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Reggie Bush is about more than statistics

If you are a pure stats geek, you're not too impressed by Reggie Bush as an NFL player. You're not too fired up by the Dolphins nailing down the acquisition of Bush this morning.

He's a 4.0-yard per carry running back. Any season he's carried the ball more than 100 times, his average has dropped to 3.7 yards per rush. He only scored one TD last season. He's never averaged over 10 yards per catch. His most explosive running play last season was a 23-yard run. His most explosive reception last season went for 20 yards.

And all those number, dear stat geek, misses the football point.

Reggie Bush is a defensive coordinator's nightmare. Period.

Anytime he comes onto the field, the defense must account for him. Adding him means the Miami offense has doubled the number of players the defense must account for from one a year ago -- Brandon Marshall -- to two this coming year.

Bush is also a matchup pain in the posterior for defenders. How many linebackers can actually run with this guy? That would be maybe ... a handful? So many times use either a safety or a nickel cornerback to cover Bush.

But here's the problem: What does the defense do when the offense isn't in its pass personnel package? That means the defense has to play with base personnel and that means, either you're praying your linebacker suddenly runs like he swallowed a dozen Red Bulls or you're using a DB on the kid, which is just crazy as matchups go.

In a nutshell, Bush in the game means the offense is now dictating to the defense instead of the other way around. When was the last time a Miami offense was able to do that? It's been a while.

And that makes Bush more valuable than just the mere statistics he posts.


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Craig M, is Orton your favorite Brother in Law or something? You are smitten with him.

Do you want to give up a 3rd AND Langford, who has been getting better for us every season, for Orton?


I'm still waiting for your answer on what the 'Phins should be doing. You're saying they should be making moves like adding Haynesworth? Don't we have guys like that in Soliai? Who is it you're saying we should beadding? What was your plan for QB and RB?

If they get VY. They would have to get rid of Henne. Because of the racial division it would cause in the locker room.

Oregon, didn't I already name some?

To repeat. Seattle has Tarvaris Jackson. You don't think they'd be in play? The Raiders don't have a legit QB. The Cardinals pending the Kolb issue. San Fran will be a BIG player. Possibly Cleveland.

And a few other teams would probably be in the mix for a back-up/starter competition.

Mark in Toronto, excellent post at 01:49PM...Cutting Crowder is totally retarded...Thank Goodness some of the people here aren't GM's...

Montreal is onto something, Merling is a MUCH BETTER trade for Orton. He hasn't progressed like we want, so we can afford to lose him. NOT LANGFORD THOUGH, he's too much of a staple on our defense (Starks either).

carlito (if that's actually your name),

No I wouldn't do a third and Langford for Orton. I would probably do Mering by himself or a fourth. To me I think he's the best fit for everything we want in another QB. If that makes me his brother in law, then I guess you're right.


I'm trying to recall if you are amongst the many who like to blame Henne for all that ails the Dolphins offense?

If so, end of discussion.

If not, I am merely pointing out winning percentage. Clearly football is a team game that just so happens to have the QB at the most important and pivitol position.

Orton so impressed Denver that they are worried about being stuck with him and are willing to anoint Tebow as the starter.

Im not impressed with orton and believe Ireland is apparently giving up way to much to get him.

VY has more upside at less cost, does not involve trading Langford or giving away draft picks, is clearly more elusive and has more star power.

Langford is expendable. Let's not kid ourselves. He will be an UFA next year along with Merling who is also expendable. We have plenty of bodies in Mcdaniels, Starks, Odrick & Langford or Merling.

You guys make it sound like Langford is some special DE. He is adequate. He is not a great DE, he is what he is. If you ask me, when you have an adequate DE with an expiring contract & a glut of guys at his position, use him to get what you need.

Guys, I think orton is at this point to expensive... I do not want to give much for him.

I know this is not popular, but Jake Delhomme led Carolina to a SB, only started to suck when the whole team started to suck.

I would rather spend less money on Delhomme and keep my draft picks.


Much of the rap against Orton here is really the price that may have to be paid. For Merling and a 4th I don't think people would be too upset. But Lang and a 3? And some 8 million contract? Seems like overpaying to most of us that is the big issue.

I agree with Joe. If we wait on Orton there's a chance we lose him to someone else and there's no telling what his contract might be. Ireland has been proactive here in geting in ahead of the cut. What kind of money is Orton looking for? Betcha Ireland already knows.

We run the risk of losing him to a team like Cleveland or the Raiders? You don't think Orton wouldn't love the chance to stick it to Denver twice a year? I don't see SF or Seattle being in the mix but Arizona is still a possibility too. Deal isn't done yet with Philly.

So this idea that we can just wait and sign Young or Orton, while it sounds good, it may not be true. We're not the only option out there.

Langford isn't going to win or lose you any games this year. With the depth behind him, he is replaceable.

I lobbied for it after the 2010 season, trade one of these DE's to get what you need.

As good as some of you may think he is, Langford is a body amongst many at his position. He is also an UFA next year.

Most of you complained that QB play cost us a few games last year. Would you REALLY still not give up Langford to get that better QB play & a couple more wins?

Not upgrading your qb at the expense of keeping a soon to be UFA with someone ready to play behind him, is assinine. No offense of course!

Not Langford & a 4th for Orton. NO.

Merling & a 4th, yes.

If not, VY. Period.

Joe, you're right, we have quite a few d-linemen...But Langford shows promise. Maybe not statwise, but he's awesome against the run. He's still pretty young. Look how long it took Soliai...Lots of people had already given up on him...Now nobody wants to get rid of him.


Merling and Odrick are bascially bigger unknown factors. Langford may not be ProBowl caliber but he is adequate and DE's like him are hard to replace. Denver was specifically targeting him for a reason.

Montreal, I'm ok with trading the entire draft if it ends up in netting us Reggie Bush, Kyle Orton, Greg Olsen/Zach Miller, and a high ceiling franchise QB like Landry Jones next April. What draft in the history of mankind netted this kind of return?

All of those guys are young too - I believe Orton is the oldest at 28.

Now Bush is a newest Fin, now get Kyle Orton

I have to admit, Joe is making a lot of sense today. Merling or Langford is no great loss to give up for Orton. Might actually be better than giving up a pick.

I'd love to know where all this talk about a player and a pick is coming from. Where is that CONFIRMED as the asking price? Denver's not really in a position to be asking something like that. According to Lombardi 'Orton has to be off the books today'. So either they trade him or they release him. It's that simple. And if the Dolphins are trading for him, you cna be sure they are not paying him $8 mil for this year. That will be worked out ahead of time.

Oregon, I'm one of the few still in Henne's camp. But even I have to admit this is it. He shows it this year or he's gone. That's why I like the addition of Orton. Orton shines and Henne fades we keep Orton and draft a first round QB in 2012 (yes I said it Mark in Toronto). Henne shines, then we have Orton to back him up and there's no need for a QB in the first round next year. In my mind it's the best solution.

I wonder how much there really is for Orton. Ireland appears to be the only GM at the table.

Meant to write,, I wonder how much interest there really is for Orton.

Not to mention a 3-4 DE of his size and his impact.

It can make or break that side of the Defense. Another Odrick injury away from failing on D-Line, when it's our strongest unit.

I don't believe the Dolphins have any interest in Vince Young whatsoever. They are looking for a QB that can hand the ball off, make minimal mistakes and manage a game. I don't see that in Vince Young. Just my opinion but he is everything the Dolphins DON'T want in their QB


The lockout has done you good. You've become really smart with the time off. All solid points....


Only one GM at the table, that says a lot. The asking price is too high. Jeff is the only one investing day and night trying to whittle them down.

carlito is DyingBreed .

Joe, I'm with you. I wouldn't be too broke up flipping Langford for Orton straight up because as you said, that position is extrememly deep. Odrick can step into Langford's job and if he flops then we know mcDaniel is a more than adequate replacement at worst. But I wouldn't throw in a decent draft pick too - that's just too much considering Denver seems to want to flip Orton's contract.


I too have been a staunch defender of Henne. I dont believe Tom freaking Brady could have been successful under Sparano/Henning last year.

I just see this as a huge opportunity to really increase the Dolphins talent level at QB on the cheap by signing VY and drafting T Pryor.

The team needs all the draft picks it can hold onto. These pick dealing deals stink of desperation.

Vince Young will be released today by the Titans. Let's Go get Him. We would not have to give up any players or draft picks for a proven Natl Championship winner and 30 wins vs 17 losses in the NFL. He never had issues in Texas only with titans, he will not be a problem for us. Orton is another robot we dont need.

Joe, if Craig M says you're smart, don't ever have a doubt in your mind ever again...LOL! I'm sure you feel much better now...


I agree with your post. The only part I would caution is that Vince Young is still property of the Tennessee Titans. To make their intentions known of being interested in Young would be considered tampering. However, I do agree with you that he doesn't fit what they look for from their QB. My guess is when Young is released he ends up in Oakland, Washington, Philly or Arizona, as a backup to Kolb. Just my opinion.

It was the Denver paper that reported Langford plus the pick, not one or the other. I think Denver only wants to let Orton go if they can get a price that is too good to turn down.

Mark in Toronto, I thought Zach Miller was a free agent. Why would we have to give up a draft pick to get him?

And yes Oregon,a nother reason to not cave to a player and pick is that the demand for QBs is drying up. Ireland and Miami seem to be the only ones in play.

Tennessee out, Minny out, Arizona out (Kolb not in Philly camp today).

The Dolphins want a game manager at QB. When was the last time a game manager won the big games? We need to target Vince Young. You guys forget that he was rookie of the year, and hes been to the Pro Bowl. What has Kyle Orton done? Other than get traded to the Broncos after failing to win the QB job in Chicago from REX GROSSMAN, he goes to Denver and loses his job to a rookie QB who ran more times than he completed a pass, and who had a 30% completion percentage in the red zone. Orton is NOT who we want. He is not the answer. Nor is he worth Kendall Langford, who stepped into a starting roll as a rookie and has been undervalued by everyone. ESPN AFC East analyst Tim Graham ranked Langford on his top 25 players in the AFC East list. Do NOT undervalue him, and make the mistake of putting all of our hopes and dreams in Orton. Its a mistake. A huge, detrimental mistake.

Jamillion, so you'd rather keep Langford than get a better QB? This team will NOT sign VY. Take it our of your equation & start over. I want him too but it won't happen.

As yourself these questions, will Orton or Langford win you more games next year? The answer is obvious!

Is keeping Langford for 1 year & potentially losing him for nothing in UFA worth not landing Orton?

To me, Langford & a 4th is a no brainer. Starks was a stud at DE for 2 years before switching to DT. Langford has not achieved that level of play & his "perceived" progress is not a guarantee.

Montreal, if Miller's a FA, I didn't know about it, and he should be signed. The seam threat has been ignored by this regime.

paPhinsFan, more game managers have won the super bowl than QBs of Young's skill set (the ultra athletic qb wwho can run but has underwhelming passing stats).

#1, I think Craig may have forgotten his meds today. lol We couldn't agree on anything during the season or after it. But, suddently either I have become smarter or he has. Either way, let's see how long it lasts!


Completely disagree with your post. VY knows the run 1st approach, wins games, has the elusiveness the Dolphins are sorely lacking, has the star power to put fans in those empty orange seats and can throw the deep ball another thing the team is desperately missing.

I believe in 2nd chances, that's the American way. This is a parody league and you better take your opportunities to upgrade talent on the cheap where you can get it.

When daylight come I would like Delhomme!

God, I cringe everytime I see the initials VY...

j amaya for reggie we are lossing a good special temaer and a hard hitter but weare getting one back offensively

Joe, I'd say Langford is better than just ok. He's been a pretty solid player on the line. Remember, he was a 3rd-rd draftee, who started year 1 (in front of Merling, the 2nd-rd'er). Frankly, besides Starks, I think he's our best DL. I mean, you can't seriously have any comfort in Odrick, the guy hasn't even played 12 snaps for us. And Merling is inconsistent, so there's only Starks, McDaniel and Langford.

I'd be more willing to give up Odrick than I would Langford. Also, if he's just "ok" in your book, why would you worry about him not re-signing with us next year? Who would want him if he's not better than "ok?"

Yes, I want a better QB than Henne if we can get them, but I don't want to ruin our defense to get that guy. I'm not saying either would happen, and I'd probably give up Langford for Orton if we HAD to, but I think Ireland has some wiggle-room here, and we can play hard to get for a day to see if Denver blinks. I think we should be able to get Orton without giving up Langford.

Miami is just waiting for Orton to get cut, all this show of him playing with denvers first team is just to make other teams nervous....NO WAY does denver pay him the 8 Mil he's due, and NO WAY he takes the pay cut....Game of chicken between teams....thats all..............NOW CAN WE PLEASE ADDRESS A MORE LEGIT TE FOR THIS OFFENSE!!!!!


Let's see what Henne can do with an improved oline, new RB's, new OC. He really might be just as good as Orton, with a stronger arm. Orton is just not THAT special that you have to sacrifice the price they are asking.

Where did fin4life go? He was pretty quick to criticize Ireland but never did share his plan. Just another critique who stands on the sideline as criticizes the FO's every move but offers nothing more. It's easy to be the voice of doom.

I hate posting on these things, you write something super smart, and it doesn't show up. Ergo, I'll try again!

OK, I post here once in a blue moon and I get accused of being someone else?! WTF!

DyingBreed, your response to the sack thing is more in line of what I thought you were getting at, just wanted to make sure.

How pathetic is this organization and its fans where Kyle Orton and Vince Young are being discussed as players we "MUST" get...sad times for the Dolphins

And Craig M, you should have read the whole post...

I luv it, and yes I want to take a chance on young!!!!

Troll Alert!

Never in Orton's life has a team coveted him like he was a 3 time pro bowler. No coincidence the only GM at the table is the youngest and least experienced GM in the league.

Carlito, I want Orton or Young for competition. I supported Henne last year, don't think it was all his fault. I want him to win the job.

But he has to earn it. He needs STIFF competition. Not street FA's & scrub career back ups. That's why I want him, not because I have zero faith in Henne.

DC, teams will want Langford because he will be unrestricted & 1 of the few 3-4 DE's available more so than for his ability.

Teams around the league always pounce on 3-4 DE's & NT's because they are hard to find. You know this! He has the body type, that makes him in demand. Not necassirly that he is better than adequate.

A little objectivity people, PLEASE. I am a die hard fan of this team too but I won't overbloat someones skills or talents or productions because of fanticism.


Craig M, my bad, I see later you posted you went back and read it...

@Poizen, I been thinking Delhomme wouldn't be a bad thing either...are we the only two?


Point being here, Is most likely Henne will win the job over all that is mentioned. So don't spend a ton of money on the guy, or give up picks or players.

Delhomme!!! :)

You're all wet....I did read the whole post. It was good.

Interesting that despite a new coachig staff in Tennessee they are releasing Vince Young. Shouldn't the new regime be open to 'second chances'. I think there is a lot more that went on last year that we don't even know about. The decision on Young was never in doubt under this new regime from the moment they took over. Why was that? Could it be that they just didn't want the guy leading their team or didn't think he'd be able to?

Comment from a media source who ISN'T a Jeff Fisher fan. 'It wasn't Fisher. It was Young'. The story is on PFT if you want to check it out.

JONTHAN AMAYA FOR R.BUSH ...............


I see my opinion of not being on board with these moves makes me a hater or a doom and gloomer, not so!! Just call it like I see it and am a realist after about 20 years of working myself into a frenzy in August while later getting slapped back into reality in late Nov. early Dec. will do that to you. I`m not hating just remembering how bringing in a journeyman Q.B. and a R.B. full of question marks worked for us in the past (Ricky with the weed, Bush injuries) I would have rather done the following.

1) If we couldn`t get a top notch R.B. to fit into our Cap we could have gotten some players to fill the void at a reasonable price like Micheal Bush who is a horse and looks completly healed from his College injury while also adding a player like Jarius Norewood who is a good 3rd down back and punt returner with speed to burn himself. I am glad we didn`t sign DeAngelo because he`s only finished one out of five seasons himself. I will say this making a move for a low pick at a base of about 4.5 a year I wont knock the R.Bush trade, I repeat I wont knock it!!!!

2) I wont trade a pick in rounds 1-4 for any of the Q.B.`s available because none put us over the top just keep us competetive and maybe has them ignoring the position in the coming drafts like Wannstadt did with Fiedler when he passed on Brees in 01, think people if we trade for Orton and he`s serviceable what does that mean for addressing the position in future drafts? I believe we should take a flyer on VY who is all of 25 years old, is the best athlete available, still has upside and will command no compensation.

3) I would try to sign a player like Barret Rudd to pair with Dansby inside while dumping Crowder and his inflated 4.5 Mil a year salary which would essentially make the signing of Rudd a wash as we would basically be swapping contracts. The idea of platooning Crowder with Edds in the Middle of our D is a big question mark and one that should be addressed, how many teams do you know of that do this are really successful? When Pitt. had Lawrence Timmons playing so well on pass plays they simply dumped Clarck Haggens and went with him, it`s not wise to tinker to much with the play of your MLB`s, it can lead to confusion and the good Q.B.`s will exploit it.

4) I would look to sign someone like a Davin Joseph to play on our interior OL, every team in our Div. got stronger defensively up the gut. The Jets picked 2 players for the inside of there DL, the Bills drafted the stud DT of the draft who looks like a sure bet and the Pats signed Haynsworth to pair with Wilfork inside, we need another OG.

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