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Reggie Bush is about more than statistics

If you are a pure stats geek, you're not too impressed by Reggie Bush as an NFL player. You're not too fired up by the Dolphins nailing down the acquisition of Bush this morning.

He's a 4.0-yard per carry running back. Any season he's carried the ball more than 100 times, his average has dropped to 3.7 yards per rush. He only scored one TD last season. He's never averaged over 10 yards per catch. His most explosive running play last season was a 23-yard run. His most explosive reception last season went for 20 yards.

And all those number, dear stat geek, misses the football point.

Reggie Bush is a defensive coordinator's nightmare. Period.

Anytime he comes onto the field, the defense must account for him. Adding him means the Miami offense has doubled the number of players the defense must account for from one a year ago -- Brandon Marshall -- to two this coming year.

Bush is also a matchup pain in the posterior for defenders. How many linebackers can actually run with this guy? That would be maybe ... a handful? So many times use either a safety or a nickel cornerback to cover Bush.

But here's the problem: What does the defense do when the offense isn't in its pass personnel package? That means the defense has to play with base personnel and that means, either you're praying your linebacker suddenly runs like he swallowed a dozen Red Bulls or you're using a DB on the kid, which is just crazy as matchups go.

In a nutshell, Bush in the game means the offense is now dictating to the defense instead of the other way around. When was the last time a Miami offense was able to do that? It's been a while.

And that makes Bush more valuable than just the mere statistics he posts.


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By Bill Williamson

It’s getting awkward in Denver.

The Broncos clearly want to trade Kyle Orton. What if they can’t? Then what happens?

We got a glimpse of that answer Thursday morning. Orton was on the practice field as the Broncos opened training camp and he is working with his teammates. That’s not what anyone wants.

The Broncos clearly want to deal Orton, who wants to be a starter somewhere. They’ve been actively talking to Arizona and Miami for more than 48 hours in an effort to trade Orton and get on with the Tim Tebow era. With Arizona reportedly zoning in on a trade for Eagles’ backup Kevin Kolb, the Broncos have focused on a deal with Miami for the quarterback.

Yet, there have been stumbling blocks in the past 24 hours. They appear to revolve around compensation and Orton’s contract situation. He is a free agent after the season. The Dolphins likely won’t want to give Denver a third-round pick if Orton has a chance to leave after the season. There are enough obstacles that a deal may not get done. If not, Orton likely won’t be traded unless the Cardinals-Eagles deal unexpectedly explodes.

If the Miami deal falls through, Denver will have no choice but to keep Orton and hope another team suffers an injury in the preseason and they come calling. But that’s not ideal.

If Tebow is going to be the starter, Denver has to give him as many repetitions as possible, especially in the aftermath of the lost offseason program. Keeping Orton around will only hurt Tebow’s development.

Thus, Denver needs to make a choice very soon. Either it should trade Orton to Miami, make him the starter or make him the backup. Allowing this to drag will not behoove Orton, Tebow or the organization.

Make a decision, Denver, and move on.

Reggie Bush is kind of a reach here for 10 mil/2 yr deal....can he contribute, yes....can he become a primary back, No....can he stay health, ???....will he improve special teams, Yes....does he make our team playoff ready, No!!!!

Bush could thrive if he had someone to work off of but this move is nothing more than the FO acting like we just added a huge star for this team....He's no Ricky Williams when he came out of NO and this move basically says that D. Thomas is going to be the workhorse for this team, Big risk leaving it to a rookie, maybe too big!!!

Guys I hope you're kidding about Delhomme. He was an interception machine in Carolina despite having a two-pronged running attack and showed NOTHING last year in Cleveland. I think he's like 36 years old now. Sory guys....but he's HORRIBLE!! I would actually take Kitna over him.

Well, m,aybe we are the only 2 but here is the point. VY is as smart as a box of rocks. So him learning the playbook could be a nightmare.

Orton is smarter, however Henne has an obvious headstart and a stronger arm.

Delhomme, old, stop gap, but did lead a team to the superbowl, and only sucked when his team sucked.

the big point about delhomme... HE KNOWS THE OFFENSE. AND WILL PUSH HENNE MORE IMMEDIATLY, as well as be a great clipboard playcaller during games.

Did you guys think the phins could get Orten and keep him more the 2 seasons(Unlike his other 2 stupid teams)?

The chance of Orton beating out Henne in the preseason is slim to none. Henne is on his 4th year, knows the players and playbook. Orton could very well be a bench warmer the whole season.

Miami's holding out so they can keep their draft picks and renegotiate with Orton as a free agent...........WHICH IS SMART!!!

Craig, I see your point, the problem is with Carolina, The line was a disaster. According to fox they could make a hole, but on their heals they only fell over... funny quote before he got fired...

the ironic part is he made that line!! :)

Orton won't come here as a FA. He won't accept being a back up or a stop gap. He will have to be #2 initially and if Henne plays well Orton remains #2.

Super, He's not slated to be the "Main" Guy, he's only there for 10 to 15 carries a game., Lets see 10 Mil. for maybe 160 carries equiates to 62 grand a carry., Hope he gets a td or two.


Thanks for sharing. I thought you were one of those guys who would just criticize and never offer anything concrete up in return. Your plan isn't awful and while there are some holes (Michael Bush is a restricted FA, I believe and isn't very durbale), it's pretty well thought out. Thanks for putting it up.

Craig M, I read that story. I am just not comfortable with Young, he scares me...the dude had a major melt-down a few years ago and really hasn't recovered since IMO. I don't think he has the confidence needed, I believe he lacks leadership, and I think a Delhomme or Orton will bring more stability to the organization, more of a calming effect or a confidence.

This just makes me laugh... The article says and I cut and paste.

But he was injured in the 2008 opener, and Fisher wound up calling police when Young's mother worried about him speeding off a day later from his home.

I know, I know, the media may have made this a bigger deal,

But this kid is not right in the head. :)




he might still come here because he wants a chance to start , unless ariz don't get kolb he won't walk into a start anywhere

his rep means he'll have to compete wherever

to some he might be favourite here

depends what orton thinks of henne!

TE and WR market has alot more talent out there then the QB market.....i say go out and add more talent around your WEAK component, that way when he fails, we'll know who was to blame for the ineptitude for this offense next year....seems to work well for the jets the last two years!!!

For all those in love with the Bush move & how his threat & matchups don't show up in stats, check out this from ESPN. LOL

"In games with Bush since 2006, the Saints averaged 25.9 points. Without him, they averaged 29.8. In games Bush played, the Saints averaged 377.4 yards per game. When he didn’t play, they averaged 419.8.

The Saints completed 66.5 percent of their passes when Bush played. When he didn’t, they completed 67.6."

When you consider those numbers, it' can't be about the threat. It has to be about PRODUCTION!

That's right wolf, there are only 32 jobs out there and 30 are spoken for - except Miami and Oakland and Oakland is just waiting for VY to be released.

Cardinals to Joey Porter, "Take a pay cut or you're cut"....LOL....love it!!


Kolb to Cardinals done deal. Wonder if it speeds up the Orton deal?

Kolb to Cards is a done deal now.

Adam Caplan of FOXSports.com reports Kolb is headed to Arizona in exchange for a second-round pick and 2009 Pro Bowl cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

That’s a ton to give up for an unproven quarterback, but the Cardinals were only getting started betting their future on Kolb. Caplan reports Kolb will sign a five-year, $63 million contract with $20 million guaranteed.


I always enjoy debating different points of views regarding which direction to go in regarding the Fins. I`m reading some scenario`s I don`t disagree with totally, just maybe a little different than what I had in mind. The trick right now for me is in focusing on my job and the blogg when in reality my mind is set on Football, to bad we couldn`t all get paid to sit in a room set up a plan and fix the team while putting it on course to a Super Bowl, dare to dream!!! By the way I hate the idea of trading Langford who maybe our best DL against the run.

Free agent wide receiver Brad Smith is leaving the Jets but staying in the AFC East.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Bills have reached an agreement with Smith on a four-year, $15 million deal.

GOOD NEWS.......


That sucks about Brad Smith!

Bills Pats Jets all get better faster than us.

I hope we don't do the Orton Trade, let him to go FA

Look if we trade for him he better start, cause we will be paying him too much to sit. So they need to decide, he either is the starter or not. If not, then don't trade for him, it's a waste of a pick

Why the heck do a trade for a QB, pay him 6-7M so he can "push" a guy who makes $500K. Makes no sense. Either he comes here at starts immediately or we don't trade for him

We have needs at OL and TE, let's address those, sign a veteran backup and let's get the season started

Cardinals are out of their minds. No wonder they are perennial losers. That's an awful lot for an AJ Feeley clone.

they r gonna be pissed when kolb busts it up

and the eagles r gonna be looking for a decent back-up fasto or they could be up the creek for half the season when vick gets banged up (u konw he's gonna)

If they get Orton and he is paid $6 or 7 mil, you can bet your ass they are bringing him in to start. Unless the FO is brain dead.

HOLY CRAP! You want to read something that sucks!!! This comment

new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll is basically just a younger version of Dan Henning.

Just posted on ESPN insider... That just maade me throw up in my mouth a little.

I pray that is wrong!

Time to pass on the Orton idea and focus on other areas. Just doesn't make sense. Bring in one of the other vets as a backup for a much cheaper price. Orton is not THAT much better than Henne if at all to pay up for.

Why is the Orton trade taking so long?

Ortons price is too high. Only one gm at the table, young Jeffy, trying to bargain them down.

How many QB deals have been done in the last 2 days now? A whole bunch. Gee, mot much of interest in Orton. I wonder why.

Armando, are you trying to talk yourself into this? With all the weapons NO has and one of the best QBs in the league, if Bush was going to be an impact player he would have had the best opportunity where he was at...

Thankfully we only gave up a 6th, Amaya and lots of cash, because Reggie has a capital "B" on his forehead and it stands for BUST! He'll be injured before the 3rd game.

The Jets Seminole package has landed in Buffalo. The exodus has begun LOL


Totally agree, not sure why people on this board think a competition will exist if we trade for him and pay him that much $$

Henne is done here if Orton is traded for, Orton is 28 Years Old, Henne will be the backup this year and gone next year when we draft another QB

Not sure I'm jumping up and down about it, but that is what will happen.

I will be pissed if they trade for Orton and then Henne beats him out in the Preseason. Not pissed because I don't like Henne, but because it's a waste of Money

If the FO even thinks that Henne has a chance to start if they trade for Orton, then don't trade for him

Armando please!!!

the kid was already over hyped once.

fool me once shame on you ...

you know how it goes - the kid is not that good oherwise NO would have found a way to keep him.

Craig M, just wondering. Any idea why SO MANY QB's have gone before Orton? Why are we the only team interested in him?

"The chance of Orton beating out Henne in the preseason is slim to none. Henne is on his 4th year, knows the players and playbook. Orton could very well be a bench warmer the whole season."

One thing some folks may not be taking into account is that Brian Daboll and Josh McDaniel both learned their coaching styles from the New England Patriots (they both coached there at the same time). The offense they run are extremely similar. Orton knows Daboll's offensive terminology and ideology. I do not see Henne having much of a head start on Orton and fully suspect that Orton would win a preseason QB competition.

One other thing I was thinking...obviously the Fins need another RB, even with Thomas and Bush. What if we picked up Steve Slaton. I know, I know, he became a fumbling machine two years ago. Well last year he barley played (only 19 carries..no fumbles) but in his rookie year with 268 carries he only fumbled 3 times AND he rushed for over 1200 yards and caught 50. The guy seemed to have it all. I think he would be cheap, talented player who is looking for a little redemption.

Anyway, just a thought.

31 of 32 GM's in the league passed on Orton. Do they know something Ireland doesn't know?

Drayton Florence signed with Buffalo. Does that mean he is better than Nmandi cause he hasn't signed yet? Come on people, exercise some common sense!

Craig, Miami has few $$$ tied into Henne and would have alot more invested into Orton. Who cares who plays & who doesn't? Fact is, Orton would beat out Henne.

Regardless of who starts, our top 2 QB's, assuming Orton is here, would still probably be less than what 75% of the teams pay for 2 Qb's.

All the talk about Orton not being wanted, that's crap. He is under contract, makes him harder to get. Thigpen & T. Jackson were the 1st 2 Qb's to sign in UFA. Who cares when he's dealt or signed.

That has ZERO relevance.

Joe would you rather have Tim Tebow or Kyle Orton?

I asked that question to John Elway, he said Tim Tebow.

Joe, your fact is not so much as fact.

Henne can and most likley would beat out orton, especially because orton would just get the playbook aug 4th.

Henne does not suck as bad as most here like to claim.

My point is I dont have the same opinion as you and neither do many others, meaning it is not cut and dry.

which then means that orton COULD be a waste of money.

For the life of me I cannnot understand how some people don't see what's going on. What you anti Orton crowd fail to understand is that since Miami will refuse Vince Young, based on all accounts, they NEED Orton.

Miami NEEDS a QB to push Henne. Not Mat Moore, not Tom Brandsater, not Pat Devlin. They need a LEGIT NFL Starting QB to challenge.

Pass on Orton & Miami fails to achieve one of it's objectives in the offseason.

If Brad Smith was such an X-factor in Brian Shotenheimer`s O in N.Y. then you wonder what an O guru like Chan Gailey is going to do with him, Gailey really started to get there O going mid-season last year and has always been one of the better game planners on that side of the ball, with Smith and Spliller probably split wide in the slot they will be a handfull especially if Fitzpatrick keeps progressing.

Everybody is worried about the Pats and Jets, rightfully so but we can`t loose sleep on the Bills who are quietly creeping up on everybody in the Div. They have one of the better D backfields already they just lacked some punch on there DL and addressed it with the best DT in the draft, if they manage a pass rusher to go with him and add a threat at T.E. as well then they could look to move out of the cellar making our Div. that much more difficult, just a thought.

Craig, Poizen and Co. who are advocating for Delhomme just have ulterior motives. They are really FORCING me into a position of being Henne's top cheerleader. Because if there's ONE guy I'd like to see leading our offense who I feel would be not 1, not 2, but maybe 20 steps DOWN from Chad Henne, it's Jake Delhomme. Only way I'd do that deal is if Cleveland through someone else in and paid Delhomme's salary while he was on our team.

Poizen must not have seen that disgusting Cleveland game last year. If he did, he wouldn't want EITHER of those QBs leading this team!

Please guys, we're all sick of taking Cowboys throwaways. But are you really asking now to trade that for getting all of Cleveland's throwaways? The worst team in the AFC North, possibly the conference? C'mon Poizen, you're better than that dude?

Carlito? LOLOLOL Please! Coming from someone who thinks 31 other gm's passed on orton. Do all 31 teams need a qb? NO.

Multiple reports had Arizona negotiating with Orton up until this morning! 2 months ago John Elway said Tebow wasn't ready! Now he is? LMAO

Has NOTHING to do with Orton's abilities as a QB. Has everything to do with a new coach, a new direction, a new face for the franchise.

Please, exercise some common sense! Miami needs a LEGIT NFL Starting QB to challenge Henne. Young is not an option so please, tell us who else is available. Please?

Joe, I do not disagree with you and I am not anti-Orton.

I am however anti-Orton for big money or trading picks. It just does not seem like a slam dunk you have to do it move.

I want Henne to have competition also, but not to just waste money.

If it is to much money for Orton, I hate to say I am happier with Burger or Delhomme at this point.

Brad Johnson took a team to a SB too. Anyone remember what he did in the rest of his career. HINT: NOTHING!!!

Delhomme going to the SB like a decade ago isn't a a good reason to bring him here now. I doubt Daboll even wants to rekindle the nightmare that was 2010. Everyone's moved on. It's gotta be either Orton, JT, or at the very worst Bulger, who I want to see here like I want a 9mm in my head.

Yeah until he pushes Henne, and Henne beats him out and is a FA next year, then what are we going to do, sign Henne long term for $10M and have a bakcup making $6-$7M per year

Just saying....it could happen, or worse Henne wins Job and then leaves in FA Next Year, and wow we start all over

I agree he needs to be pushed, just not sure we need to trade for Orton. I think Ireland is getting cold feet, and will wait to see if Denver releases him first, if not then maybe go back to them

DC, you know I am a supporter of Henne, however i am far more a supporter of winning. And if that means Henne never starts again I am all for it. That being said I do believe Henne is better than he is spoken about in these forums.

So please do not paint me as a Henne fan 1st. I am a Dolphin fan before anything, and that will always be the case.

Joe, don't be so gullible and beleive all you read. Do you REALLY think Cards were interested in Orton? Kolb was on their rader for months, used Denver as a ploy. A five year old can see that.

Orton just is not THAT special to pay that price for. Get Bulger as a back up. Run with Henne and if he doesn't improve..go all out in the draft. Keep it simple, don't waste time money and draft pics on a QB that doesn't last more than 2 years anywhere. (McDaniels gave up on Orton too, not jsut the new coach).

Laugh at yourself all you want now.


The fact they won`t take a chance on VY is exactly the problem with this FO/HC as I see it. Why on Earth do you want to trade a 3rd or 4th round pick for a player who couldn`t beat out Rex Grossman in Chicago before getting shipped to Denver were he went 8-8 and 2-12 respectfully in 2 seasons as a starter. J.McDaniels might be a little to high strung to be a HC but O he knows, remember what he was able to do with mediocre M.Casssell in 08 while both were with the Pats.

Cassell really looked like he could easily take that team deep in the playoffs based on his play. He gets traded to K.C. were he has another great O Coach in Head man Todd Haley and has looked very mediocre. I believe the same will happen with Orton who is more what we saw in Chicago than what we`ve seen the last 2 years. If we want to dare to actually take a shot at getting a diamond in the rough then we have to go all in and play hit or miss with a talent like VY.

DC, I get the Delhomme thing, It is not a perfect scenerio and not what I am hoping for. But we just cant buy something for the sake of buying it. We cant buy a toyota Camery at a Porshe price is my point.

We have other needs, and can use the orton big money if he asks for it for Zach Miller, or some depth @ O-line.

You can hate Henne if you want, but there is a real chance he would beat Orton out.

If Orton is cheap I welcome him in any day. He is a good guy, but the price needs to be right.

hey guys new post up!!!

Poizen, no offense but I have to laugh. If Orton, who is pretty good, can't beat out Henne as you suggest, do you REALLY think Bulger or Delhome will? Seriously?

Regardless of what you, I or anyone else thinks, Miami is looking for a NEW starting caliber QB. Competition is what they call it. An upgrade is what everyone knows it as.

Again, I'm asking for common sense. Not just any old rebuttal to suit arguments! Who can this regime bring in to be LEGIT competition for Henne. Orton is clearly better than Bulger who hasn't played in 2 years & Delhomme is an INT machine.

Please, name me ONE LEGIT QB who can REALLY push Henne? Just one!

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