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Sunday morning reads and live practice blog here

Allow me to begin this morning by serving you up some reading material as we await the 11 a.m. start to open practice and a live blog of that event:

First, I want to share with you the fact Dolfans are staying away from camp the first two days as I've never seen before in all my years covering the team.

At a time when interest in football is spiking -- NFL Network reports a 288 percent veiwership increase and this blog's page view and unique visitor numbers seem to be on a steroid and HGH cocktail -- local Dolfans are seemingly either disinterested or wary about checking out their team despite the fact the practices are free.

We'll see what the attendance is today and tomorrow night.

Secondly, here are words from the mouth of players or coaches:

Tony Sparano on what he saw in Daniel Thomas his first practice with the Dolphins:  “The biggest thing is the amount of times the guy carried the ball in college and the level of production.  I mean this guy was a big producer in college and really carried it a bunch of times.  I think for a big guy this guy has really soft hands.  He catches the ball well.  In college you didn’t really see Daniel block a whole lot, wasn’t really what he was asked to.  That’s something that we got to get to the bottom of here a little bit fast.  But you did see flashes of physicalness there in the blocking and the things.  But this guys a physical, get your shoulders square runner and I think that’s what we seen.  He has, it’s funny, they talk about home run speed and top gun speed but this guys finished some runs.  So he’s got pretty good speed.  I was excited today, just on a couple of, from early carries to see some of the bounce that he had in his legs for a big man.”

Thomas on whether knowing his assignments is his greatest obstacle in practice so far:  “Not really, the coaches do a really good job of going over our assignments, like I said the toughest thing is just going out here in the heat , and the heat just messes you all up.”

I am not a conspiracy theorist. If someone tells me something, I do my best to tell you, assuming it doesn't break trust with my source. As you know, I've been told that, as of yesterday, the Dolphins were still not giving up on the idea of Kyle Orton. (Or at least adding a legit QB to compete with Chad Henne.)

Other media have reported the team is giving that role to Matt Moore, which if you really think about it, is simply moronic.

Well, Moore was asked if he has been told he was in town to compete for the starting job with Henne:

“You know what … I am going to come in and compete. That’s how it’s going to be. That’s how it is everywhere. As of right now like I said, I am learning. I am going to come in and make all of the throws and make all of the right reads and we will see what happens."

Obviously, Moore has not been told he'll be competing for a starting job. Yet, I have faith the Dolphins will do their best to find that player to do exactly that. Maybe they try Mark Bulger. Maybe they beg the Bengals to trade Carson Palmer one more time. Maybe they cave to Bulger's salary demands.

Point is the quarterback issue is absolutely not resolved.

Talk to you in the comments section for the start of practice.


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HA HA SHAME ON U SEASON TICKET HOLDERS.........so we basically sign BUSH for 5million THATS OUR OFF SEASON AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Aand u guts forgotabout these BOZOS for a moment and like the past 45 years thought NEXT YEAR IS GOING TO BE OUR YEAR......

You want to get more guy fans at the practice? Write an article that says there is "Moore Bush" being seen at practice since the 70's and miniskirts!!

They spend 4 months bickering and fighting then the NFL expects those bleachers to be full. Most Fans get alienated by that crap, Man!

Greg Z.....thanks.....

Its a frustrating time right now.....

As weird as it sounds....I think our season hinges on Kyle Orton....we have fallen a long way....

Maybe...just Maybe....

Ireland pulls of Palmer....

ross contends henne is trying to learn to be a leader. someone yesterday said: you don't learn leadership. you are born with it. either you are or you're not! parcells always said "if they dont bite as pups they probably wont bite." you might apply those statements to our qb situation?

I guess we'll see but I think edwards was a loss for the jets. Burress is 34. Edwards is only 29

greg, kris

I think the idea was to get a quicker scat back to compliment Thomas. I like the deal NO did for Sproles and I'd rather we had done the same, cheaper and no picks. Guessing Ross was behind the Bush move to add some stardom to the team.

I applaud the locals for seeing the writing on the wall.

Like it or not Miami is an NFL destination city. Thanks for freeing up more seats for the rest of us!

Why would anyone want to watch another year of check down Henne? Rookie RB that everyone automatically assumes will be better than Ronnie & Ricky? Scratch & sniff Busch? Puh leaaassse.

The interesting question is who will want to come and work for S Ross?

Great post Scott. I along with 75% of the fans agree Henne is going to continue to drive this team into the ground. Are Ross, Ireland, and Sparano ( three stooges) are so blind and stupid not to see this?

Mr. Ross you need to spend the money for Orton now. When your so angry after the 3rd game don't you think it's going to cost a lot more to replace your other two stooges? Pay now or pay much more later. Fans will stay away after the first game. You are currently the laughing stock of the NFL. Just tun on the TV.

McGahee brings a fraction of what Bush does to the table, which is why he costs less. Not really a baller. Ray Rice's backup, I'd much rather have Ronnie Brown. Instead we have a promising rookie and a dynamic change of pace guy who is GREAT out of the backfield. Everybody's wringing their hands because we haven't landed the 32 year old who just got out of jail or Ocho Cinco. Forget the fact that Marshall and Bess are two of the best in the league and Gates needs a shot. Team's biggest problems were O-line and special teams last year with QB second. People on here wasting time bellyaching about WRs and RBs we didn't sign and don't need. And the Orton thing is overblown, too. You want to worry about something legitimate? Worry about Jake Long. If he can't play, Henne really will be as bad as all these whiny fans think.

kris, i've been a fan for over 35 years. this is a very frustrating time for me because i'm not sold on the FO decision making. we wanted to replace the coach and didnt. we wanted to replace the qb and didnt. that has an effect on the whole team as well as the fans (like you expressed).

So on gamedays will you wear your 19 Borderline Personality Disorder jersey or your scratch and sniff Busch jersey?

Boulder...I agree with you there...if given the options....and all things are equal.....give me Edwards...

but Edwards want out of this world money....according to NFL-N reports....and Between those 2 recievers....

Plaxico Burress is the Target version of Braylon Edwards....while the next best available options might only be Wal-Mart brands.....

The team will not stay with henne if he is not doing the job. Just like last year he will be sat down for good so stop crying!

I THOUGHT u blind fans don't like to spend MONEY for free agents HAHAHAHAHAHA well u got your wish MORONS...


carl at 10:20, i agree with that. i wanted sproles too,mcgahee even where we dont mortgage our future like 2 second round picks for marshall. many vets can be had when released on the cheap.

I think getting reggie bush is an excellent pickup considering it looks like were stuck with charlie checkdown for another year, I'd much rather see bush with the ball on those checdowns than brown or polite

the best thing to do this year is to keep your expectations low. win or lose just watching the phins gets my juices goin. hopefully we can win a few this year and get a top rated QB in the draft next year with a new FO

The big difference between us and NE and NY, they are in win RIGHT NOW mode, where as our FO is stuck in win later mode.


I am in the Bush camp.....I think he is a "special" player that is capable to score from anywhere on the feild....He was my first choice for RB....

The problem is this....if he is shadowed by 2 players at all times that he is on the feild....then like Marshall...he will be way less productive then he was with his former team....

and he also can't run after the catch if the ball is thrown at his feet...or he is constantly soinning around to catch a ball thrown behind him....

Ireland need to understand that you have to put more spped on the feild AT THE SAME TIME.....

Bush becomes more effective when combined with Gates.....Gates will draw that Free safey attention....if we can PROVE we can hit him consistently......


Latest on all FA

If Bush can stay healthy, I like him. He is one more thing the D has to account for. The thing is, Bush has rarely been a home run threat. Ronnie Brown has had more 20+ yard carries than Reggie. Reggie is a great receiver, but very low YAC. The hype is way beyond the results in his case. Payton and a loaded team and a star QB, maybe this OC will find a way to get more out of him


Did you actually suggest in the last blog that replacing Crowder for Burnett wasn't a good move because Burnett played for Dallas at one time? Come on man, you're better than that!! Let's hope Crowder ends up in Buffalo as is being discussed. He'll either be watching us from the sidelines when we play them or watching the numbers on our backs as we run by him. No loss at all...it's an upgrade to what most of us consider the weak link on our defence.

Just not sure whay everyone is getting excited about what the Jets and Pats are doing. We be getting LAMBASTED if we were trading picks for Haynesworth and Ocho. Ocho's not the guy he used to be. He wasn't even the best receiver on his team last year. Can he contribute in New England? Of course he can. Can he be useful. No question. But he's not a star any more. It's a low risk, chance for a high return move for Belichik. Haynesworth failed his physical multiple times in camp last year. This is a guy who couldn't get motivated after signing a huge contract and quit on his teamates. That the kind of guy you want in Miami? Can Belichik turn him around. Of course! But again, why are we getting all worked up about this move? Is the guy Miami fans wanted here? He's getting paid over $5 mil a year. Let's see how it pans out. Plaxico? Was losing a dtep or two before he went to prison two years ago. Big target? Sure. But can get open. They've replaced Edwards with this guy? Good move? Maybe. Sure-fire upgrade? No I don't think he is.

reggie bush will get the checkdowns with lb's all over him. there will be nowhere to run as henne stares him down. we need a new qb that can open up the field or bush is a waste of $. drew brees got reggie open when he spread the field with 4 wide. we dont have that. we stay in max protect so henne wont get sacked.

Hehe, they tell me that in those 10-12 y/o football leagues you can sniff a lot of Bush(and maybe scratch one or two).

I'm going to take my leave guys....I know positive comments about this yeam and the FO aren't appreciated. Not going to waste the day trying to convince guys that we're on the right track. Hopefully Orton will be a part of this team by Thursday (and then guys can question that move too)....

Cheers....Happy Sunday!!

So you are wondering why Dolfans are staying away? Could it be that while other teams are making significant free agency improvements all we get is a retread runner past his prime and a 3rd string level QB?

oscar canosa is a pedofile. sick.

The laws of physics do not change (except maybe in NE). 97..JJ loaded up on FAs. Bust. Barely 9-7. Jets '11? Bust. Too much 'weight' of stars creates its own gravity out of the control of coaches. Jets '11?: 9-7.
NE is in another universe. Smart coaching. Stars shed their glitter before entering. Haynesworth and Ocho will not cause gravity issues but will contribute. NE '11?: 13-3.

Dolphins perhaps are taking a young-and-hungry approach vs. Star power on offense. Dolphins '11: 9-7. More importantly 1-1 vs. Jets. 0-2 vs. NE. Still Tony "small-ball"...competitive but not dominating. Several of the 9 wins will be by less than 7 points. People never change (Tony).

I think Dolphin fans somehow feel this and have lost interest in 2011 season because of TS remaining.

I remain a Dolphin fan and have been since Danny Thomas walked the sidelines at the Orange Bowl. Its going to be a good and fun Football year, College and NFL.

Like Green Bay had 30+ years of losing/mediocrity between SBowls in 60s and 90s and last year so too will the Dolphins continue with mediocrity. Still love them, more importantly the city from afar but its going to be several more years before Dolphins threaten playoffs and knock on SB door.

The other side of the coin, PB Post reports the Fins roster is set, besides the usual minor tweaking. The Fins also have 4 million in cap space left, unless there is some cuts or restructuring, that doesn't leave much to deal with.

If they land Orton then it will definitely swing me to the + Side, Craig.

Craig M....

I agree with the 1st part of your post to DC......that was clearly addition by subtraction.....i'm not sure how DC can be dissapointed with that move....

Even if Crowder goes on to become a HOF ILB....the bottom line is he was CRAP here....and he was a missed tackle waiting to happen....so it was a the ONLY move this FO could make.....

I disagree with the 2nd part of your post...but....i'm sure you expected that....

The main thing that still bothers me about this team is the head coach, you watch games all day on Sunday's and every other coach in the league looks disgusted when they have to settle for a field goal but we have a guy that shoots himself out of a cannon and jumps around like he just won the lottery after a meaningless first quarter field goal I just don't get that guy at all

Armando, is that a typo? "Cave to Bulger's salary demands". I would assume that you mean to say Orton, not Bulger.

ESPN Sports Reporters this morning...
Lupica starts it by saying Henne had some "biblically" bad statistical games last year...then...Iarael Gutierrez dropped the bomb.....and said this...
"I've talked to beat writers down there who have said that they haven't even seen Henne have a good PRACTICE!!!"


How do the writers approach Henne now with questions?

Who has Israel spoken to specifically???

How can we NOT go after Orton or Bulger now??? Just for team chemistry reasons???

Obviously the team has NO confidence in this failed QB project....Mr. Ross...Mr. Ireland....make the move NOW!!!!!

Then again, if they land Orton, People are going to complain, peoplle are going to complain, complain,,,

Armando....was it you Fredo? Darlington? Hyde? Omar? Carter? Who said it???

Israel has to come clean now after that snarky little comment!!!!!

BTW, the Jets really have become a joke. Plaxico, Todd Heap, anyone with a name to make headlines. Losing Brad Smith and replacing Edwards with Buress has weakened them. Old sexy Rexy not looking that smart this year

If we go into this season with Henne and Moore as our primary Qb's it will be a disaster. Henne never showed any improvement last year and Moore had a disasterous season as well. Maybe some of Henne's ill's were caused by this poor play calling, but how he could fail to get the ball to Marshall is inexcusable.

If you ask me that is why noone is showing up at camp. People don't have any interest in watching the Dolphins with a couple of 3rd rate Qb's at the helm. That will transfer to the season as well, unless this team suddenly makes significant improvement, people aren't going to come. I know I am not going to make the 3 hour ride down this year.

ross and ireland were looking to replace coach;didnt happen. ireland and sparano looking to replace henne;didnt happen. this affects everyone: players,fans,coach,qb. no one trusts anyone in this org. without trust you have no "team",just a bunch of individuals. older veteran leadership is absent since we decided to have the youngest team in the nfl. i believe we still have our prototype size requirement however.

15 minute training camp video:


Craig M....

Not sure why you always feel the need to make a blanket statment to the blog about what you feel are comments you do not agree with....Poizen has begun doing this as well....

I'm not trying to insult either you or Poizen..

What I am saying is why don't you guys just address the comments that you take exception with....by name....directly.....

and then explain your postion....and have a conversation with out condensending remarks....or challenging somebody's fan hood...

Anybody body on a Sports teams FAN BLOG is obviously a serious fan.....so keeping that in mind.....and respecting others FAN-ship.....

Make your arguments to that person you have an issue with.....and understand that at the end of the exchange....neither of you may change your mind.....but in the end....they are as much a fan of this team as you are....

Nothing wrong with TS, just an enthusiastic 100% Football guy. That's why he talks the way he does.

GREAT post greg z

Eric....thanks for the link...watching it now.....

Morning everyone. Here at my practice perch. Nothing's started yet.

did you really expect Mando and Omar to say anything positive about Henne? They have been trying to run him out of town since he was drafted


Anyone in particular you're looking at closely today?

Armando what has Henne looked like so far in your opinion?

An Idea for Dolphins management. Why don't you shoot a live feed of the Team's practices to your official Home page. You can place all the advertisements you want, we'll click on some of them.

The Dolphins are on the field.

Jake Long still not working.

Anyone gotta guess where Ronnie and Ricky will end up. I say Ronnie ends up a Pat and Ricky ends up a Raider.


Thanks for the comments. Yeah I have a hard time with the fanbase. I'm fine with us all having different opinions but I have a problem when guys make it personal. People have their minds made up about Ireland, Sparano, Henne and Ross and I believe nothing short of a Super Bowl will make these guys happy. That's not realistic. One team out of 32 wins a Super Bowl this year and I know you and I disagree on this point (having talked about it before) but that doesn't mean there are 21 losers. It doesn't work that way. Have they failed in their quest to win a Championship. Yes of course but I can't look at it that way. I'm my team have busted their butts in an effort to get better, it tells me success is just around the corner. It's happened for too many teams, including the 8-8 Saints.

Anyways, I've said more than I wanted to say. Maybe guys are right...maybe this blog isn't for me. I came here because I'm a Dolphins fan....through and through.....just as much as everyone here. I just can't get up every morning with the idea I'm going to blast every move they make. This is an escape for me....entertainment. I'd prefer to keep my criticism for the Government.

Anyways, no debates today guys...enjoy the day!!

That should have said '31' losers.

i think jake long is on the pup list and wont be ready for awhile. he wont be practicing.

What is it about Plax that you guys see. He's a 34 year old receiver that hasn't played in the league in 2 years. He's not a burner, so he won't bring any speed to the team. I just can't understand it.

in regard to your post that people are away from free practices two thing come to my mind:
a- with a high level of unnemployment, the gas very high who wants to go and loose time watching practices, because in my case I prefer to expend my time looking for a job for feed my family, that watching practices 200 feet away under a heavy sun.
b- why go and see practices if at the end this team will finish with a loosing record and another year watching the kicker try a field goal of 50 yards and missing it, instead of go for a four down and convert it and keep possesion of the ball.
Im tired of this football team, every year the same thing,same results, same disillusion.

Reggie Bush is rocking No. 8 on today's new roster but that is not permanent.

I want Ronnie and ricky back... :( I'm scared this season we will be the buffalo bills of our division... Last place...

Last point....you guys want to figure out why Armando doesn't come around more? It's not easy haven't do deal with you guys and the negativity feels towards the organization, management and players. I'm sure he loves his job and loves covering the Dolphins. I don't think he enjoys having to defend what the team does to everybody every day. Life's too short. You want him to come around more, trying having more balanced conversations.

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