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Tyler Thigpen gone, message sent to Chad Henne

[First off, thank you for a record day on the blog yesterday. Incredible how a little actual football news turns this blog into a monster. GRRRRR! Anyway, continue to stay here or return here often throughout the day as the Dolphins continue to operate in stealthy fashion while folks like me chase what's going on from other less-than-perfect, agenda-driven angles. What can I say? You get shut out, you do what you have to do.]

Now to the news and analysis:

Tyler Thigpen is a Buffalo Bill. He has agreed to join that team in return for a three-year contract that gives him a chance to compete for a starting job against Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick will win that competition. The deal sends Thigpen packing after a year and a half in Miami and reunites him with Buffalo coach Chan Gailey, who was Thigpen's offensive coordinator in Kansas City in 2008 when Thigpen enjoyed his best NFL season.

Even though the Dolphins showed casual interest in keeping Thigpen, I do not see this as a big loss, folks.

I know many of you thought Thigpen had potential to chase a starting job. Me? I shared that thinking until he got on the field in 2009 against Pittsburgh and last year against Chicago and was ineffective both times. Thigpen has the gift of adding spark. You see it when he enters a game and the pace picks up.

But Thigpen also is cursed with inconsistency. He'll lead an energy-lifting touchdown drive on one possession. And throw an interception and go three-and-out on the next two possessions.

Thigpen lovers will say that inconsistency in Miami was a result of his little opportunity to work with the first-team offense. Great, so explain his similar inconsistency in Kansas City when he was the starter for 11 games.

So the Dolphins will have a new backup quarterback for 2011.

They're also trying to add a new starting quarterback for 2011.

Hear that, Chad Henne? Hear that Henne supporters?

I have confirmed that Miami is heavily involved in trying to add Kyle Orton while various reports which I've not been able to independently confirm have linked the Dolphins to Matt Hasselbeck. I can see the Orton thing. I don't understand the Hasselbeck fling one bit.

[7:45 AM update: The Hasselbeck fling is not a thing in Miami after all. He is going to the Tennesse Titans. That obviously limits the Dolphins to a focus on Orton with a possible fallback being Marc Bulger or Vince Young.]

Orton is better than Chad Henne, or at least has been the past two years. Is he the man? Is he a franchise quarterback? No. Does he have a superstar arm? Can he escape the rush and turn disaster into dynamics? No.

But he's better than Chad Henne.

And right now, that seems to be good enough for the Dolphins who at last check were hopeful of adding Orton in trade from the Denver Broncos. Problem right now is the Broncos apparently have at least one other team on their line and are trying to reel in the highest draft pick compensation possible.

I do not know the specifics of what the Dolphins have offered (if anything, officially) but I understand the Broncos were asking for a first-round pick initially and are seeded in the second-round asking price of late. Really, Denver? A second for Kyle Orton?

The Dolphins aren't quite ready to do that, apparently. I hope they don't have to at that price. I would more comfortably understand yielding a conditional pick in which Miami gives up a fourth-rounder that could be a third if Orton takes the team to the playoffs, and maybe a second if he advances them to the AFC title game perhaps. (Yes, improbable, but I'm a dreamer.)

Bottom line: Be it either Orton or Hasselbeck, the point is clear the Dolphins are trying to add a veteran quarterback whose resume is superior to Chad Henne's because, well, they are trying to replace Chad Henne even if it's on a short-term basis.

Good for Miami.

Henne is young. He is talented. He has potential. But he has not earned the right to go into training camp unchallenged. He was benched in the 2010 season-finale, if you remember, the second time in the season he suffered that fate. That does not translate to, as some of you have suggested, "sticking with Henne to see if he develops."

The Dolphins are not afforded the luxury of seeing if Henne develops. Both Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland want to, have to, win now to secure the footing underneath themselves. Banking on Henne to either develop or flop for a third consecutive season is not the most certain way to secure one's footing.

Henne should be watching this and understanding. He must realize he still has a chance to win the job if he, well, wins the job. But he must realize this isn't 2010 when the job was simply handed to him without a competition.

The hope here is this itself makes Henne better. Nothing like a realistic view of the situation to sober the spirit and steel the mind. Would be nice if it improves the decision-making and long-range accuracy, also.

By the way, regardless of whom the Dolphins add -- and it will not be Donovan McNabb as some of you lobbied for -- the idea is not simply to hand over the job. Sure, Orton or Hasselbeck come with reputations. But the Dolphins can still sell the competition idea to the public and Henne.

That can only make everyone better.

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Schefter just says they are in talks. Not a done deal.

Wikipedia folks is not the most reliable source of info. They post things in advance and just revert it back if it doesn't pan out. PFT, ESPN, SI, MH, SS have not confirmed anything.

looks like orton cant agree on contract, deal off?

Montreal if you stay on Schefters twitter page he updates continuously. By the way, no need for insults!

FINS ARMAGEDDON, I was referring to another post, not yours...

Gotta a feeling we'll all be pissed when finding out what is being given up for Orton. I hope it not a case of again choosing the wrong qb by our once proud franchise, then squandering multiple high draft picks to boot.

For once I would just love to go into a draft with our full contingent of draft picks. Seems giving away our draft picks lead more two taking two steps backwards to attempt taking one step forward.

It very well might happen, looks like it will. But nothing confirmed yet.

Some people still think everything they read is true.

Craig, not saying it's true but thats what Schefter is tweeting.

This from Darlington 6 seconds ago:

Jeff Ireland was working hard on several in-house negotiations -- but he has since put them on hold as he engages in the Orton sweepstakes.

Not a done deal yet.

Carolina signed RB DeAngelo Williams>

I have a feeling Im gonna be sick when the news of compensation for Orton becomes available!

People learn how to read. Here is what Adam says:

"Dolphins and Broncos engaged in trade talks that would send Kyle Orton to Miami. Both teams would like to make it happen"

Not a done deal as bloggers are reporting.

Also DeAngelo W signed with Carolina.

Mare was cut by Seattle


i understand the bitterness of giving away picks..but.......look at this front office drafting ability the last few years.......its not like they pick many winners anyway....besides long and davis

Dalton, true. They want to get it done!

Man, things are flying fast, everywhere. It was expected. Good.

fins just dont get it. be a long ass year

From what Orton says, not wanting to be a backup or a stop gap anywhere, he probably thinks he is going to be the long term starter.


We resign ricky sign Barber and keep cobbs.....is that a bad backfield? barber williams thomas cobbs ????? i like it

If Marshall wants Orton. Than they should get him.

I think Orton and Palmer have a chip on thier shoulders. Just like Rodgers has had the last couple years.

A third for Orton will be justified.

As a big fan of the QB position. Compatition makes the whole team better.

Miami can draft a QB next year to groom for the future.

Dalton, I didn't say i t was a done deal either. ( check my earlier post ). Hope you're not referring to me. I can read.

Barber is spent. Cobbs? Mr. Ordinary?

Barber doesnt make sense because we are looking for a "speedier" rb to compliment Thomas. Barber isnt that.

ricky is gone,period. cobbs and thomas should be here. barber is ronnie brown all over again

Wasn't referent to you FINS ARMA

Breed, barber does make sense ( kinda ) where's he from???????

all of their attention after getting a qb should be to sign b.smith

Cobbs as a RB? C'mon. He is a special teams player, not going to scare a mouse as an RB.

Barber has not performed well for two years now.

OK so no Orton at this time?

Look, knowing this management they will sign VY

why you ask?

Well lets see... We quit on JT, Our Coach quits on every QB, Our owner quit on our coach and then kissed his arse to get him back when the better option was not available.

So why not get a qb who quits on his team.

It all makes sense.

Sarcasm on purpose.

I'll tell you guys. I like the UDFA RB Grigsby from Arizona. He is a north south runner with good cutback running style. Never dances in hole but gets through it quickly. Very impressive. He could make the team as kick returner and then surprise some.

Jamesthe fin fan.....

What about Magahee from Baltimore.....I think he would be a good fit....he sat behind ray rice for at least a year and never complained (outwardly)...,but he would hint that he is starter quality....

any thoughts on him.....

Uh - new post in case you didn't notice.

james,spazano had better use hilliard and alot.

Poizen, sounds like a country song.

I love the brad smith idea......he would be dabolls new josh cribbs

Meanwhile Michelle Beisner of NFL Network says that talks between Orton and the Dolphins are progressing and a deal could happen within six hours. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Broncos are looking for a “premium pick” for Orton.

Must be a new era. Instead of giving our picks to the Pats we can give them to Denver. Who said the coaching staff did'nt have a new stategy?/

Dust Bottoms....I love Brad Smith as a football player....total package....and versatile.....he made the WC work for the jets...and if we insist on running the WC...he makes perfect sense...

We're $15 million under cap. Orton will be about $7 million of that. McDaniels was just resigned, and theyve signed fa olb Jason Trusnik.

Guys we still have to sign our draft picks. So there you have it. Our only big bang this offseason is Kyle Orton. There really arent any contracts to dump to create more space without severely weakening another area of the team.

Kyle Orton is your 2011 offseason golden goose~!

Its hard for me to pull for magahee......GO NOLES.......sorry i just cant pull for him.....plus im not sure he has anything left

John Clayton is on twitter now. Only 6 tweets.

dont let the mcdaniels thing slip under the rug. that was huge getting him back. now go get b.smith, put a little dagger in jets hearts

mcgahee is finished

We will still have about 5 million to spend we can do plenty with 5 million db.......trust me we can get some talent for 5 mill

UDFA Nic Grisby? Unless he's lights out on st's he doesnt have much chance of making the team. Check his past. He was a very injury prone player at Arizona. He's practice squad fodder at best.

kolb was dealt for a player and a pick

Clayton is saying since williams is signed the Fins are looking to resign Brown.

Brad Smith to the bears............

Dying Breed

We have to have some garbage to go ahead and cut.

I still think we sign Bradshaw, Sproles or Bush.

Look, Henne costs us $500K, why don't we take our $15M and add a G, Vet QB, RB, and possibly a TE

We nee dmore than a QB

better not on brown

did smith really sign with bears??

Not yet but he is in discussions as of now

fins fo is clueless

moss going to jets almost done also. plus good shot at oaklands cb. unreal

I think we need to pick up Cedrick Benson and get Plaxico Burress. He is an idiot for shooting himself but so is Brandon Marshall for doing what he does and dropping so many balls last season.

A better idea is to go 0-16 this year and get the #1 pick and getting Andrew Luck.



Don't ignore Defense, ALWAYS room for upgrade.

Sparano said he wanted a QB along the mold of Aaron Rodgers. Someone that can make something out of a broken play. A mobile QB.

Vince Young is the only QB that fills that mold. He's the only QB that would be the perfect fit for the Wildcat which they plan to use a lot more of.

Sparano and Ireland don't care about personal issues. If they did, they never would have signed Marshall who had a history of hitting women. Or kept Williams. VY's issues are small compared to these two.

For those that think he shouldn't be picked because he's not smart enough, guess what? His wonderlic score of 16 is one point higher that Dolphin's great, Marino who had a 15 score.

VY wants to be a Fin. If I'm right, Sparano has half the battle won. VY will be the MAN.

You might be right, Swamy, as to mobility concerns, but VY is no Dan Marino.

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