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Reggie Bush is about more than statistics

If you are a pure stats geek, you're not too impressed by Reggie Bush as an NFL player. You're not too fired up by the Dolphins nailing down the acquisition of Bush this morning.

He's a 4.0-yard per carry running back. Any season he's carried the ball more than 100 times, his average has dropped to 3.7 yards per rush. He only scored one TD last season. He's never averaged over 10 yards per catch. His most explosive running play last season was a 23-yard run. His most explosive reception last season went for 20 yards.

And all those number, dear stat geek, misses the football point.

Reggie Bush is a defensive coordinator's nightmare. Period.

Anytime he comes onto the field, the defense must account for him. Adding him means the Miami offense has doubled the number of players the defense must account for from one a year ago -- Brandon Marshall -- to two this coming year.

Bush is also a matchup pain in the posterior for defenders. How many linebackers can actually run with this guy? That would be maybe ... a handful? So many times use either a safety or a nickel cornerback to cover Bush.

But here's the problem: What does the defense do when the offense isn't in its pass personnel package? That means the defense has to play with base personnel and that means, either you're praying your linebacker suddenly runs like he swallowed a dozen Red Bulls or you're using a DB on the kid, which is just crazy as matchups go.

In a nutshell, Bush in the game means the offense is now dictating to the defense instead of the other way around. When was the last time a Miami offense was able to do that? It's been a while.

And that makes Bush more valuable than just the mere statistics he posts.


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Daniel Thomas was a QB in Junior College I believe, he will probably run it.

Have you seen Denver's O-line? That's why he got sacked so many times.

Why give Denver anything? Why not wait until they cut him, grab him, and save draft pick?

Posted by: gulfdiverdown | July 28, 2011 at 12:31 PM

Gulf, this is what i am wondering too. The Denver boards are talking about how they hope someone will give them something for Orton.

I am still hopeful that this 'deal' for Orton falls through and that Ireland has the good sense to grab VY.

Ive been one who's frown upon Bush's injury history too. However, I believe if Bush is used correctly we skirt around that issue.

Guys, I also believe Bush's greatest impact for this team will be as a punt returner. Are we sick to death of Bess and 3yd punt returns?

Now we also have a punt returner who's a threat to take it to house on every return. He will be an opposing teams nightmare everytime they have to punt the ball away.

Daniel Thomas was a QB in Junior college I believe. He'll probably run the wild cat.

I have to admit the guy I wanted was D'Angelo Williams but I would have been TICKED if the team had signed him to a five year $43 million deal. The Panthers have to spend to the floor and had lots of money to spend. Williams has had injuries too.

I'll say it again, I don't believe Ireland is done adding running backs. You have to have more depth than this, should Thomas struggle or get hurt and Bush get hurt. There's another vet deal coming, maybe for a guy like Brown.

DC...... GOOD ADVICE.....


Here's one for the Orton embracers. Hope this changes your minds: 2010 Orton sacks

GM1 3 sacks
GM2 1 sack
GM3 1 sack
GM4 6 sacks
GM5 1 sack
GM6 1 sack
GM7 4 sacks
GM8 4 sacks
GM9 0 sacks
GM10 5 sacks
Gm11 3 sacks
GM12 4 sacks
GM13 1 sack
Gm14 to 16 did not play

*Hope you Orton lovers are fully happy with bringing in this sack magnet

Can these hack writers find out what the compensation was?

as ever it's to early to judge the move until we know the pic

but i'm glad we got someone with a bit of wow factor

as previously stated, this week is one of irelands biggest career moments (he's had 4 months to plan plans a-z)

he will be judged on talent acquired and price paid and ultimately wins generated, but we will never know what talent he tried for, what price he was prepared to pay and why he was turned down (eg bradshaw) and to judge his moves properly we would need to know this

its still to early to judge his 2010 drafts let alone this trade

so therefore as i've been saying all lockout he deserves more support until proven otherwise

and IMO so do ross, ts and henne

and to less extent jerry and odrick, don't pan them they havent had a good enough chance yet

Orton for a 5th with a condition it can turn into a 4th. That's it. If not wait it out. He'll get dumped in a couple of days when salary cap needs to be at 120mm


I heard the Raiders are currently OVER the cap.....ie. they don't have room to sign Zach Miller. Come on Ireland....do what we have to do to free up money to land this guy. Get something figured out with Soliai, chop Crowder and Fasano and Carey if necessary. Miller has All Pro written all over him for years to come. He's 25 years old!! He could be our version of Rob Gronkowski.

As far as Bush or Orton goes, neither one can come in to camp till August 4th according to the NFL. Redone contracts have to wait till the NFLPA reconstitutes the Union. Which won't officially happen till August 4th

How many returns has Bush taken to the house?
How many 20+ run plays does he have?

Fact is, Bush is game, and asset, he is no more of a home run hitter as an RB than Ronnie.


When any qb has multiple games of 6-5-4 sacks in one season, I see a holding onto the ball issue too. When you know your line isnt protecting you. You've gotta find a way to get the ball out of your hand and avoid taking that many sacks in "multiple" games.

I still think we should try and bring back ronnie if he'll take a paycut. he's much better than hilliard and we can't have too many RBs

Just on nfl net nnamdi prob going to the texans

So R Bush will return punts for the Dolphins?

That adds to his value some. The ST's has just been terrible during the Mr. FG era.

5 million a year for 2 years is not a horrible deal I guess. Hard to tell who else could have been acquired with that money.

I would have liked to see Ricky brought back. Ricky is the consummate professional and would have been a great tutor for the young RB's.

Also Jason Snelling is an interesting RB. Versatile, big plus with good hands. Though he is not the scat back R Bush is.

If the Dolphins can pick up the QB for 5-6 million then there could be enough money to go after a G or LB or TE. We will see.

Maybe we are playing a game here at the QB Spot now that we got Bush......wait to see if Orton get's released, if he does we can negotiate with two QB's, Young and Orton, and sign the cheaper of the two

Anyone know how much VY would cost us?


Seriously? Get Rid of Crowder? He only counts $2.5 million against the salary cap. That's a mega bargain even for Crowder.


are you really placing the responsibilty of avoiding sacks solely on the quarterback........omg......you seriously posted that

Bush stat comment - Brees didn't win a SB without him. He was a factor in Brees success even when he wasn't touching the ball, he had to be accounted for.

I like the pickup. I had him 3rd on my own personal list of preferences (behind Deangelo and Bradshaw). And Deangelo took himself off the market and it appears bradshaw was suing the Dolphins for leverage so Ireland did the shrewd thing and told him and his agent to stick it.

I heard rumblings that Greg Olsen is on the market and can be had for a 4th. Would anyone do it? i would. I am fully prepared to write off the draft next year - this team is infused with enough young talent. I would trade the 3rd and 4th for Orton and Olsen and then use the 2nd and whatever future picks are necessary next year to trade up if need be to get a qb like Landry Jones for example.

The time is now.

they need him most!!

can we finally beat those m**hers

big game that texans game, he can only cover 1 wr


How would you rate Denver's offensive line? Anyone stand out for you on that line? Any all Pros? The bottom line is that the sacks last year weren't all on Orton. So to call the guy a 'sack master' is ridiculous!!

The difference between you and I is that while Young isn't my first choice to QB this team this year, I would embrace it if it were to happen. What do you do? You rant and rave and try to discredit the guy. Orton is a competent QB and provides competition for Henne. That's what we all wanted. Sorry it's not your guy....

Mark, I'd go get Olsen too (I think we could talk back that 4th though, he hasn't been utilized right in Chicago, therefore, isn't as much of an impact player to deserve a 4th. But I think he has all the skills (him being underutilized isn't his fault). And he's pretty young (what, mid-20's). My choice at TE would be Miller first, then Olsen, then I don't know.

But ALoco just said we signed an undrafted guy. Hope that's just to get bodies in camp, and Ireland doesn't think that fills the need at that position.

DC...thannks for the advice...but i think I already said that..


Also Miami doesnt have to cut Crowder. There isnt a team in the league that wouldnt take Crowder in a trade deal counting only a platry $2.5 million against thier cap and is a proven starting quality ilb.

Marc, Olsen also to injury prone.

Guys I like Olsen too but I wouldn't give up a pick for him. Unlike Mark I'm not writing off next year's draft. Olsen is good but I don;t think he's 'special'. Miller's the guy I would want. Failing that I would look to a guy like Kevin Boss and then to a lesser extent Todd Heap. Don't know a lot about Daniel Thomas in NO either but I'd look to him also as a compliment to Fasano.


For the record, I'm much more optimistic about the team today than I was a couple of days ago. I feel like we're moving in the right direction here.

However, I caution EVERYONE, we haven't seen Daboll's offense yet. That could be the back-breaker. I really hope he's up to the challenge. He's gotta be aggressive. We can't accept things like the last few years. We need to DICTATE to opposing defenses. Bush is part of that plan (like Mando said). We just need to see it all come together now. That's why I'd like to hear from greg z. or anyone that's going to training camp.

The R. Bush deal could cost a draft pick or two.

So in order to part ways with Ricky and Ronnie the organization has spent the majority of the early draft on RB's and now ponied up apparently 2 more draft picks toward the RB position.

The problem last year that the offensive line could not open holes or protect the QB.

DC, Olsen for a 5th is a no-brainer for the reasons you jsut mentioned. Zach Miller would also be very good. I would also be very excited for either for a 4th if it came down to it because as you said, they are both pretty good and seem to fit in well with the team and it's needs.

Bess, Fasano, and Bush working underneath, Marshall, Miller/Olsen, and Hartline working intermediate and Gates blowing the top off defenses coupled with our luxurious OL giving things time to develop and a top 15 Qb throwing the ball like Orton/or perhaps even an improved Henne (if the light comes on and he beats out whoever we bring in) has the makings of a very good offense.


Your primary problem seem to be to "Force" others to follow your style of thinking. Yes I may rant my discontent but Im not trying to single anyone out to agree with me.

Dude you cant control how anyone else thinks or feels. You can only control your own actions my brother. Give it rest with me already. We can agree to disagree you know. Why do you seem to have such a problem with that?



Is that really you or just someone impersonating you....jk. Good to see some optimism. I still think the team has a way to go but I agree they are heading in the right direction.

I think I said earlier Daniel Thomas TE from NO. I meant DAVID Thomas.

Don't know why some of you have your panties in such a wad.
Bush is coming in as our 3rd down back and kick returner!
That's it! He's not the featured back and maybe not even be the #2 back. Look for us to snag Marion Barber or bring back Ronnie to do that.
Get a grip, people.

I would write off the draft to shore up the QB position because a long term solution at QB is worth it's weight in gold in this league - worth more than any number of centres, guards, or running backs can bring. In other words, it's worth an entire draft. Does anyone remember who else Indy drafted the same year they drafted peyton manning? Does it even matter. That pick alone made it a landmark draft for that organization.


I Just hope we go 8 and 8 this year, Again it's a Rebuilding year for us.

Mando is stealing my posts and then starting blogs with it.. lol jke


But you just never give it a break. You talk ad naseum about a guy becaue he's not your guy. I think we can agree that adding either Young or Orton would help this team this year. You're the only guy I know calling Orton 'a sack magnet'. I haven't heard any of the other epxerts make that point. I could talk ad naseum about Vince Young's weaknesses but why bother. Bottom line is want to see either one of these guys do well if they come to Miami. Ultimately I don't care if it ends up being 'my guy'. I don't need to be right.

lol Craig. Look, I'm not tied to anything other than the team getting better. When they do things that stray from that goal, I'm disappointed, when they do things that move closer (or at least attempt to get to) that goal, I cheer them on. Right now I'm in cheerleader mode.

That's why I wrote the last post about Daboll though. He's who I worry about next, we need a talented OC (as last year showed) or else our talent might not be able to shine.

We've been rebuilding for 15 years now., Is this a goverment run team or what?, LOL


i believe the colts drafted nole e.g.green the same year as peyton.....and jerome pathon


I hope you are right. I'd like to think there is someone else in there to help the running backs out. I like Bush but I don't want to have to depend on him and Thomas. I don't know why it couldn't be one of the other vets, including even Brown and Williams. I'd be fine with that.


PAPPA DB ........


With all due respect, you have been shining Ortons helmut ad nauseam even more so. It's a site to exchage ideas. Some ideas posted may change your mind, others won't. Nothing more, nothing less.


Unless Jerry makes marked improvement and Pouncey is still an unproven pro item at center. There's potential we could be getting pressure up the middle on pass rushes.

If there's potential to get a little more pressure through the middle of your line than you would like. Then its wise to prepare than to be unprepare.

That's why I would like to see us go after a young mobile qb like VY. Henne and Orton both are very immobile and would easily become "food of the passrush gods."


But carlito, I'm not continuing to try and discredit Young to make my point. I'd be happy with either guy if it makes the team better.

There's some pretty good CBs out there. Supposed Nate Clemens is getting chopped today. Are guys comfortable with the guys we have at CB or should we be looking to upgrade. I know its probably not in the budget but if a guy like Cromartie drops would he be a better option than Will Allen, for example? Should we also be looking to get a guy like Braylon Edwards or is he another luxury we can't afford and maybe not much better than Harline or Bess? Thoughts?....


When other posters make posts I dont like. I usually ignore it and focus on what I wanna post about or sign off if it bothers me that badly.

CraigM your not the blog police. Everyone here is "FREE" to do whatever they like within tasteful reason. Tasteful doesnt have to be within the confines of your own personal perspectives of it.

This is my last response to you own this matter because squabbling with you will be very unfruitful for either one of us. I've moved on. Good day sir.

DC...my last to you was kind of rude....my bad....

kind of bothered me that you put me and that Character on the same level....

but I got to remember...you ride the fence alot...so its all good....


Are we forgetting what Bush can bring to Miami's return game? I have not read every post so forgive me if someone made that point already

Do guys think Marion Barber still has much left or is he on the decline? His numbers took a big nosedive last year but how much of that was what was going on in Dallas last year? He's only 28? Might be another good add to our back field if he can do what he does best, namely drop his shoulder and run up the middle. Might not take much to add him.

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