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Signings already in pipeline, more to come today

The Dolphins began rounding up undrafted free agents on Monday. Wow, I'm reporting on football today!

The Dolphins can not sign any undrafted free agent until 10 a.m. today so any report of these guys being signed is incorrect. But under the new collective bargaining rules ratified Monday by both the league and the players union, teams could begin negotiating or agree to terms with undrafted free agents.

And Miami did exactly that, agreeing to terms with at least seven and probably 10-12 undrafted free agents at this hour. No, these will not be top of the roster guys. None were drafted. I see a couple already who will merely be camp bodies.

But out of this group a new Dan Carpenter or Davone Bess might thrust himself onto the roster. So the list of players on Miami's undrafted free agent radar, meaning they've agreed or are negotiating with the team so far:

Praire View A&M OLB Quinton Spears. He's classic 3-4 OLB type. 6-4 and 240 pounds now. Could use a little bulk. He ran a 4.69 at his Pro Day.

Rutgers DE Jonathan Freeney. He projects as an OLB. He ran a 4.72 in the 40 at his Pro Day. He's a Florida kid coming home.

South Carolina G Garrett Chisholm: Had a tough year personally last year. He lost both his mom and dad to cancer and then suffered an ACL knee injury. He's still not 100 percent but he's reportedly close enough to work with.

San Diego State CB Jose Perez. This one isn't exactly done yet, but WR Roberto Wallace, a former San Diego State star, welcomed Perez to the Dolphins on twitter on Monday. Kid's a 5-11 (good size) guy with decent speed (4.47 in the 40).

FAU QB Jeff Van Camp. Um, interesting delivery. He's got something of a hitch. He reminds of Bernie Kosar. Played for the same coach, too, in Howard Schnellenberger. Bernie Kosar was awesome! Maybe Van Camp can surprise.

Arizona TB Nic Grigsby. He's been injured. A lot. As in two consecutive seasons. But he has a 45-inch vertical leap, meaning he can basically jump over cars or short people. He had 2,957 career yards and 28 rushing TDs in his college career.

Penn State TE Brett Brackett. Excellent team leader for Joe Pa. He's 6-5 and 250 and runs a 4.6. Has the immediate smell of a practice squader but who knows?

Serious, big-dollar free agency begins at 10 a.m. today. That's when teams are allowed to begin negotiating with them. I expect the Dolphins will be on the phone with the Denver Broncos to check on the availability of Kyle Orton. He is on the trade block and I expect the interest in him will be keen.

I know some of you have dismissed my affinity for Orton, but he is simply the best fit for Miami. I also expect them to be talking to DeAngelo Williams as a free agent.

Better be!

Reggie Bush? Hasn't been released yet. He might not be a today thing, if at all.

This is a today thing: I remind you here why you should expect big "exciting" things from the Miami Dolphins this free agency and trade period. Please check it out.

Furthermore, Dolphins CEO Mike Dee will be on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo this morning. Yeah, I'll ask him about those Jets shirts. Tune in at 640-AM in South Florida or 640sports.com streaming live on the web. We'll be talking Dolphins and NFL the entire show.

Finally, check back here throughout the day. Stuff should be happening today. I'll try to keep you informed.

And follow me on twitter. I often post there quicker than here because I can do it from my phone.



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boom goes the dynamite

the fo has had nothing to do (draft excepted) for 4 mths except analyse, plan, analyse plan and prepare for this moment, this is the FO's superbowl only they r playing the other 31 teams all at once

they should already have the equivilent of a draft board with low bid/high bid for salary and pics they would give up for individuals and miami players they might consider trading

they should have plans A-Z in place for how things change as guys get signed

if not, they should have been on no pay for the last 4 mths

I haven't had time to prepare an equivilent plan as i'm in a coma most of the time

BRADSHAW tolbert, sproles, AND resign r brown
orton/kolb only for 4th rounder or less
MANKINS if they can prize him loose

i have faith in henne

(but i have an abnormal brain, and havent eaten for months)

repost from last blog

thanks for being on it armando

Lets make it happen today!

I would be very happy with both Orton and DeAngelo!

Still would like a top tier TE though.

Please don't make me beg. Just sign me, so I don't look like a complete loser. I'm literally going to have an emotional outburst soon if the Fins don't show me some love.

Bring in Orton. He will definitely beat out Henne. For running back bring in Ahmad Bradshaw and resign Ricky. Let Ronnie test the market. Thats a good start.

F$%&# orton ur crazy

Go out n get bradshaw show us u guys r serious .....

Ooooh....my favourite time of year is coming up...



Forget about Orton unless they can get him for a 4th or 5th rounder (not likely). He is mediocre at best. If Miami offers more than that than I will begin to think Rick Spielman and Dave Wannstedt have invaded the body of Ireland and Sparano.

Orton fans. How many of you would want Tebow? Probably none of you. Well guess what, Denver likes Tebow more than Orton. What does that tell you? Hellooooooooooo?

I still think Zach Miller would be the guy to target. He'd be a brilliant signing and solve a lot of our problems, especially in the red zone. I realize they can't sign these guys until Friday but let's get the ball rolling.

Bernie Kosar was awesome!??????????????

You have been away from football too long...

Cmon man, Bernie was awesome?

He was an average QB with an average offense no matter where he went.

Best thing he did was give Marino the idea for the fake spike...

yeh but what a fake spike it was..still makes that day. Bernie should get in the hof for that alone.

Ireland will probably come up with some signings that many People won't like, but remember, he selects players according to the needs of the System in place.

One day I will eventually post a relevant, comprehensible comment.

They better focus on upgrades, but I am on the Ronnie Brown train here. Look, Have 1 person in his ear at all times. We WILL get a home town discount from him, and he is well worth the money. SIGN RONNIE BROWN! I also want Deangelo, or Michael Bush. But Ronmnie does not complain about playing time, is a great leader, and can run with the rock with a decent o-line in front of him. SIGN RONNIE PLEASE! He is a team player all day and every day. Kind of guy great teams need.

Orton???? Is there drug testing for Sports Writers??

People say I dance too much, don't hit the hole quick, lost a step, go down too easy, scare nobody, under achieved.

It's all true. But I have my fans so sign me.


I always like to read what you have to say and respect your opinion on things but do you really think Ronnie has much left? I didn't see it last year and last year was a contract year. Maybe part of it was the line and maybe part of it was lingering effects from the injuries. I'm just not convinced he has it any more. I'm more about aggressively going after Bradshaw or D. Williams. I think they would compliment Thomas really well. To me Ronnie is just an older version of Thomas now. I don't think Ronnie would come back if he were to play behind Thomas and Bradshaw but who knows. I'd be interested in hearing what you think Brown can still do between the lines. Good leader and good teammate? No question. But can he still be productive when you need him? I'm not sure he can.

I am usually hurt when you need me most, but when I am not hurt I am impressive. Sign me.

I like this blog. I feel at home here.

RB- Ronnie, Sproles
QB- Bulger, VY or Macnabb (don't give away draft picks!)
TE- Todd Heap
OL- Robert Gallery

i say sign a couple of the jets FA like santonio holmes and brad smith. it will weaken the jets and close the gap between the teams.

I like fist-pumping for Field goals

I once asked a player if his mother was a prostitute.

I once gave my head coach a vote of confidence, only to be caught flying accross the country to interview his replacement, I was then forced to give the original coach (whon I don't really like) a big raise in order to save face.

Ok, after you hand me the ball then, just let me know when I should start running and where, ok?

Honestly, Craig. I do think he has a lot left. Enough for a couple years, So I would not sign him for a 4-5 year deal. You have a good point about Thomas however. Ronnie was good for the team as a leader, good community guy. and the line was awful last year. I think he still has a ton of value for the price he would take to stay in Miami. I just do not want him on New england and running our guys over!! :)

I see was continue to have loosers who are tough behind a keyboard going under a alias to insult others. Such a tough guy!

“The first Dolphins call [Tuesday] will be to Denver to survey the cost for Orton,” according to Dave Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

So Orton is an average quarterback? So he was 15th-rated in the league last year? So he's in his seventh season and hasn't won a playoff game? So there are questions if he has the arm to win The Big One?

Orton is average but not cheap. He'd come at the price of a probable second-round pick. He'd also want the final year of a contract worth $9 million re-worked into something longer. But, again, this is the cost of where the Dolphins are.


Maybe my biggest fear is that Brown ends up in New England. I'd hate to be wrong on him and have him run all over us. I've always liked Ronnie but I was really disappointed in him last year. I guess if he was OK to be third string he could come back. I think they need someone with a better gear than Brown and I'd rather have a younger Bradshaw or D Williams in tandem with Thomas.

Don't worry about the trolls....people want to take issue with us having an opinion. Morons!

Forget gaining yards and winning games. We need players that are good community leaders like Ronnie Brown. Maybe we can draft some players from the Peace Corp?

Really interested to see and hear what kind of shape Soliai is when he shows up. It will tell us a lot about him and whether he is worth signing long term. Hoping for the best....

Now let's see Orton, during the last 3 seasons has passed for 2900, 3800, 3600 yard, along with 18, 21, and 20 TD's, with 12, 12, and 9 int's. Do those sound like an average QB. Had Henne done that he would be a hero. All of you that are calling Orton average at best haven't looked at his stats. And the person who said to give a 4th or 5th round draft choice for him, let me ask you, if you had Orton what would you ask for him. His stats are so much more superior to VY it's pathetic. VT has 42 TD passes and 42 INT's for his career, who would you want to have. Oh btw both are 28.

Orton was rated 15th in the NFL in 2010. That is about as average as average gets.

Maybe if we can replace our current average QB with another average QB for a high draft pick and lots of money, we'll be a great team?

BTW Orton's last 3 QB ratings have been 79.6, 86.8, and 87.5. VY fans, his career QB rating is are you ready, 75.7, about the same as Henne.

Yea, I can not lie, my heart is in a lot of that post. Being here in Massachussets, I hear the talk and Ronnie is at the top of their radar. (I heard this from one of the NE trainors, he always sees me and says how bout Ronnie in a Pats uniform this year). Man do I hate it. But through conversation with him, they think he is the man... Ronnie is older but truthfully in the league for 6 years now. Two of the years were half years due to injury and he was leading the league in rushing. So that is HURT legs with only 4 total years at most. So it seems he would not be the speedy back, but I still think he has his instincts, and contrary to others here. When there is a hole he found it and went forward. He did dance a lot last year, but he was looking for holes and none were opening, so what else is he to do? Ram his o-line in the back and injure another?

Again, you do hae a point that we have this rookie. I am scared of the rookie cause he runs very similar to Sammie Smith, and guys are even stronger now than the late 80's. So I would like to have a guy familiar with the Offense on the roster.

Poizen, how can you have a guy familiar with the offense on the roster when its a brand new offense? Duh.

15 might be fine since he was ahead of jay Cutler, Eli Manning, Carson Palmer, Donovan McNabb, Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, Matt Hasselbeck, Brett Favre, oh and Chad Henne.

Here are the ESPN 2010 QB stats:


Do you give up a 2nd round pick and millions for a QB rated 15 who probably is only going downhill from his prime now?

Hey stats he's 28, and his QB rating has gone up for the last 3 years. That doesn't sound like he's going downhill does it. In fact 29 to about 32/33 is the prime age for QB's. Yeah give a 2nd, and millions.

Daboll did not change the offense entirely, He already claimed that. the main thing is a the verbal communication change.. Duh... Maybe you should pay more attention. Thank you, have a nice day.


Thomas does run a lot like Sammie Smith. That's the first thing I thought of when we drafted him. I wanted Leshoure or Ryan Williams but that didn't work out. Hopefully he can give six solid years like Brown (despite what the fans say about Brown). If Brown were to end up in NE I could see him in a role similar to what they did with Dillon and to a lesser extent Faulk. Not a primary guy but more a guy who gets the tough yards at key points late in the game. I'd hate to see him in that uniform.

John Kitna is rated above Orton. Would you give a 2nd and millions for John Kitna?

The heck with Ronnie, I want Rickey.

What would it take to get Orton? I think that is the bigger problem. What do you sacrifice to get him. I can't imagine early they will let him go cheap... The draft picks or pick would be maybe to high?

Anyone know the asking price for Orton?

Where is it confirmed that the Broncos want a second for Orton? Can we let it play out first? And Orton is owed $9 million this year but he could re-negotiate a multi-year deal. To be honest, if we didn't have to give up too much for him, he'd be great competition for Henne. If Henne can't do it, Orton could be the guy next year, while we develop a young QB. All seems reasonable to me.

Not for a 38 year old Kitna, don't you think that would be stupid. Also Kitna was not very active in 3 out of the last 5 years. And his QB rating slide every year 2003. So it would be stupid don't you think to trade for him or even suggest trading a 2nd for him.

I would like to have Orton to compete with Henne. That would be good, just not sure what the Bronco's are asking for.

Craig, you do not think Thomas is more of an upright runner like Sammie was? I can only go by films and it seemed similar. I also wanted Leshoure, that guy "could" be nasty!

We will see, I know I am in the minority here with wanting Ronnie back. I just pray he is not a Jet or a Pat, or even a Bill. Hopefully if not a Dolphin he ends up in the NFC.

Sorry Craig, I misread your post you did agree on Thomas and Sammie being similar. sorry about that.

No way I want Kitna, but he was rated higher in 2010 than the QB you want....

I'd like them both back at discounts

Orton is not a significant upgrade over Henne...go after S. Holmes.....he would make Marshall and Bess better and would help Henne by giving him a legit deep threat. It would also hurt the Jets!!! Any QB brought in would be behind the 8ball becoause of the compressed schedule. Keep a mediocre Henne rather than trading away draft picks for a slightly above mediocre Orton. If this team signs VY, I will cancel my NFL DTV ticket. Reguardless of what the staff does in the next few days, the biggest move for this team this year was the inability to fire the Head coach and GM. My only hope is that when the Fins are 1-5 after 6 game, Sporono will be fired and Fisher will be hired.

Who are the licking Free agents?

thomas, bradshaw, r brown the new trifecta

u can't argue with that

... ok argue if u want to


would be tough to face wake, misi and him + the rest of the d

brady might even stop looking forward to playing us

Stats what does that have to do with anything. Look at the 5 years prior to that. Do you just look at the prior year to assess a player. That's not very smart. He 38, and Orton is 28. That make a big difference if you didn't. Let's not play this game because you're starting not to sound intelligent.


OUT WITH ......... OLD , INJURED AND THE SLOW ....................



Sorry Should have read Who are the free agent KICKERS. Sorry.

Good morning Aloco, Iam sure you'll be seeing me later.

But aloco, arent you hennes #1 Fan?

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