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Orton trade situation might last until Aug. 4

The Kyle Orton trade situation is a stare-down.

The Dolphins and the Denver Broncos both want to complete a trade involving the quarterback but have been unable to do so for reasons that apparently include compensation. There are reports the Broncos and Dolphins have not been able to get together on trade compensation, with the Broncos obviously asking higher compensation than the Dolphins are willing to pay. There is at least one report saying the Dolphins and the Orton camp has not been able to agree to a restructured contract.

Stare. Down.

And the in the meantime, Orton was on the field and took first-team reps with the Broncos today as their training camp got underway.

"He's under contract with us. I can't speak to the future," Denver coach John Fox said when asked of Orton's status. "At this point Kyle Orton's on our team. He's under contract and you watched practice, you saw where he was."

As I tweeted earlier, that has to feel awkward!

It would also feel awkward if Friday comes around, the Dolphins are on the field the first time for their opening of 2011 camp, and quarterback Chad Henne is taking first-team snaps while everyone knows the Dolphins are aggressively trying to replace him.

But, if the NFL calendar is to be believed, awkward might be the order of the day in this stare down at least until Aug. 4 -- a full week from today. The official calendar is here.

According to the NFL calendar, teams don't have to be at or below the 2011 salary cap until 4:01 p.m. (east coast time). That is the first day of the new league year.

That is also midnight in the Kyle Orton saga.


Well, one of the reasons the Broncos have put Orton on the trade block is to clear cap space. The Denver Post has reported the Broncos have nearly $128 million in salary cap commitments for 2011. That's bad considering the cap is $120.3 million. Orton counts a whopping $8.9 million of that.

That's not a problem today because the Broncos don't have to be under the cap right now. That is a problem starting Aug. 4 when the team must be at or under the cap.

The problem would be solved if the Broncos intended to keep Orton as their so-called quarterback of the future. They would simply give him a new multi-year contract that is more cap friendly. But they are clearly not doing that. They are not going to add years to the final year of his contract.

So they have to trade him or simply cut him by Aug. 4.

The Dolphins know this. So they are doing the wise thing. They are being patient. It is the wise thing to do in order not to mortgage the future by giving up a higher draft pick, assuming that's the holdup.

And if that makes the situation feel awkward in the meantime? So be it.

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..Wasn't Amaya part of the Reggie Bush trade? That is good news for Jimmy Wilson who is better suited to play saftey at this level then cornerback(IMO)..

Back to Reggie Bush for a second. I hope that the scheme doesn't force Bush to be a ball carrier first. He is definitley a reciever out of the backfield. In fact he lead the league in pass catches, and average yards from the running back spot. Hopefully this will force the offense(as dictated by the personel) to run some spread sets, and single back formations to get Bush into space against linebackers. This was where we struggled last year on the defensive front. Trying to cover backs in space. Think Baltimore Raven game where Ray Rice killed us, Chicago Bear game where we couldn't get off the field on third down because Forte was catching those little check downs from Cutler and gaining 7-8 yards.

In our division the great equalizer against the jets for instance is that their linebackers suck in coverage. Bush is definitley an advantage for the offense against those chuckleheads as they will be forced to account for Reggie out of the backfield. If nothing else it will help nuetralize the pressure they love to bring. In our division, the accusition of R. Bush could be a huge factor in our ability to compete, and even challenge the upper tier teams. This is a big statement, but I believe if used properly. His addition is a massive move. Not to mention having a threat returining punts. For all the good Bess does for this team. Punt returning wasn't his strong suit.


Vince Young just released. Bring him in! If for no other reason than to see & raise Denver's Bluff.

Mark in Toronto,

I don't get the Kolb trade either. That's a tough to give up for a guy who has started seven games. I don't get it. This fanbase would be going ballistic if Ireland made a move like that and rightly so. A second, DRC AND having to sign Kolb to a $63 million, five year contract. Wow!! I like and respect Ken Whisenhunt but he's seeing something I don't see. Eagles made out like bandits and I put them as the favourites to acquire Vince Young. Let's see.

Craig, in order to remain the long-term solution, Henne needs to prove he's capable of taking a team deep into the Playoffs. So it's not a percentage question. It's a leadership/consistency/making plays happen/keeping the offense running question. If he can make plays, score TDs, move the chains, he'll be the QB. If he keeps making the same mistakes he has the last 2 years, he won't.

Joe, no, it's no coincidence Miami wants Orton (over some of the other names we've mentioned). They don't want Henne to be the starter. I think though they have to be careful. At this point, even me, a Henne detractor (I wouldn't say hater, I can see that he has some small upside and can turn things around still), would say Henne is the favorite to be the starter week 1. So Sparano doesn't want to deflate his confidence like last year.

They should still try to get a QB FA that can start, but they shouldn't make it seem like Henne starting would be the worst thing in the world. It wouldn't, and they'd just be hurting themselves (and Henne) if they did that. This needs to be massaged very carefully. Henne needs to be given all the backing from the team right now. Keep practicing, keep getting better, keep learning the offense, keep trying to mesh with your weapons. Don't even worry about who we're bringing in. IF you do your job, then it won't matter who they bring in, they'll be carrying a clipboard.

We can't mess Henne up anymore than we did last year. Again, he MAY be the best we have this year.

KOLB....... 63 MILLION......5 YEARS...............20 MILLION GUARANTEED
THIGPEN............ 10 MILLION....3 YEARS.......... 3 MILLION GUARANTEED ...

super, sad to say, if you expected Free Agency to help this team make a deep playoff push, then you didn't have realistic expectations. We're still a ways off regardless of who else we bring in.

Our qb situation is still very much in limbo regardless of how this BS goes down....anybody we bring in is a stopgap for henne just for another year or two.....and the marino retread list continues through 2011............


I don't think anyone is saying they are not trying to replace Henne, but.......

The quesiton is will Orton be better then what Henne could be in 2011?, a lot of the players have said they have been excited to see Henne take control during the lockout, and have gained respect for him and he has shown leadership, Long has said it several times

The bet is Henne improves with better play calling/scheme. Better players, like Bush on 3rd down instead of Cobbs or Williams, maybe another TE and OG

Last year was a complete waste

I think we have seen the best Orton can be, and I think Henne can be as good this year, if not better, but I'm not the GM

That said, we still need another QB who can step in, no doubt.

poizen ,henne also looked good for large periods of the first jets game, had rhythm there too

i want him to have competition or a backup but my honest feeling is that i will actually be dissapointed if henne doesnt start this season

will sound crazy to most but thats the way i feel, i want to see him get a shot, if they get orton it needs to be 4 the right amount and then fait battle

DANSBY.......... 47 MILLION......4 YEARS
SOILI................. 12 MILLION A YEAR
WAKE................. 2.5 MILLION A YEAR

HENNE............ 23 DOLLARS A YEAR

fair battle

Montreal, just read that Zach Miller is a UFA. Miami would be wise to invest here.

super, ditto Joe, he's exactly right. Orton/Bush are the best we can HOPE FOR THIS YEAR. They are not the long-term solution here. The long-term solution is draft a 1st-rd QB next year if Henne/Orton/whomever doesn't pan out. Then see what you have at RB (is Thomas good enough or not). Then improve your TE position. Then improve your line if necessary. That's how we get better long-term, these moves are all for short-term success (or improvement from last year).

I can't believe most of these posts I'm reading here....however, Darryl and Craig know what they are talking about. Here it is in a nutshell. Orton is proven. Simple. His numbers have been better than Henne's the last 2 years. he's the best QB left for the Fins to go after. They are looking to upgrade at that position and Orton IS an upgrade. The Fins will bring him in at the right time so they can create competition in camp. It will make both players better. The best one will start when the season starts and the Dolphins Will be upgraded at the QB position for 2011 weather it's Orton or an improved Henne. end of story. Any questions?


Agree 100%, my percentage improvement was more sarchasim then anything else

Leadership he has shown in the lockout, and it's been said Miami has practiced more then any other team during the Lockout, so hopefully that will show

He and Long have been the ones leading those workouts, so again that is good as well

Free agency is NOT the way to build a contender...Productive drafts is the way...Look how many holes we still have to fill...QB-RB-TE-OL-OLB(pass rusher) and probably FS...You think we'll cover all that in free agency? We'll be about 60 million$ over the cap limit...LOL!

super, sad to say, if you expected Free Agency to help this team make a deep playoff push, then you didn't have realistic expectations. We're still a ways off regardless of who else we bring in.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | July 28, 2011 at 04:47 PM

Well then in that case ireland and sparano shouldve told Ross that last year....then we might have had a better staff in place by now to be better equipped to deal with a turnover status...just sayin, and my expectations were the same as last year for the record....



I would say in the NFL you need two good QBs to be successful. There are exceptions of course, as we see in New England, Pitt, GB, New Orleans and Indy but injuries are inadvertently part of the equation and the Dolphins need to be certain they have a better plan this season than just Pennington and Thigpen. I think whether it's Henne or Orton coming off the bench it will be a better situation than last year.


Montreal, Shefter from ESPN is reporting Miami has ZERO interest in VY. Take it for what it's worth since this guy also said Andy Daulton was for sure the #1 pick for Miami last April.

I started reading Aloco's post then realized it was him. Didn't know cause it wasn't in caps. Whoops.

craig, don't listen to what Long says about Henne, they've been best friends since the Michigan days. Not like he'd say anything else. If you want to know about Henne, ask the receivers, ask his biggest adversary, Marshall. If Brandon thinks Henne is much better, that's when I'd believe it.

thats the problem #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal, their not addressing the market area that has talent that they need such as TE, guys are out there and we're sitting here arguing over less talented players in orton and vy.....

DC Dolfan, exactly!!

Agreed Craig M, I'm not opposed to Orton, opposed to giving up draft picks and paying him too much $$

I think the problem right now is Orton is calling our bluff and saying he wants starter money, and starter money is not $6-$7M.

Once/if he is released he might change his mind and that will be good for us, he will then take the $6-$7M

Would you be happy if we gave up a 4th and paid him $10M, which is starter money?



dc that cuts both ways marshall is best buddys with orton so if he says ortons better he might be biased, that leaves the other receivers to listen to!!!!

they don't talk outside the box very often

man the fins should afer todd heap or zach miller let henne be the QB let him use his cannon arm and if not worst case scenario we're at the top of the draft and draft andrew luck :)

I think Deaners was bang on there at 4:50. Leave nothing up to chance at the most important position by far in this league.


Marshall hasn't been around during lockout so can't ask him either. I'm sure he would love Orotn here


if miami could of gotten brad smith for that and they didnt then this fo is even worse than i thought. and the orton thing, if thats the case then just wait till aug 4 when they release him

miller would be a huge signing but im sure ireland is to dumb to even talk to him

Report is Ireland offered Orton base salary and a used Honda Civic as a signing bonus.

VY and Orton MAY be better than henne....but Todd Heap, Zach Miller, Kevin Boss, and Greg Olsen ARE better than Fasona/sheets.Haynos and others at that position, I would much rather spend money there then shelling out more to add QBs that arent long term fixes....even if it means keeping henne!!!

Dansby + Nick Barnett = INT's


You refused to place your name in blue yet continously accuse others of impersonating you. I saw where you accused me today.

Dude you already know I dont care enough to waste my time impersonating you. If you believe I would then you are sadder than I first thought.

Listen, if they sign Miller, even Henne could thrive in this offense. I'd forego the Orton trade to sign Miller. If Henne fails again then get a QB next year. I'd take Miller over any of the QBs available. Imagine Marshall, Bush, Bess and Miller lining up together. Like I said even with Henne that's pretty impressive.


No way to multiple picks for Orton and no way to a $10 mil a year contract. He's coming in to compete for the job and he's not having it handed to him. If he's not willing to bend on this then he can get chopped by the Bronocs next week and negotiate his own deal. There's not a team out there who is just going to hand him starter money and hand him the starters job. His best bet is to sign a three year deal in Miami for like $4-5 mil a year, work hard and earn the job.

henne could not. im so glad they finally relaize hes a bum. last chance for them and they know it. letting brad smkith get away is pathetic

ireland should have EVERY eventuality already planned, the moment the orton thing cooled he should be onto the next on his list

i agree TE upgrades available - should be high on the list


next on the list after qb should still be

RB, we need anothet one unless they think sheets or hilliard r good to go

armando and his gang need to cough it up

who's he after at mo?

Now were on the same page Craig M. If we could get him for $4-$5M, I would be fine with that and would pull the trigger

I think he is unwilling to renegotiate right now for that while he is looking at $9M from Denver

Maybe he is saying F the Donkey's, I'll sign with Miami for that when they release me and the Donkey's get nothing then, that is the scenario I want and all of us should want



Guys I'm all for Miller too...in a big way. In fact he's the guy I want most on this team. However, they do need to get the QB situation figured out. We're paper thin there and if Henne goes down or struggles there's no option there right now. As much as I want a TE like Miller on the team we have to sort out QB and we've taken steps to make RB better.

impressive? those guys combined only scored 14 times last year. names dont mean nothing

jrljr2 , exactly my point ive been saying all along....build around your weak component, go after the talent that is out there and available to make a bigger impact at a position of need!!

bush has missed 20 games in just 5 years!!!! never had over 580 yards. besides his name hes never done anything

Bush will bring more ticket sales to big butt women.


For sure....That would be ideal. Ireland now has a pretty good idea of the money Orton is looking for should he be released. He's got a leg up on everyone else. To be honest, the situation in Miami should still be enticing for Orton. He knows Marshall, he'd get a fair shot to compete for the starters job and the weather and city would be a draw. Do you guys have no income tax there too? Good deal!! The only other options for him might Oakland, where he'd compete with Campbell and somewhere like Cleveland. I'd think Miami would be more appealing.

orton isnt stupid , he knows he could beat out henne throwing left handed. other than jonathan amaya, what rd pick did we give for bush

We don't hear about the FA hunt because this FO is very secretive. Probably best, it keeps other teams from knowing our gameplan. Frustrating for fans, but best for team overall.

Who was it who said yesterday that Young woould be signed as soon as he's released? Was it DB? Guaranteed, right? OK bud.....the clock's ticking. Let's see where he ends up....

yes very secretive, we only knew about orton a month agao. we couldnt find ross when he landed in sf to talk to harbaugh.

hardly any interest for the cancer that is vince young

forget orton, sign vy NOW!

Well stated Armando!

Geez dusty bottoms, you're one of the most negative guys I've ever met. You sure you're a Dolphins fan or a Jets fan in disguise?


all to true

but we're all sitting here wanting to see a blow our minds deal - prob aint gonna blow our minds whatever

do we need another safety now amaya's gone?

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