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Vince Young? Not really a fit in Miami

Vince Young spent time this offseason in South Florida where he was seen at more than one charitable function that included other NFL types.

The word around town is Young was doing his good deed but also making himself very visible to the Dolphins' organization as a good man that would be good for the team and community. Yes, Vince Young would welcome the idea of competing for a starting job as the Dolphins quarterback, according to several sources.

More than one former NFLer who saw Young at an event tells me Young was building his reputation so that the Fins could consider him when time comes for them to add a quarterback once the current lockout ends and the league year opens.

Young is expected to be available, probably as a free agent, if the Tennessee Titans can be believed. Ownership in Tennessee has made it abundantly clear the Vince Young experiment has run its course in Nashville so Young will be traded, but more likely cut and on the street as a free agent.

So obviously media speculation is tying Young to the Dolphins.

I don't see it. Not even for the quarterback starved Dolphins.

Vince Young is nice player. Sometimes. He is an accomplished winner. He is an accomplished college player. He is an accomplished scrambler.

He is not an accomplished quarterback. His 42 career TD passes and 42 career interceptions is, to be kind, an unimpressive statistic.

More importantly, Young is not an accomplished leader. Fact is, the Titans are ending their relationship with Young because he was troubled for much of his time with the team. The most recent trouble came last year when Young reportedly feuded with coach Jeff Fisher, leading him to simply leave the team. The departure was viewed by Fisher and some of Young's teammates as the quarterback quitting on the team.

Young later apologized for leaving the team. He reportedly did it via text. Fisher didn't accept an apology he expected in person. So it goes.

Does that sound like the kind of quarterback the Dolphins will want to bring into their delicate locker room? Miami, you'll remember, is a place where general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Tony Sparano like to pick the "right 53 players" and not always the best 53.

Young would be among the right 53 if his skills were so unquestionable and Miami's locker room were so stable that the two could navigate any rocky road (good ice cream, by the way) were it come along during a relationship. But stability is not a luxury the Dolphins have.

Miami is searching for a veteran QB with know-how, with the ability to learn quickly (because of the lockout and the fact the everyone is learning OC Brian Daboll's new offense on the fly), and someone who can do that while presenting incumbent Chad Henne with a vigorous challenge to his starting job.

Oh, one more thing: The Dolphins need that guy to be able to be a great teammate and leader because that's what he must be if he losesthe competition with Henne and has to sink into the background without causing a stir. That's also what it will take if that guy winsthe competition with Henne and then has to deal with Brandon Marshall's enigmatic approach to a quarterback-diva receiver relationship.

Can you imagine Marshall barking at Vince Young like he sometimes does Henne and it going over well?

Young would be a perfect fit if the Dolphins had the luxury of adding him as a talent to groom for the future. Young would be a perfect fit if he could come to the team as the backup and learn at the knee of an accomplished veteran quarterback. Young needs to learn to be a professional. The Dolphins wouldn't be easing him into that kind of situation.

And I strongly believe they recognize that.

That is why I don't think Vince Young is Miami's first choice in the coming search for a quarterback once the NFL ends its lockout.

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Armando -- bringing the pain. TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY!

I've already summarized the issues with Vince Young elsewhere

1) awful mechanics
2) innaccurate
3) not particularly bright
4) headcase

Everyone focusses on the 'headcase' part of VY -- but the fact his he has terrible mechanics that -- despite his unquestionable athleticism -- leave him underequipped to make NFL throws.

You know if you combined Bernie Kosar's head with Ryan Leaf's arm -- you could have a heck of an NFL Quarterback.

Vince Young combines Ryan Leaf's head with Bernie Kosar's arm...that, I'm not so sold on.

You know if you combined Bernie Kosar's head with Ryan Leaf's arm -- you could have a heck of an NFL Quarterback.

Vince Young combines Ryan Leaf's head with Bernie Kosar's arm...that, I'm not so sold on.

Posted by: Gary Stevens | July 21, 2011 at 01:56 PM

ROTF-Who thinks of things like this?

Vince Young may be an upgrade at QB so of course he isn't a fit in Miami. Just like passing on Moss to sign Al Harris who hadn't played a down all year & went on IR anyway after 2 games. I'm not saying Young's the short or long term answer, but he might be better. An upgrade. Maybe accounts for an extra win or two.

Bring him in & let him compete. If it's a mistake, cut him. It's not like they haven't cut a bunch of guys whom they signed & then regretted.

I'm not a big Vince Young fan.....he is so intriguing......

I'm on the fence with this one....I need to think about it more.....

I dont think think VY may ever be a qb that will blow you away with stats. Im not much of a stat guy anyway thats why Im not the greatest Marino fan oput there. Stats doesnt neccesarily equate to championships.

What VY does have are "championship intangibles". I believe he does have that "IT". His win loss record speaks of it and his 4th qtr comeback totals speaks of it. The guy even has 2 pro bowl appearances.

What I love most about him is he's even more of a dangerous threat to defenses when an offensive play breaks down. I wouldnt be mad at all if VY became a Dolphin. He would just be one helluva an intriguing addition, that imo opinionis destined to pay dividends. He definitely has that "IT" factor which cant be measured in stats alone.


I don't believe he will be Miami's first choice either. However, I think he'd fit better than someone like McNabb. I think it's going to be interesting to see what happens with Hasselbeck and Bulger. I think that would be good fits in Miami.

The problem here Mando (et al) is Ireland put the team in a little bit of a bind. You MUST have 2 dependable QBs on the roster (in today's NFL). We have one (no, this isn't a Thigpen dis, it's an ode to the fact he's not signed this year). Thigpen wants a chance to compete, and I don't know that Sparano would be happy with a Henne/Thigpen competition.

If everything QB wise went against us (Palmer stays put/retires, Orton stays put/goes elsewhere/Denver asks too much, Hasselbeck goes elsewhere) our choices become extremely limited. I doubt we overreach for Kolb, so what are our options at that point? Unfortunately, Young might become the ONLY option, which would suck, but again, you need to have a semi-solid backup or else you're toast if the starter gets injured.

Anyone else starting to think Mallett would have been a better option in the Draft?

Steve Young didnt look like much in Tampa Bay. But he still went onn to win 2 sb championships with the 49ers. Sure he wasnt the seemingly basket case as VY, but Young didnt play for Jeff Fisher either.

VY is a little high strung and needs reeling in. Other than that he has similar physical tools to Steve Young and the "intangibles" to match. Could he be next qb with the last name of "YOUNG" to win a SB Championship?

If he becomes a Dolphin I would certainly hope so!

Marc Bulger and a rookie FA and lets move on. Need O-line men!



We are in a very precarious situation. Most of us are hoping Henne turns it around, but none of us want to put all our eggs in that basket(like Parcells and Ireland did).

Whoever we bring in, to me it's going to feel like picking the lesser of two evils.

With ALL things considered, I'd say Bulger and then Hasselback as being the most likely canidates.

Anyone else starting to think Mallett would have been a better option in the Draft?

Posted by: DC Dolfan | July 21, 2011 at 02:33 PM

Just when I started to get over the disappointment of passing on Mallet someone has to bring it up again! lol


The only sure thing we now know about Mallet is that he will be reponsible for carrying Brady's nutsacks to the ballpark for the next 4-5yrs. Over this period everyone will forget he's even in the league.

I hear you guys on Bulger, but why do I see shades of Trent Green everytime I hear his name? I dunno. I'm very, very, very pessimistic on him (never really thought he was much of a talent anyway).

It's funny though, does anyone think Henne WON'T be the starter come Sept. 12? I mean, in early January many here didn't expect to see him STILL in a Dolphins uniform. Now nobody is even asking for him to be replaced (yet). Time has been Henne's best friend.

DB, I remember another backup not expected to be much of a player up in New England. I'd watch out what I said about a Patriots' backup (Brady, Cassel, Mallett makes the trifecta).

Its Henne's team.....

and its HIS job to lose......

Henne is has benifitted greatly from the CBA fiasco.....

Brady does not have the best protection. He will get hurt along the way. He is not exactly the toughest guy out there. Expect to see Mallet as the 2nd string QB within a year or two. He'll have his chance to fill in while Brady is down.

By the way, I threw up a little in my mouth watching Brady be selected #1 player in the NFL (by the players). Not that he probably doesn't deserve it, but it's just too disgusting to think about longer than a millisecond. I'm wishing it was Manning (simply so it wouldn't be a hated foe).

Don't be surprised if Belicheck dumps Brady while he can still get good value for him.

I'm not a big Vince Young fan.....he is so intriguing......

I'm on the fence with this one....I need to think about it more.....

Posted by: kris | July 21, 2011 at 02:23 PM


Outstanding post.

Last year we heared similar reasons why NOT to bring Vick.
So it is a gamble, he can succed or not.
So it is a matter of what are the alternatives.

Signing VY would definitely be a HUGE statement by the fins organization we are fully prepared for life without Henne should he not produce at expected levels in 2011.

Palmer is far to expensive($13 million a year) and anyone other than VY are very short term solutions. VY also offers the intriguing aspect of another Vick/Kolb situation a year late and another city(Miami) later. Also could represent the best longterm qb scenario for our team that presently exists.

I just hope this fo "very carefully" weighs the "longterm" qb situation as well as the shortterm. VY fits well in a longterm scenario in my humbled opinion.



Look around at the other team's news sites - no one anywhere is talking about Young.

How desperate are we! The guy's a nut case and a dumb one at that. He would have no chance of learning any NFL caliber offense.

Professional backup is the best that he will do. Maybe he and LaMarcus can get together and play catch.

I'm not a big Vince Young fan.....he is so intriguing......

I'm on the fence with this one....I need to think about it more.....

Posted by: kris | July 21, 2011 at 02:23 PM


Outstanding post.

Posted by: jp954 | July 21, 2011 at 02:54 PM



In Henne I trust. No quitters on this team please.


Coulda, shoulda, woulda. F^ck Mallett, he isnt a Dolphin and nothing changes that. We can evaluate whether passing on him was a terrible decision once we see what the future yeilds for him.

But for right now he's a big fat nobody until he proves otherwise.


Our FIRST day back talking football and you had to bring up Mallett...perfect!!

No, I'm not convinced we'd be in any better shape with him around. To be honest, our options aren't that bad. You have guys like Young, Hasselbeck and Bulger to look at. Any of them would been an upgrade at what we had at backup last year. On top of that there will be guys like McNabb, Grossman, Leinart available and I think we may have the chance to trade for Orton. To me Palmer and Kolb are out of the equation.



The fins owe it to themselves and their investment in a 2nd round pick on Henne to give him one more chance to succeed. Let them find out this season one way or the other if Henne is a keeper or not.

Great thing about VY is that we can still run the wildcat without taking him out of the game. He definitely has the run skills to threatened the defense while they also have to compensate for his passing ability.

No one would believe you're running out of the wc with Henne or any other qb the Dolphins could possibly add to thier roster. So even if VY didnt start in 2011, he would be everything Pat White wasnt!

Good to have you back Armando.




I'm somewhat with you on this one. Not as down on Young as Armando and others. I think he's someone who should be in the mix.

Trust me guys... we do not want VY. I live in nashville area and he is not the answer. I would keep Henne over VY all day long.

Best case 2011 qb scenario:

Henne plays up to expectations. VY becomes our best wc/qb threat ever. Improved oline play and rookie offensive additions makes us no lower than a top 5 2011 offense.


VY is an athlete playing QB. He is not a passer, thinker or motivated film guy. I do believe that if he were to show motivation in the film room he could improve his read/recognition ability. Adding VY would not give us a starter on day one or two or three.... maybe 2years from now when he can mature.

Simon Says, you may be new here, but that's a done deal (re: Henne). Many of these posters here today were saying his name at the end of last season with the same distaste as Osama bin Laden.

If CraigM is bringing up names like Grossman and Leinart, then Chad Henne could chop off his right arm and get slower than he is and STILL be the starter this season.

So don't worry, there's probably more of a chance of Michelle Bachmann becoming a Democrat than their is of Chad Henne not being the starting QB come Sept.


Do you think it could be possible that Jeff Fisher's offense wasnt fully geared to take full advantage of all of VY's attributes?

VY is definitely superior to what our offensive system was seeking from Pat White or Tyler Thigpen. VY would be a perfect fit for an offense that wants to occasionally run the wc to keep defenses of balance. He would be the greatest run/pass triggerman threat we've evr featured in a wc. No doubts about it!

TN, Collins was everything Vince Young was NOT for the Titans. And guess what, he still didn't win as much as Young did. So what does that say about an athlete playing QB?

In the end, who cares how you win, as long as you win.

DB....those are great best case scenario's......how about a realstic scenario......

and you really lost me with that top 5 offence......29th to top 5.......you left best case scenario and have set up shop in fantasy land scenario......


I see. Well at least Osama was better at avoiding the rush than Henne is.

hi DC Dolfan. it was good to hear from you. i hope to go down for camp again; its 50-50 right now. its a good way to get a gauge on the coaching/players. we really need a qb who can shine in camp. its been painful the past 3 camps waiting for the qb to step up. looks like sparano/daboll want to run the ball more. i'm hoping we get some real football guys in FA; not just guys with size and no heart.

DB/kris, best case scenario:

Dolphins go 16-0, win the SuperBowl by the greatest margin in the history of the NFL, Chad Henne breaks the single-season passing yardage record, we have the most ProBowlers of any team, minus Dan Carpenter since he kicks a total of 0 FGs, Tony Sparano's fistpump goes to the HOF in Canton, John Beck rejoins the team after we abused the Redskins and is the first 3rd string QB to pass/run for a TD and kick an extra point, there are more Dolphins fans than Jets fans at the Dolphins-Jets home game.

Best case scenario.

DB, maybe a wildcat guy. VY issues are read/recognition, study habbits and maturity. I saw it for 4 years in TN.

I would sign him as a number 2 if the price is right and if I thought he would mature and study film more. I just do not think he would be a Team player. He was not at Texas or TN.

If he is the same VY as in TN he would be a major distraction.

2011 realistic scenario.....

Henne becomes a top 12-15 QB who complets 65% of his passes over all...and he learns how to complete the 10-20 yard post pattern on a consistent basis and learns to hit the slant in stride....

Dolphins Offence becomes a respectable top 12....and they no longer need 12-15 plays to kick a FG...but rather cut the plays down to 6-10 play range and score TDs.....

Miami D becomes top 5 in the ALL IMPORTANT catergory.....POINTS ALLOWED....and the mature Defence gets off the feild on 3rd down......

Special Teams don't have any games where they totally melt down....and actually become an assest as opposed to the hinderance they were in 2010.......

Realistic scenario.....


greg z., hope you make it man. I enjoyed your first-person observations. Helped me decipher truth from Mando's attempt to portray the least embarrassing to the team's point-of-view. Let us know if Daniel Thomas has fumblitis if you go!


Young wins & that's what this & any franchise needs. I don't care if it's Aloco getting Miami wins. With the state of this franchise as it is, people should be begging for a Qb who wins games. Not one who looks pretty throwing the ball. That's how you know the fan base is delusional & the expectations are so low.

All this talk of 1 year stop gaps like Bulger? Bulger hasn't taken a snap in what? 2 years? And the last time anyone saw him under center he was an Int & sack machine with the Rams.

Hassleback? A career West Coast QB coming here to play in an entirely new offense? Who has a chronically bad back & has missed more and more games as each season goes on?

Sorry, can't see either of these 2 coming to Miami.

DC, you miss the point. VY is a good athelete and not the passer we need for our Offense. He could be in time if he will do what is necessary... I do not think he would.

Titans issues go far beyond the QB on the field. They started with a disaster of a lockerroom. Fischer lost the team on all sides of the ball.

I for one, would enjoy hearing the Cuban Menace's best case scenario:

I imagine it will be something like 5-11, with Henne posting a 73.3 QB rating and tossing 24 picks.

Oh PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, bring me vince young here.

It'll be fun to hear everyone's season predictions in a couple weeks (once we see the team form a little more).

In case no one remembers, my prediction last year was 8-8. Pretty close.


It is not about looking pretty passing the ball... It is about accuracy, read/recognition, and study habits.

Henne's issue is read/ recognize and accuracy.
VY issue is read/recognition, accuracy and study.
VY is not a leader. If we are to pick a QB in

FA we need a Pennington with an arm.

I had Miami at 8-8 last year. 2011 Pre FA prediction is 6-10. We'll see how FA pans out but, I can't envision more than a 1-2 game swing.


I am optimistic at this point and predict 11-5 and in the playoffs.



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