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Sunday morning reads and live practice blog here

Allow me to begin this morning by serving you up some reading material as we await the 11 a.m. start to open practice and a live blog of that event:

First, I want to share with you the fact Dolfans are staying away from camp the first two days as I've never seen before in all my years covering the team.

At a time when interest in football is spiking -- NFL Network reports a 288 percent veiwership increase and this blog's page view and unique visitor numbers seem to be on a steroid and HGH cocktail -- local Dolfans are seemingly either disinterested or wary about checking out their team despite the fact the practices are free.

We'll see what the attendance is today and tomorrow night.

Secondly, here are words from the mouth of players or coaches:

Tony Sparano on what he saw in Daniel Thomas his first practice with the Dolphins:  “The biggest thing is the amount of times the guy carried the ball in college and the level of production.  I mean this guy was a big producer in college and really carried it a bunch of times.  I think for a big guy this guy has really soft hands.  He catches the ball well.  In college you didn’t really see Daniel block a whole lot, wasn’t really what he was asked to.  That’s something that we got to get to the bottom of here a little bit fast.  But you did see flashes of physicalness there in the blocking and the things.  But this guys a physical, get your shoulders square runner and I think that’s what we seen.  He has, it’s funny, they talk about home run speed and top gun speed but this guys finished some runs.  So he’s got pretty good speed.  I was excited today, just on a couple of, from early carries to see some of the bounce that he had in his legs for a big man.”

Thomas on whether knowing his assignments is his greatest obstacle in practice so far:  “Not really, the coaches do a really good job of going over our assignments, like I said the toughest thing is just going out here in the heat , and the heat just messes you all up.”

I am not a conspiracy theorist. If someone tells me something, I do my best to tell you, assuming it doesn't break trust with my source. As you know, I've been told that, as of yesterday, the Dolphins were still not giving up on the idea of Kyle Orton. (Or at least adding a legit QB to compete with Chad Henne.)

Other media have reported the team is giving that role to Matt Moore, which if you really think about it, is simply moronic.

Well, Moore was asked if he has been told he was in town to compete for the starting job with Henne:

“You know what … I am going to come in and compete. That’s how it’s going to be. That’s how it is everywhere. As of right now like I said, I am learning. I am going to come in and make all of the throws and make all of the right reads and we will see what happens."

Obviously, Moore has not been told he'll be competing for a starting job. Yet, I have faith the Dolphins will do their best to find that player to do exactly that. Maybe they try Mark Bulger. Maybe they beg the Bengals to trade Carson Palmer one more time. Maybe they cave to Bulger's salary demands.

Point is the quarterback issue is absolutely not resolved.

Talk to you in the comments section for the start of practice.


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RG Ray Feinga pulls left and leads Nic Grigsby to three yard gain.

Fumbled exchange between Brandstater and Pouncey.

how are the DB's doing?

We have one of the best d-lines in football. So it isnt exactly a discouraging sign to see the d-line win many of these line of scrimmage battles too.

Craig M, optimism or pessimism is not a problem here for anybody but you. People have a problem with you twisting their words around or you hiding from your previous comments and not owning up to them.

One example of many:

Who was it who said yesterday that Young woould be signed as soon as he's released? Was it DB? Guaranteed, right? OK bud.....the clock's ticking. Let's see where he ends up....

Posted by: Craig M | July 28, 2011 at 05:27 PM

Well it only took 10 hours. So, you were wrong. Admit it.

Mando I've said alot that I like Grigsby a ton. He is my camp sleeper to make team. He was wry good at Arizona.

Thanks for all the updates, much better blog having you around and not chasing stories

who has the longest run and for how many approximate yards

Devlin now taking reps.

AWESOME inside run by Clay. Actually made a move in the hole to cause defender (didn't see who) to fail at making straight up hit. The kid slides off people.

I remember m vick getting out of jail, and several years later was better than went he went in, so your plaxico analysis doesnt mean a hill of beans that he was good in 2007, and this is 2011

No fans.. Shocking! Mr. Ross I would expect to see the same during the season. While other stadiums have waiting list you will struggle to sell club seats. The JETS just added Burress and brought in Todd Heap..

Do you really like Matt Moore? Let's put it this way. I had Steve Smith on my fantasy team so I watched highlights (or lack there of) of Moore. The constant overthrows. ESPN made several comments about how bad he was throwing balls into tripple coverage. It was ugly.

Ross made a promise to the Dolphin fan base that he was bringing in competition for the QB position. Even Sparano made comments during the offseason.

And the answer is MATT MOORE??? I am sorry, but as a passionate Dolphin fan I would make the argument that Ross, Ireland, and Sparano are not following through. This team is no better than last year's. Maybe worse without Brown and Williams.

And I am not a coach, not a expert.. But I did play college ball and I am a very critical Dolphins fan...

DB = defensive back.. like QB is quarterback... or WR is wide receiver... small lessons

Up the gut to Lou Polite. First down if it was 4-and-1.

mando, thanks for the updates today. I hope it continues throughout the training camp. How does henne look?

Which Clay?

Nickel situation ...

Fumbled snap by Chad henne and Berger

DB....@ 11:56...uyou may be correct about our D-Line....

But that is not encouraging news for our O-line...which was badly abused espcially against the run...




You are mistaken. I've never been a staunch Crowder supporter. I just knoe for one, the run defense was better with him than without him.

Two, I wasnt supporting Crowder, I was supporting that I didnt believe at a paltry $2.5 million for 2011 they would dump him this season. I also never saw Kevin Burnett, who's 2010 numbers completely snowballs Crowder's, looming on our dump Crowder radar.


pouncey would get destroyed by wilfork

Mando your comments are allot better, TY

Good Lord, another weird exchange for henne and Berger. Henne had to take the snap twice almost in that he had it, bobbled, and regained control before handing off to Polite.


Vick is a QB, his game improved after jail on a cerebral level. He stopped trying to do it with his legs.

Plax is a WR, his game is more physically measured. Thus Mandos point on him already losing a step before jail, spending two years out of football and prob not being an upgrade over Edwards is valid.

Plax is big, has experience. Not a bad signing, but only because he was cheap.

Armando, whats the odds of us pursuing Tatupu be? Zach Miler?

Does anyone know if Pouncey and Henne worked out this off season, and same with Berger and Henne?

Hartline really nice catch in double coverage...

Then Bess open on a comback but henne underthrows.

Fans aren't showing up because we are completely and utterly disgusted with managements approach to this free agency period. We were told by the owner and GM, that competition at QB was imperative and yet, we bring in Devlin and Moore. We allow Ricky and Ronnie to leave, bring in Bush which is fine, but come to dead stop before ensuring we have depth at the RB position...what if Bush gets hurt...we're okay going with Daniel Thomas and Lex Hilliard?

All the talk last year was how badly we needed a pass catching TE...Todd Heap, Kevin Boss, Zach Miller all are still available and we're not even in the conversation??

As a long-time season ticket holder I'm beyond pissed off.. At this point my only solace is knowing this regime will be gone after this season and we get to start again....Anyone remember being told by Bill Parcells and staff that we were working in a 3 year plan?

Henne is cracking under the competition with Matt Moore. Dead man walking syndrome.

Henne misses Polite ouf otthe backfield.

Short out outlet from Henne to thomas. Kid catches with his hands.

Henne is gone. It will be Orton, Moore, Devlin.

Marlon Moore wide open ona deep incut and Brandstater misses him.

We are all frustrated, but we are fans, which is fanatics about a team and a sport we love. At least we are not Cinci or Seattle that have never won a title.

I'm not going to try to defend the Moore signing as he is clearly not who I wanted to see the team pursue.

However,it should be noted that Moore is a guy that TS and Ireland saw up close at Dallas and liked alot.

For better or worse TS and Ireland are partial to guys who they have 1st hand experience with.

And they only want a certain type of player. They love players like Henne, who will never talk back are challenge anything.

I say it is a very limiting way to go about acquiring talent but appears to be the case.

Meanwhile, OT DJ Jones having a tough day. Just got run over in pass drill by Jared Odrick.

Brandstater is out. bring in someone else


Without a real qb I think we might win 5 games maybe, that should get tony and Jeff out of here along with Henne, after that maybe they could land Cowher.Sorry not trying to be too negative here, but remember they lost 4 in a row to end the season and Henne looked worse in each loss, so I don't see any reason to think he will make a dramatic turnaround as far as Moore goes he is unproven so not much reason to think he will be the next Montana or Brady so it will probably be a long year, thank god for beer.

I've decided Pat Devlin is totally dominating Brandstater in practice today. Looks much better.
Just had nice completion to Julius Pruitt.

How is Edds doing, and is Odrick legit?

Guys shouldn't be concerned with Plaxico Burress. He will be 34 in a few days, that is ANCIENT for a WR.

I wonder if the Jets even worked him out before they signed him.

Devlin perfect pass to TE down the seam and Clay drops it!

WTF is wrong with Henne? Does he figure he has job security because we signed Matt Moore. Henne can be so frustarting.

It may only be camp, but those same errors almost always have a way of tranferring over into reall games. Mr. Henne please clean up your act!

Simon @ 11:57

So true. That's it.

"While the Jets and Pats are rockin' & rollin' and signing all sorts of weapons, and laughing at us, we're stuck in last year."

Chad O maybe, just maybe, can prove he's not washed up with Tom Brady throwing to him. I doubt he's a difference maker. Just a veteran presence. If the Dolphins would have signed him, he would not start him over B. Marshall or D. Bess at this point in his career.

Plaxico Burress is not the second coming of Michael Vick - too old and wasn't exactly Randy Moss to begin with.

Would you rather have the Dolphins talented, six deep defensive line rotation or "Fat Albert" Haynesworth spelling Vince Wilfork.

Jets lost Braylon, B. Smith, and whiffed on Asomugha - and it wasn't as if the Dolphins have had a historically tough time against Mark Sanchez. 3-1 I believe.

Both the Pats and Jets think they are Super Bowl contenders now. The Dolphins aren't and they know it. Makes no sense for the Dolphins to reach for aging, big name, players, just to make ESPN headlines and make some of the mindless posters on this website happy.

The reasons fans are staying away is because what Ross has promised, is not being delivered. The leadership continues to not understand that Miami's problem is lack of talent at QB. The jets are flying by us-once again- and so are the Pats. Wake up - get a QB that is worth a damn. There is nothing on the field right now that makes me want to sit in the heat...very uninspiring.

Henne delivers late to Hartline who bobbles ball and then drops it when he gets hit by the closing safety. Incomplete.

its all about the qb, get orton and u hav a shot. keep garbage henne and moore and season is over before it starts

lets get these receivers some stick um...lol, maybe they have the marshall syndrome, "the drops"..

Sounds like Devlin maybe the best qb in camp right now. That's both good and horrible news.

Bess gets deep down the sideline vs. Chris Clemons. Henne delivers good pass. Bess Drop.

Armando all I know is that whatever Ireland and Sparano are selling is always a smoke screen. Everytime they come out and say something in the media, the reality is 180 degrees in the opposite direction. The real truth will come out soon, and it won't be what they are selling to us.......

Henne throws a comebacker to Marlon Moore that Clemons steps in front of. Moore turns into the defender and bats the ball away from Clemons.

I wonder are all receivers in the league dropping passes, or is it just ours?

Henne practices may cause the fo to become desperate and give Denver the "2nd rd'er" for Orton. Geesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Devlin delivers a rocket to Marlon Moore down the sideline who had beaten Nate Ness. Beautiful ball. Crowd cheers.

Kris, you are one of my favourite posters hers but I have to disagree on hartline, his 1st 2 years have been pretty good in limited opportunities and he gives the team a nice compliment in getting open deep on occassion. Id take him right now as.a 3 over burress. Who knows what nyj are going to get out of him. He doesn't provide anything for us that we don't already have. Alternatively, you take hartline off our team and we would be missing something.

Koa, no jeff garcias available in the cfl right now. Torontos qb right now is cleo lemon and many fans think he isn't even good enough for that league. Makes we weep to think cameron thought he was good enough.for our.franchise

The fact of the matter is you can only lose so much before fans turns their back on you. You see it all over the league even with your so called "great" fan bases. Go out to Cleveland no one shows, after greatest show on turf and before Bradford no one shows for Rams practices, Oakland no one shows.

todd bouman, rex grossman either would provide some depth and competition

Devlin looks like the best QB on the field today.


And bad.

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