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Orton trade situation might last until Aug. 4

The Kyle Orton trade situation is a stare-down.

The Dolphins and the Denver Broncos both want to complete a trade involving the quarterback but have been unable to do so for reasons that apparently include compensation. There are reports the Broncos and Dolphins have not been able to get together on trade compensation, with the Broncos obviously asking higher compensation than the Dolphins are willing to pay. There is at least one report saying the Dolphins and the Orton camp has not been able to agree to a restructured contract.

Stare. Down.

And the in the meantime, Orton was on the field and took first-team reps with the Broncos today as their training camp got underway.

"He's under contract with us. I can't speak to the future," Denver coach John Fox said when asked of Orton's status. "At this point Kyle Orton's on our team. He's under contract and you watched practice, you saw where he was."

As I tweeted earlier, that has to feel awkward!

It would also feel awkward if Friday comes around, the Dolphins are on the field the first time for their opening of 2011 camp, and quarterback Chad Henne is taking first-team snaps while everyone knows the Dolphins are aggressively trying to replace him.

But, if the NFL calendar is to be believed, awkward might be the order of the day in this stare down at least until Aug. 4 -- a full week from today. The official calendar is here.

According to the NFL calendar, teams don't have to be at or below the 2011 salary cap until 4:01 p.m. (east coast time). That is the first day of the new league year.

That is also midnight in the Kyle Orton saga.


Well, one of the reasons the Broncos have put Orton on the trade block is to clear cap space. The Denver Post has reported the Broncos have nearly $128 million in salary cap commitments for 2011. That's bad considering the cap is $120.3 million. Orton counts a whopping $8.9 million of that.

That's not a problem today because the Broncos don't have to be under the cap right now. That is a problem starting Aug. 4 when the team must be at or under the cap.

The problem would be solved if the Broncos intended to keep Orton as their so-called quarterback of the future. They would simply give him a new multi-year contract that is more cap friendly. But they are clearly not doing that. They are not going to add years to the final year of his contract.

So they have to trade him or simply cut him by Aug. 4.

The Dolphins know this. So they are doing the wise thing. They are being patient. It is the wise thing to do in order not to mortgage the future by giving up a higher draft pick, assuming that's the holdup.

And if that makes the situation feel awkward in the meantime? So be it.

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Hold out Ireland. Orton and Denver have nowhere else to go.

GAME OF CHICKEN Armando.......

seriously, we so need to move on adding more peices....Orton is not worth this much attention!!!!




I don't think it is obvious that the Dolphins are looking to replace Henne. It's his job right now. Orton or whoever would have to go some to knock him off for game 1 start. So he's still in control. However, it's no question that they aren't happy with what happened last year and are taking steps to improve that.

Michael Lombradi said on NFL Network today that 'Orton's contract needs to be off the books today'. You're obviously saying that is not the case. You're saying Aug 4th? You sure about that?

Kevin Kolb officially traded to Cardinals!!!

There you go...Denver really has NO leverage!!!

Brad Smith agrees to a deal with the Bills.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Bills have reached an agreement with Smith on a four-year, $15 million deal.

Is it me, Or does Aloco have Man-love For Mr. Dying Breed?


I love that bad writing is then quoted by, who'd of thought... Other bad writers... Denver is currently sitting at 100 Million against the cap... They have 20 million to spend, and if orton is traded they then have 30 million to spend... The new CBA clearly states in section 5 that "dead money" from before march 31st, 2011 will not count against a teams cap for this upcoming season... Denver doesn't need to do anything with orton if Pat Bowlen is fine with spending money, which he has been in the past!

C'mon now, If miami honestly does trade for orton, do you really think we would waste another 3rd rd draft pick so orton can play backup to henne.


Mark in Toronto...Great post, your right. Aquiring Orton isn't, and shouldn't be a priority that forces the team into over reaching. All of the teams that were in the hunt for a QB have captured their game. Let Orton hang out in the meadow, then take a good shot. If he stays out of sight, wait and hunt another day..

Look at what The Eagles got for Kolb..A second a very good defensive back. Orton is going to command something in this area for his services. At least. Kolb is a guess. Nobody really knows if he is worth what the Cards ponied up. With Orton, at least you know what you are getting. So it makes sense to me that the price will be similar, if not a little more. This said, it is the prudent move to see where we sit in a week. Orton isn't going anywhere. So unlike R.Bush we have the luxury of time.

wait and sign vince young nothing to give up
sign some more talent and dont waste draft picks anymore

I think Miami assuming they can get orton for less than a second round pick is naive... He's been a top 15 q.b. each of the past 2 seasons... i don't see how that merits less than a second round pick... He's also still young... If they thought they were getting him to back up henne they wouldn't trade for him period super phin... think that one through

Aloco, Tell us something about your life.

Orton's going to have to come in and win this job just like everybody else. To simply hand the guy the job with a week to go before the season starts is ludicrous!! Seahawks gave up a third last year for Whitehurst and he couldn't beat Hasselbeck for the starting job. Nobdy gets handed anything.

Brad Smith to bills not a huge loss, Reggie bush easily an upgrade at STs over him....

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That should have said 'a MONTH to go before the season starts'. Sorry...


lmaorotf @ aloco, Might be the post of the week.


I like the Brad Smith signing....nice move by the Bills.

then if thats the case, why even bother giving up the pick at all, we either wait out denver untill they release him or we explore vince young....it wont cost us anything in terms of salery and we still have $$$ to spend in other areas

well I believe that is the issue, the Dolphins are offering a 4 plus a reduced salary. Think about it 8.8 mil is below the avg of 10 mil for a starter in this league, a 3 is not too high a price.

This regime has not completely given up on Henne like it or not. They dont want to pay a high price and Henne end up being the better qb. They are letting Henne compete like it or not.

They have the leverage now, but on Tues they were competing if they wanted Orton or to replace Henne from the get go, teh trade would be done already. They want legitimate competition.

If the asking price for Orton is more than a 4th or a 5th then forget it for now. There are other options out there. Sit tight for a few more days. Denver needs to do something. They need a ttrade partner. It's in their best interest to get this done.

I actually wonder if the 'Phins are having problems convincing Orton's camp to re-negotiate the contract.

This sounds like a great plan UNTIL the first quality QB goes down in training camp and someone else wants Orton, then all the posts will be about how we should have gotten him when we could afford him.


Forget IT!!!!!
Wait for Vince!

Is Nick Barnett available? He'd be an upgrade from Crowder. Him and Dansby would be great.


Aloco, Your mother had webbed feet?, Was she a good swimmer?

I think Nick Thompson is Denver's GM trying to drive up the Orton cost. Sorry man, we aren't buying it. You can spend $10M on a backup QB or you can get a middle round draft pick and at free up the space.

ALoco, that is Dr. Evil's life. not yours.

If Orton becomes a Dolphin, trust me, he'll be the starter. Beat out Henne my butt...

..Someone on the last page of the previous blog asked why other teams looking for QB help din't dial up the Broncos. This is what I think.

The other teams had drafted young QB's to groom. With the exception of Arizona who had Kolb in their sights since the draft. So it really made no sense to trade for Orton becuase those teams have their guy in waiting. It comes down to an economic issue as well. Orton is going to come at a mid-to high level price. Throw in the years you will need to guarantee him money. And those other teams would simply have too much money on the books for 2 quarterbacks, and 1 that will someday for them be the franchise.

For the Phins, we aren't on the hook for much more then peanuts at the QB spot. So we can afford to go out and make a trade for Orton(if that is what we do) Also, we do not have the next franchise guy in waiting. The FO has decided that the free agents that were available were not the quality of Orton. Once they were off the board. It left Orton ripe for the picking if we can work out a deal.

I agree #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal,

Otherwise why all the hype surrounding this process, which just doesnt make sense if staff was convinced henne would win the job back!!!!

LMAO @ Aloco, Aloco, who is it thats impersonating Cuban,DB,Odin, Which one is it?, Maybe no one is and it's just you, Armando did call you "Many Me" Last summer.


DD, that is bang on. Minny and Tenn want nothing more than one year stop gaps because of their drat picks. Wash is clearly trying to tank to get Luck or Barkley. For Arizona, Kolb was their guy all along.

Miami and Oakland are the only teams in the hunt for a vet Qb who will start for at least 2 years. And Oakland has eyed VY for months.

DD........ ALL GOOD POINTS @ 3;30 PM .

To all you Vince Young bandwagon folks, please tell me why??!!!

Orton? Please don't give up draft picks for this cry baby, never liked him at the Bears or Denver he is not a winner! and over rated QB, yeah he is at first string on the Denver practice field, so what, we all know that "aint gonna happen!" Just a diversion.

A 4th round pick for Orton is a great deal for the Phins. It would have to include a player or two as well. But now that the Kold deal is done. It sort of screws the Phins if we had any hopes of pulling a fast one. Kolb has had 2-3 games where he looked the part. As a gm you make a trade based on those games in hope of believing this is who Kolb is. Orton, has proven he can play. Much more then Kolb anyway. And now we think we can lowball the Donkeys? The Kolb trade mat have set the bar, and this is why there is a standoff. The Broncos believe, and I do not blame them. That they have a commodity that the market says is worth this amount. Ireland is smart to wait and see if things cool down. This isn't a make or break deal (IMO)

...Some facts about Kolb from the NFL Network.

3 career wins
7 career starts
11 career pass TD's
19 career games

And this is what the Cards traded for? Does anyone think that Orton has proven more at this point? Wouldn't it make sense that the Broncos believe they should be compensated in not equaly, but perhaps more then the Eagles?

DD, would you not believe that a Kendall Langford and DRC are of equal value? Both are very good starters at their positions but neither are perennial pro bowlers. I guess CB is a bit more of a value position but otherwise it can be argued that a 1 for 1 trade would be more than fair for both parties. The addition of a draft pick just doesn't seem fair.

That's a nice story by ALoco at 3:21, but has implications, for him.

Let Denver hold out....FO can now go after more Marketable players on offense.....thats what they need to do.

Best Blog you have written in a while, Armando. Informative and important news to know (relative to the NFL, that is). Great work!

as usual i missed the new post going up

but chat is the same anyway

r we trying for any other positions in fa that u know of armando?


TE'S Kyle boss, Zach Miller, Todd Heap, and now reports are bears looking to deal Greg Olsen, these are more important names miami should be looking into right now.....None named Kyle Orton!!!

Montreal....Trust you? Not if my life depended on it. I must have missed it....when was the decision of who starts left with you? Bottomline, as it's been since day one with these guys, the guy who wins the job starts. No way you can simplay hand the job to Kyle Orton on July 28th, when he hasn't even seen a playbook yet. Right now Henne is in the pole position. Will he be by game one, who knows?

And you're butt has NOTHING to do with any of this, Montreal.

Please do not go after Orton..... he simply stinks!! I could live with a Vince Young deal but would really prefer to see how Henne operates under a new coordinator first.

Mark...Langford is a very underated player. Is he a name that is being thrown around as a piece in this trade? It makes sense knowing the Broncos need help on the D-line. DRC was definitley the player that put that Kolb trade over the top. I would hate to see Langford go. But Quarterback is miles apart as far as importnace to a teams success compaired to 1 player on the defensive line.(D-line is more of a group effort instead of an individual position like QB. Unless we are talking elite player. I think you have to make that trade if it is available)

Craig M...You can trust me or not...But the one thing I know for sure, my butt has more brain cells than your head...I'll leave it at that...

i wanted brad smith; more speed and versatile! at least the jets dont have him anymore.

Amen superF

cant believe pats took haynesworth off redskins hands*blessing*....good luck with that move patsies, especially the headaches and $$$ your picking up with that has been as well.

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