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Orton trade situation might last until Aug. 4

The Kyle Orton trade situation is a stare-down.

The Dolphins and the Denver Broncos both want to complete a trade involving the quarterback but have been unable to do so for reasons that apparently include compensation. There are reports the Broncos and Dolphins have not been able to get together on trade compensation, with the Broncos obviously asking higher compensation than the Dolphins are willing to pay. There is at least one report saying the Dolphins and the Orton camp has not been able to agree to a restructured contract.

Stare. Down.

And the in the meantime, Orton was on the field and took first-team reps with the Broncos today as their training camp got underway.

"He's under contract with us. I can't speak to the future," Denver coach John Fox said when asked of Orton's status. "At this point Kyle Orton's on our team. He's under contract and you watched practice, you saw where he was."

As I tweeted earlier, that has to feel awkward!

It would also feel awkward if Friday comes around, the Dolphins are on the field the first time for their opening of 2011 camp, and quarterback Chad Henne is taking first-team snaps while everyone knows the Dolphins are aggressively trying to replace him.

But, if the NFL calendar is to be believed, awkward might be the order of the day in this stare down at least until Aug. 4 -- a full week from today. The official calendar is here.

According to the NFL calendar, teams don't have to be at or below the 2011 salary cap until 4:01 p.m. (east coast time). That is the first day of the new league year.

That is also midnight in the Kyle Orton saga.


Well, one of the reasons the Broncos have put Orton on the trade block is to clear cap space. The Denver Post has reported the Broncos have nearly $128 million in salary cap commitments for 2011. That's bad considering the cap is $120.3 million. Orton counts a whopping $8.9 million of that.

That's not a problem today because the Broncos don't have to be under the cap right now. That is a problem starting Aug. 4 when the team must be at or under the cap.

The problem would be solved if the Broncos intended to keep Orton as their so-called quarterback of the future. They would simply give him a new multi-year contract that is more cap friendly. But they are clearly not doing that. They are not going to add years to the final year of his contract.

So they have to trade him or simply cut him by Aug. 4.

The Dolphins know this. So they are doing the wise thing. They are being patient. It is the wise thing to do in order not to mortgage the future by giving up a higher draft pick, assuming that's the holdup.

And if that makes the situation feel awkward in the meantime? So be it.

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Did anyone get the details on what we gave up for Bush? I never heard.



I like to play with my golf balls


Are you after me? Its only 5:30 PM and was released 4 PM. You couldnt wait at least 24hrs before skipping out for a "catfight"? Geesh!

Orton is not the answer to the Fins QB problem, he is just a patch. I would wait until they release him before giving up draft picks. I would just as soon have Vince to compete with Henne. Also the Rookie QB may be alright. Should have gone for the guy who wound up at New England.

some safety.

Since the lockout was lifted, we have gotten Pat Devlin and Reggie Bush.
Not sure if it's enough to compete for the division title.
I am keeping our draft picks in mind as well.

Unless our coaching staff morphs into a Rexy/Belicheat-like monster, it seems like we will be battling Buffalo for the cellar once again.

Obviously I hope I am wrong.

If for some odd reason Miami doesn't land Orton, I hope Ireland doesn't "settle" for V Young. I'm hoping and praying someone will take V Young ASAP as to circumvent that possibility.


Just giving you a hard time DB....

But yes, the clock is ticking.....

Now if we're still having this conversation next week at this time there is a problem. As I said before, if the price for Orton becomes too steep and the contract unmanageable, I'd be fine with Young as the competing QB...but not before.

Reporters at Broncos practice have reported Orton had a sterling and very impressive workout today. They said he far outperformed both Tebow and "whats-his-name". Wasnt even close who the best qb in camp was.


Where are you getting this stuff about Ireland meeting with Young tonight? Did you fabricate it?

you people seem to think that Vince Young wants to come play for us for 2 million a year. Im sure he wants big money and a starting job handed to him.
V.Y. is a head case.

Orton is the best QB up for grabs. He has put up solid numbers with Marshall in the past. He would give us the best shot v. the pats and jets

If i wasnt so frustrated with Henne i would almost feel bad for him. With him its mistake after mistake. He has a big arm but cant complete a pass over 20 yards to an open receiver.

The price for Orton is already too steep which is why no deal was done. Waiting for Orton to face reality and you risk losing Vince Young. He really is a nice boy, don't believe those crazy stories.


The Broncos’ quarterback situation continues to be puzzling.

Multiple reports have indicated that the Broncos will trade Kyle Orton, most likely to the Dolphins. And yet when the Broncos practiced for the first time today, Orton wasn’t just on the field — he was running the show with the first-string offense, and from all accounts outplaying Tim Tebow, the 2010 first-round draft pick who is supposedly the team’s quarterback of the future.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Orton looked poised and polished, while Tebow looked slower in finding receivers and less accurate in his passing. Klis writes that not only did Orton look better than Tebow, but Brady Quinn looked better than Tebow, too.




Who's on the hook for all of VY's psychotropic medications?
Does he pay for his own?

why because i said dont sign the cnacer vy?

course ireland will act interested in vy, will make denver nervous. no reason to give up anything for orton, just wait till hes released

How much did Hassleback and Jackson get in FA



Pats just traded for Ochocinco.....

Ocho Cinco is now a Patriot. Jets and Pats keeping 2 steps ahead of us.

just heard miami will go after barber hard

let's see they don't land orton, vy signs with another team, and suck boy henne is there once again to ride the sinking ship. PERFECT!

u serious craig? ocho and haynesworth, unreal they just reload

I like how Ireland is conducting this transaction...no need to throw away $$ if Orton gets released next week...although it would have been nice to get him into camp tomorrow...oh well.
At this point Orton has NO WHERE else to go and lost all his leverage.

BTW....Vince Young will NEVER wear a Dolphins jersey, period.


that wouldnt surprise the Dolphins front office love getting Dallas's Scraps.

that being said he is the type of back that would complement Bush

yeah he will just stay in denver and be the starter.

bush? lol u mean thomas. during the 8 games bush actually plays he will get 5 carries a game, return punts and catch 3 balls a game

Only problem in waiting for release is that everyone else is gone and Orton signs somewhere else....

Better sign someone, cheap, just in case it's too late and Ireland loses the game he is palying

I actually think Orton has some leverage right now....and resigning with Denver might be an opiton that didn't exist before

stop worrying about the pats, ok they've got a great coach, qb etc etc, but they don't usually take on too many big ego's , they've taken on two huge ones today, ocho can be hot, but he can be cold, our d can handle him, its their TE'S I worry about

anywhoo every dynasty dies a death sooner or later (look at us) and the start may be picking up these guys coz for once they didnt draft well, ocho is getting on and haynesworth may (may) never rediscover his mojo

chill, last season was the first time the pats swept us for a couple of years, we're winning one at least this year

I'd be fine with Barber in Miami. We're not asking him to be the starter. We're asking him to help carry the load. I like this idea better than Thomas being left to carry most of the load.

I don't get why the Pats would want Ocho. He did tweet earlier today that he was going to Cinci. Sorry but he's not the same guy he used to be. Guys can praise this one all they want but he's not the same receiver. He's lost a step or two. They would have been better with Braylon Edwards.

Bleacher Report: Orton vs Young

1. Does the Quarterback Fit the System?

Tony Sparano is obviously no Don Shula. One of the coaching dimensions which made Shula so great was to develop a system of offense or defense based on the talent he had. This is where Sparano is vastly different. Sparano is a run-first coach. He sees the game from a run-first dimension from quarter one to four.

Now this is where Vince Young probably fits better with Sparano's system. Kyle Orton fits well into a spread type offense with short to mid-range passing (this doesn't mean he doesn't have a great arm, he can throw deep just fine).

Orton ran a pass-first system at Purdue. Kyle Orton is a New England Patriots kind of system quarterback. Vince Young can run the multidimensional run-first offense Sparano is looking for.

Winner: Vince Young.

2. Who Is the Better Leader?

Without a doubt, we have to go with Kyle Orton. He's shown more cool and collected-ness on his teams. He's been in quarterback controversies, he's been discarded, forgotten about and underestimated. And, yet, he continues to play at a strong level.

He continues to show the strong personality needed to play quarterback. He knows how to manage a Brandon Marshall.

Vince Young is moody and, at least last year, unstable. I think his Miami Dolphin teammates would support him. I think his receivers would stay in stride with him. Young doesn't need to have a big personality on this team.

Winner: Kyle Orton.

3. Stats

Vince Young: 42 touchdowns, 42 interceptions and 8,098 yards in six seasons. This is while playing with an incredibly gifted Chris Johnson. VY has over 1,300 yards rushing and 12 touchdowns. This simply shows his running game ability.

Kyle Orton: 71 touchdowns, 48 interceptions and 12,774 yards in seven seasons. This is without much help from the running game in Denver's offensive system. I will not bother with Orton's rushing stats, only to say that his last year in Chicago he had a monster year as he had three rushing touchdowns.

Winner: This was a bit of a tough decision because of Young's ability to rush the ball. If Young had seven years he would need 17 touchdowns to equal Orton's numbers which is completely possible. However, Young's turnover number would also be higher (unless he never threw an interception or fumbled the ball).

I'm going to go with KYLE ORTON AS THE WINNER BECAUSE HIS NUMBERS ARE CURRENTLY BETTER. HOWEVER, I'm going to leave an asterisk here because Vince Young is a double-threat, leaving the possibility for touchdowns through the air and on the ground.

4. Who Will Give Them the Best Chance to Win Now?

Isn't this the real question? Isn't this the reason why the Fins would give up draft picks to get Kyle Orton. Frankly, the Dolphins need a quarterback who resembles Kurt Warner. This is the kind of quarterback the Dolphins are really looking for: under the radar and largely underrated.

However (and this is a huge however), VY can bring playoff experience with him. He is familiar with playoff pressure while competing for a Super Bowl. Young best fits the Dolphins offensive system, Orton has the better stats.

Winner: Vince Young. (A head coach wants to preserve his job. Tony Sparano must be consistent with his offensive style of play.)

5. Finally, Who Brings the Least Baggage and Why Does This Matter?

It matters because leadership at the quarterback position means so much in the direction of a team. Think Aaron Rodgers, right?!? A quarterback who can navigate through the mental and emotional ups and downs of a game and, even more so, a season.

Kyle Orton has had head coaches ignore him, despite his performance. He's never publicly wavered in his desire to be a starting quarterback.

Vince Young...wow, well. He's been a depressed prima donna in the NFL. He's had a head coach grow tired of his antics and he's lost the confidence of his team. Vince Young has to prove his mental stability to his next employer.

Winner: Kyle Orton by a landslide.

It seems like we've got Kyle Orton as the winner simply according to the a few criteria in which I consider important when playing quarterback. The Dolphins are a quarterback starved team. They were really hoping that Chad Henne would take advantage of starting at such a young place in his career. This hasn't happened.

Personally, not surprising anyone, I think that Vince Young is still the best option for Miami at quarterback. I've written several articles on why that's so. However, I would be thankful for either. I've always liked Kyle Orton and followed him when he was lighting up the college ranks at Purdue.

Guys, Ive posted this being totally unbiased, not ommitting anything.

Good article Armando, I really hope this deal gets done. Im a displaced Dolphins fan in Denver, I watch the Broncos every week after the Dolphins game...Orton is accurate, a pro and boy, did him and BMARSH have some chemistry!!!! Dont be sad if we get this guy Dolphans :)

orton has no other teams wanting qbs to start aug 4. miami would have to be his choice, now he could take a pay cut and stay in denver?

Ochoa cinquo traded to NE. Unreal

yeah we all know we will finish behind the pats and jets this year. so dealing away picks for players is really dumb

I say live with Henne and go get more weapons. Tell Denver to screw. Get a TE like miller.

I was up in the air about it, but I'm starting to think Henne might stand a chance to be much better under the new system. At the very least his OL is likely much better than last year. Now with a strong running back and an off speed 3rd down back on the roster that demands a fast defensive linebacker to cover, it should at least be interesting to see how Miami fairs come regular season. Consider the painful mistakes of the defensive coordinator and the chance that Daboll will be possibly 30-40% improvement there... Henne may not be nearly as bad as he looked the last 2 seasons. Can't hurt to bring in Orton for a reasonable price to compete. Definitely not worth pushing the cap to do so.
It seems the Dolphins have taken care of some serious concerns and there is no reason to think they aren't much improved. The question is, how much improved are the Patriots, Jets, and Bills?????


that bleacher things been up for days

sparano isnt shula no kidding

it doesnt address in detail the fact that VY is a go home, can't be arsed to work /study/train quitter

oh and yeah if we can't get orton we might as well give vy a go


dusty bottoms,

Why would he take a pay cut and stay in Denver? Denver have said they are going to go with Tebow. Why renegotiate and watch as someone else plays. Call their bluff, have them release you and at least get a chance to compete for the starters job in Miami.

stop with henne, hes done here, thank God

oops, meant offensive coordinator....

nfl network just talked miami and has them going hard after barber and bulger if orton falls through. i like the bulger idea, smart and accurate

cariag im just telling u what denver and orton himself have said. and orton knows he would easily win the job here

wolf, I liked your post at 6pm. I think Belichik and his personnel moves have lost. He's busy 'looking for accorns'. He looks for the good value deals and God Bless him but good luck getting Haynesworth AND Ocho to toe the line. And of course he took that flyer on Mallett. Seems to me he's got his work cut out for him.

New England's receivers don't scare me either, even with Ocho on board. Yes, their TEs are the real concern.

just to qualify my position on sparano

i remain one of the few fans who think he should be given this season (on merit)

he does need to stop fgfp unless there's 0 secs on the clock and grow some balls if his oc is pissing him off

otherwise it is still too early to judge him after a succesful first year

wolf gets kevlar shield out to hide behind as bloggers go ballistic

(no i wouldnt give him another season if we're 8-8 or worse)

just heard dolphins gave up Safety Johnathan Amaya to get Reggie Bush. Thats a great deal of no draft picks were involved. Now Vince young is released.

miami can't wait a whole friggin week to get their qb situation in order; are you kidding me

move on


approx 5 % of my blogs r worth reading whereas

95% of yours r worth reading

ok i'm done kissing ass

wolf comatose

they also gave a draft pick for reggie bust. vince young is complete garbage

God help the Cardinals if they fall flat on their faces this year and finish DEAD last in the NFL and they win the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. Think it can't happen? They just gave up a guy who went to the Pro Bowl in 2009, have just given $63 million to a guy who's started 7 games in the NFL and has to start for his team in five weeks. Can you say, Scott Mitchell!! Let's see what happens if they have an awful season.....

do you know what round pick they gave up for bush

Craig M, when has Belichek not been able to manage a player? He is as good as anybody at it and kicks them off the team if they act up.

You are totally biased and negative about EVERY SINGLE THING the jets and pats do. Maybe you take a moment to realized those organizations today are far superior to anything the Miami has had in over a decade.

Let's give respect where respect is due.

Sign Harvey Dahl and bring back Ronnie Brown at a hometown discount!!!!

wolf, you've got me laughing again.

Can anyone confirm the pick given up for Bush? I've heard a 4th? I've heard a 5th? Anyone know?


go to VY and stop playing around with orton. orton better but no sense letting denver jerk us around....................

Greg Olen traded to Panthers.

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