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Reggie Bush is about more than statistics

If you are a pure stats geek, you're not too impressed by Reggie Bush as an NFL player. You're not too fired up by the Dolphins nailing down the acquisition of Bush this morning.

He's a 4.0-yard per carry running back. Any season he's carried the ball more than 100 times, his average has dropped to 3.7 yards per rush. He only scored one TD last season. He's never averaged over 10 yards per catch. His most explosive running play last season was a 23-yard run. His most explosive reception last season went for 20 yards.

And all those number, dear stat geek, misses the football point.

Reggie Bush is a defensive coordinator's nightmare. Period.

Anytime he comes onto the field, the defense must account for him. Adding him means the Miami offense has doubled the number of players the defense must account for from one a year ago -- Brandon Marshall -- to two this coming year.

Bush is also a matchup pain in the posterior for defenders. How many linebackers can actually run with this guy? That would be maybe ... a handful? So many times use either a safety or a nickel cornerback to cover Bush.

But here's the problem: What does the defense do when the offense isn't in its pass personnel package? That means the defense has to play with base personnel and that means, either you're praying your linebacker suddenly runs like he swallowed a dozen Red Bulls or you're using a DB on the kid, which is just crazy as matchups go.

In a nutshell, Bush in the game means the offense is now dictating to the defense instead of the other way around. When was the last time a Miami offense was able to do that? It's been a while.

And that makes Bush more valuable than just the mere statistics he posts.


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Good point, Joe. I just wanna see the D-line be dominant as well.

Ok, I have something for you guys;

Let's remember back to 2006:

We had a chance to get Drew Brees (Purdue) and instead we went with Pepper. We ALL KNOW HOW THAT TURNED OUT!!!

This reminds me of that, we can get Orton (Purdue) or Young??
If we can get Orton for a 3rd or a 4th, let's get Orton people and move on.

We still need a Heap type TE and an OT for depth (Carey Big Mac insurance).

THere is NO QB available worthy of a long term investment. We just need someone in case Henne goes down. Orton is not the long term answer. Ask Lovie Smith, Josh McDaniel, John Fox and John Elway.

Bring in a vet as a back up, cheap. If Henne is no better this year, go to the draft. Thats Common Sense.

Carlito, I never said Orton should be a long term investment. HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE COMPETITION. That means, using common sense, he is as good or better than what you have. Not worse with 0 chance of starting like Bulger or any other vet you can name.

Makes me think you have no idea what Miami's objectives are. They want someone better than Henne, not some washed up has been to back him up

I hear all the arguments back and forth, still believe VY the best option if you want someone who at least has the physical ability to be a very good Q.B. If you like call it an experiment, let`s see what he`s made of cause given the fact that he`s going from a 10 Mil a year high profile gig to the scrap heap should have him very focused and lets be honest we need a Q.B. that can buy time and make something happen, VY can do that were the others are basically sitting ducks in the pocket.

If VY doesn`t pan out then no big deal, you cut your losses at the end of the season take every pick in next years draft if necessary and try and jump in on the Andrew Luck sweepstakes which IMO is a better plan than letting Ireland keep mortgaging draft picks on stop gap players who may or may not be with us in as little as 2 seasons when we will have nothing to show for it.

The Truth is they are on a one year make or break situation.

They need someone who is ready to win NOW!! Or Sparano, Ireland and Henne are all gone.

That's why we didn't take Mallett and why Orton gives us the best chance to win NOW.

Yea, it would have been nice to invest in a "QB of the future" but these guys are fighting for thier jobs.
It's now or new regime people.

Joe, you make me think you can't read and think at the same time.

Competition isn't going to improve Henne. Absurd. Pennington was competition. Henne knows he is under the gun, no QB coming in is going to make him play any diffferent. The FA got us in this jam, if Henne isn't the guy, than we need to find him in the next draft. Yes we need another QB, but I'd rather take one that is not an overpriced investment, giving up pics and players, if he is just a stop gap.

I meant FO above. We are in a predicament. Overpaying for Orton only makes it harder to have ammo to move up on the next draft.

This all reminds me of what we did to our Coach, went after his replacemnet very publicly and then kissed his ass when we couldn't get him

Might happen again, sign Bulger or VY, and build the team with some other positions of need, OG and TE

Looks like deal is off for Orton according to Clayton. As for VY how can anyone think you can rely on a guy that already has made a boat load of money and has questionable desire to play. He probably is set for life money wise and has gone missing a couple of times. Not only from team but his family. I don't think this regime is willing to bank it's future on that track record. All that said and taking all his great physical tools into account, I can't see how anyone could say he's a better QB than Orton. Orton is very underrated and at 27 could, I said could, be on the brink of becoming very good. He has a similar playing style of sone other very good and successful QBs in league. Very few QBs with VY's style have been successful. Very few. And by successful I mean won a SB. There have been some mobile guys but they all could drop back and sling it as well. I just don't trust VY in so many ways.

What in the world are you saying Carlito? If you didn't make sense, you'd make no sense. LMAO

How does overpaying for Orton for 1-2 years prohibit Miami from investing in a QB early in next years draft? It doesn't! It's not your money, is it? What do you care if the team overspends? The team can get out of contracts easily if they wanted to.

If Henne isn't the guy, you need a guy like Orton who can get you by for a year or 2 while the new drafted QB is groomed.

Under your plan, if Henne doesn't pan out, he becomes an UFA. We sign a vet to a 1 year deal to back him up this year. He is UFA next year & gone.

Who do you expect to teach that drafted Qb?? Brandstater?


Let me guess, you are 7 years old? Or first time football fan?

If we give up a HIGH PICK for Orton, that can make it harder for us to move up in the draft in 2012. You don't just move up because you want to, you need AMMUNITION. So you pick up a Bulger or VY or whoever that doesn't cost draft picks. This team has a nasty history of giving away high picks for trash. Ponder that for a few weeks and get back to me.

We didn't give them a 2.

a 3 or lower, it's worth it.
1.) Despite all the discusion, Orton is best available, hate it or love it.
2.) We were about to draft Mallett at #3 but he's not ready to win now, Orton is.
Again, we are in a WIN NOW Situation.
3.) If he goes to FA you run a risk of being stuck with a Bulger. Bulger is not WIN NOW. Bulger is a failed attempt at competition to push Henne and set up to fail.
4.) If we get Young, it's make or break. In 06' Pepper broke and Brees made.
5.) Purdue. Stability. WIN NOW>

NOW is the time for sparano and ireland to react to last season's shortfalls. i can't stand rex ryan but he DID bring new york quickly up to speed by signing a LOT of big name free agents, he went out and got what he needed to make the jets a contender. if miami is to make strides this year, if miami can get the team to buy in, (and we need them to), then maybe the fans might buy in as well! we need more then orton, we really need an upgrade at tight-end, TODD HEAP would be great. Sparano must start acting as if we are a player or two away and make those moves. ryan's a blabbermouth, but he knew what he needed and went out and got it! jets fans love him, the owner is thrilled with ticket sales... everyone in new york is thrilled! NOW is the time for miami to react! sign todd heap to shore up this glaring weak spot! i thought ross wanted to make miami a contender? at the very least miami will be a better team for it.

It sounds like a salesman or PR man for the team wrote this, oh, that's right..........

Go get Mario Barber !!!

Signed (OLB)Manny Lawson, (ILB)Kevin Burnett, (TE)Kevin Boss, (OG)Leonard Davis, (RB)Marion Barber or Jerome Harrison or Jason Snelling,

Folks....I truly hope Bush performs more consistently for the fins than he did for us. I have always been a Dolphins fan (behind the Saints) and the NFL is a better place when Miami is contending, BUT let me tell you first hand....don't be fooled by the smile and "say all the right things in front of the camera" of Reggie. He is a me-first athlete and has been since the day he arrived in NO. This has been bred in him since HS. He was never a favorite in the locker room and over values his talent, as well as his being. I thought he could actually be an above average running back (i mean running the ball from the tailback position from scrimmage), but he just does not have that skill set for the NFL. The problem with Reggie is this is how he is, but he is smart enough to say all the right things with the red light (camera) is on him.....

Good luck....


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