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Tyler Thigpen gone, message sent to Chad Henne

[First off, thank you for a record day on the blog yesterday. Incredible how a little actual football news turns this blog into a monster. GRRRRR! Anyway, continue to stay here or return here often throughout the day as the Dolphins continue to operate in stealthy fashion while folks like me chase what's going on from other less-than-perfect, agenda-driven angles. What can I say? You get shut out, you do what you have to do.]

Now to the news and analysis:

Tyler Thigpen is a Buffalo Bill. He has agreed to join that team in return for a three-year contract that gives him a chance to compete for a starting job against Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick will win that competition. The deal sends Thigpen packing after a year and a half in Miami and reunites him with Buffalo coach Chan Gailey, who was Thigpen's offensive coordinator in Kansas City in 2008 when Thigpen enjoyed his best NFL season.

Even though the Dolphins showed casual interest in keeping Thigpen, I do not see this as a big loss, folks.

I know many of you thought Thigpen had potential to chase a starting job. Me? I shared that thinking until he got on the field in 2009 against Pittsburgh and last year against Chicago and was ineffective both times. Thigpen has the gift of adding spark. You see it when he enters a game and the pace picks up.

But Thigpen also is cursed with inconsistency. He'll lead an energy-lifting touchdown drive on one possession. And throw an interception and go three-and-out on the next two possessions.

Thigpen lovers will say that inconsistency in Miami was a result of his little opportunity to work with the first-team offense. Great, so explain his similar inconsistency in Kansas City when he was the starter for 11 games.

So the Dolphins will have a new backup quarterback for 2011.

They're also trying to add a new starting quarterback for 2011.

Hear that, Chad Henne? Hear that Henne supporters?

I have confirmed that Miami is heavily involved in trying to add Kyle Orton while various reports which I've not been able to independently confirm have linked the Dolphins to Matt Hasselbeck. I can see the Orton thing. I don't understand the Hasselbeck fling one bit.

[7:45 AM update: The Hasselbeck fling is not a thing in Miami after all. He is going to the Tennesse Titans. That obviously limits the Dolphins to a focus on Orton with a possible fallback being Marc Bulger or Vince Young.]

Orton is better than Chad Henne, or at least has been the past two years. Is he the man? Is he a franchise quarterback? No. Does he have a superstar arm? Can he escape the rush and turn disaster into dynamics? No.

But he's better than Chad Henne.

And right now, that seems to be good enough for the Dolphins who at last check were hopeful of adding Orton in trade from the Denver Broncos. Problem right now is the Broncos apparently have at least one other team on their line and are trying to reel in the highest draft pick compensation possible.

I do not know the specifics of what the Dolphins have offered (if anything, officially) but I understand the Broncos were asking for a first-round pick initially and are seeded in the second-round asking price of late. Really, Denver? A second for Kyle Orton?

The Dolphins aren't quite ready to do that, apparently. I hope they don't have to at that price. I would more comfortably understand yielding a conditional pick in which Miami gives up a fourth-rounder that could be a third if Orton takes the team to the playoffs, and maybe a second if he advances them to the AFC title game perhaps. (Yes, improbable, but I'm a dreamer.)

Bottom line: Be it either Orton or Hasselbeck, the point is clear the Dolphins are trying to add a veteran quarterback whose resume is superior to Chad Henne's because, well, they are trying to replace Chad Henne even if it's on a short-term basis.

Good for Miami.

Henne is young. He is talented. He has potential. But he has not earned the right to go into training camp unchallenged. He was benched in the 2010 season-finale, if you remember, the second time in the season he suffered that fate. That does not translate to, as some of you have suggested, "sticking with Henne to see if he develops."

The Dolphins are not afforded the luxury of seeing if Henne develops. Both Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland want to, have to, win now to secure the footing underneath themselves. Banking on Henne to either develop or flop for a third consecutive season is not the most certain way to secure one's footing.

Henne should be watching this and understanding. He must realize he still has a chance to win the job if he, well, wins the job. But he must realize this isn't 2010 when the job was simply handed to him without a competition.

The hope here is this itself makes Henne better. Nothing like a realistic view of the situation to sober the spirit and steel the mind. Would be nice if it improves the decision-making and long-range accuracy, also.

By the way, regardless of whom the Dolphins add -- and it will not be Donovan McNabb as some of you lobbied for -- the idea is not simply to hand over the job. Sure, Orton or Hasselbeck come with reputations. But the Dolphins can still sell the competition idea to the public and Henne.

That can only make everyone better.

Follow me on twitta, as they say in Boston.


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Calling people names on the blog is considered infantile and will quickly get you ignored by everyone. So keep doing it and you will be soon be talking to yourself only.


Join me in forever ignoring the childish blogger jamesthefinfan. He doesn't deserve any further response.

like ive said for months, henne will never start another game here, guy is complete garbage. bulger and brad smith should be our first 2 signings

Ive read both your comments this morning and each time youve commented its been to bash or criticize someone elses thoughts or wishes for our glorious franchise........now you unite to ignore me....if i were only so lucky with my ex wives......birds of a feather


Ha Ha Ha ha HA ha...

And there it is the circus came to town.

Id love to see Brad smith come our way......id love to see him in the wildcat wrinkle im sure daboll could use him like he used josh cribbs........i like it dusty

Now Henne is complete Garbage... like browning nagle or heath shuler or Ingle Martin.

ha ha ha....

Wow, where does this crap come from?

Great from the competition standpoint. Henne like any other QB can only show if they can step up. I'm pulling for Chad to make that step


The child blogger doesn't realize the blog is for opinions, criticism and debate, but not for name calling those who disagree with him. Let's hope one day he learns to act like an adult.

when the hell are we making a splash the jets got holmes let gooooo not happy

Yeah i wouldnt call Henne garbage he has the potential to be a good qb......maybe not franchise...but good.........rich gannon esque

Shorty now you promised youd ignore me.......stop teasing me......why am i still on your mind lil fella?????

Vince young is a cancer, plus he sucks anyway. What planet are some of you noobs on?

Henne has not done anything to warrant him a superstar, nor gabage. He has had some great moments in a completly worn out pathetic offensive system and shabby oline due to injuries.

So, that being true, he has a little better upside for the future than down. Does not mean he WONT fail, but the odds are he is better than what we have seen so far.


Has anyone heard news on Jakes shoulder? Is it 100%? He is our most important piece to the puzzle

Well, There is no reason to think he is not 100%. If things were not going well, this blog and newspaper would have wrote about it at nausium. Since there has not been nothing else to write about for months.

that is not coming from any sources, just my thought, so discount it if you like. :)

I think its great how Dolphin fans are screaming for a new QB (like me) and Jet fans sing the praise of "Sanchize" .... if you look at career stats, Henne is better in almost every category. Can't wait for the "Sanchize" to toss a couple picks in week 1. Go Fins.

Vince Young or Matt Moore...Don't trade away our draft picks Mr.Ireland. We need them!

Yeah Everybody rides the sanchize cause ESPN blows the jets on a regular. He is a household name with mad talent around him to cover his mistakes. He will be exposed soon enough my friend

If Orton is the best the Dolphins can do - we might as well focus on basketball...

Um...career stats? Only one counts, W/L. Sanchize wins, thats why he gets the attention. Without a W, no stat means anything.

The Jets apparently will sign Santonio Holmes to a five year contract...And have contacted Asomugha's agent...Yikes...In the meantime, we sign a backup LB from the Browns who can play special teams...The gap is really closing...

SOOOOOOO Sanchise won all thos games all by his lonesome

and Henne lost all those games all by himself...

Good argument... im in...

My head hurts!

If Orton is so good even with inferior stats than Chads why would Miami give away much. Orton lost the starting job after all to Tebow.. who is a great guy but really can't throw the ball.. dosen't make sense

Yes... Montreal... It does seem at the moment this is the same old phins. Big Talk, Little Walk.

And then the JETS, Big Mouth bumbeling idiots and a back office that will sacrifice their own born to get the players to back it up

I hate the Jets, but sure wish our management could take that agressive approach, just once. :)

One thing i have always wondered is why arent we in the afc south with indy in the afc east? we have terrible travel miles compared to the other teams in our division? Id love to be in the afc south......Better rivalries would develop......except of course the jets i love playing them.......Does anyone know how this came about?

rich gannon, u mean former mvp qb who could run around and make plays. uh no henne is garbage, gannon wasnt

Doesn't matter how you win or lose, really doesn't. It is a team game. But...in the end, do you have a W or L next to your name?

matt moore, hilarious. dont have to trade anything for bulger, plus hes cheap.


Scary really, but lets see where we are by the weekend. Hard to think as of today we will compete with the Pats or Jets in 2011. They have solid established offenses and we have...um...what do we have?

James, that was proposed to the dolphins on re-alighnment a few years back.

We hit that with a ABSOLUTE NO! We said because of the rivalry and the passion of the rvalry.

Truth is there are a lot of Pats, Jets and Bills fans in Miami during the season... snowbirds. They were scared to lose ticket sales.

If you look at the players the ravens are letting go and cutting looks like they are freeing up some space for a big move.........like maybe a killer cb........just saying they have to spend money cause every team does.....i believe its like 99% of cap in cash......i believe nnamdi is going to the ravens or the lions

"First off, thank you for a record day on the blog yesterday. Incredible how a little actual football news turns this blog into a monster. GRRRRR!"

Yes, Armando the Miami Dolphins & the insane local South Florida Miami Dolphin Super Fan "Home" ARE BACK.

Do you think "Home" will be right again this year on his free agency picks for the Miami Dolphins?

"Home" has picked DeAngelo Williams & Vince Young for Miami's free agent high profile impact players.

Both Bulger and Moore are free agents...But Moore is obviously much younger...Bulger is most likely past his prime...Hasn't played much lately...

Ticket Sales Really???

seems like an unfair advantage to place on your own franchise with all that travel.....but as we all know our franchise knows best

If it is a team game... and I agree... How can anyone call Henne garbage?

Those are the comments that just kill this blog at times...

All you p

d.williams is gone, already said its denver or carolina. jets get holmes back and now look to sign oak cornerback and r.moss. meanwhile miami just sits back and does nothing like always

The field for veteran QBs is thinning!

Hasselback to Tenn.; McNabb to the Vikings; Palmer retiring; T. Jackson to Seattle.

Looks like Philly wants V.Young to back-up Vick. If Denver doesn't get what they want for Orten, they're threatening to keep him!

We MAY have to settle for Bulger or Moore.

bulger is a very smart solid qb. matt moore has never been anything but terrible


what you think about Tulloch the lb or Roman Harper if he gets away from the saints? Tulloch is a tackle machine that would be nice if we cant get Ruud. But isnt Ruud more of a
4-3 guy? ijust want someone besides crowder...

Will B, we're one proven pass rusher away from being a pretty decent defense in my opinion...Assuming Rashad Jones can live up to his potential...As far as the offense is concerned, that's an entirely different story. We need another interior lineman (Leonard Davis or Carl Nicks would resolve that problem in a hurry)...Another proven RB, a TE who can stretch the defense and of course, most importantly, a QB. Other than that, we'll be OK...LOL!

Crap Posluszny to the Jags?

I was really hoping we could get this guy!


All the people seem to forget that a W is a W is a W. Period, yes it's a team sport, but Henne needs to earn a job. Clearly he's not a leader and BM didn't think much of him . Actually preferred Thiggy so I think it's dependent on the veteran they bring in to compete . If it VY, Henne doesn't stand a chance. That's my 2 cents.

It's well recognized around the league Sanchez does need to pick up his game. But he is not doing anything to lose the games for them either, and he has made a bunch of clutch throws to help get some of those W's. Henne on the other hand prevented us from winning a few games last year. They both need to step up. Henne's gotten benched twice, Sanchez never...there is more doubt about Henne today than Sanchez.

We will get orton.......its in the cards

Well, All that you mentioned is an upgrade possibility. harper is really getting old, that is the only thing I would worry about there. I wouldn't hate any of the names you mentioned. I think there are better options out there still before those guys.

Matt Moore was playing pretty well when he was called to replace Delhomme. Bulger has been holding a clipboard recently. I'd go for the upside of a youngster vs Bulger...Just an opinion of course...

YOur Welcome!!! lol what did you expect?? you have to feed the beast you call your following if not they get hungry either die out or search else where to get fed

now please get us some real news

the real news is the dolphins are not doing anything

and the pats and the jets are doing what they have to do to win

ross is all talk

if we trade for horton we wont have enough money for a good running back like bradshaw

but i still like sproles and jerome

Dalton, my feelings exactly (11:52AM)...

I respect the opinion that Henne may not be good enough. I disagree plenty, but respect the opinion.

No one truly knows on this blog what is or isn't there.

But to trash the guy considering the external factors that hit last year is slightly unwarranted. Only because there were so many broken parts on the O, that it all can't ride on Henne.

Look, Sanchez is allowed to go play, and if he screws up the coach has his back. In fact Sanchez last year threw two interceptions that lost games that were in the W column. His coach came out and said this guy is our QB, and we have his back.

If your gonna tell me Henne got that kind of support from coaching last year, you are sorely mistaken.

The Jets had a better O game plan in place, more support for their QB and better parts, due to their o-line was functional.

That is my only point, we are not comparing apples to apples when you talk about the opportunities and support that sanchez had vs. henne.

My concern is that we will mortgage the future for a mediocre quarterback. We need a franchise quarterback or at least "the quarterback for the future". There is no one out there at this time. They are all stop-gap QB's. Not "the" answer.

Instead I'd much prefer, they spend their time and money on a top notch OLG or running back. There's lots of very good guards being cut. Some good KR still unsigned. Isn't that priority??? Get er done, Miami!

I like it MojoMark, I smell what your steppin in.

young is going to eagles. bulger is the easy choice


free agency will be over before miamia even starts

young cant go anywhere yet can he?? isnt he still a titan.....im confused

Armando says 2nd rd'er for Orton. John Clayton reported on espn last night Elway wants a 2nd and 3rd for Orton.

Dalton, you are correct. Sanchez has Won games. The Detroit and Cleveland games come to mind immediately. Sanchez was clutch in 4th quarter and overtime. He has a long way to go, but definitely more of a "primetime player" than Henne at this point in career.

I guess a good question for us Dolphins fans is "who would we rather have at QB, Henne or Sanchez?"

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