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Sunday morning reads and live practice blog here

Allow me to begin this morning by serving you up some reading material as we await the 11 a.m. start to open practice and a live blog of that event:

First, I want to share with you the fact Dolfans are staying away from camp the first two days as I've never seen before in all my years covering the team.

At a time when interest in football is spiking -- NFL Network reports a 288 percent veiwership increase and this blog's page view and unique visitor numbers seem to be on a steroid and HGH cocktail -- local Dolfans are seemingly either disinterested or wary about checking out their team despite the fact the practices are free.

We'll see what the attendance is today and tomorrow night.

Secondly, here are words from the mouth of players or coaches:

Tony Sparano on what he saw in Daniel Thomas his first practice with the Dolphins:  “The biggest thing is the amount of times the guy carried the ball in college and the level of production.  I mean this guy was a big producer in college and really carried it a bunch of times.  I think for a big guy this guy has really soft hands.  He catches the ball well.  In college you didn’t really see Daniel block a whole lot, wasn’t really what he was asked to.  That’s something that we got to get to the bottom of here a little bit fast.  But you did see flashes of physicalness there in the blocking and the things.  But this guys a physical, get your shoulders square runner and I think that’s what we seen.  He has, it’s funny, they talk about home run speed and top gun speed but this guys finished some runs.  So he’s got pretty good speed.  I was excited today, just on a couple of, from early carries to see some of the bounce that he had in his legs for a big man.”

Thomas on whether knowing his assignments is his greatest obstacle in practice so far:  “Not really, the coaches do a really good job of going over our assignments, like I said the toughest thing is just going out here in the heat , and the heat just messes you all up.”

I am not a conspiracy theorist. If someone tells me something, I do my best to tell you, assuming it doesn't break trust with my source. As you know, I've been told that, as of yesterday, the Dolphins were still not giving up on the idea of Kyle Orton. (Or at least adding a legit QB to compete with Chad Henne.)

Other media have reported the team is giving that role to Matt Moore, which if you really think about it, is simply moronic.

Well, Moore was asked if he has been told he was in town to compete for the starting job with Henne:

“You know what … I am going to come in and compete. That’s how it’s going to be. That’s how it is everywhere. As of right now like I said, I am learning. I am going to come in and make all of the throws and make all of the right reads and we will see what happens."

Obviously, Moore has not been told he'll be competing for a starting job. Yet, I have faith the Dolphins will do their best to find that player to do exactly that. Maybe they try Mark Bulger. Maybe they beg the Bengals to trade Carson Palmer one more time. Maybe they cave to Bulger's salary demands.

Point is the quarterback issue is absolutely not resolved.

Talk to you in the comments section for the start of practice.


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DB....were only a couple of days in...timing and speed....combined with farmiliarity will get better...

Mando, in your estimation, and I know we're very early in the process, do you see any improvement in any facet of Chad Henne? Accuracy, mechanics, pocket awareness, touch, leadership?

Henne is far too jeckyl-hyde at qb for any fan's comfort!

A second rounder is the same thing as another Henne... I would do it for Orton, if he is an upgrade?

So Armando what you think of Devlin having a chance to compete with Henne instead of our other bum 3rd stringer?
All i read form yesterday and today have been good things on Devlin

Devlin throws deep down left sideline to Pruitt. Interference on defender. didn't see which defender.

course orton is an upgrade, dyingbreed would be an upgrade over henne

A couple of incompletes for Brandstater.

Not impressed I am.

Armando, do you think Mike Brown would reconsider if the Bengals were offered a 1st round pick? Would you agree on such a desperate move from the Dolphins?

i guess a qb can look good if the receivers catch the balls..

i like bouman, i think he could be our guy under daboll


Do any of our recievers have hands or are Hennes passes so misplaced that you need a spider web to catch them?


pay close attention to what you just posted:

one of the dolphins major problems last year was the inability to score in the red zone, having to rely and settling on field goals which cost them several games. you don't need a receiver with speed in the red zone. WHAT YOU NEED and what you want IS WHAT YOU WROTE: A BIG PHYSICAL PLAYER WITH EXPERIENCE, who knows how to POSITION HIS BODY AND OUT MUSCLE SMALLER DB'S IN THE RED ZONE.

Yes, the Pats have made some big moves but why is everyone obsessed about what the Jets have done?? All they've done so far is re-sign Santonio. I'd take Brad Smith and Braylon last year any day over Plax this year. Also, IF they are able to re-sign Cromartie you can guarantee they'll have to way overpay for him, you know hes not happy about being their fallback option to Nnamdi. And if they are not able to sign him, who's their #2 CB???

I'll take my chances with Henne this year if we make a run at Zach Miller. I have no idea why we haven't. With Miller, Marshall, Bess, Bush, and a speed burner in Gates, Henne will be have plenty of weapons.

We all know what Henne is capable of and what he is capable of is picking apart a few bad defenses a year and looking like a scrub against above average defenses.

The truth of the matter is that the fan base is so desperate that most think Orton is a savior to lead the team to the promise land. While he certainly would be a major improvement over Henne, he is still rather unproven and certainly no superstar. A 2 yr contract is all he should be offered.

I'd rather keep the second rounder and move up in the first round next year to get one of the top 2 QBs in the draft. I'd rather have one bad year and 10 good ones. We won't win anything with Orton either.

no way a 1st rounder for palmer, he had a bad year and then he wanted to quit...maybe a 3rd rounder

If the rest of Devlin's camp is like today or better. He may become our "shocker" as 2011 starting qb. If he continues to impress I have no problem with him becoming the starter.

"Could he be the next Marino no one saw coming?" We'll see how it goes.

gates?lol bush? lol just stop man, just stop go get orton!!!!!!!!!! then miller

Sounds like Brandstater will be gone by week's end.

Has Henne ever beat out anybody in practice? All's I've heard was that Thiggy, Devlin and Moore were better in practice.

whats everyone think, weve all seen todd in Jax, i think we should get him

The truth about the Orton situation right now has nothing to do with compensation for the player but everything to do with negotiations breaking down with Orton and the Dolphins according to the Denver Post. Orton is set to get paid almost another 8 mil this season and has made it clear that he will not go for another contract extension for non starting qb money due to the fact that he has been a starting qb everywhere he has been and has not been paid accordingly. He wants his eight mil and a contract extension that would compete with other starting qbs out there. With a new contrct coming next year anyways when he hits the free agency market he would be disappointed in riding the pine but will not cost himself anymore money in order to start somewhere else. Miami was close to a deal with Orton but backed out and signed Moore instead not feeling comfortable with giving Orton the contract he wanted. So if we want Orton we will have to commit to Orton. He is an upgrade but not fully sold on franchise qb. I don't know it's quite a situation I fully believe that Orton can get us into the playoffs but on the other hand why has he been swapped around by so many teams?????

Not surprised, I am, about Devlin.

Guys....can we chill a little on Devlin. It's like day three of practices. Can we see how he's looks against opposition before we had him the reins. There's a reason he wasn't drafted. Teams will figure out how to play him pretty quickly.

We can trade Brandstater for a #6 and Henne for a #7.

Armando is Devlin the truth. Starting qb for us on Monday night ?










If Armando keeps it up on how crisp (sarcasm) the practices are Miami may be able to get me. Too bad Miami has a solid D because if thier D was as bad as the O then I would look pretty good in Miami!

i heard devlin showed up late to his pro day and his offense was very dink and dunk, no a Flacco

Henne has a better red/green zone completion percentage than Orton.

Orton's numbers are bad when trailing or in the green zone.

The final point in this short story is very true, the success of the run game is going to dictate how good Henne appears.


Sounds like Armando has them rated
Devlin, Moore, Henne, Brand....

Henne is in his 4th year. If he can't CLEARLY be out playing this competition (as Orton CLEARLY outplayed Tebow), something is wrong.

Something is very wrong.


Now youre being negative. This kid has been on a roll. Until Devlin comes back to Earth we should be happy.

CraigM, first you attack the fans for negativity. Then when they began to feel positivity about Devlin's play you attack that too. Make up your mind Craig, positivity or negativity. You cant have it both ways.


How does Odrick look. Is he impressing any? And what OL position is InCognito playing Guard, or Center?

what time is practice over?

OMG!!! Pouncey got pushed back by perhaps the best nose tackle in the AFC - Pouncey is definitely a bust!!!

OMG!!! Henne fumbled a snap from Berger - they'll never correct that!!!

OMG!!! Bess dropped a pass - He's totally lost it!!!

The 14 year-old girlish hand wringing is the most entertaining part of training camp.

EXACTLY Carl!!!!! Thank you!!!!!! That should be the lone consideration when deciding whether to get Orton

DyingBreed @12:22.

Some people simply can not be reasoned with. They don't even adhere to their own reasoning.


is sporano being a poker player only saying that half of the offense will be installed?

Appreciate the blog but amazed one or two folks actually think they are gleaning vital information by reading about an incomplete pass in a July practice.

Seriously?? Hoo boy.


Thanks for the play-by-play. Good work!

are they taking a break?

can practices be recorded?


When we pass on 1st and 2nd down, if Henne is still jekyll-hyde, we'll have many 2nd and 10's on running downs. Or if the run game picks up 5yds on first down then a Henne incomplete 0n 2nd down, equals 3rd and long.

Both ways because of a jekyll-hyde Henne its still many 3rd and longs in 2011. A run game doesnt neccessarily cure a jekyll-hyde qb performance.

I'm excited. We don't need to mortage the future on Orton. Play out the year cross you fingers and get a QB next year if needed. A playmaker TE would be nice though.

From what I've seen of Daniel Thomas in college...he'll be average at best in the NFL. Also with Henne's abilities we're still looking at an offense that scores 10-14 points a game with a lot of 3 and outs. I'm fully prepared for more of the same because the Dolphins have done nothing significant to change what they were last year. Henne doesn't scare opposing D and when you throw a lot of checkdowns the D just plays up and defends everything like a run. We'll be stagnant again on offense. DOA.

Pray for an upgrade at QB.

i rather see a check down for 5 yrds than a pick 6






Devlin bedevils!

we need some turnovers and ability to get cheap points.

Does anybody think there is something very wrong if Henne is not clearly out playing Moore and Devlin - an udfa no less? How can they continue this charage that Henne is their guy?

ur see both faninva, why choose

Armando goes stealth again. Is practice over?

Armando goes stealth with not so much as a word to us fans as to why.


it is a simple point. A good running game helps a young QB.

Are you really trying to argue this?

remember Brady was a six round pick..

Sorry for the delay here.

The Dolphins have signed Broncos DT Ronald Fields.


this team is and will continue to be garbage until, ireland and sparano are gone, period. hopefully this is the last straw for these clowns. if henne is the starter they are not winning more than 3 games and that is being generous. pats are better, jets just got better, buffalo is better and the dolphins, worse! good thing they play ne the first game, they can go on and get that ass whoopin out of the way.

mando is getting a hot dog...lol

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