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Sunday morning reads and live practice blog here

Allow me to begin this morning by serving you up some reading material as we await the 11 a.m. start to open practice and a live blog of that event:

First, I want to share with you the fact Dolfans are staying away from camp the first two days as I've never seen before in all my years covering the team.

At a time when interest in football is spiking -- NFL Network reports a 288 percent veiwership increase and this blog's page view and unique visitor numbers seem to be on a steroid and HGH cocktail -- local Dolfans are seemingly either disinterested or wary about checking out their team despite the fact the practices are free.

We'll see what the attendance is today and tomorrow night.

Secondly, here are words from the mouth of players or coaches:

Tony Sparano on what he saw in Daniel Thomas his first practice with the Dolphins:  “The biggest thing is the amount of times the guy carried the ball in college and the level of production.  I mean this guy was a big producer in college and really carried it a bunch of times.  I think for a big guy this guy has really soft hands.  He catches the ball well.  In college you didn’t really see Daniel block a whole lot, wasn’t really what he was asked to.  That’s something that we got to get to the bottom of here a little bit fast.  But you did see flashes of physicalness there in the blocking and the things.  But this guys a physical, get your shoulders square runner and I think that’s what we seen.  He has, it’s funny, they talk about home run speed and top gun speed but this guys finished some runs.  So he’s got pretty good speed.  I was excited today, just on a couple of, from early carries to see some of the bounce that he had in his legs for a big man.”

Thomas on whether knowing his assignments is his greatest obstacle in practice so far:  “Not really, the coaches do a really good job of going over our assignments, like I said the toughest thing is just going out here in the heat , and the heat just messes you all up.”

I am not a conspiracy theorist. If someone tells me something, I do my best to tell you, assuming it doesn't break trust with my source. As you know, I've been told that, as of yesterday, the Dolphins were still not giving up on the idea of Kyle Orton. (Or at least adding a legit QB to compete with Chad Henne.)

Other media have reported the team is giving that role to Matt Moore, which if you really think about it, is simply moronic.

Well, Moore was asked if he has been told he was in town to compete for the starting job with Henne:

“You know what … I am going to come in and compete. That’s how it’s going to be. That’s how it is everywhere. As of right now like I said, I am learning. I am going to come in and make all of the throws and make all of the right reads and we will see what happens."

Obviously, Moore has not been told he'll be competing for a starting job. Yet, I have faith the Dolphins will do their best to find that player to do exactly that. Maybe they try Mark Bulger. Maybe they beg the Bengals to trade Carson Palmer one more time. Maybe they cave to Bulger's salary demands.

Point is the quarterback issue is absolutely not resolved.

Talk to you in the comments section for the start of practice.


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the phins are going to suck because our owner want to move the phins

wow,thats a diff side of craig m. yesterday he went ballistic because i got to know channing and expressed regret at seeing him go. he got real personal for no apparent reason.

Why would anyone want to aging, average RBs such as Ronnie or Ricky back is beyond me


Why do you feel the Dolphins don't need another back? Are you really comfortable with Thomas carrying the ball 288 times and Bush 160 times? I think they are setting themselves up to being caught short. What if the rook struggles or gets hurt? Why not go out and sign a Brown or Williams for insurance?

Tony, relative to your post about unemployment and other reasons fans don't show up:

I highly doubt people stayed away on SATURDAY because they were looking for work. That normally happens M-F.

Secondly, fans by definition are fanatics. They root for the team in good times and bad. They believe in their team until the scoreboard say its time to not believe in them anymore.

Least that's what I though.

Plax to me is Just A Guy.


Jets didn't upgrade by exchanging Plax for Braylon Edwards. No way.

Folks remember 2007 Plax. It's 2011.

Armando, don't ask these stupid questions on your blog if you don't want people to underestimate your intelligence. Why do you think people are not showing up at practices? Just take a look at what the jets are doing....
That should give you a blunt answer. Braylon Edwards, James Jones, Kevin Boss, Zac Miller? We need a good TE and another proven stretch-the-field type receiver.
How can you honestly sit here and act like you don't know why the fans are not showing up??? Get some ball$ and tell it like it is.

do we know the pick traded for bush yet?

Welcome to first team reps Mike Pouncey!

I love that they are throwing him in right away.

People are not showing up to the practices because of the short notice... Im in Jacksonville and if I had more time to know about when camp was I would of made plans like I do every year

So Mando, is that why they are holding on to all the cap space they have. I say forget getting another QB and surround Henne with as many weapons as possible. See how he plays. Then, next year you go into the offseason with just QB as a need spot if he fails again. Get a TE that can stretch the seam and get a guard that can step in. If they do that they can go into the draft just needing a safety and QB. However, that's all too logical for Ireland to comprehend. If he signed say, Zachary Miller and a safety then all the fans would back off. As of right now, bush aside, they are the same type team as last year. Unbelievable!!!!

mando, when the fans attend in 90 degree heat for a 2 hour practice why dont the org accomodate them by having the practice on the field closest to the stands and not on the field farthest away? is it possible to ask someone for us? we need binoculars otherwise.

Nah, Armando has very thick skin, specially with that Sun beating down on him. C'mon, man, describe some detais of the plays going on so we can form our own opinions.

Why don't you people understand that bringing in Orton just puts this franchise BACK 3-4 years? He is NOT a franchise QB. Franchise QB's are drafted! Even if Orton is better than Henne...IF...he is still not the answer. Stop trading picks and players for stopgaps. Take a step back to take a step forward. Stop grasping at straws and make a real investment in the future. I like the moves Ireland & Sparano have made and have NOT made. Patience/

sorry mando is because this team sucks no QB,FS,TE,LB, OUR offense is going to have a hard time scoring in the redzone

greg z,

The fact you are upset because the Dolphins gave up a couple of 6th round picks and a backup safety for Bush is laughable. How many good 6th round picks have we had coming to the team the last few years. You guys want Ireland to be proactive and he goes out and ENSURES he gets a back and you crticize him for that too. Bush was in demand in St. Louis and Philly. You 100% convinced that they would have got him? If not, then what? McGahee? Is he REALLY the same guy as Bush, or just a worn down 29 year old guy, who's shown himself to be a bit of a malcontent?

Your comments about Ireland and Ross wanting to get rid of Sparano was laughable too. Ireland went with Ross to explore Harbaugh because he works for Ross. No where was it said he wanted rid of Sparano. No where was it said they wanted rid of Henne, otherwise they would have traded up and drafted a QB in the draft or traded for a guy like Kolb, with seven career stats. Would that have made you happy? A second round pick and someone like Davis? Great move!!....not! The Orton situation hasn't played out yet. I'll let you criticize it once it's done.

Craig M....

Thanks for that post.....

Your right....some people will never be happy.....short of a SB.....but think many are more in the middle than you might give them credit for......Its a tough time being a Dolphins fan....and you have to understand that we have been stuck somewhere between medicority and down right pathetic sinc 2001....minus one fluke year....

I like your comments on this blog....and your optimisim is refreshing......at times it is nauseating...lol....

but everyone has a part to play...and yours is the eternal optimist....and you bring good insight with observations of possible future players and picks....

Enjoy the rest of the day......and as far as the goverment goes....well...we both can agree that they deserve all the critsisim it gets.....as you might well know from some of my rants during the lock-out.....

So their is some common ground.....even though they are are not common Goverments....

heehee, People are really in Revolt today.

How does Henne look this morning?

when the coach jumps up and down on FG's in the 1stQ we are in serious trouble.

The thing about Craig M is that he is 100% negative on every move every other team makes. They are all wrong and getting worse with every FA signing.

Yet, he blows the trumpet (pun intended) high on every single thing this FO does. Defends every decision they make until death.

It's called evading reality.

I don't mind different opinions, but I do mind someone who constantly twists others words into something else, or puts words in others mouths that they never said. He has done that with me several times now.

We gave up too much for Reggie Bush? A 6th and a Street FA who is a ST guy??

Can't we all just get along?

Hey Craig:
I'm a constant reader for this blog for years and I never read or listen Armando Salguero said something positive for this organization.

Craig, the Dolphins might, I repeat, might bring in another back to camp. But ...

If you are hoping for Ronnie Brown, that means he sits behind Thomas and Bush. He doesn't want to do that.

If you bring in Ricky, as a veteran with more than 10 years experience, his minimum salary is $910K which is very high for the cap.

Also, I blogged about how the carries break down previously. Check the out. There simply isn't enough carries for three backs.

Unless they run the wishbone.

it doesn't matter what he looks like in practice he still going to over throw receivers or under throw them

Mando, fans are staying away because this regime has lost touch with the fan base. We aren't stupid. We see the deficiencies go unfilled. We see Ireland snub his nose at us and constantly go against the grain and sign guys that he doesn't have to sign, especially when there are better guys available. This team is slightly, I say very slightly improved. The Jets had no cap space and look what they've done. Pats are very aggressive on and off the field. The Fins? A whole lot of mediocrity and fist pumps. They are the proverbial singles hitter and the Pats and Jets have all the sluggers. That's why we stay away. It sickening to deal with this over and over. Why not sign Z Miller? That alone with BMarsh, Bess, Bush, Miller on field at once has to many any QB better. They aren't signing a franchise QB so get get other talent to surround TE QB with. We all see this but WR aren't the experts. Rex and Belichek make moves that we all agree with and they are pretty successful. That's why we stay away.

craig m, you will let me criticize once the orton deal is finished? oh, thanks. are you the blog police? just checking. all opinions.

All shotgun snaps by Mike Pouncey so far have been clean. Perfect.

Craig M,

You have said goodbye three times now today and are still here! I see you hate the blog so much you can't stay away. I'll take it as a compliment.

Plus the 3rd back NEEDS TO PLAY SPECIAL TEAMS, geez people, please use your heads!!!!!!!!

The RB position has been upgraded, stop talking RB.

They need to go after a Guard & another OLB. I wouldn't mind a RT to push Carey either, but that is probably asking to much.

Armando is reggie wearing # 8 to make sure Moore didnt take it on Orton ? LOL

is Marshall practicing?

How is Pouncey doing? How is Gates doing?

Clyde Gates just dropped a post pass. Went right through his grasp.


Is Reggie Bush keeping that #8 warm for Orton or what?


Thanks bud. There's lot of good posters on here. Yourself, Poizen, Garbage, DC, DB, DD, Andy, bobby, even Joe and Mark in Toronto....I'm sure I'm forgetting many. We've all had our diagreements over time. It's not personal. I get the optimism can be annoying at time but I'm not like that on everything. I'm disappointed they aren't going after Zach Miller. I realize that Sporano and Henne need to show something this year (I'm not convinced Ireland won't be back. I think he's doing a great job!). I was disappointed they didn't get another OC in the offseason. I was disappointed they didn't draft other guys. It's how it goes...I can't be mad at them forever. They are trying to do their best and if it's not good enough heads will roll. But I'm not a fan of changing things up every couple of years. Other teams do that and it doesn't work.

as @11.125

in that case as do you think that the guys they have got r sufficient back-up? as it sounds like they're gonna ask injury prone bush to do more work than he's ever done before, not only that but dt is a rookie and therefore unproven

Good, good.

who threw the pass to gates that he dropped?

Simon, Do me a favour and talk to someone else. As far as I'm concerned you bring nothing to the table. Let's let othrs decide. Done with you bud....

Your comments about Ireland and Ross wanting to get rid of Sparano was laughable too. Ireland went with Ross to explore Harbaugh because he works for Ross. No where was it said he wanted rid of Sparano.

Posted by: Craig M | July 31, 2011 at 11:20 AM

Craig M....are you serious.....

What do you think they went to California to talk to Ross about....i'm not even going to inject anything negative here.....but what...honestly do you think they went to talk to Harbaugh about....

Yesterday greg z. told a very nice personal experience story about Channing Crowder, showed the guy has a heart and a good person.

What does Craig M do? Spew nothing venom and hatred about Crowder. Craig M should we hang him? Skin him alive? Then, just a few posts ago, he tells us the bloggers are too negative. Right, got it.

people do like to put words in my mouth. let me clarify. ross wanted bush because he is celebrity. imo we gave up too much as i understand it. we gave away a young FS(amaya) who is very talented along with 2 6th round picks! way too much for a 3rd down back who was going to be released by the saints. then we gave him 5mil/year! sproles and mcgahee were better options where we didnt give away anything! these are my words.

You guys are going to kill me for this, but ...

Matt Moore has some nice zip on his passes.

Ross knows nothing about football. I think that was Ireland's choice to please Ross. We should have gotten Barber and use Kory as a scat back.

Overthrow by Henne of Gates along the sideline. Crowd awwws


How is Daniel Thomas keeping up so far his first 2 days??

Matt Moore is not a such a bad player. He was really good until last year.

The fans are not coming out because the team has become very boring. TS insists on a tedious style of football.

That is what Sparano knows and who he is. He knows the owner wants a more aggressive style but Tony is going to do what he knows and thats pounding the ball.

The bottom line is that fans, especially S Florida fans want to see a Eagles or Colts style of play.

Expect more of the same during the season. Empty orange seats.

Craig M....@ 11:28...

That is true....once a move is made....its made.....

weather its about Brees....Matt Ryan.....Jake Long...or who ever.....

Fans need to vent for a day or so....but after that most will move on.....and hope for the best.....what else can you do....


Not to beat a dead horse here but this is a run first team. You really think a rook can carry 288 times and Bush 160? I think those were the numbers you gave us? I don't like this idea that Brown would have to play BEHIND Bush and Thomas. Make Thomas the primary back and use Bush on punts, kicks, swing passes, third down plays etc....I don't think Bush can take the pounding. He needs to be used in space. They need guys to pound the opposing defence and guys like McGahee and Addai would have been good. Brown and Williams are two of the few I can still think are out there. Not sure the realuctance to bring back Brown. He's not ancient, knows the team, is well liked and wants to come back. I think used properly he could still be an effective player. They're going to mess this up and find themselves short, trying to get it done with inadequate guys.

Henne the Zero

Reasons I know about Moore is he actually retrieved a ball and threw it to a ball boy. Not practicing.

Moore was a starter, for a bad team but a starter. He wont beat out Henne. Seems like Moore is a Henne look a like, nice zip on the ball, inaccurate and throws to many interceptions.

thanks simon, craig m. has a split personality. he takes every comment the wrong way and makes it personal if he doesnt agree.

Pat Devlin is also showing nice zip on his passes.


We don't hate you for making comments on the live update. We hate you when you call a blog for a live update, make two comments about Branderspingle and leave with nothing more.


Some poster have posted some decent things about Moore...

and if some say that Henne had nothing to work with last year...

Well....my question would be what did Moore have to work with......

After my intial shock....mu mind is now open to all possibilities......

Devlin and Moore good zip compared to who Beck or Marino.....

I think the fins need to do more in FA (QB, FS, and TE) you can't keep selling the same stuff to the fans year after year. When everyone around you are updated their roster and getting better. The talent is out there so let's go get it and stop BSing Mr Ross and the Fans with tiny improvements!!

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