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Signings already in pipeline, more to come today

The Dolphins began rounding up undrafted free agents on Monday. Wow, I'm reporting on football today!

The Dolphins can not sign any undrafted free agent until 10 a.m. today so any report of these guys being signed is incorrect. But under the new collective bargaining rules ratified Monday by both the league and the players union, teams could begin negotiating or agree to terms with undrafted free agents.

And Miami did exactly that, agreeing to terms with at least seven and probably 10-12 undrafted free agents at this hour. No, these will not be top of the roster guys. None were drafted. I see a couple already who will merely be camp bodies.

But out of this group a new Dan Carpenter or Davone Bess might thrust himself onto the roster. So the list of players on Miami's undrafted free agent radar, meaning they've agreed or are negotiating with the team so far:

Praire View A&M OLB Quinton Spears. He's classic 3-4 OLB type. 6-4 and 240 pounds now. Could use a little bulk. He ran a 4.69 at his Pro Day.

Rutgers DE Jonathan Freeney. He projects as an OLB. He ran a 4.72 in the 40 at his Pro Day. He's a Florida kid coming home.

South Carolina G Garrett Chisholm: Had a tough year personally last year. He lost both his mom and dad to cancer and then suffered an ACL knee injury. He's still not 100 percent but he's reportedly close enough to work with.

San Diego State CB Jose Perez. This one isn't exactly done yet, but WR Roberto Wallace, a former San Diego State star, welcomed Perez to the Dolphins on twitter on Monday. Kid's a 5-11 (good size) guy with decent speed (4.47 in the 40).

FAU QB Jeff Van Camp. Um, interesting delivery. He's got something of a hitch. He reminds of Bernie Kosar. Played for the same coach, too, in Howard Schnellenberger. Bernie Kosar was awesome! Maybe Van Camp can surprise.

Arizona TB Nic Grigsby. He's been injured. A lot. As in two consecutive seasons. But he has a 45-inch vertical leap, meaning he can basically jump over cars or short people. He had 2,957 career yards and 28 rushing TDs in his college career.

Penn State TE Brett Brackett. Excellent team leader for Joe Pa. He's 6-5 and 250 and runs a 4.6. Has the immediate smell of a practice squader but who knows?

Serious, big-dollar free agency begins at 10 a.m. today. That's when teams are allowed to begin negotiating with them. I expect the Dolphins will be on the phone with the Denver Broncos to check on the availability of Kyle Orton. He is on the trade block and I expect the interest in him will be keen.

I know some of you have dismissed my affinity for Orton, but he is simply the best fit for Miami. I also expect them to be talking to DeAngelo Williams as a free agent.

Better be!

Reggie Bush? Hasn't been released yet. He might not be a today thing, if at all.

This is a today thing: I remind you here why you should expect big "exciting" things from the Miami Dolphins this free agency and trade period. Please check it out.

Furthermore, Dolphins CEO Mike Dee will be on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo this morning. Yeah, I'll ask him about those Jets shirts. Tune in at 640-AM in South Florida or 640sports.com streaming live on the web. We'll be talking Dolphins and NFL the entire show.

Finally, check back here throughout the day. Stuff should be happening today. I'll try to keep you informed.

And follow me on twitter. I often post there quicker than here because I can do it from my phone.



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Michael, now you are playing childish games. Get your bifocals if you can't read and comprehend. Here is my real post not your nonsense:

No way I want Kitna, but he was rated higher in 2010 than the QB you want....

Posted by: NFL Stats.com | July 26, 2011 at 09:40 AM

Todd Heap is gonna be available too I say we try and get him but Zach Miller would be money that guy has sticky hands he cathes anything that is thrown his way. I got the pleasure of watching him blossom at ASU.

Dolphins signed Pat Devlin. Good QB, nice pickup for the Dolphins. He will have a chance to compete. I like this signing.

julie must be a patsy coz she doesnt get it

orton is not a franchise qb,IMO, which is what the fins need sooner or later, so he would be a stopgap

the only possible franchise qb's (IMO)r vy (big risk ATTITUDE)

and k kolb( totally unproven and too expensive in picks)

kitna would b fine by me but only for 4th rounder combined with trade

most qb's coming to compete with henne will be some kind of stopgap (hopefully) till the FO find a franchise from drafting qb's in the first round as a habit until they have one

and not trading 1st round picks for guys that haven't shone whenever they've been under centre

besides u'd have to give such a drafted player a good 4 yrs to develop on the field unless they were CLEARLY awful

(same reason give henne this year and then decide , he's shown upside and downside)

Then why were you making a case for him.


Devlin won't have a chance to compete. He's a project. He likely sits on the practice squad all year. He doesn't have a chance to displace Henne, Orton or whoever else we sign and at this point is unlikely to beat out our third string guy from last year (forget his name). I'm fine with the signing but with the season just 7 weeks away he's not competing for anything this year.

It doesnt make sense. Why get a stop gap that will last two seasons, spend money on him, or a draft pick when you can get someone like Orton who is already proven?? Henne could be a good QB, he had Pennington to learn under who is a good leader and smart QB. Obviously he didnt learn well enough. Henne doesnt know what it takes to be a leader. He doesnt make smart decisions. The coaching staff has no confidence in him. If they did, then they would not have just signed Pat Devlin, another YOUNG gun to groom and compete with Henne. Why get a stop gap, waste money and time on one??? Just to groom a QB that has already had a veteran to do so?? Who has problems gelling with players, prone to mistakes, who is afraid to throw downfield?? Getting a stop gap veteran is not going to help fix those mistakes. And the ones everyone has mentioned have no desire to be mentors anyway...

Julie, wanting an old QB with experience does not mean someone does not know anything about football. some people here do believe that Henne can be a good QB, but may not be polished yet. If that is a case, that old stop gap makes a tom of sense.

I am worse than the wolf, I am one that believes Henne is already good enough. I believe the problems from last year stemmed from the O-line more than anything, with a little of the coaching lossing control and becomong predictable.

Kris, Thanks for the link... For some reason I think I am still not that far off though. But either way, thanks for the link, my interpretation may have really sucked! :)

Posted by: Poizen | July 26, 2011 at 10:11 AM

Guys why are we trading for Jon Kitna? You have to be kidding me!! He's 38 years old and does nothing for us. Don't tell me he played well in Dallas last year....I don't want to hear that. If we're going that route then let's add McNabb, Bulger or Hasselbeck in FA....where we don't have to give up any picks. Trding for Kitna is just adding Dallas' leftovers...no thanks.

Michael. Its funny you questioning my intelligence. Nowhere did I make a case for him. I said Orton was rated 15th in the league last year, not worthy of a high pick. My comment was that even Kitna was rated higher than Orton so Orton can't be worth a high pick.

Try reading a little more slowly, and thinking about what you are reading.

Kitna is a free agent. Orton is NOT.

He's also TEN years older than Orton. No thanks. I'll take Orton for a third or a fourth.

Devlin will be a 3rd stringer at best in this league. Mainly practice squad QB.

Thanks Craig, I guess stats doesn't see that.




Where are you getting that Kitna is a FA? I'm not seeing that anywhere.

Craig, either of these QBs are 1-2 yr stopgaps. Neither will be on the team in 2013 (IMO). So we're just trying to find an adequate backup (or possible starter). McNabb, Bulger and Hasselbeck are ALL West Coast offense QBs. They don't play in Dabboll's system. Both Orton AND Kitna do play in a similar system, so both would be better choices than the 3 you mentioned.

Not sure why you guys are getting stuck up on these QBs. There's only 1 way to find a long-term starter if Henne isn't it, and that's through the Draft. These FA pickups would only be there for insurance this year, that's all.

And I didn't hear Kitna would cost a high draft-pick, did you?

Actually, now that you mention it Craig, I didn't hear that either (about Kitna). Maybe that's why I didn't hear he'd cost a high draft-pick.


You and I will disagree like crazy on this, and I can not get into a why henne post on here as I have odone it at least 20-30 times.

I will say all the things you blame Henne for can and are likly products of his enviroment. the coaching, the system, and especially the o-line not giving consistant time, along with some major dropsies from WR's.

The truth is, and to spare the rest in this forum, I can come up with an equally good argument of things that caused Henne to struggle that were not his fault.

I agree he NEEDS to get better, but I will contend until proven wrong that Henne has all of the things to be a starter and inner in the NFL. What he needs is a coach that trusts him, a good game plan that is not predicatable, and a solid O-line that is consistant.

The same thing that Brady gets, Ryan gets and rivers gets and even Peyton.

until he gets that kind of play AROUND him, no one can truly say's he sucks, becasue he has the tools in place to be good.


I don't know why we would want Kitna. I thought the plan was to find someone to compete with Henne. He's 38 years old. Yeah he looked OK in Dallas last year but do you expect he'll do that in Miami under a new system? I don't. So if we're looking at giving up a draft pick (even a 4th or a 5th for a 38 year old QB), I'd rather have one of the guys I named for nothing. I think most of us expect Henne will be the starter this year. You're telling me that McNabb or Bulger couldn't be ready to go in 2 months because they're WEst Coast offence QBs? I'm not buying that. I think some of you guys are getting too hung up on the system these guys play in. These guys are vets and can adjust to whatever system they play in.

But just for clarity sake, I'm saying if you can get Orton for a fourth or even a third and you're able to re-negotiate his contract I'd do it. He's a smart Qb and will push Henne and I'm saying he'd be here for more than one year. My backup (and lots won't like it) is to look at Young, Bulger or Hasselback. But to me, the guy that fits right now is Orton. Consistently decent numbers, smart QB, not too old and won't be a whiner if he doesn't start.

Let me explain the Kitna nonsense going on.

Michael was throwing out stats to say how great Orton was. I said an average QB isn't worth a high draft pick, some are saying he will demand a 2 or 3. Michael said Orton wasnn't average. I pointed out that Orton was only rated 15th in the NFL, 15 out of 32 is average. I said even Kitna was rated above Orton. I never suggested we go after Kitna, only that a 38 yo QB was rated higher than Orton last year, to make the point Orton is not worth a 2 or 3 pick. End of story.

It is really so much easier to talk than to type... man... I never can get a full point across when I type it. I re-read my post and then new things pop up I did not say... ok done venting now. :)

Look dunce stats, your the one that brought up Kitna, You're looking at one year, I listed all the other QB's that were below Kitna i QB rating. I told you he was 38. But you kept on. I tell you you can't just look at one year, that you have to take into account that he's 38, that he did't play in 3 out of the past 5 years. But still you persist. Cut it out the Kitna analogy doesn't work. It pretty dumb in fact.

Michael you are calling me a dunce when it is you that can't comprehend basic written English. Twisting and turning everything out of context even after it was clearly explained 3 times.

When you are GM, you can go waste a #2 pick on Orton. I'm guessing your last name is Spielman?

It doesn't work, period. You can say I took you words out of context, but no matter what you wrote, the analogy doesn't work. Period, as you said end of story. If you want Kitna, the move would be bad lol.

Craig, Orton is my 1st choice too. And VY is probably my 2nd. However, if you're asking me who I'd choose between Kitna, McNabb, Hasselbeck and Bulger, I'm DEFINITELY taking Kitna.

You might not have seen the disaster that was the 2010 Washington Redskins, but I'll tell you point blank McNabb CAN'T play in any other offensive system. Not in 2 months, not in 2 years. He is who he is. A good QB in the system he's USED to, but he's not willing to put in the work to be in a new system. That's not my opinion, that's the fact of watching him here in DC for the last 12 months (and Mike Shanahan's view as well and the reason why the starter for them this year is probably John Beck). Trust me when I tell you we don't want that problem here.

Hasselbeck, Bulger, I haven't watched as closely, but didn't Bulger just come off a concussion (or 2). He's another Trent Green, I wouldn't even consider him. Hasselbeck is a consideration (I guess he played ok near the end of last season).


I'm kind of worried by the signing of Devlin. He picked us over Arizona because someone in the organization told him he'd have a chance to compete against Henne. Does anyone else think that sounds like they might not go after one of the names we've been throwing around lately (Orton, Young, Kolb, etc.)? That maybe they'll just re-sign Thigpen, and that would be the QB squad this year (a disaster if you ask me).

I think we've seen what Thigpen has, and it's not much. We don't know what we have in Devlin, but I don't see him pulling a Brady (who at least was drafted in the 6th-round), and especially don't see him ready to play in a month or two.

We need to sign a QB that can actually compete against Henne, but this move makes me very nervous (until I hear Thigpen is not going to be on the team).

Devlin went undrafted. I dont think he'll get a very long look in our camp unless he shows he's clearly superior to Tom Brandstadter. Remember him, the qb on the practice squad last season?

Expect to see either Brandstadter or Devlin shown the door. Which ever one is better will continue seeing a Dolphin paycheck.

Bulger is a better fit and more effective than Orton. He probably can be picked up for a reasonable sum.
Bulger can provide competence and security for 2-3 years in the event Henne underperforms!

QB-Palmer for 2nd 0r 3rd if Brown is willing. Kyle Orton, Donovan McNabb, Hasselback, Young

RB-Bradshaw, D Williams, D Sproles, J Snelling, Bush will cost to much overated.(We r not Saints offense)

TE- Zach Miller, Kevin Boss

DE- Mathius Kiwanuka, Jason Taylor both for depth.
Start Rashad Jones at Free saftey. Kids a playmaker and anxious to see the kid we drafted at saftey.

undrafted rookies seldom make a difference even if they somehow make the team. they are training camp body's for the most part. ireland has to have success in FA to close the widening gap between us and both the pats/jets. he failed to address the qb position in the draft. we need to land a starting qb in FA or our season will be a fight for 3rd place in the afc east.

Wow people r a little crazy on here. I would take Ortons avg 15th rank Qb without Brandon Marshall to Chad Henne's 26th well below avg ranking with Brandon Marshall. Orton throws more TD'S Than Ints. Usually a good quality to have when playing QB in the NFL. Orton 20-9 td ratio Chad Henne 15-19 td to int ratio. 5 more td's and 10 less int is 10-6 to 11-5 record as opposed to 7-9. Henne lost us to many close gameswith int's in the 4th quarter last yr.

Why can't Santonio Holmes spell his name right! It is obviously San Antonio Holmes.

if the jets get asomugha and we don't even try I'd be upset

I like zach Miller but I honestly would love to see Charles Clay and Fasano in action this year as well. Fasano has earned his starting position.

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