cuz he would give us way more info!

relax people......its the first week

They need qb help bad real bad.

They need to go get anybody then who they got dolphins start to look like the NFL joke team what the move they do.

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