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Miami Dolphins cut Channing Crowder

The Dolphins have cut linebacker Channing Crowder, I reported on my twitter minutes ago.

Crowder, 27, was in the final year of his contract and was scheduled to make $5 million. Crowder participated in the Dolphins practice this morning and was a starting inside linebacker along with Karlos Dansby.

The Dolphins save all $5 million of Crowder's salary against the salary cap.

The Dolphins have options at inside linebacker. First-year player A.J. Edds practiced Friday for the first time since suffering a season-ending knee injury last year during training camp. He seemed completely healthy. The club also has veteran Tim Dobbins as a backup.

Crowder will have suitors to be sure. He is talented, young and very good in coverage. But he has never been a big-play better, having only one career interception, three fumble recoveries and four forced fumbles. He also struggled to stay healthy, playing only 11 games last year, and 16 games only twice in six years -- his first two with the team.

I do not know Miami's plan beyond the Crowder dismissal. I don't know if they're planning a monster move and had to clear cap space. I don't know if they were just done nursing Crowder's injury.

One league source is telling me the Dolphins are interested in San Diego free agent middle linebacker Stephen Cooper as a possible replacement. Cooper is 32 years old. Nick Barnett is also out there, but now I'm just speculating.



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Nnamdi to Phins baby! I got a feelin the Phins being under the cap as they are is to sign Nnamdi.

WTF? Matt Moore? Dudes, wheel me out there. I bet I throw more TD's and less picks than Matt friggen Moore.

...So the rumor around the mill in Montana today is that Lex Hilliard will be cut by the Phins in the next day or so. These are just rumors, and obviously cannot be confirmed. But a friend of mine in Missoula called me today to ask if I knew anything about this. I hope this isn't true, and that the good people in Missoula are in a tizzy because Hilliards name wan't listed on the official Dolphin roster(could be an oversight, or a clue)..The other rumor was that Lex was a piece in the Orton trade. Which to me makes no sense if indeed the Phins are going to release him...

i thought we were not going to reach for a QB if he was NOT clearly better then henne?? mat moore??? although that Pa. boy delvin did set some records and was projected to go early in the draft/

Matt Moore rocks. Great, great signing.

buh bye chowder......

Nnamdi to Philly per NFL Network

Nnamdi to Eagles apparently

how about barret rudd from tampa, he led team in tackles in tampa the past couple of years

Why does every other team target players,trade for,or sign them? Easy right? Then there is Miami.We still need a QB Ireland!

passing on orton can mean only one thing, the dolphins are SURE he is better then say a sanchez and aim to surround him with better talent. which is probably the case. after all it is a better scenario with better results if you don't have to spend on another QB and therefore can get a badly needed deep threat tight-end, or another stud reciever to compliment marshall, like say desean and maclin or percy and rice... but two other big upgrades are really needed as well, protection is being overlooked, vern is slowing down and got beat quite a few times last year, so what happens now that carey is another year older? and the defense is going to blow some big plays unless we get another top notch corner, here's hoping miami can get it right!

It is going to be a tough year, crowder was just okay, but still no QB = no playoffs, what are these guys thinking, Armando you should be asking those questions, so Matt Moore and Henne are better then Orton, just look at the stats they don't lie

Jeff Darlington
Dolphins have started talking contract numbers w/ LB Kevin Burnett. Source says timing of Crowder's departure "wasn't a coincidence."

Not what he said on his show this morning but things change:

Source tells me #Dolphins are NOT out of Kyle Orton chase. Final chapter absolutely not written on that one.

Orton is not out yet. They are waiting for Denver to release him, this way they negotiate a deal with no draft picks.. Check back aug 5.

Christmas in July !!!

if the "waiting for Orton release" is true, then Moore is an insurance in the event it doesn't happen, or becomes part of a trade package since it was reported that Denver had been talking to Moore for a backup role.

YES, YES, YES. This guys was horrible. Everything about him was horrible, the way he played, the way he spoke, the way he looked, where he attended college. Best news of camp so far, better than Reggie Bush.

i dont mind getting Burnett, but honestly wtf is wrong with this regime all they do is go after ex-cowboy players that they are familiar with. Come on guys there are 30 other teams out there to look at for their players. And its not like the cowboys were winning playoff games when this regime was in Dallas.

Mama Ho: you available for stag parties? my buddy is getting married soon and I would like you to show up at his stag to pull a train. you in you natty-haired ho?

Posted by: Don Imus | July 29, 2011 at 05:53 PM

gone get yo white a s s fired fo dat one


Oh boy...Moore. Mando where did you go. We need some "source " info. What's going on? We need a TE (Zach). What's up.

I hope the Jets sign him and he and Ryan beat the crap out of one another in the middle of the locker room right after they lose a game against the Dolphins.



...Why would Denver release Orton? The deal for Kevin Kolb perhaps put a kink in a deal for Orton here. If Kolb commanded a second round pick, and a pretty good player. Whats not to think that the Broncos would want a similar deal, if not higher compensation for Orton? Even if you do not believe that Orton is worthy of this sort of exchange rate. He is a much more proven player then Kevin Kolb. The Broncos have every right to try and squeeze as much as they can from us. As this is what the market dictated.

If the hangup is a second round pick. It is a pretty good deal for both teams. If you think about it. What are the odds you will find a starting quarterback that can play in the second round of the draft? Anyone that was all in for drafting a first rounder this year knows the answer to this question. So if you think about it in this term. Orton for a second round pick, in this market this season. Is a fair deal..

For me, I wouldn't do the deal. I think that it may be the better gamble to roll with Henne for 1 more season. I know that the position is still in limbo. And that Henne, Matt Moore, and whoever isn't a murderers row..But I just do not see Orton as a guy that we have to get as far as this season,and the future as it relates to winning games.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports the Broncos potential trade with the Dolphins fell through due to Kyle Orton's contract demands, not draft-pick compensation.

nnadi to philly this probably means philly wont be able to sign deshawn jackson, lets go hard that is the missing link in our wr corps

Who needs Kyle Orton? Miami is now SET at QB.

set to take the AFC East cellar away from Buffalo. :(

Look at how many QB deals were done in the last 2 days. Several looked at Orton and felt the price was too high and bailed immediately. Only Ireland sat at the table for 30 hours trying to negotiate them down.

Orton was a 4th round pick. Lovie Smith didn't see him as a starter. Josh McDaneil didn't either. John Fox didn't either. John Elway doesn't either. Only a team like Miami with a decade of horrible QB'ing sees him as maybe a starter.

Denver had to give Orton of a contract bonus of $1.5 million this afternoon. So I can't see them trading or cutting him. If Mando was actually doing his job he could probably shed some light on this situation.

Glad to see Clam Chowder gone...doesn't matter if the saving was for $2.5 mil or $5 mil, it was still a waste of money. I read somebody on here say he was the leader of the defence for years....are you kidding me? From where? The sidelines or the stationary bike? He's a big mouth, who gives inconsitent effort and doesn't make impact plays. Good riddance!!

Kevin Burnett improves this defence and I'm all for it. For me Crowder was the week spot on the defence. Guys can defend him all they want but there were games last year when he was a human turnstile. Take a look at his numbers last year and tell me that's good production from your middle linebacker. Thomas would consistently have over a 100 tackles. Hope he ends up in New York or New England so he can let them down when they need him most. Good move Ireland.....And Bell....get your act together cause you're next!!

hear ya, but lets face it. his record is better than ANYTHING we have had in last (I can't remember how long been so long) years. lets stop glossing over that.

I have been a fin for years and lived in Dallas, hating them even back when they were winning. I am like an ealier post. Get away from Dallas retreds, they suck.

Ireland/Sparano, be fins or be gone!

Is it JUST me, what IS our front office's DEAL? You see all of these Great players and we get MOORE?? If this club doesn't start making sense soon, I think I will have to change colors around the house, and I have been flying these since 1970, you guys remember, when we could be proud of them more often than not..

Hard to believe Asomugha ended up in Philly. They are really loading up. That's going to be quite a team. Can Vick take them all the way? That's the question.

I know I'm in the minority but I was hoping Asomugha ended up in NYJ. Was hoping to chew up their cap space.

Burnett is a beast, very athletic, Touch playmaker---great pairing with dansby--

Well touted out of tennessee last year was the first year he started a whole season and it looks like at age 27 the light came on---

Huge upgrade if we can get him---
Im still hoping Orton is in play and this is all a poker game---

I would love for us to take a serious look at michael huff and cut Y. Bell---if you have to pay Huff 7 mill a year like mikell deal in St. louis i would do it- YB cut would eat up some of that money.

Our 2 defensive upgrades---would improve our pass defense tremendously--both guys are playmakers--

Sign a cheap pass rusher--Banta-cain, Antwan Applewhite

Just luv that Rexxxx didnt get his guy----


Great post. Yeah love the idea of Burnett over Crowder....passengers be gone!!

Andrew Luck or Matt Barkley!!!!

3 years ago i was in the davie area and my son,then 14 says: hey,there's channing crowder! i look and there is a guy casting a line in a pond. we pull over and i ask if he's channing. he confirms and we talk for 20 minutes. we left,bought a crowder jersey and came back. we continued to laugh,tell stories and get the jersey signed. we have never been treated so great by a professional athelete. he speaks to us at every camp and stays after to sign and talk with every fan. jake long ignored my request to sign his jersey #77 i had just purchased from the team store;so did joey porter! channing will always be my fav dolphin. dansby told me crowder was very good and kept the guys "loose" and made it fun. we lost a good guy today. i don't respect the regime.

Channing didn't really want to be here anymore.

Tim Dobbins is no starter.

greg z,

Happiest day in a long time. I wanted them to chop Crowder, they did. Dead weight!! I wanted them to go out and sign Matt Moore (to be third dtring and hopefully put pressure on Denver to move Orton). Two for two today....might run out and buy some lottery numbers tonight.....

Good story Greg. People here are too eager to hate sometimes. Glad you showed us a bright side to the guy.

They should have chopped his ass when him and Porter were bad mouthing the franchise a couple of years ago. Lucky he got another year out if them....it was just a matter of time.

miami is the only place channing wanted to be. he is a dolphin loyalist and was very active in all community events. everyone who knew him liked him. it was the fans who didnt meet him that talked bad about him. he wasnt all roided up like james harrison,shawn merriman and the rest of the nfl lb's.

we just signed kevin burnett to a 4 year deal

The weak link in this Defence is going to be the LB Corp.

Boulder, that true? Outstanding!! Welcome to Miami Kevin Burnett.....excellent!!

it looks like this is another cowboys guy that went to the chargers. Well I hope he can tackle and cover

yea just saw it on darlington tweet

You don't like this move Boulder?

this guy is an upgrade to crowder. last year
95 tackles, 2 int, 2 forced fumbles, 6 sacks

craig m, channing never badmouthed the franchise;he tried to stick up for his friend and teammate who was in trouble with the FO. you probably never have done that. i can tell by the way you conduct yourself on the blog.

oh I think its a good move. I was worried when we let go crowder cause I didnt think edds was ready but this is great

greg z,

YOu're buddy got chopped today....too bad!! You can hang out with him when's he retired. It's all about improving the club. This is a GREAT move!! I won't be shedding any tears for Clam Chowder!!

His public loyalty is to the team not a scumbag like Joe Porter. He doesn't work for Porter...of course he doesn't work for the Dolphins any more either. I'm sure he'll take some shots at them before he's gone...that's who he is.


I figured there was another move on the way. I didn't think they would just go with the rook and Dobbins. Any idea the money involved?

Craig whats with all the hate? The guy probably played the best he could do. Criticize the FO for keeping him if you like, what was he supposed to do, quit?

Greater Miami you mean, greg z.?

craig m, why all the hate? i try to respect everyones opinion but you seem mean spirited when you blog. is it a bad time of the month for you?


He's my least favourite Dolphin. I've wanted him gone for awhile. Mr 'Unreliable'. He should have a mask and a six shooter for the moeny he's taken off the Dolphins for the last few years. His production has definitely not met his salary.

greg z,

You're kidding right. The way people cut up Henne, Sparano, Ireland and others and you've got a problem with how I feel about Crowder? Seems a little non-balanced, no?

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