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Sunday morning reads and live practice blog here

Allow me to begin this morning by serving you up some reading material as we await the 11 a.m. start to open practice and a live blog of that event:

First, I want to share with you the fact Dolfans are staying away from camp the first two days as I've never seen before in all my years covering the team.

At a time when interest in football is spiking -- NFL Network reports a 288 percent veiwership increase and this blog's page view and unique visitor numbers seem to be on a steroid and HGH cocktail -- local Dolfans are seemingly either disinterested or wary about checking out their team despite the fact the practices are free.

We'll see what the attendance is today and tomorrow night.

Secondly, here are words from the mouth of players or coaches:

Tony Sparano on what he saw in Daniel Thomas his first practice with the Dolphins:  “The biggest thing is the amount of times the guy carried the ball in college and the level of production.  I mean this guy was a big producer in college and really carried it a bunch of times.  I think for a big guy this guy has really soft hands.  He catches the ball well.  In college you didn’t really see Daniel block a whole lot, wasn’t really what he was asked to.  That’s something that we got to get to the bottom of here a little bit fast.  But you did see flashes of physicalness there in the blocking and the things.  But this guys a physical, get your shoulders square runner and I think that’s what we seen.  He has, it’s funny, they talk about home run speed and top gun speed but this guys finished some runs.  So he’s got pretty good speed.  I was excited today, just on a couple of, from early carries to see some of the bounce that he had in his legs for a big man.”

Thomas on whether knowing his assignments is his greatest obstacle in practice so far:  “Not really, the coaches do a really good job of going over our assignments, like I said the toughest thing is just going out here in the heat , and the heat just messes you all up.”

I am not a conspiracy theorist. If someone tells me something, I do my best to tell you, assuming it doesn't break trust with my source. As you know, I've been told that, as of yesterday, the Dolphins were still not giving up on the idea of Kyle Orton. (Or at least adding a legit QB to compete with Chad Henne.)

Other media have reported the team is giving that role to Matt Moore, which if you really think about it, is simply moronic.

Well, Moore was asked if he has been told he was in town to compete for the starting job with Henne:

“You know what … I am going to come in and compete. That’s how it’s going to be. That’s how it is everywhere. As of right now like I said, I am learning. I am going to come in and make all of the throws and make all of the right reads and we will see what happens."

Obviously, Moore has not been told he'll be competing for a starting job. Yet, I have faith the Dolphins will do their best to find that player to do exactly that. Maybe they try Mark Bulger. Maybe they beg the Bengals to trade Carson Palmer one more time. Maybe they cave to Bulger's salary demands.

Point is the quarterback issue is absolutely not resolved.

Talk to you in the comments section for the start of practice.


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OL vs. DL drills up next...

Soliai just pushed Pouncey two yards into the backfield.

Greg, you are correct. Bush is more flash than substance. He will miss 5-6 games, average only 4 yards a carry. This FO sucks. Have no clue how to build a team. He is a complimentry player, not a centerpiece. BTW, most of his talent lies with him catching out of backfield. That just happens to be Hennes worst aspect of his already weak game. Touch passes to backs.
They constantly sign Cowboy rejects because their talent eval sucks. another mediocre year of fist pumps and losses. it's really sad how far they've fallen.

So far during the 1st 3 days of training camp it sounds like the "same old Henne". Up and down.


The inference was that Ross AND Ireland wanted to get rid of Sporano when they went to talk to Harbaugh. The suggestion was made that there was no trust in the orgnaization. My point was that Ireland works for Ross. What was he going to say? 'I'm not going'. I'm making the point that it's a big leap of pogic that Ireland wanted Sporano gone. No where was this ever said and it's just someone trying to stretch a point.


Any way to gauge if Henne looks improved in any area?

are we close to being over the cap?

To which ballboy did Devlin throw?

Charles Clay doesn't look big enough to be a tight end. Alama-Francis swallowed him up as Clay was trying to block him.

like i said henne will over throw receivers lol

John Jerry whiffs on a block.

jerry sucks. jets get better while we sit around


who is competing for Channing's spot?

Does Daboll's offense move the pocket?

Have you seen any screen plays?

Any 3 and 7 step drops?

did solai push pouncey back on a passing or running play?

Soliai is dominating. Blew up Berger.

I've been touching myself all day. Can't wait to see Henne checking that bad boy down to Busch on 3rd and long.

Hey Bobby ya wanna take a cruise on my atv on south beach? I'll bring the booze you bring the injury lawyer!

Mando, everyone said Pouncey was overrated. Another wasted pick. As is Thomas who is a poor mans R Brown. Big no speed. The FO went into draft needing playmakers and speed and the only guy the get that fits that bill is Gates who probably won't make team.

Craig M...

I get it...Your talking about IRELAND....ok...now that makes sense....

mando, did jerry or carey block anyone yet?


Your live posts today are about 1000% better than the last two live blogs days.


I expect Soliai to be good competition for Pouncey. Soliai made some very good centers look bad at time in 2010. The true test for Pouncey is that he must win "some" of these battles against Soliai to earn his stamp of approval.

UDFA Brett Brackett not very physical at point of attack. Getting driven back.

Mando we need a little more detail on updates...

Vernon Carey vs. Cam Wake -- draw.


How does Paul Soliai look? Did he show up in shape ready to work? If so, any talk about gtting this guy signed long-term? Wouldn't that free up money to allow them to go after a guy like Zach Miller? It's a mystery to most of us that they've shown no interest in this guy so far. The only explanation must be that they don't have the moeny under the cap. If they can free up money would they have enough to get a contract done with Orton and perhaps chase Miller? Big upgrade of Fasano!

The offseason has become the best time for us Dolphin fans. It's when all the optimism happens and we start really thinking that this year is going ot be different. Not this offseason. While the Jets and Pats are rockin' & rollin' and signing all sorts of weapons, and laughing at us, we're stuck in last year. Stephen Ross better learn how to own an NFL team and get himself some real football people at the top. In the meantime, we, the paying fans, get to endure yet another dismal season and it hasn't even started yet. Matt Moore? I'm sick about this.


Ditto what Simon Says ....says....@ 11:43

I have been a Dolphins fans for 30 years and for the last 15 years always had been the same show with differents clowns, and you know what? I'm tired of this show and his clowns..., I guarantee you that like me there are very,very,very fews more...you will see how many peoples will go to the games, and how many of those games will be sell out, by them you will said for you inside :" tony had reason "

Mando, draft looks good Ha? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Draws go to the OL on pass block.

We franchised Soliai, so its great to hear he's "DOMINATING" today!

Bad, bad.

I'm just tired of trying to converse with idiots that know nothing about football. Don't know why I waste my time hear. Maybe if you were real fans I could understand it.

Brackett driven back by WHO?

Pouncey takes out his frustrations on Frank Kearse, who got driven to the ground and then Pouncey basically laid on top of him.

TY Mando...

Simon, Kris, not having to chase agents and other sources on signings today and Zach Miller rumors.

That's the difference. Thanks for understanding.

pouncey needs to get used to the heat

Isn't a big part of the numbers being down at camp just a statement being made by the fans that they didn't appreciate the unrest the labour agreement caused? Someone this morning posted that numbers were down at Pats camp too. I expect this will be true throughout the league, especially in places like Washington and Dallas where they charge people to attend practices. You can't treat the fams that way and just expect them to come flooding back when you turn the tap on again. Fans will be back shortly...

No rookie center is going to domnate a guy like Soliai in his very first scrimmage! Need to give rookies more than a day folks.

If you go to the ESPN website you can read almost exactly the same story about surprisingly low attendance at training camp.

Oh, did I forget to mention the story is about the Patriots?

Special teams work now.


Look, the Fins have done what they've said...bring in a veteran QB and new young QB. Lets move on. There are no appealing options left on the table for this year. Maybe next year. And the worst thing Fins management could do is make decisions based on the fear they wouldn't be back. Its unprofessional and will hurt their reputation.

Now lets bring in a quality guard, safety or running back.


Why bash those who see differently than you? At the end of the day "ALL FANS" just want to see the team win.

You might wanna consider an entire decade of disappointment and unachieved expectations may have something to do with many fans being disgruntled. Every season began feeling good about this team has brought severe fan frustration by season's end.

Give them a break CraigM, let the team prove in 2011 that they can become again in Dolphins onfield play. You're not going to bagger fans into being happy about the team.

Mando is b Marshall practicing today?

gates or sheets returning punts or kick offs?


Any way you can shutdown some of the impersonators? Poizen, Garbage and myself and others have had this problem continously. Seems if you have anything positive about the team it's a problem. There are a couple of examples on this page and there's been more. It would be a much better blog without these guys. Anything you can do?

I've read low attendance at other teams also. If you want to make a story about it, the correct thing to do is find out how all 32 teams are doing compared to last year. Otherwise it's just Miami bashing.

You doin good joub, Armando.

Team time...

Henneng will be great this year get over it he's the starter

*become confident again"

"Team time"....what's this, when they all get together and hug ?

Dan Thomas driving hard into the b gap. Nice four yards.


Whats your quick take - Same Ol Henne or new and improved Henne?

Handoff to Thomas behind the right guard. Kendall Langford stuffs for 1 yard loss.

In all likelihood the Dolphins are done with FA.

The remaining cap space might best be used to extend a core player rather than pursuing another FA.

I'd be surprised if the Dolphins traded for Orton. The team believes in Henne.

Some posters tail end of last season were pointing out and I agreed, as fans we ought to be hoping Henne puts the pieces together because it would be the best thing for the Dolphins.

The team spent a 2nd round pick on Henne. If the team has to allocate more high round draft picks on a QB then it sets the team back in other area's of need. and there are many.


You never answered my post to you yesterday. You've always been Crowder's most staunchest supporter and have taken me and others to task when we said something bad about him. And yet Friday you were one of the happiest guys when they chopped him and replaced him with Burnett.

Why the complete turnaround. Curious?....

get Michael Bush from Oakland, get Orton from Denver and Edwards from the Jets and just maybe our offense can compete against the Jets and Patriots which represents 25% of the 16 games we play for real, otherwise we lose and I will have no choice but to root for Philly my birthtown.

HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henne is a Cassell, good potential no big sizzle. if you cant beat out a quarterback coming of shoulder surgery, then you really have issues...

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