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Miami Dolphins cut Channing Crowder

The Dolphins have cut linebacker Channing Crowder, I reported on my twitter minutes ago.

Crowder, 27, was in the final year of his contract and was scheduled to make $5 million. Crowder participated in the Dolphins practice this morning and was a starting inside linebacker along with Karlos Dansby.

The Dolphins save all $5 million of Crowder's salary against the salary cap.

The Dolphins have options at inside linebacker. First-year player A.J. Edds practiced Friday for the first time since suffering a season-ending knee injury last year during training camp. He seemed completely healthy. The club also has veteran Tim Dobbins as a backup.

Crowder will have suitors to be sure. He is talented, young and very good in coverage. But he has never been a big-play better, having only one career interception, three fumble recoveries and four forced fumbles. He also struggled to stay healthy, playing only 11 games last year, and 16 games only twice in six years -- his first two with the team.

I do not know Miami's plan beyond the Crowder dismissal. I don't know if they're planning a monster move and had to clear cap space. I don't know if they were just done nursing Crowder's injury.

One league source is telling me the Dolphins are interested in San Diego free agent middle linebacker Stephen Cooper as a possible replacement. Cooper is 32 years old. Nick Barnett is also out there, but now I'm just speculating.



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The best move i've heard all offseason

Is this a dream.......Quick Hit me!!!!*lmao*

That can of Clam Chowder soup was expired last year.

Isnt the point of hte offseason to improve the team and not make it worse.

With the signing of Moore and the release of Crowder we have made our team worse.

The only bright spot, Pouncey. Bush if he can stay on the field.

We are screwed.

On a serious note about the last blog, Miami's quarterback situation is in dire straights now.

Too bad he couldn't play as well as he talked...

In other news the average IQ of the Miami Dolphins locker room just increased by 11 points.

Downside is the 5 MIL that was going to crowder is now going to Moore......in for a penny, out for a loose string i guess!!!

I wonder how Crowder will blame this on Mel Kipper.

Who's the alternative? We all saw Dobbins flop. Could it be Edds taking over or a FA? If Edds, that's pretty optiomistic for a guy with 0 experience and a recovering ACl tear.

Now Crowder has lots of time to learn where London is located.

This will be a loss. Crowder's return last year improved the D.

Ireland doesn't know what he is doing.

Yes I do.

Hopefully new york picks him up....we could have our own little spygate scandal down here....just sayin!!!

I hear that -- much like Anne Frank -- Crowder didn't see this move coming.

clearing cap space to add orton and another piece of the puzzle

Dude, We are all you guys so hard on players on your own team.

I hate this blog.

I am not excited at all about our prospects to compete for the division title this year.

The Matt Moore decision just blew me out of the water.

Wasn't he injured last year?
Oh yeah - we don't about injuries.

mando, i am in newark these days, it's great to know that you are still hard at work keepin us all informed. on a day like today, still gotta say, YOU ROCK! thanx for the updates

Channing couldn't remember all of the words to the Dolphins song, so I had to cut him. He told me he knew all of the words to "We are the Boys", but I told him that wouldn't cut it...



Oh yeah - we don't CARE about injuries.


I heard he's moving to England

We need to sign Todd Heap and Antwan Odom.

Now Rex Ryan can sign crowder...ooops...never mind.

I signed M Moore to replace him. Yeah, he isn't very good at QB, so we will try him at ILB. Besides, think of all the money we will save! More money for Mr. Ross!


Dansby + Barnett = INT's

Who is the alternative!!! Great questions!!!

I didt like crowder better, but he was miles better than Dobbins!

Are we signing a LB?

Barnett is older, will cost just as much & is coming off a year he finished on injured reserve with a bad knee.

How is he different than Crowder, except for being older?

Crowder will sign with New England and be their acorn!

sorry, wrist injury

Trust me, M Moore is going to be a great ILB!



I think you guys are forgetting that there are a lot of teams cutting players and I'm sure Ireland has a replacement in mind. Everyone just needs to chill. There are a lot of moves yet to be made, including Orton who still may be in the mix (If the trade goes through, they can cut Moore or another quarterback) Ireland is just getting more leverage on the Broncos)I'll bet my life that there will be another RB, TE, Guard,and LB signed by next week.

Oh no, how will the Dolphins ever make up for his 1.25 tackles per game!?!

WE SUCK! Will someone please fire me so I can collect my severance package! I really screwed this one up!


PLEASE GO AFTER ZACH MILLER!!! We should have the cap room

Who is this Zach Miller guy? I think I will bring back Zach Thomas instead. He is a fan favorite and we can sell some #54 jerseys. You think Marino will come back? I am running out of options...


Cooper seems like the same LB as crowder, but older.

Dobbins is at best a career backup.
We are extremely thin at LB, and extremely bad at QB

Crowder was the glue that held the D together last year.

Ireland is a moron!

Dolphins got a shot to be special!

Good. WTF ON MATT MOORE. I mean really

Oh no!!! .....Crowder's gone, whatever will we do to make up for the locker room rants he spits out on daily basis....all talk and no play leaves a huge hole to fill for the dolphins!!!!


Seriously man can you give me Irelands # so I can call and have a frank conversation about him on how to actually bring talent on board and to improve the team overall.

I have had 10 straight undefeated season in Franchise mode on Madden.

Thanks in advance.


I want to thank Jeff Ireland for stopping by the blog.

Please tell me sir -- what was it about Crowder that impressed you the most'

1) His underwhelming play on the field

2) Or his non-stop string of idiotic statements off the field

Yeah but after a big play, the crowd can yell "COOOOOOOoooooopppper!" I love it! I will see if I can sign him!


We better claim Vince Young off of waivers with this savings!

im sorry mando but did you just say crowder is very good in coverage???? who the hell were you watching? dude couldnt cover a tight end if his life depended on it. that mustve been a typo

I like that we get to reads sober words of wisdom from a guy named 'Smoking Crack'.

It fits right in on this blog.

Why not pick up Nick Barnett formerly from the Packers?

Sorry buy VY isn't on waivers. I tried, I really did. But he says he would rather be a backup in Philly.


You must be joking Joe.

Compare thier stats.

Another Dolphin free agent bites the dust.

Miami Dolphins 2009 Free Agents:

February 20
-Dolphins re-sign OT Vernon Carey to 6 year, $42 million deal.

February 25
-Dolphins re-sign LB Channing Crowder to a 3 year deal.

February 26
-Dolphins sign S Gibril Wilson to a 5 year, $27.5 million deal.

-Dolphins re-sign S Yeremiah Bell to a 4 year, $20 million deal.

February 27
-Dolphins sign G/C Joe Berger to a 3 year deal.

March 3
-Dolphins sign C Jake Grove to a 5, $29.5 million year deal.

March 12
-Dolphins sign CB Eric Green to a multi-year deal.

That’s not even counting the 2008 class of

Justin Smiley
Ernest Wiflord
Gibril Wilson

All but 2 (Carey and Bell) cut.

Only thing worse than our draft picks are our free agent pick ups.

Mr. Nolan -- why would we, moments after cutting crowder, sign the one free agent who is even dumber than crowder.

I mean Channing was a clown -- but unlike Vince Young, at least whe was never put on suicide watch.

Lmao at Jeff Irland is that really you???

Lmao at Jeff Irland is that really you???

Lmao at Jeff Irland is that really you???


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