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Orton trade situation might last until Aug. 4

The Kyle Orton trade situation is a stare-down.

The Dolphins and the Denver Broncos both want to complete a trade involving the quarterback but have been unable to do so for reasons that apparently include compensation. There are reports the Broncos and Dolphins have not been able to get together on trade compensation, with the Broncos obviously asking higher compensation than the Dolphins are willing to pay. There is at least one report saying the Dolphins and the Orton camp has not been able to agree to a restructured contract.

Stare. Down.

And the in the meantime, Orton was on the field and took first-team reps with the Broncos today as their training camp got underway.

"He's under contract with us. I can't speak to the future," Denver coach John Fox said when asked of Orton's status. "At this point Kyle Orton's on our team. He's under contract and you watched practice, you saw where he was."

As I tweeted earlier, that has to feel awkward!

It would also feel awkward if Friday comes around, the Dolphins are on the field the first time for their opening of 2011 camp, and quarterback Chad Henne is taking first-team snaps while everyone knows the Dolphins are aggressively trying to replace him.

But, if the NFL calendar is to be believed, awkward might be the order of the day in this stare down at least until Aug. 4 -- a full week from today. The official calendar is here.

According to the NFL calendar, teams don't have to be at or below the 2011 salary cap until 4:01 p.m. (east coast time). That is the first day of the new league year.

That is also midnight in the Kyle Orton saga.


Well, one of the reasons the Broncos have put Orton on the trade block is to clear cap space. The Denver Post has reported the Broncos have nearly $128 million in salary cap commitments for 2011. That's bad considering the cap is $120.3 million. Orton counts a whopping $8.9 million of that.

That's not a problem today because the Broncos don't have to be under the cap right now. That is a problem starting Aug. 4 when the team must be at or under the cap.

The problem would be solved if the Broncos intended to keep Orton as their so-called quarterback of the future. They would simply give him a new multi-year contract that is more cap friendly. But they are clearly not doing that. They are not going to add years to the final year of his contract.

So they have to trade him or simply cut him by Aug. 4.

The Dolphins know this. So they are doing the wise thing. They are being patient. It is the wise thing to do in order not to mortgage the future by giving up a higher draft pick, assuming that's the holdup.

And if that makes the situation feel awkward in the meantime? So be it.

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They said the Kolb deal is really only a 2 year deal, so sounds like they have some protection, they must have some type of out after 2 years, think I heard $20M guaranteed

No pick given up for Bush, just that safety.

bulger, come on man, it only get's worse from here.

I don't buy it Simon, if we only gave up that guy then that is one heck of a deal by Ireland

Dont buy it craig. Go look it up for yourself then.


I heard there was a pick involved.

I'll stick with my premise that since Pioli left Belichik's moves haven't been up to snuff. How did Fred Taylor work out? They just released one of the linemen they brought in from last year...I forget now. I don't get the Cinco move and I don't think they had a great draft.

Oh yeah....they haven't won a Super Bowl in seven years and they've been one and out in the playoffs the last two years. They've got a great QB and a great coach but I'm saying personnel wise they're not nearly the team they used to be. It has nothing to do with disrespect.

Where can you see it, again, if that is all then it's even a better pick up then originally reported and I think Peyton did his friend Soprano a big favor


I've been looking for it too. Can't find it anywhere.

It's ridiculous how if the patriots or jets get loudmouth under achievers like hayensworth and ochostinko it's wow what a great move but if the fins got those two guys they would be getting ripped to shreds for it it's pretty pathetic how the media and alot of so called dolphin fans swallow the pats nutsack


We haven't won a playoff game in over a decade. Who has won more SB's in the last decade? Do you expect a team to win 9 in 10 years? Tell the last time the Pats have not been a competitive team with a shot? Thats what counts. You can't just scowl at every single thing they do when they have been consistenly vastly superior to the Miami organization for many, many years now.

Your going to say they didn't win the SB recently so they suck. Fine. I'm saying, for all your gushing non stop love for Orton, wouldn't hurt to stop and look around and recognized just what we are aiming for, and thats to be like NE believe it or not.

Apologies, I have to correct myself...the only thing released was we would send a late round pick for Bush, they didn't say which round, might be conditional. I've been following too many things at once.


The Pats make plenty of bad moves, but they also make good ones. Thing is they make 7 or 8 moves every year, we make 2 or 3, so if half there moves work it it's great, for us, half is really bad

On top of that they have Tom Brady....

If we only trade for Bush and Orton, we will once again fail in the offseason

We need to add more talent on the offense, both the line and skill positions, just do it.


Take a chill pill brother....I simply said that since Piloi left a lot of the Pats personnel moves have been questionable. I didn't say anything about the last 9-10 years, so relax.

I'm actually saying the same thing as Newman said. Every move the Pats make is praised and I think if the Dolphins had gone out and traded for Haynesworth and Cinco we would have been criticized. I also am not a fan of the Mallett move, third round or not. Because the Pats have had previous success they always seem to get the benefit of the doubt. That's all I'm saying.

the bush deal they said on espn at 6 saying they gave amaya, but there was no mention of a pick involved

Ok I'm out for some dinner guys. Take it easy!!

All teams routinely make bad moves. It's unavoidable. Its how you manage them and recover from them that counts.

Ireland has made some bad moves but no more than any other GM so I think the jury is still out on him. I'd say he is doing well so I am not going to go on bashing the Pat White move for the next ten years. Let's see how this years draftees work out.

Listen, I live in NE and like nothing better than to say they suck as an organization, etc. However, truth is that they are in a whole different stratosphere than the Fins. They never rebuild they just reload. So if their last 7 seasons are below average in some people's perception then I would love for the Dolphins to be below average like that. That said, I think we are a good QB, TE and OC away from being on an almost level field with them. I think our D is better. If our offense improves they have a chance to battle Jets for second in division and then the Pats next year. Our coaching needs to improve and if player acquisitions are smart the Fins are getting closer.

Not quite gone yet guys.....

I just read that Vince Young was due a $4.25 million bonus and a salary of $8.5 million. For those who are in the pro-Vince Young corner, what kind of money do you think the Dolphins would have to pay Young to keep him happy and to have him be a good, hard-working pro with the Dolphins. Just curious...

Let me know and I'll check in later....thanks.

Craig M, I merely wanted to point out that you endlessly bash every move day in and day out that every other team makes. You are way OVERLY defensive of the fins, Ireland, Henne and anything this org does, to the point I think it blinds you to reality.

Thanks for expressing your opinion Simon. Let's agree to disagree.

Good piece on NFL Network. What's Vince Young's future in the NFL? For those in the pro-Vince Young camp dig up some comments about what Titans fans think of him and then say you want him as your starting QB.

Get TE Miller and VY.

Michael Lomardi on Vince Young 'Nobody in the league is seeing him as a star player any more'.

Just one mans opinion....

Craig M

After your dinner, why don't you dig up some comments about what the local fans are saying about Chad Henne and in Denver, Kyle Orton. I will tell you from reading the comments in each place, I can't tell which is which!

Don't get orton he is not the man, get young u don't lose anything for him. Lose all the games and u will have andrew lucket from stanford next year.

Part of the trade for Bush was a swap of undisclosed draft picks.

AFC East

We're number 3!
We're number 3!
We're number 3!
We're number 3!

By the way, Reggie Bush is not known for his blocking in the backfield. That paired with a rookie RB. Agian, the QB, whomever it is, won't have long. Need that hasn't been addressed for the last few years...TE.

You guys saying Orton has to win the job from Henne are ridiculous.Seriously win the job from Henne???? The check-down quarterback who's helmet is three sizes too small. Give me a freaking break. I'm not saying Orton is Peyton Manning......but Henne is dog-gone terrible. I'm not thrilled about Orton, but glad the Dolphins are looking past Henne.

Same old boring Dolphins. Watching the rest of the teams getting better while the fins stumble all over themselves. This is like dying from paper cuts.....

Forget about Orton! Lets sign Randy Moss. Bring back Ricky and go after Vince Young. Picture this offense, Young under center, Gates and Moss on the outside with Marshall in the slot and Reggie in motion out of the backfield and of course Ricky as the RB, along with our defense. WOW!!!!

Need to wait. Vince Young will be available soon and fins can use him as leverage too. Drum up some talks with Young's agent and put Denver into a corner. I think Miami has the time. Let Henne get in there and get work that he obviously needs. Orton will have to wait a week to get on the field anyway so Henne better use the time appropriately and get his game on...cause another QB capable of taking his job is on its way into town sooner or later.

Signs pointing towards VY headed to Philly!

Here is a compelling argument of why Vick over Orton, and how, Henne may even be better than Orton:


VY going to Philly, Reid will turn all of these VY bashers into saying why didn't we take him!

Also Houston signed a CB, Asomugha more likely to take the Jets over SF, the other team seriously bidding. More reason to get VY.

Ireland get on the phone!

Sproles lands in NO at a cheaper price than we got Reggie B.

Waiting on Orton?? Waiting on junk!!!

Orton is a long term mistake. 3 coaches have now dumped him in 3 years.

ESPN report that Sproles is headed to New Orleans. I guess they thought about it and needed someone to replace Reggie Bush. Still no word on Kyle Orton to Miami.

Reggie Bush 2 yrs 10 million
Sproles 4 yrs 6 million

I just hope that the Dolphins aren't caught napping!

Denver may hold onto Orten, hoping that some team's QB goes down and they can get what they want for him.

Vince Young may wind up as the back-up in Philly.

We screw around too much and we'll be left with Delhomme!!!

Breaking News:

An unnamed alledged high ranking Dolphin personel member arrested in Wisconsin after failed kidnapping attempt of Packers all-pro qb Aaron Rodgers.

Stay tuned for update.

7-9 here we come, doodah, doodah.

Hello, everyone - sure am glad there's football. Much longer and I think I would have imploded!

As a member in good standing of the Gang of De Feet, I'd like to say the following:

A healthy and productive Darren Sproles to Saints for less than Fins pay for Bush who is injured more often than not. Ummm, why didn't the Fins go after Sproles. Please enlighten me>

VY "almost certainly" heading to Philly. There goes a nice chunk of the Fins leverage in the Orton staredown... Bush without Orton is a waste. Well, Bush will be a waste of a 5th rounder, Amaya and $5M anyway because he'll be injured by the fourth or fifth game.

So, is the backfield going to be Thomas and Bush with Hilliard and Sheets as depth? Really? I hope not bc Thomas is an injury waiting to happen and has fumble-itis and a terrible haircut. At the very least bring Ricky back for some veteran presence to help Thomas learn even if someone's going to snap his neck if he keeps running upright like that.

Todd Heap released - why aren't they going after him? Is it because they love Fasano and Shuler? Heap is better than all the current roster TEs combined. Certainly they missed the boat on Olsen. Here's hoping they sign a good TE. I'm never sold on relying on a draft pick to be the guy (Clay).

But, hey, I do like the Devlin signing. He's better than Henne from day one.

This is the way I see it. Ross will not give up positioning in next years draft for a regime that is on the tight rope. Players we can afford to deal are on the block, third day picks maybe also. This regime has to turn sheeat to sugar. I like the Bush deal;they spent money and Amaya.Ross wants seats filled; that is a start. Glad Young went to Philly,was worried about that one. I like the Devlin sign. Doubt he will play. Henne has to show up with this new system, if he doesen't Ross gets one of the top 3 qb next year. Henne looked like the robot on Lost in Space last year. I don't understand how you throw the ball in the dirt from ten yards to a man wide open. Must be a brain Phuque. Nobody is that bad. We'll see. Better ol and better weapons and should be better system and oc. We are stick with Henne, is he as bad as he looks.

The Republicans are as stupid and greedy as the NFL players.

They don't want to raise revenue by cutting grants and tax breaks for their filthy rich "Special Interest" groups.

The Bush family ran the wheels off the wagon and now the GOP is bound and determined to burn Be-atch to the ground.

PS: Reggie was good pick up at the right price.

PSS: Sproiles? Really? There's some people that will never be happy!

Losing Amaya feels like Welker! Amaya will make it in this league!

someone tell me why miami not going after the cb from the raiders i mean we don't have anything close to a shut down corner are they just going to let the jets sign this guy miami already way behind the jets and pats cmon WAKE UP!!!!!!

those losers suck. (ireland, sparano, ross). another losing season in the works. this sh7T just blew up in their face. good that's exactly what they deserve. go and get you a bulger or delhome. great moves. STUPID!!!!!!!.

This kind of thing happens when what you should have done is draft a QB (Mallet)and have him compete with Henne......the FO was afraid to make the move then.....and now you have this mess!

Let me show you a list and lets see if anyone can find the common denominator.

Jay Fiedler ,Damon Huard, Ray Lucas, A.J. Feeley, Sage Rosenfels, Gus Frerotte, Joey Harrington, Daunte Culpepper, Trent Green, John Beck, Chad Pennington, Chad Henne, Tyler Thigpen.

I believe these are all of the quarterbacks that Miami has had since Marino. Minus a few years of Harrington in Detroit and Culpepper when his knee wasn't shredded what do all of these qb's have in common. They are game manager's. Not a single one of them could put the team on his back and win the game for you. Sound familiar???? Isn't that what we are trying to trade for in Orton? I am tired of game managers and qb's that are out there to minimize mistakes instead of trying to win the game for you. It's time this regime goes out and attempts to obtain a QB that can be a difference maker. One that has the physical tools to dominate or forces the defense to be concerned with their ability. We have that with Marshall. We have that with Bush now and the problems he creates with match-ups. Now it's time that we take a bold move and put a claim in on a low - risk / high-reward QB with a passion to win. He has character flaws but the physical gifts he has tip the scaled in my opinion. Go out and let Vince Young compete for the starting job. It won't strap us financially. It doesn't tie us down for years like orton will. Which doesn't make sense since the front office claims Henne is still the guy. Orton is the wrong call. VY is the gamble that needs to be made.

Face it why get excite. Were going 8 and 8 for third in the division. I hope this is the last year for Ireland I'll personally send him and coach Fist Pump a one way ticket to Ireland!


Vince Young is signing with Philly, what planet are you living on.

I realize that negotiations are going on with Philly. However they should be stepping in and attempting to land him. Orton is going to be just like every other qb we have had over the past 10+ years. Put them in the game to limit turnovers. Not to win the game and dictate tempo.


Did you forget what regime the Dolphins are under. Theyre predicatble and boring. I would get Plax to go with B Marshall. But its not happening, I hope your looking forward to a 8 and 8 record with the 15 pick in the draft. Sorry guys no Luck!

The Broncos were 3-10 last year in Orton's games. Why does everyone think this guy is the QB that will turn the Dolphins around? Henne was 6-8 as starter. LETS NOT GO CRAZY OVER ORTON !!
Take him for 6th or 7th round pick because we need a backup, but don't give away value and anoint him starter, he just might be the next Dolphins' Daunte Culpepper

Hey Kevin Brady is a game manager

Esto no vale la pena.


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