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Reggie Bush is about more than statistics

If you are a pure stats geek, you're not too impressed by Reggie Bush as an NFL player. You're not too fired up by the Dolphins nailing down the acquisition of Bush this morning.

He's a 4.0-yard per carry running back. Any season he's carried the ball more than 100 times, his average has dropped to 3.7 yards per rush. He only scored one TD last season. He's never averaged over 10 yards per catch. His most explosive running play last season was a 23-yard run. His most explosive reception last season went for 20 yards.

And all those number, dear stat geek, misses the football point.

Reggie Bush is a defensive coordinator's nightmare. Period.

Anytime he comes onto the field, the defense must account for him. Adding him means the Miami offense has doubled the number of players the defense must account for from one a year ago -- Brandon Marshall -- to two this coming year.

Bush is also a matchup pain in the posterior for defenders. How many linebackers can actually run with this guy? That would be maybe ... a handful? So many times use either a safety or a nickel cornerback to cover Bush.

But here's the problem: What does the defense do when the offense isn't in its pass personnel package? That means the defense has to play with base personnel and that means, either you're praying your linebacker suddenly runs like he swallowed a dozen Red Bulls or you're using a DB on the kid, which is just crazy as matchups go.

In a nutshell, Bush in the game means the offense is now dictating to the defense instead of the other way around. When was the last time a Miami offense was able to do that? It's been a while.

And that makes Bush more valuable than just the mere statistics he posts.


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Ohhhh Snap, Aloco is finally gone insane.

Sorry can't remember who said it. but Cutting crowder now, or before the actual season starts with his contract would have the same result financially.

So either way, lets bring in some people there, see what crowder does in the pre-season, if it is the same ol' crap and someone else is just as good, then we should cut him.

Not before though. I am not 100% sure I am right on this... but I think it is the case for him.

Haynesworth goes to NE for 5 million and a 5th.

An Elway wants a 2 and 3 for Orton and 9 million? Hahahahahaha They are fishing for suckers. That is why Ireland is the only fool at the table. Sad, but true.

carlito is DyingBreed .

Giving up draft picks in NOT the way to do it. The Dolphins still have way too many holes to fill...Keep the picks please...


So...it's his fault he got sacked so much? Not the line, not the coverage, those are all on him...I don't think so. The 10 QBs who had the most pass attempts last season (the list includes Orton, both Mannings, Brees, Bradford)got sacked an average of 25.6 times. Brady (no. 11 on the list) got sacked 25 times, Aaron Rodgers (no. 14) got sacked 31 times, last I looked both Brady and Rodgers are pretty good QBs. Not saying Orton is either one, but when a QB of a Superbowl team that went 10-6(Green Bay)during the regular season gets sack 3 times less then a Broncos team that went 4-10, you can't say it's the QBs fault and he sucks....unless of course Rodgers sucks as a QB....

Nancy has testacles and takes it in the rear.


That was me. Just trying to figure out how they can free money up for Miller. I was just throwing that out there...

carlito is DyingBreed .

nancy = You're all wet = silly Craig M

VY makes way more sense to me. More upside, less cost, no draft picks, more star power and more elusive.

Punching a pregnant girlfriend or drunk driving is a much worse character flaw than melting down after several years for being treated like the red headed step child by your HC.

America is the home of 2nd chances. Why not for VY too?


Just so we're clear, the post from 'all wet' was not me. I think someone is trying to make it look like it was from me. I didn't read the whole thing but I'd probably agree with what they were saying.

Just so we're clear....

Just read the post....yeah actually a lot of good points.


If Dobbins or Edds can prove upto the task of supplanting Crowder by preseason's end. I still dont think Crowder would be released.

Reason being, goes right back to Crowder's paltry salary. $2.5 million for this season still isnt heavily overpriced for a backup of Crowder's stature.

Next season could be a different issue when his number would exceed over the $3 million mark. But at $2.5 million this season, we're still fine with that number whether Crowder starts or not. Fans wanting Crowder out is based more on emotion than performance. Though he does underperformed based on fan expectations.

Gotcha... Craig. I think that is the case with him and his contract. It still would only free up for next year if they cut him. We have a few players in that position I think

Be nice if they could re-sign ricky.


i dont care who you bring in if we cant block they will be hard to do anything we need some ol help sooo badly i stil think we need 2 provine blockers up front

Giving up draft picks in NOT the way to do it. The Dolphins still have way too many holes to fill...Keep the picks please...

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | July 28, 2011 at 01:22 PM

I agree. Every trade has Ireland giving up draft picks to save his ass this year.

Ross was a fool to let these two clowns have control of the franchise for another year.

DB, maybe the Oline in Denver sucks, which it does. I'd rather him get sacked than throw a pick like Henne. Stats very often tell Hal thruths. Orton is an upgrade for the foreseeable future. One that this team can win with if the right prices surround him.

after orton bush and rookies how much space do we got.......anybody know

kris, you shouldn't let it bother you, that was more of a throwaway line than anything. I'm not falling into the drama circles of this blog anymore. I like to discuss the Miami Dolphins here (not cyber-warfare, plus people fake names so this might not even be you I'm speaking to).

As far as riding the fence, you can call it that if you like. I prefer being skeptical of what I think I know. I'm not so arrogant as to believe I and I alone know what's right and wrong, what's true and false about this team. That's why I'm here, trying to understand other points-of-view from folks who watch all the games like I do and read things about the team and have info I might like to hear or entertain. Then when I hear those tidbits they might sway my thinking.

So even though I'd prefer to move away from Henne, I can still appreciate that he might be our best option this year, he's still young, knows the team, knows the offense better than anyone on the team right now, and could even improve markedly from last year. Doesn't mean my gut tells me he won't do that, but I don't want to shut the door completely to that because, in the end, my beef isn't with Henne, it's with mediocrity. My goal is to have a winning team to cheer for, so anything towards that end is cool with me (whether I was initially for or against it). It's not about me, or what I think, it's about what the Miami Dolphins can accomplish. So there's some insight into why I may change opinions from time to time.

NE giving up another late round pick to acquire an NFL star in his prime years. What gives?? Those are great trades, like the Moss trade for a forth.

james, not much if we have to pay Solia 12mil.

All Wet,

You make some great points. However, my deal is really that I would like to have a more mobile qb like VY. He adds an extra dimension defenses have to defend.

This aspect can be invaluable in a crucial moment of a playoff or championship game. Sometimes a big time scramble or ability to elude the rush in a crucial moment can be a game changing and defining moment.

Or the sack your immobile qb wasnt able to elude could end up being the game changing defining moment for the opposition. I would like potential game changing defining moments to favor "OUR" team as much as possible.

Thats why I advocate VY over Orton. VY has that "IT" factor that can turn bad things into good things.

We have got to go after a lineman........have to.......a center to train and groom pouncey



So let's see now....the Dolphins make a trade with the Saints for a former Heisman trophy winner.....hmmmmmm.....where have we seen that movie before?

The following is from Denver's chat boards. They are afraid that they may be stuck with Orton and his overpriced contract.

I'm liking this trade less and less.

According to thephinsider.com, Kendal Langford has been added to the Orton to the Dolphins deal. I wonder what the draft pick will be? 4th I suspect.

See: "The asking price has also changed. Originally, it was thought that the Broncos were looking for a third round draft choice, possibly with the ability for that pick to become a second rounder depending on Orton's play. However, during the day, it was rumored that the Broncos were coveting Dolphins' defensive linemen Kendall Langford or Randy Starks. It's believed that Langford is the preferred option, as the Broncos look to shed salary.

Meanwhile, Miami was also worrying about salary. Specifically, Orton's. Kyle's scheduled to earn $8.8 million in 2011. If the Dolphins take on that salary, they hamper themselves in the free agent market, eating a large chunk of their available space under the $120 million salary cap. But, if the Dolphins rework the quarterback's contract to lower his salary, they will be adding multiple years to the deal. The question becomes, do they want to do that, and for how many years."

Two reasons the trade is not done one Broncos asking too much when another team is really doing them a huge favor taking KO's 8.8 million and second to take him they want Ko to say gee I'll be happy with say half of what's owed me. those are big obstacles.

Braylon Edwards. The Dolphins need to go after him and add another dynamic, albeit troubled receiver. The defenses in the AFC East are getting too good. The Patriots defensive line just went from being ok, to being a wall. Asomugha is apparently in love with the idea of playing in NY. Him AND Revis. The idea is LUDICROUS.

Also, if the Dolphins really wanted to win now and build for the future at the same time, they'd stop chasing Kyle Orton. Go out, sign Vince Young, and use that mid round draft pick you were going to use to get Orton on Terrelle Pryor. 2 dynamic QBs who could tip the scales into our favor. And with Vince Young being his mentor, and a prime example of WHAT NOT TO DO, Pryor could be ready for the spotlight in 2 years, and we could still be winning in the meantime. It would be a Perfect Storm to pair with our top 10 defense lead by Mike Nolan, whose the 2nd best defensive mind in the NFL.


I don't think they will. Pouncey's the guy? Is that wise? Probably not. But I think the fallback is to have Incognito or Berger (I'm assuming he's still on the team) play centre. I don't hink they are going to invest in that area. The kids are going to play and the vets will be there to work with them. Disappointing maybe...but I don't think they'll have the money to add another centre.

Jamillion is back fin fans!!

Ok, I like it.

Let's just keep in mind that Bush can only get us an effective 5 carries per game. His true value besides the great points Mando mentioned are in the passing game, 3rd down back and return game.

With that in mind, we have to keep Lex as insurance. Remember that Thomas is a rookie and Bush is not the guy to step into that 15-20 carry per game role.

Also, Kule Orton looks like Brees compared to Henne. Thank you. Oh man, thanks.

That being said. We have to find our identity and plug in mis matches rather than being lost and being mismatched.

One more thing fin fans that you all will hate;
The Wildcat is not dead.
They are making the moves to re-vive it; Pouncey-the pulling guard, Incognito-the anchor, Jerry-the mualer, Long-the wall, Thomas-the option point man, Clay-the multitalent plug in and finally, the missing piece; Reginald Bush-the Motion scat/speed back.

What choaches and fans both have to remember about this formation is that is shouldn't be looked at as part of your base offense but as a Home Run attempt. Such as a reverse, HB pass or a Draw play. We all know these plays will either get you negative yardage or a Home Run.

I have no problem with trying a Home Run 3-5 times a game. I'm just saying, be prepared to see it people.

On Defense, we are an OLB pass rusher to rotate with Wake/Misi away and a ball hawk safety away (which could be R. Jones, remember the name) from being elite.

Have a Blessed day my finfanatics!


I have been pushing the sign young and draft T Pryor idea as well. This is a huge opportunity to dramatically improve the Dolphins talent level at QB on the cheap.

Ireland does not see it.

DC's post at 1:31 re: Henne was bang on. Let the best QB play - whoever it is - just give him some competition from someone who is more than a used up, banged up has been. This isn't 2004.

And no to marion barber - he's used up too. Rather have Ricky back than Marion - Ronnie too.

again, to do that he´s to play the entire season and he is too injured prone to do it

My biggest concern with Ireland/Sparano was that they would go Wannstadt on us with some knee jerk short sighted reaction designed to try and save there jobs while showing little regard for the Fins future. I`ll remind people that in the early 2000`s we had the 1# ranked Defense but went with a FA Q.B. and R.B. (Lamar Smith) then traded for the best athlete at R.B. in team history during his prime (Ricky) and had a pair of 8-8 seasons to show for it.

I`m sorry to say I feel we will get similar results from these two deals. In Bush we have an inticing talent but one that will also have us frustrated with his repeated injuries, face it Reggie has a cronic problem in his right knee, when you crack your meniscus (knee cap & joint) it never fully heals and becomes degenerative with time. If the trade is one for a 5th or 6th rounder I won`t dogg it as much considering what a crap shoot those rounds are but trading for Orton?

It seems everybody is really drinking the Kool-aid on that one. In Chicago Orton couldn`t beat Rex Grossman out for good even though he was given every opportunity and in Denver he was in a pass happy system were he put up better # but still went 8-8 with Brandon Marshall, Brandon Lloyd, Tony Sheffler, Knowshon Moreno and a host of others at his disposal and last year in 14 games lead the Broncos to a 2-12 record and people out there want to trade a 3rd. round pick for this guy, NEWS FLASH!!!! Ryan Mallet was a 3rd. rounder this year, it`s not a throw away pick you can land a player in that round, hey our starting LDE (Langford) was a 3rd. rounder!!!

We will at best be the mediocre team that fought for a Wild Card under Wannstadt (2000-2002) with these moves, they don`t put us over the top for a Super Bowl title but merely keep us middle of the pack. To think this trade gives us the 2nd best Q.B. in the AFC East is not saying much when comparing the Q.B.`s in question and by the way not sure I buy that if Sanchez ever puts his game together he is a better athlete and has upside while with Orton there is none!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have 13 million in cap space this year, Bush will cost 4.5 Million against the cap I believe this year. We still have around 9 million, if I have read the numbers right

Langford AND a 4th - that's steep. I would say "either or" or have fun paying the $9m. There are no other takers for Orton's services other than us. We have other options - although Orton has always been my #1 preference outside of the draft for the QB position.

And why would anyone want to cut Channing Crowder. Any Dolphin fan would see that all the other LBs we have are a huge step down. Every time Channing doesn;t play - the run defense stinks - we've seen it for years. His presence goes beyond his stats.


I think it's pretty easy to be the voice of doom but nowhere do I see you on record as saying what you WOULD do. So perhaps you can tell us your master plan so we can crtique it, as you've done with Ireland's plans.

So what would you have done fin4life,
what would you like to see to make a contender run?

Another reason the Dolphins should consider Braylon Edwards, consider this formation. Marshall and Edwards as the outside flankers. Davone Bess, Edmond Gates as the inside receivers. Then Vince Young AND Reggie Bush in the backfield. Who do you cover? Because you CANT double cover anyone. Spend an extra defender on the outside, and the inside guys can dink and dive you down the field. Cover the short routes, and Gates or Edwards will go deep over the top on you. Try to blitz, and youve got dynamic QBs and a RB who can take it to the house if he gets out in space. We need to GO BIG, OR GO HOME.


fin4life, Denver didn't make the playoffs with Orton because their defense was pathetic - had nothing to do with offense.

To all of you who want Miami to wait until Orton is cut to sign him, that would only ensure we do not get him.

The problem is that he'll be free to sign with anyone & Miami will be outbid. It's smart to try to trade for him, if they can get him cheap. If Orton is cut, Miami will not land him. Seattle, Arizona, Cleveland, possibly the Raiders & a handful of other teams will be throwing money at him.

That's why it made sense to trade a late round pick for Bush. Yea, he was going to be cut, but it would probably cost Miami double to sign him then.

No harm in throwing a 5-6th round pick for Bush or even a 3-4th for Orton. Odds that draft pick actually making the team is slim.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I like how the Dolphins are starting to look for this comming season.

With the acquisition of Tony Sparano jr look for our problems at Offensive Quality Control to finally be over.

This kids gonna be a great coach....doesn't have fistpump of his father but has a fine facial twitch and an understated nose pick.

What do you get when you add together A Miami Dolphins a Pass rush coach, a Kim Kardasian castoff and a Miami Dolphin wide receiver coach....... Cox and Bush's

Just sayin

Soiled :)


After reading that post, no way do I want to give up Langford AND picks for a QB who couldn't even beat out Teboner. Orton's history is 2 years per team. Why bother?


what's the status on the Orton trade and I'm assuming you like Young over him?

Don't you feel Orton gives you more of a stability?

You can still run the above formation with Thomas as the QB (highschool QB), no?? Terrible idea? No good?


your right, alot of Orton kool-aid drinkers on the board.

Orton is 5-18 as a starter for Denver. Denver fans consider him a back up QB.

I agree with your assessment of Ireland Sparano.

This team will not move forward until they are both gone.

** W A R N I N G **

miami slightly upgrading at running back, will NOT suddenly morph the offense into anything even comparable to the eagles, packers, falcons... signing orton will help BUT, miami needs another receiving threat such as burress or more importantly at TIGHT-END, lets say TODD HEAP!!!

You VY people are forgetting what a head case he is. Why do you want to disrupt the locker room with his BS.o

We do so need quality depth @ the o-line though. you would think our coach would at least know that...

Craig, I do think this team should add a real RB like Barber or Bush in case Thomas gets hurt or dinged up. Bush CANNOT carry the load.

CB & OLB should also be addressed. However, I would NOT want Cromartie or Clements. I would MUCH rather have Richard Marshall from Carolina. I believe he is a FA, younger & would probably cost alot less than Cromartie or Clements.

You must 1st. build a team to compete and win it`s division before you get to ahead of yourself and start talking Playoffs. The Patriots have signed Haynsworth to pair with Wilfork inside and if history is any indicator Belichik will get the most of out of Fat Albert like he did with headcases R.Moss and C.Dillon.

The Jets picked up a couple of interior DL themselves and the Bills took the prize DT stud of the draft, don`t forget the Jets haven`t closed the book on monsterous K.Jenkins either who is supposedly completely healed. I would focus my attention on getting another interior OL if I were Ireland because it seems that every team in our Div. went out and got stronger up the gut.


Id prefer to have a QB whose at least taken some lumps already. We havent seen Thomas do anything yet. At least with VY, we know what hes bring to the table. plus with all those stars around him, how much of the focus would be on him? we wouldnt be using a draft pick to get him, so the expectations SHOULD be lower.

Langford and a 4th for Orton? I wouldn't do it. Langford is getting better and better every year and you can get a pretty decent player in the 4th round (Soliai is an example)...Please don't do it. Denver will be forced to cut him anyway. Be smart Jeff Ireland, your job may depend on it...And we already gave up a 5th and a 6th for Bush? And now we'll give a 4th? Let's just skip draft day. The way it's going now, there's no need to show up...We won't have anything left...The same people here who don't care about trading our draft picks will be the same ones crying like babies next april cause we won't have any. Go figure.

Fin4 life: since the dolphins weren't able to get DeAngelo the next best dynamic option is Reggie. Out of the back or in the slot the kid is electrifying. This isn't just an attemp to save their own jobs, this is the front office trying to put the best available talent on the field. Daniel Thomas is gonna be a stud. Reggie is the compliment and a disruption the defensive schemes. It will help free up Marshall. Orton had a great year, even without Marshall. Our offense might just become something good. So stop hatin and support ur team.


Seriously....are you going to blame Orton for that team in Denver last year? Did you think McDaniels did a good job? Orton threw for 3600 yards in 13 games. What would you have liked him to do last year, so that the team didn't go 4-12? How did the wonder kid Tebow do? Come on....be fair!

what other teams are going to outbid the Dolphins for Orton?

K Jenkins officially retired.

The other guy I really wanted was Brad Smith or Steve Breaston. Breaston went to KC. Now that Bush is on board, Smith becomes less of a need because of Bush's ST play. I sure hope gates pans out like everyone thinks. Being a 4th rounder from a small school, I think it'll be hard for him to really see the field, let alone make an impact.

I'm with Mark, I don't like the idea of giving up Langford. Everytime we get a good player, we give them up too early before they really break out (Agunleye, Welker, Surtain, etc.). Can we PLEASE keep the players who help the team ON THE TEAM?

Besides, who knows if Odrick can play an entire season. We may need DL help if we have injuries. That idea just put a bad taste in my mouth on the Orton trade. I hope it's not true.

Merling for Orton...Straight up...Take it or leave it Mr.Elway...If it fails, get Vince Young and sign Matt Moore...F..K Orton...

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