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Miami Dolphins cut Channing Crowder

The Dolphins have cut linebacker Channing Crowder, I reported on my twitter minutes ago.

Crowder, 27, was in the final year of his contract and was scheduled to make $5 million. Crowder participated in the Dolphins practice this morning and was a starting inside linebacker along with Karlos Dansby.

The Dolphins save all $5 million of Crowder's salary against the salary cap.

The Dolphins have options at inside linebacker. First-year player A.J. Edds practiced Friday for the first time since suffering a season-ending knee injury last year during training camp. He seemed completely healthy. The club also has veteran Tim Dobbins as a backup.

Crowder will have suitors to be sure. He is talented, young and very good in coverage. But he has never been a big-play better, having only one career interception, three fumble recoveries and four forced fumbles. He also struggled to stay healthy, playing only 11 games last year, and 16 games only twice in six years -- his first two with the team.

I do not know Miami's plan beyond the Crowder dismissal. I don't know if they're planning a monster move and had to clear cap space. I don't know if they were just done nursing Crowder's injury.

One league source is telling me the Dolphins are interested in San Diego free agent middle linebacker Stephen Cooper as a possible replacement. Cooper is 32 years old. Nick Barnett is also out there, but now I'm just speculating.



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You're right superPHIN, I just wasn't going to spoil the beauty of the plan before they announced it. We're going to let Philly sign Favre and then trade or #1's in 2012 and 2013 for him.

Dolphins must feel AJ Edds will be the new starter at ilb. He's probably cheaper than $2.5 million this season too.

AFC East

We're #4 We're #4
We're #4 We're #4
We're #4 We're #4
We're #4 We're #4

If Miami is truly 14 million under the cap, I have to believe that they are quietly talking with someone substantial other than Orton.

Mando hasn't had any speculation since all his pre-lockout hopes were dashed...

Someone needs to start "INVESTIGATIVE" reporting...

I can't get anyone to take our franchise player for $15 million. I told them I would give him to them for free, and they just laughed at me. His agent David Canter supposedly is getting a lot of big time clients now. They said he got the best of me! But 15m isn't too much for a NT, is it?




Sho is some nice bottles of wine down he in da cellah.

mama ho: wooohooo! we're #4!

I promise you we will finish ahead of the Bills. Even we make fun of how bad Buffalo is! I would hate to have to be a football fan there! Third place in the AFC East isn't too bad! Isn't that a bronze medal? I will take 3rd place anyday!


2.5 mil or 5 mil who give a fug
Nice an coo down he in da cellah.

I think Ireland has been hit one too many times in the head by acorns falling from the oak tree in his backyard. Speaking of backyards, anyone notice J-Lo's is looking roughly the size of mine now? Just sayin.

3rd in the AFC EAST is like the Special Olympics, everyone claps for you and you always get a medal...

So no more Nick Saban drafted players. I say move Misi to ILB and get Roth back on the Strong side. Let Edds play on passing downs.

Rex Ryan is one of the very few coaches that I admire.

5 million is what it is Dying Breed, so STFU!

I'm still waiting for Ted Ginn to be one of the best kick returners I have ever seen...

Ok guys. The truth is J-Lo asked me to sign Reggie Bush now that she is single. Reggie is single too. They want to do a reality show together... So Reggie may not be playing much football this year. But I promise you the Dolphins will be all over TMZ. How's that for fins coverage!!


Bye Bye Crowder we sucked with you and we can continue to suck without you.

Clamming Chowder is no loss to a Dolphin team that needs cap money to get good players.

isnt J-LO trying out for one of miamis cheerleader tryouts?????..............gives Marc Antonthy something else to b%tch about than actually showing up to the Orange Carpet treatment.....UGH!!!

Keep in mind, Jason Taylor is still available lol

Hey JIreland: Are you really the fake Poizon? Also, would you consider firing Sparano and his hairy ear lobes and hiring Eric Mangidiot instead? I think that would be a great move. Or perhaps bring back Cam Cammoron or Wanstache?

We asked J-Lo to be a cheerleader, but she said there was no way she would stand out there in the heat. That is why we are trying to get a dome on the stadium.


Pats have CJ and Albert

Jets resigned S Holmes

Bills have B Smith

Miami ... paid a NT 12 million + and signed a back that has never rushed for over 600 yards.



2:16 p.m. EDT, July 29, 2011
The Miami Dolphins deal for Kyle Orton is dead.

A source told the Sun Sentinel's Dave Hyde Friday that barring unforeseen circumstances, the Dolphins will not acquire the Denver Broncos quarterback.

J-Lo has a better backfield than the Dolphins right now...

Jason Taylor, I forgot about him.....yea we should be in the market for his services...what do think he would be in the cap range for???...a bag of peanuts perhaps???

Jason Taylah can kiss my a s s.
He come back i gone beech slap his silly behind.

superPhin: Nah, just a guarantee that he's on this seasons "Celebrity Apprentice"...

Crowder take a hike your gone. Let A.j.Edds play.

I was going to sign Kyle Orton, but the guy is just plain ugly. Uglier then even Mr. Ross. You can't sell jerseys if you are ugly. So we decided to "pass" on him. Get it? Pass? I am so smrat.

If the QB situation stays as it is, this team is coming in 4th in the AFC EAST.

And that's only because they can't fall further...

Maybe they're playing this to get Andrew Luck...

How sad, first day of practice and this team is already dead.

Yeah you smrat alright

dang sho is lot a mold and mildew in dis cellah
buffalo bills didn't take good care o da place

well, at least we get another year of sparanos pressers to the media.....

Sparano On Bush

yea, kid definately has some uh, ah...talent there and uh, hopefully we can uh, get something, that is some type of positive play out of that...uh.... player, Thanks Guys!!!

i gone sho up at da games wit a bag ovuh mah head

WE'RE #4!
WE'RE #4!
WE'RE #4!

Nobody is taking #4 from the Phins this year baby! We made the moves and we've got this on lock down! Let me hear you screaaaaam!

WE'RE #4!
WE'RE #4!
WE'RE #4!

I think after seeing these moves I know why Marshall's wife stabbed him...

You're gonna play for who?

Let me get my knife...

Let me ask you again...


testify my dog!


The Jets did squeak by. Remember two years ago they made the playoffs by winning 7 straight games? They made it cuz like 5 other AFC teams, including the dolphins, just collapsed at the end of the year. The dolphins are not far from the jets in terms of talent. Of course if they get Asomugha, thats another story....

As far as the QB situation: give Henne one more year. Its not worth investing years and $$ on Orton. He isnt going to be a 90+ QB rating. Yea Henne has been hovering around 75 but he knows this is his last and only year to show he can start in the NFL, he will be a leader and stay focused. He made a lot of great throws and a few boneheaded decisions but at the same time how many INTs were bc of dropped passes? on the flip side our defense dropped over 10 picks themselves. We could have been an 11 win team last year. This year we have a tough schedule but I believe 10 wins is doable.

Good in coverage? Crowder?? LMAO, he was AWFUL!!!!!!!! And he seemed to always take bad angles and arm tackle. Im good with it.

As I said earlier the Orton deal is not dead yet. Just tweeted by Saguero.


10 wins?

who be yo crack deelah?

you be smokin premium shyt boy

finally a good mov by miami, bout time

first move they have made that actually made this team better. sad to see us become the joke of the nfl

I could def see crowder going to the Jets, his big mouth would fit right in. I know the dolphins players will miss him though, he was a character and lit up the locker room. To bad he wasnt better on the field.


JP: I hear you on Henne, but for many of those INT's, they just ALWAYS happened at the worst times. Not that there's ever a good time for an INT, but just at critical moments.
Yes receivers fell down, balls ricocheted off them, and some were just bogus, but it has to make you wonder about Henne's decision making...
There are times where you see what the front office saw in him, but it's few and far between and he doesn't get the chance to throw having the system the Phins have. So making a mistake when you get the chance is magnified 100x than if he threw 40 times a game...
One more season? If it has to be, it has to be. But it doesn't give any certainty to a position that should have an absolute talent and was supposed to be a priority this off season.

Maybe Crowder was cut so Brian Cox could suit up and not coach?

Strap the ironing board on your back Brian and let's do this!!!

FINALLY! Bye, bye. Best move this management has done so far this year.


I'm not by any means disappointed to see Cranning Chowder go, but this front office continues to drive me crazy by cutting players they could have used as trade bait for future draft picks, even a low-round pick, at the very least something rather than nothing.

Mama Ho: you available for stag parties? my buddy is getting married soon and I would like you to show up at his stag to pull a train. you in you natty-haired ho?

ithcaca....don't you think they tried? Of course they did....nobody bit.

henne is awful. praying aug 4 they least sign orton

henne is going to be the same old henne, new players, new scheme, same old henne. we will be certain of this by halftime of game 1.

they should have dropped him years ago. Never makes big plays and always good for at least one personal foul per game. Big mouth, can't back it up!

Nnamdi not going to the Jets per Adam Shefter

I think we did awesome by signing Matt Moore instead of Kyle Orten. Just plain awesome.

Finally the Fins do something smart and get rid of that no talent, big mouth, "he spit in my face loser". That was all Crowder was know for doing complain about someone or blame someone else. Now he can go play football with his boyfriend Joey Porter!

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