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Reggie plus Thomas leaves little room for much else

Let us clear some things up early this A.M. as we await the opening to the Dolphins 2011 training camp practice -- with the first workout scheduled for 11 a.m.

Reggie Bush is NOT Miami's featured back.


He has not been promised 25 carries a game. He doesn't want 25 carries a game. He isn't going to get 25 carries a game for 16 games.

I spoke with a source close to Bush on Thursday evening. The source asked my opinion: "Do you think the Dolphins can give Reggie 10-15 touches a game? That's what he's hoping for."

The question shows, in part, no demand for more work was made. And no promise of more work was given.

Simply, the plan is to make 6-1 and 228-pound rookie Daniel Thomas the workhorse. If he averages 18 carries a game that should be perfect. That would leave maybe an average of 10 carries a game for Bush.


You have about 288 carries for Thomas and maybe 160 for Bush. That's a whopping 448 rushes for the season going to those two.

Where do you guys see a need to add Ricky Williams or Ronnie Brown unless the Dolphins are not passing in 2011 and running the wishbone?

Last year, it should be noted, Brown led the team with 200 carries. Williams followed with 159 carries. The next highest rusher was Tyler Thigpen with 13 rushes. See what I mean?

No need for another alpha-type running back. Oh sure, the Dolphins will  indeed carry backup running backs. But I doubt either Ricky or Ronnie want to sit at the end of the bench filling that role. Plus, that player must be a special teams contributor, which neither Ricky nor Ronnie are.

So this is a simple math formula: Reggie + Daniel Thomas = neither Ricky nor Ronnie.

By the way, I've been doing this for a while so I know the reaction (crapstorm) about to ensue in the comments section: "But Mando, Daniel Thomas is unproven ... But Mando, what if someone gets injured ... But Mando, ....)

Guys, the Dolphins love Thomas. They trade into the second round to take him because they believe in him and knew if they didn't get into the round, he'd be gone. He has prototype size and good quicks. He hasn't taken on NFL snap, but will get plenty of work in the preseason and that will ready him (the Dolphins hope) for the regular season. It does not matter that he is unproven. Arian Foster was unproven before the season opener last year and all he did was lead the league in rushing. I'm not saying Thomas will lead the league but everyone in the NFL that explodes onto the scene is an overnight success about a decade in the making. Also, who was Peyton Hillis before last season? Oh, someone few folks heard of. And offensive coordinator Brian Daboll worked him pretty well. 

[BLOG NOTE; First practice is this morning so kindly come back here and I will be blogging the doings live from start to finish! It all starts at 11 a.m.]


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Don't pull the trigger so quickly, Armando. D. Thomas is an unproven commodity and Hilliard is backup stuff. Hmm..

Everybody seems to be wound up for the start of training Camp, LOL.

What about in the second half of the season when the rook wears down due to it being his first game season or if he can handle the play book in the beginning or gets injured. What is he cant graps blocking assignments? The approach you speak of is why our front office is leaps and bounds behind the Pats...you stock talent incase of injuries and to add value chips for trades. A veteran that can carry the load and mentor Thomas is needed!!

well i'm one of those who said resign ronnie and we're made yesterday and i have to say your argument is solid and it looks like i'll have to stand corrected

its just that only having thomas (unproven) and r bush (injury history) and ts being "thats just the way i am" it makes me feel very nervous that the sh*t could hit the air con very easily

having ronnie as well as reggie and dt would help me sleep at night but i agree that they're unlikely to pay ronnie what he wants and he's not likely to get as much work as he wants

hopefully sheets and hilliard r better backups than the fo seem to think they are

good article armando

Makes sense... Well I guess Lex and either Sheets or the ufa will round it out.

If that's the case we'd better improve a lot in the passing game because if it's anything like last year that kid will take a beating with defenses smothering the run.

well you do have guys like Zach miller and Malcom floyd floating around there for offensive upgrades....just sayin!!!!!

Ricky would come back and be a back up. He wont get split carries anywhere else.

You use Foster as an example, when that scenario happens 1 out of how many rookie backs. And you will need a guy that provides blocking because if you have been watching NE, they picked up Haynesworth. I say Ricky or Ronnie because they can both block and can fill in for another change of pace back and both are still good players.



















I think Ricky would still benefit this team. In a reserve role for rb and his workout and leadership skills are unquestioned.

Having the security of Ricky on the sidelines would be nothing less than an asset. Yes, Ricky said he didn't like Sparano too much, but he's also said he'd like to be back...

I just think the running game benefits with him, the team benefits with him, and if there's any chance of having success on this team, Ricky most certainly deserves to be a part after all he's brought to Miami and the community.


Yeah... What Nick said.

Did we sign a FG kicker yet?

But mando! what if thomas gets hurt in preseason being the workhorse? but mando, why? this regime sucks mando! henne sucks mando! my mother is calling now...gotta go.

drew brees made reggie bush effective. we need a vet qb who understands how to get receivers open and can throw the ball before they break open. henne "locked on" early in the routes. the db's and lb's said henne was an easy read. i hope daboll is an offensive genius or it'll end up more of the same. orton or young can get us td's if our coord doesnt play scared. this is the nfl;we need offense! get a QB PLEASE!

First off ur boy Henne hasn't proved anything, he dumps those stupid passes because he's scared to take a chance down field, the fins have 1 top 5 wr and 1 top 20 in bess.. Those guys can get open downfeild but nothing was ever thrown there.. Plus the 2nd year guys (having a brain fart right now, names don't matter) are fast as hell... The fins needs guy who can throw it there, if Henne gets his head outta his ace and stops worrying bout picks and actually takes chances would we be talking bout this right now? Hes to scared and until he isn't I want a be qb for the team, VY isn't the answer either, orton would be able to dominate with the core the fins have.. If not then he would atleast be able to push Henne into becoming what he should be, a good qb

yeah u guys saying ricky - it does make more sense than ronnie or an equivilent who will want more of a everydown role, we def need someone as a safety net, might be perfect for ricky in his twilight years

Bills got Brad Smith

It's a foregone conclusion: Ronnie and/or Ricky will end up lighting it up for the Pats. Ugh.

it will be very difficult to reprogram henne. he will always hesitate and by that time its too late. it drove marshall nuts as he was open early but balls were thrown late! that won't change. henne spends time watching the rush;alot of batted balls. gotta get a pro QB!

IF and Maybe is NOT a way to go into a Season........

I definitely want to see Ricky re-sign. He'd be a great mentor to Thomas and he has a great work ethic and good leadership. Would also love to see him retire a Dolphin in a year or two!

Does not matter who the RB is if the OL is not good.

But Mando....just kidding, I'm all for canning Ronnie/Ricky, so no problem there.

However, now that the Orton deal seems iffy, I'm getting nervous on giving Henne all the weapons necessary to be successful. Regardless of what anyone THINKS, the truth is Henne was not on solid footing last we saw him. We'll see whether he's regained his ground or not. But, Ireland can help him and Daboll by giving him every weapon in the arsenal to use and hopefully overcome any limitation Henne might still have.

THEREFORE, we need a better compliment to/than Fasano. And there was at least one out there, Greg Olsen (well, two if you include Todd Heap). We passed on Olsen, and I haven't heard interest in Heap. The guy I'd really like to see is Miller from Oakland, but haven't heard anything about him (not even sure he's available).

Mando, can you do your magic and see if there's any talk whatsoever in improving the TE position, or is the team happy with what it has now?

Thanks Reggie,

I'm a Saints fan and we'll dearly miss Reggie Bush. He's a class act and has done a lot more than just play football for us. He was our emotional boost when we needed it the most, he was our excitement, he took our minds off of a lot of misery when we all needed it the most.

Thank You Reggie for giving to our community and thank you for all the smiles, high fives, and excitement.

Miami you now have a class act a really good football player but most importantly a great person. Hope you enjoy him as much as we did. And I hope you appreciate him tomorrow as much as I do today.

God Bless and Thanks Reggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe Ireland wants to see henne in a couple of practices before pulling the plug on orton. Who else is gonna give up draft picks to get orton right now? Maybe Cinci? Maybe washington?

I like most of the Dolphins undrafted rookie signings, they got alot of speed at skill positions, added a 3rd string QB, and added depth on the OL. Plus the TE from Penn State should be able to make the team and contribute. Overall they should help special teams and add depth behind the starters.

Peyton Hillis and Arian Foster played in the SEC. They both didn't play their rookies years they sat the bench. So how can you eve. make the same comparison. Reggie Bush is a slot receiver playing running back, That's it. Daniel Thomas is a unproven running back coming out of a weak conference. We should of drafted Ingram and we wouldn't have been in this situation to begin with. As for Orton now he's not the answer either. The guy is a better version of Doug Johnson. and Last time I check we didn't have Tampa Bay Bucaneers Super Bowl winning defense. He'll I'm looking forward to seeing the Hurricanes more than I am the Dolphins because of the poor Management skills our front offense has done with draft picks as will as Free Agents. Only good pick we had is Jake Long. In finding Devone Bess is free agency.

Agreed 100% Mando. I see Hilliard being the backup this year, and us using whatever cap room we have to pull in another possible interior lineman (L. Davis or B. Waters) to help out with that running game. And to anyone who claims that all of Bushes recieving success came from Brees, let's not forget, that if we are stuck with Henne, that who better to inflate Bush's stats, then "Check Down" Chad.

Have we signed Pouncey yet? We can't have any rookie holdouts, but I haven't heard anything on this front.

I see Armando got san interview with D. Thomas.....good for you....

But mando what about other free agents? We need outside lB help annd OL. There are dozens of free agents needing a job.

Great job explaining that Mando. Some people just can't let go of the past. Time to move on from Ricky and Ronnie. Neither one was very productive last year. I wish them well but bye bye.

Robert it's not Doug Johnson, Doug Johnson was a U of F QB that played for Atlanta in the late 90's. The Buc QB was Brad Johnson who played at FSU and Minnesota, and Washington. BTW Johnson wasn't bad, he had 30,000 yard passing, 166 TD's, and 122 INT's for his career. He even had a year of 4,000 yard passing and 26 and 24 TD's.

Thank God, Phillie is going to sign VY, they can keep him.

OH Crap, Not directed at you Mando, But thie impression you give just sucks.

We NEED to sign ronnie, and try and break this rookie in a little slower.

I am not a RB expert in the least, but this guy seems to run very similar to an old dolphin in my opinion. Sammie, fumble on the goal line Smith.

this kid is not ready for the strength in the NFL pulling at his arms yet, and will not be all year. So either he runs scared with 2 arms on the ball at all times and can't get to a top speed, or he runs like a rookie and fumbles the night away, and the season.

ronnie, makes all the sense in the world. 2 year contract. If he ends up a JET or a PAT, which is VERY likly if we dont sign him, thi will be a complete disaster.

Just my opinion.

paphins fan, go watch Henne in the Green Bay game last year and you tell me he did not prove anything!

Green Bays D was hurt bad, which allowed our Crap ass makeshift O-line create Brady type protection.

Henne looked like a pro-bowler. I hope your smart enough to see the point about how getting a real good O-line out there that is consistant would still allow us WITH HENNE, to be a real good team. Henne, made great throws under pressure when it came that game also.

People need to open their eyes to the positive Henne offers and the negatives. He needs to get better, but he does not suck in the least.


Some of these bloggers assume these rookies think they are signing up for a baking class. They know damn well what the NFL is, what they are getting into, and they are surround by veterans and coaches to get preparte them even further.

As far as Henne goes, with or without another QB he knows damn well he is fighting for his job and he needs to improve greaty to keep it. Orton or no Orton won't change the way Henne plays.

Personally, I don't want to see another RB - I'd like to see Lex finally get his chance. I love the way he runs and he has awesome size. I think he's a fine emergency RB. And if Thomas gets hurt, there is a plethora of vet RBs on the free agent market - and will be even after the season starts.

And thanks Philly for taking Vince Young.

Let them both go........cut ties thank you very much good luck.........SIGN ORTON.......sign a lineman.......get started

Any chance we spend soem of this money on Zach Miller now that Greg olsen is off the market?


And the best news, goodbye Vince Young talk

I just can't believe the Dolphins didn't get in on that Greg Olysen trade. A 3rd rounder for a stud pass catching TE is well worth it. Shame. The Fins should be going after Zach Miller. He's still available. We need an elite, pass catching TE to attack defenses.

Reggie Bush and Thomas should be fine. Kyle Orton should be a decent stop gap. We still need to spend a 1st rounder on a QB. We also need a veteran FS. Eric Weddle? If we get Orton/Bush/Miller/FS this free agency, then I would call it a tremendous success.

Mark, I am on the Miller train also.

thank god VY is somewhere else.

"But Mando, Daniel Thomas is unproven ... But Mando, what if someone gets injured ... But Mando, ....)

Mark, I asked exactly that earlier. Doesn't sound like TE is even on the map for Ireland, and if that's true, either he thinks the rookie is going to be like the NE rookies, or he's totally fine with Fasano. That would be Ireland's big mistake this preseason if he's not looking to upgrade there.

Of course Daniel will need the carries to mold into NFL, but it's asking too much for a rookie to be the pillar element of the entire offense.

If Ricky or Ronnie stay in the fold for a season or two, it softens such situation, opening a windows to make two tailbacks formations.

My second argument is you need to add quality not quantity and I don't see soo much beyond Reggie & Daniel.

Mando. Losing AMAYA was huge on my opinion. The guy was flying up the charts in my opinion!! I loved that kid on special tesms'

Armando just reported Orton deal is dead, not gonna happen

Can we just face the music? Until we get rid of jeff Ireland and sparano, we have no chance at the playoffs. The jets are a playoff team every year it seems because they make the smart trades. And they aren't even close to the best team 'in' football right now, who just keeps getting better by doing what we should be doing, the pats, who have now not only signed haynesworth (well we got soliai for same amount of money...idiots) but have also now signed ochocinco, who i guarantee from watching him his whole
Career will put up 1k yards at least this year....
We are going downhill, and they are going uphill and
It's taken it's toll on this longtime dolfan. We need wide receivers.

Ireland is handcuffed until he resolves the Orton trade. Thats why no movement on a TE.

DC, Poizen, Dana, I agree with everything you guys just said here. One can argue that a seam threat TE may be as big a need as a QB - especially if that Qb isn't Kyle Orton because the dropoff in available talent after him is huge.

If getting Orton is a doubt of any sort right now, then you MUST MUST MUST get zach Miller to help Henne out. You need to take away every available excuse in finding out if Henne is the answer. You got a new OC, speed WR, speed RB, fresh workhorse RB, new OL. if you get that seam TE to complement what we already have then there are no more excuses and if the season still tanks then you MUST MUST MUST go all in with one of the 3 available 1st round QBs in 2012.

I heard one analyst say yesterday that he expects Miami to be in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes because he expects them to be horrible - that wouldn't upset me at all. Unless they end up spending that pick on another OL -then I'll have to go down to Davie and take matters into my own tired hands.

Last year we ran an avg. of about 22 carries per game, that Avg. MUST go up no matter who the QB is. I think we had way too many unnecessary pass attempts (attempts at Hoping Henne was Marino).

We need to avg. 28 carries per game:
I would break it down like this;
Thomas - 17
Bush - 6
Lex - 4
Polite - 1

Bush will get 10-15 touches but should not get more than an avg. of 6 carries per game.
His damage will be made in the Return game (3-6 touches per game) and in the receiving (mismatching) game: 3-6 Rec. per game).

Thomas will be the "Grinder" Sparano loves so much. He is very light on his feet and impressive pass receiver so he's very versitile.

& I've said it once, I'll say it again.
Prepare to see the Wildcat 3-6 times per game.

They have made the changes to attempt to make it work:
Pouncey; the pulling guard, Incognito; the anchor, Jerry; the mauler, Long; the wall, Thomas; the option point man, Polite; the lead blocker, Clay; the multi task plug in and last but not least..........................................................................
REGINALD; the Scat/Speed Back.

I don't mind seeing it 3-4 times a game, just don't take the offense out of it's groove.

You don't plug the wildcat in after 3 Kyle Orton to Bess or Marshall 1st downs. It has to be situational but unpredictable.
Ex. starting a drive at mid field.

The only reason I say I don't mind it is becuase if Pouncey is who we think he is, Jerry is who we hope he is and Thomas is who we think he is, that will open up space for Bush to run as the motion back.
It can be like a punt return, give Bush open space and he's gone man.

So don't hate on the wildcat just yet. Let's give it a try guys.

Dana, I'm one of the biggest we need a great TE people out there. But Greg Olson??? Fasano had better numbers all around. Olson was not worth a third

bobby, that's a shame - I'm a big Orton fan. That to me means we will ride it out with Henne and a scrub QB that can't beat him out. Oh well, if Henne improves, great - if he tanks then we take a QB in 2012 and won't be relevant until 2014.

I agree Mando. We're now set at RB. Now lets grab Orton and Carl Nicks...

Exactly my thought when we traded for Bush. RBs are a dime a dozen these days. Blount, Foster, Ivory, Hillis, Keiland Williams all stepped up out of now where and contributed last year for their teams. I have always been a fan of Lex and when (unfort, not if) Reggie misses a couple of games Kory and Grisby will have to step in. It's all about the line. If Pouncey can play than we shouldn't have much to worry about.

bobby re: Olsen, I would've been in favour of the move too but not because I expected Olsen to carry the mail at TE. It's because of the dimension he would bring - like Bush at RB. he would stretch the field and open things up underneath over the middle for guys like Bush, Bess, Marshall, and Hartline. Olsen and Fasano would've been a nice 2 headed monster at TE. Olsen's numbers weren't very impressive because martz's offense doesn't really feature a TE. One of my good friends is a Bears fan and he's none to pleased today.

I don't like the contract Olsen signed though - pretty large numbers.

Greg Olson is a stud. So was Jeremy shockey. We blew it. And I'm sorry but anyone who wants orton or fitzy is a moron. No offense. Forget that neither can win and both are stay padders....wait, don't forget that. They are awful.
We needed a Vince young, or mcnabb. And we didn't. Good luck arizona and Minnesota, and any other team
That can see that qbs and wrs are where it's at 'in' this league, shown by sb after sb

Gronkowski is a stud, Olson is not. Don't get me wrong, I like Olson, I just don't think he was worth a third and that contract

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