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Miami Dolphins cut Channing Crowder

The Dolphins have cut linebacker Channing Crowder, I reported on my twitter minutes ago.

Crowder, 27, was in the final year of his contract and was scheduled to make $5 million. Crowder participated in the Dolphins practice this morning and was a starting inside linebacker along with Karlos Dansby.

The Dolphins save all $5 million of Crowder's salary against the salary cap.

The Dolphins have options at inside linebacker. First-year player A.J. Edds practiced Friday for the first time since suffering a season-ending knee injury last year during training camp. He seemed completely healthy. The club also has veteran Tim Dobbins as a backup.

Crowder will have suitors to be sure. He is talented, young and very good in coverage. But he has never been a big-play better, having only one career interception, three fumble recoveries and four forced fumbles. He also struggled to stay healthy, playing only 11 games last year, and 16 games only twice in six years -- his first two with the team.

I do not know Miami's plan beyond the Crowder dismissal. I don't know if they're planning a monster move and had to clear cap space. I don't know if they were just done nursing Crowder's injury.

One league source is telling me the Dolphins are interested in San Diego free agent middle linebacker Stephen Cooper as a possible replacement. Cooper is 32 years old. Nick Barnett is also out there, but now I'm just speculating.



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Let's see if he goes quietly into the night or takes shots at the organization like I expect he will.

crowder has never bad mouthed the dolphins. he loves the place;he doesnt want to leave. i'm not sure what you're referring to. he wont bad mouth them now. everyone on the team likes him including sparano!

greg z

I've had some exhanges with Craig, but now I am seeing the guy really has a bitter, hateful side. Way overboard.

There has been way too much venom spewed on Crowder here on the blog. I admire you for not being afraid to post a positive story on the guy. Darlington confirmed everything you said too.

Dolphins just signed Kevin Burnett, UFA from San Diego, 4 YEAR DEAL


simon says, thanks. i've met alot of players at camp over the years. everyone who knows channing loves the guy including all the media and mad dog! this isnt sitting well in the locker room. crowder was the glue of the D. it showed when he wasnt healthy/playing. he's not doing it with hgh either.

2xday practices are over. Thank God. It's 2011.

The Dolphins front office is working on locking up the #1 pick for next year and winning the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. This season has already been written off.

greg z

I can understand how some didnt like his big mouth, and not always backing up his words. That irks fans. Still, I found him entertaining and emotional, that side of him never bothered me. This team is already short on EMOTION.

Channing Crowder was a steaming pantload that could not takle.....good riddence!

I can see the headlines tomorrow, Moore Bush spotted on South Beach... we must be back in the 70s!


Crowder was a decent--not great--LB.

He is a smart player and a team leader.

If we get better then I am all for the change....but first reaction is why cut a young guy to replace him with older guy?

You want me to trust Sparano's appraisal of his skills because he saw him in Texas?

Suspect move, but we shall see.

Barnett would be an answer

This guys should have been sent packing years ago !! Typical GATOR !!!

Smart move cutting Crowder!


What we ever do for a good ILB? Oh dear, oh dear. I can play ILB better then Crowder. A talent? Thats why the fish cut him, cause he's a talent. And IM the King of England. Crowder was an immature 27 yr old who couldnt play at a high level, couldnt keeep his mouth shut like a real pro and just wasnt that good. Kelvin Burnett, welcome

"Crowder will have suitors to be sure. He is talented, young and very good in coverage"
What games were you watching? Crowder can't cover anyone.

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